Best dating while in a relationship blogspot

best dating while in a relationship blogspot

While our primitive instincts dictate that a fruit must be plucked when it's ripe, men aren't wired that way when it comes to finding a partner. Life coach Malti Bhojwani believes that Indian men just don't grasp the concept of dating. For them, it is either about marriage or immediate consummation. She tells you why dating, without taking the woman to bed, is not just healthy, it can also be a lot of fun Malti feels we are lucky to grow up in an age where dating is acceptable. Imagine growing up in a time where all you knew was the name of your partner before getting married, she says. We should take advantage of this privilege and get to know our potential partner before ending up in bed. Most single people, whether they admit or not, are looking for a life partner through dating.

best dating while in a relationship blogspot

Share Tweet Copy Link Copied Love is in the air and everything you do is sweet and thoughtful and fun. When you are dating, people are so forgiving and nobody is yet tired or annoyed at those little quirks or different ways of doing things. This is a time of rose-colored glasses. Once you are in a full on, committed relationship, however, things change. Things that used to be cute are now annoying, things that used to be fun are seen as immature, and the little disagreement you once had now means that you have different values, because people are taking everything more seriously.

There are just some things that he used to love about you when you were dating, but now... well now it could mean the end. Via Men find this incredibly sexy in the early stages of dating for a few reasons. One being that seeing other men pursue her reaffirms the fact that she is desirable and at least worth getting to know a little bit.

The other is that men find it hot watching her flirt with, and then reject, other men when she goes home with them at the end of the night. However, this type of flirting becomes old and annoying very quickly once men have committed to being more than just a fling. If they are putting in the effort to be exclusive, chances are, they see this type of flirting as a bit of betrayal. Via Sure, early on in new relationships, skipping out on your friends to hang out with him seems really cute and playful and really tells a guy that you're into him.

He likes to feel chosen and frankly, it’s hot that you’d bail on your girlfriends to come over for a booty call (probably).

Once he’s wearing his big-boy relationship pants, though, this type of “cute and playful” gesture becomes a little bit annoying because he wants you to have your own life with your own friends outside of your relationship. Nobody likes a first class cling-on. Via Most men like to show off, especially in the early stages of a new thing.

He’s probably going to pay the bill on the first date to look good (and ‘cuz he’s a gentleman, right?). And this is completely accepted by both parties. Once a‘relationship enters exclusive or at least more frequent waters, where he’s only going out with you (and probably more than once a week), paying for everything is going to lose its novelty.

Fast. He absolutely hates that just because he paid for the first few (let’s say three) dates that it’s now expected that he pay for everything, all the time. He’d much rather split the bill sometimes or take turns paying. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t care, but he dislikes having to bare the financial burden of a relationship all alone. Via At first, spontaneity is super hot and guys love it. It’s new, it’s exciting, and he doesn’t know what to expect.

Most men love a woman that keeps them on their toes. It keeps him coming back for more. Once he commits to being in a relationship, his mindset changes and what was once sexy as hell now looks flaky and unreliable, even though it never changed.

A guy, especially one who’s got a head on his shoulders, wants to be with someone who is "wife material", even if he doesn’t outright say it, and the last thing he wants is someone he can’t trust to keep her word. Via When single and on the prowl (yes, this applies to men, too), men want to look their best so they can attract the type of ladies that they are attracted to. They want to feel their best because confidence is sexy and it’s very appealing to women, and feeling good is directly related to looking good.

These guys are hitting the gym, being more conscious of what they are chowing down on, and dressing their best. Once a guy lands a lady who wants to spend her time with him, all of a sudden his daily workouts are cutting into "us time". Yes you want him to still look good, but sometimes it would be nice if he came home after work for a nice meal, and didn't have to put it off for the gym.

If this is just "who he is", maybe try to make it a couples thing. Could be fun! Via Checking out that new microbrewery grand opening? Check!

How about that new indoor roller skating arena? Sure. Skydiving? Why not?! Like when they're working out, guys like to show off and try to look more interesting than they actually are. That’s not to say they don’t enjoy going out and doing these fun things but chances are, once they settle down with the lady of they're choosing, there’s going to be a lot less excitement and a lot more “Netflix and Chill” (the chill literally meaning passing out on the couch next to his girlfriend).

Once they’re past the initial impress-the-other-person phase, guys usually don’t love going out and being the exciting, dare-devil, fun-all-the-time type as much as they appear to be in the beginning. Via “Favourite colour? Favourite animal? Favourite type of food? Dream job?” These questions inevitably arise (or ones similar to those) near the beginning of dating a new person. Everything starts off fun and interesting and guys love to learn every little thing they possibly can about you in their quest to decide if you’re worth more than an occasional lay.

They are genuinely interested in learning as much useless information as humanly possible. Once they feel like they’ve gotten to know their gal though, what was once a fun, 20-questions sort of game, now becomes meaningless small talk that is likely to bore him more than educate him. Via It’s not just ladies that love going out on dates, especially with a new and exciting partner.

Guys have a great time looking for places to meet a new lady and places that he can take her for a second and third date that are sure to impress. It’s fun at first and they barely even notice the effort they are putting into being creative in planning these nights out or surprises. He wants you to like him. A lot. Especially if he's really into you. After seeing the same girl for a while (or being in an official relationship with her), he wants to share the responsibility. But for some reason you seem less impressed than you used to be and the bar keeps getting higher because planning dates has become an obligation.

