Best eh+ premium matchmaking services

best eh+ premium matchmaking services

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best eh+ premium matchmaking services

Good news, eHarmony users! has just announced the launch of a new service designed to enhance the experience for those who want a higher level of service from their online dating site. The new service, called eH+, offers the best of eHarmony alongside a very special upgrade: a personal counselor. The counselors are credentialed therapists working with eHarmony founder, himself a psychologist, Dr. Neil Warren. "Finding the love of your life is the single most underestimated challenge in the human experience," said Dr.

Warren in a press release. "In the course of the dating process, we know that some people want or need a higher level of service in finding their marriage partner and since this decision impacts your life more than any other single decision, we want to provide help every step of the way." So what exactly does it do?

"eH+ melds the power of eHarmony's online capabilities with the guidance and care of the matchmaking industry," said Grant Langston, Vice President of Customer Experience for eHarmony. "eH+ is exactly suited to take our proven compatibility algorithms and bring personal, one-on-one attention to the difficult process of finding the right person to share your life. We know that we have more marriages, with more satisfaction and fewer breakups than any other service and we are confident that eH+ will add another layer of strength to our already powerful process." And that's not all.

eH+ also promises: • Matches chosen for you by your credentialed professional counselor • Freedom from your computer - no updating profiles, managing matches, or juggling communication • Matches who have been vetted for interest in you, so you no longer have to wonder whether your interest is reciprocated • A deeper and more varied set of matches than what you likely would have encountered without an eH+ counselor • Increased privacy, because your profile isn't automatically exposed to hundreds of people you've never met If you think all that personalization comes without a price, think again.

The bespoke eH+ service will cost $5,000 for a one year subscription. It certainly isn't cheap, but according to eHarmony 66% of its members were surveyed and indicated they would be interested in subscribing (though who knows what "would be interested" actually means?). Unfortunately the service is too new to hear reviews from users. eH+ launched in beta on November 1, and its official launch is set for December 1.

For more information on this dating site and its features you can read our full . Great experience with eH+. I tried two other matchmaking companies, It's Just Lunch (It should be called It's Just Your Money or It's Just a Joke) and Kelleher.

Yes, I wasted A LOT of money trying to find the right fit. I'm a super busy executive and just wasn't meeting the type of guy I wanted to with regular online dating sites. I’m still really pissed off at both the above matchmaking companies.

No refund and the men that matched me with had very little in common with me. It was clear the companies were just setting my up so they could meet their quota to me. It was very different with eH+. First their vetting process is WAY more sophisticated than anyone else's.

Second, they actually guaranteed me the quality of my matches. No other matchmaking company would do that. I met my guy on the 6th match. Third, the matches my matchmaker sent me were of better quality and we had much more in common than anything I received with the other two companies.

One of them is now a friend! Crazy! Lastly, eH+ uses professionals, the matchmakers have masters and PhDs in Psychology making their insight so helpful. I'm not sure what the others reviewer are talking about as my experience was very different. I highly recommend eH+ to anyone who is serious about finding the love of their life. Guys have you done an Internet date that went excellent? Have taken your potential love to an upscale restaurant or dropped some coin to otherwise wow her?

At the end of the date did she offer a second date? Did you later then try following up, but never heard back? Well this happened a number of times and it really confused me.

I've brought myself into the light on a number of things. First let me say that I think women are one of god’s greatest gifts that should be treated with respect and admiration. What I’m about to say does not apply to all women. I did some research and found an alarming trend that plagues the dating world. Seems like a lot of women are following this suit thanks to a woman named Jessica Sporty that scammed men out of dinner for a year.

She scored herself $1200 per month in dinners and lunch. Here are some ways to keep an eye out from this being done to you. Jessica states that having a guy willing to meet for breakfast is the most difficult and most times a no go. If a woman suggests or continually suggest breakfast for a first date, don't fall for it. I had one woman try this tactic on me and it didn't work. In fact she laughed when I said nice try.

She knew she was caught! Another thing to keep in mind is a first date is not a date, it's a meeting. It's meeting someone you know nothing about other than what that person has told you and portrayed themselves to be. If the person is truly interested in you and looking for a relationship she will not mind going for coffee or something that doesn't cost more than a few dollars. Do not allow your emotions to get in the way and decide the date is going so well to extend the time and pay for dinner.

You might found out the hard way such as I did that a second date will not happen. You see it's all about the scam of she's already there, and if he's willing to pay for more then why not. End the coffee meet up or something that doesn't cost too much on a good note of great conversation, and then plan your first actual date.

Trust me on everything I have written. Please do your own research and let’s stop this trend and get back to finding love the correct way. I would just like to warn anyone thinking of signing onto the premium service.....think twice!!! The lead matchmaker is a joke. They have a very limited database and will string you along.

Their "vetting" process is a quick couple of questions and their focus is to get your money upfront and communicate as little as possible. It's impossible to get them on he phone; if you call Dr Arn's number her voicemail says not to leave a message because she doesn't heck her voicemail!!

I always thought of eharmony as a ethical brand so was shocked at how unprofessional her team is. Be warned!!!! eH+s very own FAQ section says that they pull from the general eH you're pretty much getting the regular eH members at a tremendous mark up.

