Best free dating software php helpdesk open source

best free dating software php helpdesk open source

A help desk is a resource intended to provide the customer or end user with information and support related to a company's or institution's products and services. Sign up for GitHub or sign in to edit this page. Repositories 116 HelpDesk open-source web applications for free for everyone. Download and use it! helpdesk node postgresql javascript.

best free dating software php helpdesk open source

Friend Mapper for Facebook is the desktop application for collecting and visualizing data from social networks that anybody can use! * RELEASE v3.0 OUT NOW! * Now available on Windows, MacOS and most Linux distros * The only application giving you the power to explore the degrees of separation between any two Facebook users .

*The only application visualizing the communities that surround any Facebook user. CHECK US OUT AT: pH7CMS is a Professional, Free & Open Source PHP Social Dating Builder Software (primarily designed for Webmasters and Developers ...). This Social Dating Web App is fully coded in object-oriented PHP (OOP) with the MVC pattern (Model-View-Controller).

It is low resource intensive, extremely powerful and highly secure. pH7CMS is included with over 37 native modules and based on its homemade pH7 Framework which includes more than 52 packages To summarize, pH7CMS Social Dating Script gives you the perfect ingredients to create the best dating web app or social networking site on the World Wide Web!

-- Get Involved! -- If you want to work on an Innovative Open Source Social/Dating Software Project with a Beautiful PHP Code using the latest PHP Features while collaborating with nice people and finally if you love the "Social" and "Dating" Services, HAVE TO DO IT! - Fork the repo - Add your changes - Open a PR Admidio is a free open source user management system for websites of organizations and groups.

The system has a flexible role model so that it’s possible to reflect the structure and permissions of your organization. You can create an individual profile for your members by adding or removing fields.

Additional to these functions the system contains several modules like member lists, event manager, guestbook, photo album or download area. ClipBucket is an Open Source and freely downloadable PHP script that will let you start your own Video Sharing website (YouTube Clone) in a matter of minutes. ClipBucket is the fastest growing video script with the most advanced video sharing and social. ClipBucket source code has been shifted to GitHub, Kindly follow our GitHub for latest releases and code: Now we moved to /!\ Development : security only updates !

XOOPS Cube is an Open Source Web Application Platform, empowering webmasters to create dynamic and content rich websites with ease. The XOOPS Cube Project is friendly managed, developed and supported by a volunteer group with a multidisciplinary focus to provide a variety of different perspectives and ideas to consider in further development and design.

XOOPS Cube Legacy is a Simple, Secure and Scalable content management solution to strengthen everyone's social network, share the essential knowledge and the understanding necessary to encourage creativity. XOOPS Cube moved to GitHub You can find Legacy 2.2.1 here: DigiOz .NET Portal is a FREE web based portal CMS system written in ASP.NET MVC 5 in C# which uses a Microsoft SQL Database to allows webmasters to setup and customize an instant website for either business or personal use.

List of Technologies used: - ASP.NET MVC 5 - Microsoft SQL Server - Bootstrap - HTML 5 - jQuery Demo Site: Source Code: Installation Instructions: Help Wanted: If you are a developer, and wish to join the project, please email us at Mass Planner is the ultimate scheduling software for Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, all in one.

Schedule all your social media from an easy to use dashboard and free up hours and hours of your time each day. You can schedule post at exact times in the future or just repeating posts on certain days of the week.

You can schedule posts on your pages, groups and wall. Free up your day and stop doing manually what a computer can do for you. It's extremely easy to schedule your social media and concentrate only on what's important and that is creating amazing content for your followers to enjoy.

Big social networks put plenty of websites out of business - anyone can create a group, say, on Facebook, and it's much easier than to build and support whole website. Now we want to get web-masters back into the game, arming them with the same functionality major social networks have. The Micro is the simplest GRA4-powered Social Network.

It can run on any PHP hosting (including free ones), and does not even require a database server. Demo: Free hosting with auto-installer: After single 2-minute-long installation your website will have social features likes, friends, groups, blogs, messaging, activity stream, market, events and much more.

Wiki: Before you install the Micro, please make sure you are installing the newest version: YouTube-DL-PyTK (formerly known as YouTube-DL-GTK) is just a graphical launcher for the popular youtube downloader youtube-dl . Its purpose is simple; to facilitate the downloading of non-copyright-protected videos from certain internet websites including YouTube.

It is written in Python, so it should run on Windows and Linux systems alike. I don't have access to an Apple computer to test it on OSX, but it might also work on that platform. It includes the Windows and Unix version of youtube-dl, so there's no need for you to go download it yourself for this to work.

This little project packages everything you need to start using it in one package, and all the appropriate licensing information is located in the archive. If you have ran the installer on Windows, you can find the source code and all of the documentation in the installation folder.

If you are serious about writing your name into a youtuber's history, use this program to get an advantage over others who use online services and their browser to subscribe at the right time. If you just register for a Google API key, you can query the subscriber count yourself quickly and accurately, and this program will give you the interface to do it in an automated manner.