Via Most guys love dating so they can see what’s out there. Dating is fun because it allows him to figure out what he really likes (or doesn’t like). The experience of getting to know several people is exciting until he feels confident that he has found one (or “the one”) that he wants to pursue further. The expectation is that she is likely seeing multiple guys as well. Everyone wants to score the best prize and so this stage is very important to make oneself appear (likely) more desirable than one actually is.

Once involved in a more committed "arrangement" or relationship, dating more than one person becomes scary and almost taboo because open relationships are difficult for most people to wrap their heads around. Once he commits to a girl, he expects her to do the same because any other option isn’t going to fly with him. Via Honesty is vital for every successful relationship. It goes hand in hand with communication.

It’s a very good thing to have early on in new dating situations because you want to feel comfortable enough to check in and make sure you are both on the same page; no one likes hurt feelings. Brutal honesty coming from a new girl is even a little cute in the beginning. Guys love a girl who is real. However, as relationships progress, this same brutal honesty that was once cute can become very hurtful and sometimes condescending.

Even though it's great to be open and honest, sometimes being tactful trumps! Via Most guys won’t love a princess right off the bat but they will appreciate a girl who knows what she wants. They might like that she’s a little big flakey and forgets to put her dishes in the sink or leaves her socks all over his floor. They will be more than happy to take care of her and help her do these small things because they like her.

And it’s early on right? Of course she’s going to start adulting. After a while, this high-maintenance-without-a-reason behavior becomes less cute and more annoying. If a girl can’t do her own dishes, make her own dinner, or put her own laundry in the hamper, he probably won’t stick around all that long.

He wants to be a boyfriend and date an adult, not be a babysitter. Via “Happy one month anniversary!” “Happy 10 th date!” “Happy first-time-we-slept-together anniversary!” “Happy first-time-she-met-your-parents-and-they-didn’t-totally-hate-her-or-did-they?” New things are fun and should be celebrated. Most guys, when they first start dating their new girl, will make all sorts of little gestures to celebrate the time they’ve spent together so far.

They legitimately, actually, find it fun! Chances are, they heard her talking about it and it triggered an AHA moment. “Happy we’re finally official!” As soon as that happens, guys get comfortable, as they should. That also means there’s a lot of pressure taken off, which can sometimes lead to them forgetting little things like to pick up orange juice, get the car washed, or you guessed it – anniversaries.

It’s not that they don’t care about your time spent together; it’s just that your company is probbaly enough for them and they don’t feel the need to celebrate EVERY.

LITTLE. STUPID. THING. Via Wait a minute? Where was the memo for this one? Guys still LOVE making out, don’t they? The answer to this is that of course they do. However, early on in a relationship making out is sometimes the only thing guys are gunna get and if they aren’t complete douchebags, that’s going to be enough for them.

Most guys don’t want to pressure you because A) they don’t wanna be that guy and B) they want you to want to as much as they do before you enter sexual territory. Once a dating situation becomes a relationship situation, what was once okay when it was a full night of just making out (at a bar, on the couch), isn’t good enough anymore. Guys want to be intimate with you; sexual with you; they want more than a few kisses and some cuddling. And they hate it when girls expect them to be okay with just making out all the time, especially if you’ve already done the dirty deed in the past.

best dating while in a relationship blogspot

best dating while in a relationship blogspot - A Relationship, Dating and Love

best dating while in a relationship blogspot

Doc: I am 42 and my girlfriend is 42. She says I am being mistrustful, controlling, and possessive when I say it is wrong for her to go out drinking and having dinner with other male friends. She will not compromise with me on this. Is it wrong of me to tell her that it is wrong of her to go out on her own, drinking, dinner, etc with these male friends of hers?

She even says she has about 3 of them and they are her age. She is even willing to give up on us as a couple to have her way. What should I do? Thanks for your time. Hello! Yes - you are being mistrustful, controlling and possessive! How DARE you expect her to actually treat you and your relationship with respect and dignity!

The nerve! She says there are "about 3 of them"??? That means that there's at least twice that many and maybe many more! I suggest that you kick this bitch to the curb, post haste. There's a reason why she wants what she wants - she's actively dating!

Some relationship! Consider this (which you probably already know): why would some guy(s) want to take her out for dinner, drinks, dancing - and a bunch of other "d" words - only to spend their money and time on a "buddy"? You and I know exactly why they do this - they want to get into her pants. It's really that simple. Worse yet, your girlfriend knows exactly why they're doing this too! She's playing all of you and one of you is going to win - and it's not going to be you!

After all, she already has you, and doesn't seem to care. That's no "relationship" in my opinion. It's a chance for her to go out and look for someone new while she can still claim that she has a "boyfriend". The fact is, women never want to be seen unattached. It's something like the idea that you never want to eat in an empty restaurant. I strongly urge you to get back into your own hunting game and go find someone that is respectful of you and your relationship with her.

This woman is NOT. If you need some help getting things going, check out "Being a Man in a Woman's World I & II". Best regards... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - > > - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Have a love, relationship, sex or man/woman question?

I answer all email. You can write to me at for answers. For more information about my books, "Being a Man in a Woman's World" (volume I & II), and other products visit: .

Copyright (c) 2004-2016, Dr. Dennis W. Neder Posted By in advice from Dr. Neder "The Test" is that unexpected, unexplained, quirky situation inflicted on a man by a woman right about this time in the new relationship. It can take many forms - from not calling when she promised, to "forgetting" a date, to pulling something so egregious that it knocks the man right off his chair.

best dating while in a relationship blogspot

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