Best free dating staffordshire terriers pit bulls

best free dating staffordshire terriers pit bulls

The American Staffordshire Terrier is a powerful dog breed with a friendly, affectionate personality. Learn more about the Am Staff People often ask what the difference is between the American Staffordshire Terrier and a pit bull. First of all, there is no breed called a pit bull. There is, however, a breed called the American Pit Bull Terrier. It is not recognized by the American Kennel Club, but it is recognized by the Continental Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club. Generally speaking, the American Staffordshire Terrier is nearly the same breed as the American Pit Bull Terrier. Today, the main difference is in appearance. The American Staffordshire Terrier is bred in part for AKC conformation and conforms .

best free dating staffordshire terriers pit bulls

| The Staffordshire bull terrier is a strong and powerful dog. It is muscular, has distinct cheek muscles, strong jaws and teeth, which form a scissors bite. Contrary to this masculinity, a delicate tou...

The Staffordshire bull terrier is a strong and powerful dog. It is muscular, has distinct cheek muscles, strong jaws and teeth, which form a scissors bite. Contrary to this masculinity, a delicate touch to the terrier’s face is provided by its soft brown eyes and black shining nose.

The skin coat is equally soft and sleek and comprises shining black, blue, brindle and fawn color with occasional markings on it. The secret of the dog’s strength is not depended on its size. With a short yet broad skull, short foreface, rose or half pricked ears, the Staffords are a masterpiece of unique qualities and well-defined strength.

The legs are straight and well boned, the shoulders show no weakness, the feet are well padded and the body is tight with deep briskets and well built ribs. The Staffordshire bull terrier lives for about 10-16 years. Throughout its lifetime, it manifests enough of its strength. It possesses tremendous stamina and must exercise daily to keep up to its potentiality to show strength. It is advisable to keep them in chains in public sphere. The coat is shorthaired and smooth.

Regular grooming with a firm bristle brush or a bath with shampoo keeps the coat fluffy, clean, soft and shining. The weight of this species of dog ranges from 28 to 38 pounds and the bitch ranges from 24 to 34 pounds. The height of both dogs and bitches range from 14 to 16 inches. The body is well balanced and is perfectly made. The tail is very fluffy and of medium length. It remains undocked, tapering to one point and then carrying low. Its neither too curled nor very straight for either of it would give an awkward look to the terrier.

Therefore, the Staffordshire bull terrier is a perfect example of a handsome, well-formed yet strong dog. All the characteristics are very evenly balanced in this dog. The Staffordshire bull terrier is very affectionate, courageous and obedient. They are very friendly to all types of people. It knows to love everyone and is loved by everyone.

A bull terrier in a family makes the family happy and adorable. The dog is extremely intelligent and stubborn but needs a persistent and continual process of training. Their potentiality allures them to jump off a deck, challenge others and walk through broken glass. The Staffordshire bull terriers are an adorable variety; therefore, loves both work and play.

There are certain physical features that prove disadvantageous for the dog. If the dog has pink nose, light eyes or pink eye rims then its not the perfect one of its species.

Moreover, it should not also have a too long or badly curled tail. It is also rejected as a good species if it lacks agility coupled with activeness.

The origin of the Staffordshire bull terrier is from regions of Staffordshire. It first involved for its interest in bull baiting but gradually the breed’s popularity suffered a setback for the waning of the sport. Now it is again regaining its immense popularity as a successful pet and a potential dog.

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best free dating staffordshire terriers pit bulls

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best free dating staffordshire terriers pit bulls

related topics • • Staffordshire bull terrier, breed of terrier developed in 19th-century England for fighting other in pits. The breed was created by crossing the , then a longer-legged and more agile , with a terrier, possibly the or one of the old breeds known as the white English and the black-and-tan terriers.

Once known by such names as bull-and-terrier, half and half, and pit bull terrier, the Staffordshire bull terrier is a stocky, muscular, and unusually strong dog standing 14 to 16 inches (36 to 41 cm), with an average weight of about 28 to 38 pounds (13 to 17 kg).

It has a broad chest, broad head, and a short muzzle; its ears fold over at the tips and are not cropped. Its coat is stiff and short and may be red, fawn, white, black, or blue or any of these colours with white, any shade of brindle, or any shade of brindle with white. It is an ancestor of the somewhat-larger , which it closely resembles. See also ; .

best free dating staffordshire terriers pit bulls

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier has a reputation for being a brave and loyal companion. In this guide we answer all your Staffy dog questions and explore the history and characteristics of this charismatic breed You can use the links below for quick answers to our top FAQs or scroll down for a detailed and honest breed review • • • • • • Known affectionately as the ‘Staffy’ or ‘Staffie’, this gorgeous little dog has unfortunately been the subject of a lot of bad press over the past few years.

But how much of their bad reputation is true? Are Staffies good pets? And how do you go about finding the right one? Let’s find out! What were Staffies bred for – Staffie history explained The English Staffy is descended from bulldogs used for bull baiting in the 18 th and 19 th century.