Set it to every second (or any interval of your choice), or make requests one after another; as you are nearing your target, the program switches to the latter anyway, and will subscribe you at the specified point. Stopping the requests is also taken care of, so you can calmly leave it on overnight. Just make sure, the computer does not go to sleep. The program is Windows only, and you need to install a proxy server like OWASP ZAP to intercept and use the subscription requests later.

(Not yet available in Google API in C#.) Follow the user guide to get it work, and keep in mind, it is not foolproof.

best free dating software php helpdesk open source

best free dating software php helpdesk open source - open source

best free dating software php helpdesk open source

Disclosure, I’m founder of a help desk app! I’ve had a bit of a hobby keeping up with open source help desk software apps since I started HelpSpot in 2005. I keep a list of them at (started that in 2006!). Now, you’re not going to find any open source help desk systems that are anywhere close to Zendesk in terms of capability. That said, there are a few that are OK. Some of the better ones have become quasi commercial focusing on support and services around their open source apps.

Very few of the “pure” open source options with no commercial support are going to be sufficient for all but the most basic of needs. In no particular order here’s some that aren’t horrible :) • as you mentioned in your description has been around a very long time • - You almost can’t even find their free version on the site but it is there. • - This is a much newer one that’s Rails and has a more modern UI.

• - Another quasi-commercial old time solution but it is actively maintained which is all you can really ask for in the wasteland of modern open source help desk software. Honorable Mentions These aren’t open source but they are free which unfortunately people often use interchangeably.

• - Ad supported and does a bunch of other stuff besides help desk. • Bug trackers: , - A bug tracker has about 80% of the things a help desk needs (hence why many commercial bug trackers position themselves as help desks also). Many organizations can get by using a bug tracker as a help desk if they must.

best free dating software php helpdesk open source

Efficient help desk software means the world to an organized business, especially if we take the IT team into consideration. Using its functionality, a business manages to simplify interactions and to get rid of pesky manual processes, such as answering calls and logging problems which consume about 40% of time and labor effort. The stronger the help desk system is the more valuable and productive the key areas in your business will become.

Observed from a broader perspective, outgrowing manual efforts keeps even end-users satisfied, and it is pretty convenient for preventing issues from falling through the crack. Basically, implementing a help desk system stands for standardizing your reporting procedure, identifying common cases, and building a historical self-base which clients can access to log their own jobs before loading the burden entirely on your IT team’s shoulders.

No business would refuse to enforce their workflow in such way, knowing that issues will be solved in no time, multitasking will become smarter, trouble tickets will be tractable, and one will be able to prioritize between tasks. The challenge, however, is to discover a ‘One-can-do-it-all’ tool, and to make sure it won’t affect your budget anyhow. Challenge is the most appropriate word for such experience, as most free programs want to excite you, and then see you fold in order to push you towards their ‘supposedly more efficient’ paid plans.

Our goal here is not to excuse IT staff, but to help you replace sluggish customer service with meaningful know-how for the mutual benefit of your business and your customers. For the purpose, we narrowed the choice down to six best free help desk software solutions that break the cost barrier, and effectively organize your information and IT processes. Some of them are only available for free, while others offer a lifetime freemium package in addition to paid plans.

1. Freshdesk If you’re looking for top notch customer service software that offers a free plan with respectable functionality, Freshdesk is your solution. Freshdesk is currently one of the best help desk software in our review base.

Freshdesk won our Best Help Desk Software Award for 2017 The free plan offers unlimited knowledge base for three agents, phone and email support. The natural environment of Freshdesk is small businesses with temporary growth of demand that want to work with robust enterprise-grade feature suite without paying for it.

Its main principles are seamless organization, smart automation, collaboration, and tight 3 rd party integration, which push it to the top of the SaaS list even among premium software solutions. You can easily . The system works on the base of advanced SLA policies to prioritize between customer inquiries. It efficiently transforms tickets and emails into usable database articles and has a mobile-friendly website.

It’s also available in 16 different languages. As such, the software can solve many business problems, mainly related to managing uncontrollable email communication, strengthening in-house team collaboration, categorizing, prioritizing, and effective multitasking. Its phone support boasts unique and extensive integration, as it takes about 15 minutes to set up a call centre in one of the 37 countries where Freshdesk is available.

The workflow is eased by localized phone numbers, call routing, transfer and allocation, and customizable IRVs. Freshdesk is also a highly customizable multi-product solution, whose creative email notifications help agents deal with tickets on time, and maintain a support portal storing relevant pieces of knowledge for customers to access. If you want to learn more about the software and its capaiblities read our .

2. SpiceWorks SpiceWorks makes its services available for free regardless of the number of agents and admin accounts. There are no advanced upgrades and premium plans: the only version of the system is the free one! Hosting is free, maintenance is free, and tickets are unlimited! Why is Spiceworks one of the best free help desk software solutions? The main reason is it is probably the most powerful self-hosted, self-managed, and backed up help desk users are not supposed to pay for.

Another distinctive advantage is that you get to use it immediately upon downloading it: complex set ups and implementation issues are out of the game. The system was developed by an experienced IT support team, which is enough of a guarantee that you’re dealing with a tool that recognizes your needs and struggles. Ever since 2006, they’re investing in their unique communication channel, where specialists converge, interact, and provide expert opinions to tech vendors in order to improve their IT infrastructure.

