Best fine dining in los angeles

best fine dining in los angeles

The 10 Best Restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles. République. Anne Fishbein 3. Providence Chef and co-owner Michael Cimarusti will challenge anyone who trots out the tired “fine dining is dead” trope with the fact that Providence, perhaps the finest of fine-dining restaurants in Los Angeles, had its best year on record last year. That could have to do with a spring freshening, which gave not only the dining room but also the menu a subtle rejiggering, but probably not.

best fine dining in los angeles

It can safely be said that N/Naka is the best thing to have happened to Japanese dining in Los Angeles. Taking the cuisine to another level with fine dining pre-set courses, the restaurant has become one of the most coveted places to eat in town.

The venue functions on the basis of reservations, wherein booking must be arranged well in advance, after which the price of the pre-set dinner is pre-charged to the credit card. The chef prepares an exquisite menu based on the indications of the diners, communicated beforehand.

The meal is then ready and waiting for the guests. Outside beverages are allowed at an extra fee, though wine and sake are served here. Highly priced, the venue is making waves as a gourmet delight and has succeeded in grabbing the attention of the city.

Owned by celebrated restaurateur Suzanne Goin, Lucques has been the recipient of many accolades and awards since its inception. Featuring a contemporary cuisine rich in Mediterranean flavors, the menu is a hit with the crowds, owing to its seasonal take on the dishes. The crowd consists of the elite and the rates are definitely on the higher side.

Nevertheless, the meal justifies the prices. This eatery is regarded as the best places to sample American-French cuisine in Los Angeles. Authentic French recipes are blended with modern day American sensibility resulting in some innovative dishes. The menu is regularly updated and there are some specialty items, which you must get a bite of. The desserts are simply scrumptious- try the pistachio Crème Brulée. If you are a nature enthusiast, you may want to take your seat in the Garden Room which has a retractable glass roof.

There is also a lounge where you can enjoy an intimate dinner by the fireplace. Osteria Mozza, sibling of the Pizzeria Mozza, is an upscale Italian ristorante and bar in the heart of Hollywood. Tinseltown's rich and famous have been flocking in to taste their delectable entrees and antipasti options. For the cheese lover, the mozzarella bar is a must, as it serves up an assortment of delicious mozzarella-inspired delights.

For those looking for rich and hearty meal, check out the main menu which includes items like grilled lamb, wild salmon and a variety of delicious pastas. With all the hype and the great food to match, this place will surely have you yelling Mama Mia! before you've even cleared your plate. This meat lovers dream come true, Animal is a raved about American eatery in the Beverly Grove neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Utilizing every viable piece of the meat, celebrity chefs Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook collaborate to create scrumptious meals even a vegetarian might be tempted to eat! With an ever-rotating menu, dishes at Animal are always new and exciting.

Not for the faint of heart, past dishes have included veal tongue and brains, chicken liver toast, marrow bone with chimichurri sauce and other oddities that are surprisingly delicious. A minimalist setting is an overstatement, this restaurant has stark white walls, dark stained weathered tables and a large skylight flooding the space with bright natural light. Wolfgang Puck's Beverly Hills institution is the place to be. Like all of the celebrity chef's ventures, the atmosphere at Spago Beverly Hills emphasizes that delicious food can be fun.

The luxurious and intimate setting at this restaurant makes it perfect for an intimate meal and especially for special occasions. The wine and cocktail lists are comprehensive and provide the perfect accompaniments to your rich food. Tom Colicchio's Craft, winner of the James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant nationwide in 2002, is quickly gaining notoriety for its simplified gourmet dishes and its unique style of service.

Guests are served meals "family style", with a focus on perfecting singular menu items as opposed to combining a large array of ingredients. The end result has been hugely popular with dishes such as the pan roasted day boat scallops and the porterhouse steak. Where could you possibly have a romantic or relaxing dinner, overlooking the ocean and watching the moon rise?

Right here at mar'sel at Terranea. Located in the Terranea Resort, the restaurant serves fresh California cuisine made from many ingredients grown right on the property. Portions are not too large, but is surely delicious. To ensure you get a seat, call ahead and reserve. Consistently regarded as one of the best restaurants in town, this flagship of Joachim Splichal's Pinot-based hot spots is located inside the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

It will not disappoint you. It is a favorite of the executives at neighboring Paramount Studios, so chances are good for celebrity sightings. The seasonal roasted white asparagus is wonderful as is the poached Maine lobster with spring peas, young alliums and lemon thyme.

