Best dating trends 2015 free shipping

best dating trends 2015 free shipping

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best dating trends 2015 free shipping

• • • • • • Few can argue that online dating hasn’t exploded over the past decade. According to a 2014 , one in five adults aged 25 to 34 have taken to the Internet to find their next date. What’s more is that the stigma once associated with it is also a thing of the past. (According to another recent , fewer and fewer people are labeling online dating as desperate.) Tinder may have spearheaded the swiping trend, but other online dating apps, including, are following suit.

For those who don’t know how Tinder works, users are able to quickly view tons of profiles with the swipe of a finger. If you come across a profile you’re not into, swipe left. But if someone does catch your eye, swiping right alerts them that you like what you see.

If both users swipe right for one another, they’re then allowed to chat wihtin the app. “We’re kind of getting into a phase now where swiping is becoming much more prominent,” says online dating expert , who describes it as just another shortcut online daters are using to connect with other singles faster.

“It’s just another tool to get the other person to reach out to you.” Text-style messaging Swiping naturally lends itself to shorter, text-style messaging within the chat function of dating apps.

In other words, fewer users are sitting down and writing out long-winded, multi-paragraph emails to one another. Playful direct messaging has pretty much replaced traditional emails. “Who wants to sit for hours every night on a computer?”asks Winter, who says that more and more singles now prefer to look, like, click and meet.

“No fuss, in-person connections are gaining momentum with busy professionals.” Pompey agrees that there has definitely been a decline in pre-date, getting-to-know-you chitchat. While this does speed up the dating process, he warns that it may actually be doing more harm than good. “After people go on a few dates,they start to get a little frustrated if they don’t find that chemistry right away,” he says, adding that many users willthen begin messaging with more people and cramming in as many dates as they can.

“But these superficial interactions actually have the opposite effect where they wind up going on more bad dates and taking longer to find the person they’re looking for.” Playful profiles As online dating becomes more app-oriented, it makes sense that individual dating profiles are also becoming shorter and more lighthearted. Users can literally swipe through hundreds of profiles, which makes people want to stand out from the pack even more. “Profiles are trending to be more fun and playful on a lot of these sites,” says Pompey.

Many are now prompting users to share things like their most embarrassing moment, for example. “These kinds of questions are geared to make online dating a little more fun. And I think it’s leaning in that direction where each site wants to make the experience feel less like homework and more easygoing.” Even still, you may want to take the profiles you view with a grain of salt. One 2007 found that 80 percent of online daters lie about their age, weight or height on their profiles.

best dating trends 2015 free shipping

best dating trends 2015 free shipping -

best dating trends 2015 free shipping

I’d do anything for love (but I won’t do that). You won’t believe some of the bizarre things people do when it comes to finding love. Check out these 5 ridiculous dating trends in Asia: 1.

Shanghai Matchmaking Expo At this exhibition in Shanghai, thousands (yes, thousands) of moms try their hand at matchmaking, displaying photos and resumes of their single sons and daughters in hopes of finding them a partner. Yes, this actually happens. 2. Dinner With Foreigners (aka White People) Seriously? Seriously. 3. Goodbye Sushi Dates, Hello McDonalds In some parts of Asia, fast food establishments like McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and KFC are beginning to be seen as “chic” and “stylish” places to take your date.

It looks a dollar menu first date isn’t such a bad idea after all. 4. Couple Shirts Are Just the Beginning Matching t-shirts for couples are just the tip of the iceberg in Asia. Matching lanyards, belts and phone cases — you name it, they’ll have it. 5. Virtual Girlfriends As of late, there have been multiple reports of Japanese Otakus marrying inanimate objects. Everything from their virtual Nintendo DS girlfriend to an anime character pillow. No, unfortunately you didn’t misread that.

A pillow. If you liked this post, check out Repost this image: (click inside the box to select) By Coffee Meets Bagel

best dating trends 2015 free shipping

It’s an exciting time to be single and dating in Australia. The popularity of social media has led to a heightened awareness of dating apps and services like , and is also having an impact on reducing the stigma once associated with online dating – especially among younger audiences. We’re going on more and more dates, extending our networks outside our immediate circles in our search for love, and embracing this evolving dating culture. But what’s next in the dating space? The experts at eHarmony Australia share their top five dating trend predictions to look out for in 2015.

• Embracing the new dating culture The stigma of both online and offline dating will continue to diminish, following the trend in the USA and UK.

eHarmony’s Dating and Relationship Expert, Melanie Schilling, says we’re already seeing more people being comfortable in discussing their dating life in open forums, in a growing community of empowered singles. Generally, we’ll become more comfortable switching between the online and offline dating spheres and incorporating both into our dating strategies.

People will increasingly participate in ‘active dating’ behavior. That means becoming more socially active, extending their networks and being strategic in their dating choices.

• Focus on digital dating strategies Australians are not only becoming more sophisticated in their online dating behavior, but also more strategic about the ‘dating brand’ they are putting out into the world. Ms Schilling predicts that people will use several online platforms simultaneously to meet a range of different dating needs.

For example, casual dating apps are popular with younger people who enjoy the social nature of the experience – it’s a diversion they can engage in with their friends. But most Aussies don’t seem to take these apps too seriously. They understand that a genuine, long-lasting connection is based on a deeper level of compatibility, which is hard to find with photo-and location-based apps. • Mobile apps Mobile dating apps have become mainstream in today’s dating world, and they’ll continue to grow in 2015 as companies invest heavily in mobile technologies.

However Ms Schilling predicts a shift in attitude, with the younger generation increasingly becoming fatigued by the ‘hook up’ culture of free dating apps and turning to more relationship-focused online environments. As for the older generation, they’ll continue to become more active in online dating, including the use of mobile apps. From a technology perspective, online dating services will keep advancing their mobile user experience and design through new features and products, such as eHarmony’s security and app features which allows user to search for fun date spots in Australia and plan dates with Foursquare integration.

• Dating sites getting you jobs With eHarmony expanding into the careers industry with Elevated Careers, a new platform that matches job-seekers with prospective employers, we can anticipate other online dating services to seek out new markets too.

CEO Dr Warren says employers have shown a tremendous interest in such a service. He believes too many members of the 21 st century workforce lack a connection to their employers – at least in part because they didn’t know what they were getting into when they sought, and accepted, their respective positions. • Something for everyone Now that online dating in general has become the norm, naturally, niche online dating is becoming increasingly popular too.

With sites segmented into specific groups like age, religion, culture, hobbies and more, there’s now truly something for everyone out there looking for love.

Whatever the niche group, there are many good reasons people are searching within these communities. People are inclined to search for a partner within a community to preserve their culture, or sometimes it’s simply more comfortable to be with a partner of the same background. If it’s through a hobby, there’s already a base level of common ground to build a connection from.

Do you think dating culture is changing? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation or on .

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