At the end of the process, issued tickets are stored in a robust knowledge base, and become part of your active contact directory. The most recognizable features are user self-service, team management, IT asset management, ticket collaboration, multi-site support, and the integration with more than 150 apps that enables you to use add-ons for extended functionality.

The recent versions include also multiple server monitoring services. You can learn more about the software in our . 3. Zoho Support Backed up by a name that rings a bell, Zoho Support made it to the top of our list quite fast, not just because it is a component of a business-class toolset, but because it really works. The platform comes in three different payment plans, one of them being absolutely free and functional enough to suffice the needs of a small/mid-sized business.

Zoho Support is a smart choice for businesses that need a help desk solution, but are not willing to commit to a system that has to be installed on their local machines. The ones among you that are already using Zoho Products should definitely consider it. It offers access to unlimited agents, contacts and client management, and a very developed customer portals. Tickets are traced by products, categorized in smart solution folders and a robust knowledge base.

Themes and widgets are customizable, and there are many add-ons that can extend their efficiency. Read more about the capabilities of the software in our . 4. MantisBT MantisBT is another open-source platform that doesn’t drain the pocket, famous for its unsurpassed capacity for tracking and managing bugs. The distinctive plus of using MantisBT is that it is PHP written, meaning that the interface is simple and intuitive, and there is a MySQL database for users to report their bugs, and administrators to handle them.

The platform is web based, suitable for Windows and Linux, and designed to meet GNU (General Public License) terms. It ranks very high on the list of preferred systems, since it allows users to manage their own projects, and to stay in control of comments and issue resolution.

Besides, the platform is very flexible, and empowered with full customization for issue fields and notifications. There are few other recognizable features that keep this platform on the front page: change-log support that spreads from projects to sub-projects and categories, powerful reporting due to effective project management and time tracking, fully enabled word search, and powerful integrations (Wiki documents, for instance).

Read more about the software in our . 5. NABD System NABD is a comprehensive solution available in a free lifetime version that is fully functional, unlimited, and ideal for businesses from all scales and industries. It is cloud-hosted, with three major functionalities: backend ticketing, case management, and knowledge base storage. Thanks to NABD, you have many different support channels to keep customer engaged.

From an admin perspective, NABD is precious for tracking customer support performance via different metrics, return on action (ROA), and customer feedback.

NABD works with ISO 10002 Quality Management System, and e prescribed customer lifecycle to prioritize internal processes and customer needs. The BMP engine is fully integrated, and there is a unique communication tool with sentiment analytics to help agents collaborate both across traditional and social channels. The platform is also available in the form of a responsive mobile app, and offers 24/7 customer support.

You can read more about the software in our . 6. osTicket osTicket is a very smart choice for a free, open-source ticket management platform. It is a self-hosted one-stop-shop for phone, email enquirers, and web forms, with an in-built filter that helps you locate the right enquiry and redirect it to the most suitable executive. Their free plan is unlimited, and the only difference from the paid plans is that it is not cloud-hosted.

The strongest sides of osTicket are: Automation, as it offers an auto-assigner and auto-responder to mark repeated actions, summarize them on a comprehensive dashboard, and pull off amazingly accurate reports; and Configuration, as it provides for the creation of auto-response templates where one could add logos, text, or even multi-media, and adding custom fields for users to trigger a specific action for every ticket.

Being open-source, osTicket responds to the needs of all business types, from start ups and medium enterprises to fortune generators. Tickets will not simply heap in your database: they will be delegated a custom field, and categorized in a specific category to comply with the software’s routing rules.

Another reason to choose osTicket is that it is a master in avoiding agent collision. Read more about the capabilities of this service in our . You can use these tags: This is a Gravatar-enabled weblog. To get your own globally-recognized-avatar, please register at .

I agree to publishing my personal information provided in this comment. Current ye@r * Leave this field empty Fundraising software is a variety of tools developed to make fundraising efficient, effective and easier for your organization and donors. This is utilized by organizations to streamline fundraising efforts and ease logistical challenges to focus on establishing stronger donor relationships and driving more donations. It comes in various types depending on the campaigns you are… Writing enhancement software is built to guarantee written content is error-free, effective, and understandable.

It is utilized by all types of writers—from students to content managers and professionals in various fields—for writing messages, documents, emails, and social media posts. The software reviews the copy for any lapses in spelling, grammar, punctuation, style mistakes, and word… Why is FinancesOnline free?

FinancesOnline is available for free for all our business professionals interested in an efficient way to find top-notch SaaS solutions.

We are able to keep our service free of charge thanks to cooperation with some of the vendors, who are willing to pay us for traffic and sales opportunities provided by our website. Please note, that FinancesOnline lists all vendors, we’re not limited only to the ones that pay us, and all software providers have an equal opportunity to get featured in our rankings and comparisons, win awards, gather user reviews, all in our effort to give you reliable advice that will enable you to make well-informed purchase decisions.

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