Be sure to ask about the special dishes that change nightly. The wine list is outstanding, but if you choose to bring your own, there is a corkage fee. This is one of the most popular restaurants in Beverly Hills.

The Euro-Vietnamese interior was designed by Elizabeth An. To enter the main dining area, you must walk through a beautiful aquarium passageway called Walk on Water. The food is divine, and on Friday nights a flurry of celebrities can be seen dining here.

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best fine dining in los angeles

best fine dining in los angeles - Best restaurants in Los Angeles: LA's best fine

best fine dining in los angeles

• • • The phrase "LA fine dining" is almost an oxymoron, but when you want to dress up for a or splurge on a celebratory meal, there are some stellar spots in the city. At the best fine-dining restaurants in LA, you can be sure servers won't try to slip you their headshots as they present perfectly plated atop crisp white tablecloths. RECOMMENDED: Spago is both the old stand-by and the new kid on the block, thanks to a complete redesign which makes the space seem altogether modern and new.

The menu, too, has been revamped (don't worry, you can still ask for the smoked salmon pizza if you crave it), but Wolfgang Puck's most-famous restaurant is still decidedly, and refreshingly, old-school when it comes to spot-on presentation. The updated menu from executive chef Lee Hefter and chef de cuisine Tetsu Yahagi features contemporary additions such as veal mignon tartare with smoked mascarpone ($16) and a raviolo served carbonara-style ($18), oozing golden egg yolk when you cut into it.

The chestnut agnolotti—opt for truffle ($45) when it’s in season—is particularly outstanding. Spago's been doing stellar agnolotti since the Reagan years, proving that like many icons in Beverly Hills, a mere facelift can breathe new life into an aging beauty.

Nestled on the ground floor of the , Joachim Splichal’s haute restaurant hums with perfectly-harmonized service and plates with a perfect symphony of flavors. Since 1989, Splichal has been serving exquisite contemporary French fare of the caliber usually reserved for healthy expense accounts.

The signature Seasonal Glazed Vegetable Mosaic ($19) is virtuosic, a work of edible art. But you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, so go for the $115 prix-fixe tasting option, allowing the kitchen to orchestrate the perfect meal. Trying to identify a cultural inspiration for Quinn Hatfield's menu is a fool's errand. Dishes ranges from an obvious nod to Mediterranean—lamb crusted with date and mint ($36)—to classic Continental—slow cooked branzino with haricot vert ($32).

The go-to dish here is a Croque Madame ($21) that eschews tradition by adding in luscious slices of Hamachi on a bite-sized, buttery brioche. Dessert is as much a to-do with deftly-made sweets such as ice cream and sorbet that change with the seasons and Sugar & Spice Beignets ($12) served with rich chocolate to dunk and an Early Grey milkshake to chase. Hatfield's may be the least-formal restaurant on this list, but it's a shining example of what fine dining can be in a city that doesn't wear ties.

Nothing signifies fine dining more than crisp white tablecloths and servers in suits. Mélisse has both. Hidden in plain sight in Santa Monica, this French-inspired gem offers tasting menus only ($125-$250/person), highlighting quality seasonal ingredients selected by Chef Josiah Citrin. Featured dishes include Elysian Farms lamb served three ways and wild Japanese yellowtail dressed up with ground coffee and finger limes.

The beautifully plated fare is enhanced by the warm ambience of the purple-hued dining room, lending an entirely elegant dining experience. Don't miss Citrin's "Egg Caviar ($25 supplement)," a soft poached egg served in an egg shell with lemon crème fraîche and topped with American Osetra caviar. "Fine" doesn't even begin to describe it. For a city next to the Pacific, Los Angeles is unaccountably lacking in good seafood options.

Michael Cimarusti's Providence fills the void with a mostly aquatic menu that deftly showcases the bounty of the ocean. Maine lobster, Norwegian cod and king salmon from the Quinault River in Washington are among the menu's varied choices. Cimarusti may not earn locavore points, but his knack for finding the best product will make you forget about the journey and focus on the perfect bite that's on your fork.

For the truly adventurous (and deep-pocketed), there's the 14-16–course Chef's Menu ($175) where luxury fare including caviar, truffles and Japanese wagyu beef are the catch of the day.

best fine dining in los angeles

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