Bull baiting, bear baiting etc were made illegal in1835 and some of those involved turned to dog fighting instead, with bets being laid on the outcome of fights. Despite this unpleasant history, these dogs gradually became popular as companions, and in the 1930s were finally recognised by the UK Kennel Club.

Although Staffies made the switch to respectability, and proved themselves worthy of recognition as a good tempered and friendly family pet, there remained a lingering association between the breed and dog fighting, that still persists today. This is a great shame, as the Staffie has a lot going for him as a healthy and happy family pet.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Temperament Bull terriers were originally bred for fighting, and there is no doubt that Staffies can be tough little dogs. Unfortunately the breed have become quite popular amongst those that are only interested in turning this tough side of the Staffies nature into something sinister.

You only have to google “stafforshire bull terrier” to find news reports of dog attacks resulting from encounters of individuals of this breed. You might be forgiven for thinking that these are dangerous dogs, unsuitable for life as a family pet. But things are not always what they seem, and the truth is somewhat different. So are Staffordshire Terriers an aggressive breed? Staffies raised in normal family homes are in fact very friendly, and affectionate dogs.

Let’s be in no doubt. It is possible to make almost any dog of any breed into a snarling, aggressive, and dangerous animal, simply by isolating and abusing it. It is the staffordshire bull terrier’s great misfortune that it has been misused in this way, by a minority of people. This breed has become favoured and exploited by, small groups of people that enjoy watching dogs fight, or that wish to use dogs to protect their own illegal activities.

Are Staffordshire Bull Terriers good family dogs The truth is, that a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, raised in a family environment, socialised and trained, is no more likely to attack a person than any other dog.

On the contrary, these little dogs are friendly, happy, good natured souls that generally enjoy human company. The downside of Staffies as pets is that their terrier instincts sometimes cause problems with other animal members of the family. Getting a Staffy and a cat to get along can be tricky, and if you have a resident family cat or small rodent pets you might want to consider a different breed.

Or commit to very careful supervision. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Size The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a compact, muscular dog with well proportioned body, broad skull and strong jaws.

Although he doesn’t reach more than 16 inches or so at the shoulder, he can weigh around 35lbs and is powerful for his size. Staffies are sometimes confused with Pitbulls What is the difference between a Pit bull and a Staffy?

There is a superficial similarity between the American Pit bull Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Both are broad chested stocky dogs with broad heads and straight muzzles and a very short easy care coat. The Pit bull is however a much bigger and more powerful dog, about double the size of an average Staffie, and comes in a much wider range of colors. These are two distinct breeds and only the Staffy is recognized by the AKC Staffordshire Bull Terrier Health Staffies are normally healthy dogs.

Although like most breeds, there are some conditions for which breeding stock should be tested, and for which DNA tests are now available, including some inherited eye conditions. They can also suffer from . This can cause seizures, as well as problems moving and behavioral issues.

You can reduce the chances of your Staffy having these problems by getting your puppy from health tested parents. Both parents should have an eye test from less than a year ago, and be tested as DNA clear for L-2HGA. There are currently some reports that and that this predisposes them to overheating.

This is something to bear in mind when researching breeders (see below) How Long Do Staffies Live? The average healthy Staffordshire Bull Terrier lifespan will be around 12 to 14 years.

Of course there are no guarantees but with good care and little luck you should have your Staffy for a decade or more Do Staffies shed?

– Grooming and care A Staffordshire Bull Terrier has a wonderfully easy to manage coat. An occasional once over with a short haired bristle brush is all that’s usually required. Like most dogs, Staffies do shed and may shed quite heavily for a short period once or twice a year. But compared with many longer haired breeds this is a minor event. Do Staffies need lots of exercise?

Staffies have plenty of energy and need a moderate amount of exercise. A brisk 30 minute walk or ball game, morning and evening, will be adequate for most Staffies. Most will be happy to accompany you on longer walks but bear in mind that some Staffies have a tendency to overheat in warm weather Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breeders When you are looking for a puppy, finding a good breeder is incredibly important. The right breeder will be open and honest with you.

They will be very familiar with their breed of dog and their requirements. Both parents will be health tested. The Mommy dog will obviously be a cherished member of the family, and will greet you with a wagging tail and friendly demeanor. Because of the potential for temperament issues with Staffys you should make sure to meet both parents. The father will probably live elsewhere, so you might need to travel to see him.

But this is the best way to give your pup a good chance of being friendly. Your breeder will be happy to answer any and all of your questions. They will also ask a lot of questions about you, because they will care where their puppies are going.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppies When you have found the right Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeder then it’s time to wait for your puppy. Most good breeders have a waiting list, and you may have to put your name down several months before your Staffie puppies litter is even conceived. Although it might be tempting to go and pick up another puppy rather than wait, remember the importance of temperament and health. A few months now is a fair price to exchange for years of happiness. And speaking of price… How much do Staffordshire Bull Terriers cost?