The only positive I see is that the counselor can use their access to give you active matches. Hell, their very own FAQ states that this is the main issue with eH, but instead of removing inactive profile or those with stupid one character information or gibberish (like listing a-b-c on one of the lists).

Avoid like the Black Plague. Or ebola. Or smelly fish. I joined eH+ almost a year ago. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. They told me I'd be matched with high caliber people and would not be able to find those people without going through eH+.

LIE. I've met some matches who were on other sites, which I could have found myself for free. eH+ does not match you with compatible people; as long as they can match you with a live person, they consider that a compatible match.

I'm vegetarian and they tried to match me with a cattle rancher!!!! When I said I wasn't interested, my personal matchmaker kept telling me how compatible we were even though our beliefs are totally different. When you tell them their program doesn't work, they start throwing out all kind of professional jargon about being the best, blah, blah, blah. I said it wanted matches only in a 60 mile radius, so they matched me with someone 10 hours away!!! Don't join this service - it does not work.

Their regular site is full of non-active members. I received a call from the yesterday about this ridiculous eH plus. If I were a betting woman, they are sifting through the quality members who promptly closed their credit cards and stopped logging onto the site. I can't believe the idiots who don't close their credit cards and allow them to keep billing them!

Here's the kicker..... Now they want the quality people who will not waste another minute logging onto their site to pay over $400 a month for the same *censored* service. Give it up eHarming people!

best eh+ premium matchmaking services

best eh+ premium matchmaking services - Services

best eh+ premium matchmaking services

eH+ TV Spot, 'Premium Matchmaking Service' • Submissions should come only from the actors themselves, their parent/legal guardian or casting agency. • Please include at least one social/website link containing a recent photo of the actor. Submissions without photos may not be accepted. • Voice over actors: provide a link to your professional website containing your reel. • Submit ONCE per commercial, and allow 48 to 72 hours for your request to be processed.

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best eh+ premium matchmaking services

The challenge: your established company just launched a brand new product. You have roughly 1,500+ leads to sort through, prioritize, and call every month. What do you do? Jane Riley, Sales Executive at eHarmony, turned to the and for help.

In this edition of the AppExchange Connected Leaders series, we talk to Jane about her decision to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud and , an AppExchange app. Both solutions helped her team manage leads more efficiently and increase sales dramatically for eHarmony’s new line of business, eH+, a service that blends eHarmony’s traditional online dating services with offline matchmaking expertise. Salesforce: Can you give us an overview of how eH+ works? Jane Riley: eH+ is a premium matchmaking service for clients who haven't had satisfactory results with traditional online dating.

It's a combination of eHarmony's Compatibility Matching process and one-on-one personal matchmaking. Our eH+ Matchmakers all have advanced degrees in relationship psychology so they work very closely with our clients as their relationship guides. Our clients fill out the Relationship Questionnaire online, then talk via phone, Skype, or in person if they’re in Southern California, with a matchmaker about their specific preferences.

The matchmakers then hand select and vet their compatible matches for them from eHarmony’s large pool of great singles. It’s a very personal and bespoke service. SF: Tell us about the specific business challenges that led to your relationship with Velocify. JR: I was hired to build the eH+ clientele, and from day one I was already drowning in leads —there were around 1,500 per month.

My first order of business was to 1) get Salesforce and 2) find a way to efficiently call through those numbers. Initially, all our leads came into a database then went into Excel and we exported them all into a phone burner app and used a dialer function to make calls.

There was a lot of time spent dialing and not having actual conversations, so we knew we wanted a solution that had click-to-dial functionality. Once we saw Velocify’s intelligent call routing and robust reporting features, our decision was made. SF: Let’s talk numbers. Tell us about specific results you saw after implementing Velocify.

JR: We increased sales by 58% within two months of implementing Velocify, and from implementation to now (six months later) we’ve increased sales by 158%.

We’ve only had an 89% increase in leads in that same amount of time, so basically we’re more efficient with every lead that comes in now. SF: That’s an amazing increase. How did Velocify help get you there? JR: One big thing is we are able to prioritize leads with Velocify’s sales activity prioritization functionality. And we’ve integrated lead scoring into our program, so we can focus on the higher quality leads that are more likely to close.

We can also record a voicemail ahead of time, so if the prospect the salesperson is calling doesn’t pick up, the system leaves a message and starts dialing the next number. It’s made our sales team much more efficient. SF: How did working with Velocify change the game for eHarmony and eH+? JR: We broke even halfway through last year, when eH+ was only six months old. That’s a huge win for us. We’ve kept our team pretty lean to see how technology can help us increase the margin, and so far it’s had a huge impact.

SF: What advice would you give to peers facing similar growth challenges? JR: The sooner you make the decision to implement solutions like Salesforce and Velocify, the better.

You’ll get insight into your actions that you may never have had before. You can take what you learn from the data and optimize so that you’re more efficient. Plus, it helps you make more money —for you and your company.

It’s a win-win all around. The AppExchange Connected Leaders Series features conversations with forward-thinking Salesforce customers and leaders in their fields who solved a complex business challenge with an AppExchange apps.

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