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Price The cost of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy varies depending upon where you live, and who your breeder is. The Perfect Companion For Life With A New Puppy Staffordshire Bull Terrier price in the USA ranges widely from $1,500 – $2,500.

In the UK you can expect to pay £600 to £1,000 for a Staffordshire Bull Terrier pup. Remember that the cheapest Staffy puppy is not necessarily the best one. Breeding puppies costs a lot of money if you do it right, and a puppy from the right breeder will probably have a higher price tag. Remember that compared to the cost of a dog over his lifetime, the cost of the puppy is actually relatively small. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue Another great way to get a Staffordshire Terrier is from a rescue society.

Very sadly due to their bad reputation and the nature of some of their owners, these lovely little dogs often end up in need of a new home. Should I Get A Staffordshire Bull Terrier? Free from the most serious kinds of that blight so many other breeds, Staffordshire Bull Terriers can be a good choice for a family prepared to make a commitment to socialise, and train their dog thoroughly.

And to provide him with regular exercise. His coat requires little attention, and he is a relatively healthy, active, and long lived dog that should provide his family and friends with many years of pleasure. Do you have a Staffy? Why not let us know all about him in the comments section below! References and resources Abramson C et al.

2008 L‐2‐Hydroxyglutaric Aciduria in Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine Packer et al.

2015 Impact of Facial Conformation on Canine Health: Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome. PlosOne This guide to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier has been revised and updated for 2018 Just committed to a 2nd blue staffy female [14weeks] as a forever friend for our 1st blue male [3 yrs].

We let him do the picking, ya thats right- He choose her, he knew it was going to be his friend for companionship when people are away, to help relieve people from the attention he so desires.

Week 1 i was uncertain if such a young pup was maybe too young but now at week 3 they’re inseperable. Bonding better each day each task and its been so awesome to watch as for more we’ll see if they breed but family is complete now. Glad for both these staffys they’ve grudged at times but quickly over it n quick to console, give love and appreciate me every moment or every day.

BEST DOGS IN THE WORLD. THANK YOU ZUES AND ZENA I have a girl called Chilli, she’s about 13 and a half. She’s the sweetest, cute and gentle girl ever. Toilet training her she was a bit stubborn (I remember even though it’s all those years ago) but once we got there she’s never had an accident since. She did have an issue, needing a TPLO surgery years ago so make sure they don’t get too chubby as it puts more pressure on their joints and it can be a congenital issue for some of them so I was told by the specialist vet.

I’d have this girl in my life 50 x over – I adore her! I have a 6 month old female staffy and honestly the bad stories about them are horrid as all are different its the way they are brought up my staffy stays in house with 2 cats and she absolutely adores them and knows the difference between and adult and child.. only thing is her biting coz shes still a puppy she doesnt play bite me but she does with other people she knows and doesn’t do it to strangers.

I was surprising my husband with his very first puppy. The breed i was searching just wasnt working out and now we know why. We found our staffy at the animal rescue. I’ve had dogs my entire life and this is by far one of the best! He is the kindest, happiest, most gentle dog i know. He is strong but loving. I’d get 10 more if I could. The only thing I’d suggest is Do Not get one if you’re not willing to play. They are very energetic and need to be exercised.

But our Bear is by far the coolest breed I’ve come across. If you have the chance to even meet one do so!! We’ve got a staffy cross. She’s 13 weeks old. Within a week of having her she sit’s and stays, no toilet accidents in the house. She is great with children, new situations, other dogs, our existing cat (who has never met a dog), car rides, having a bath, when we eat she sits in her bed, I could go on forever.

She is a lovely pupster with so much love. Everyone who has met her says how amazing and lovely she is. I can’t ever imagine life without this bundle of joy. Hello.. i got a one year old Amsatff form a family that didnt want her as their son left the country and she was his….she is very spoiled and active she wont listen to any command except sit..i dont know this kind of dogs and any thing on the web is about puppies..any advise pleasae..i feel lost..!!

thank you. suzana I’m about to get my first staffy, a rescue puppy 9 weeks old. I can’t wait to start on this adventure. I have found puppy school and obedience school, now I just need to talk my boss into letting me work from home 5 days a week for a few months instead of my usual 4 days.

I’m calling him Mack and we are going to have a great life together. We have a 6 month old Staffy bitch…also called Harley. She is beautiful. She is our second Staffy. When our first Staffy died last year we could not live without this beautiful breed of dog in our home for long.

They are sooooo loving! Lots of licks and kisses and the most beautiful face and smiley mouth. They need minimal maintenance and only moderate exercise. It is amazing how many people love this breed and accept that the bad press they have had is all to do with the owner and not the dog. This is totally tru Jo Says… It’s all about how u raise them & treat them, Their Not Bad🐕Dogs What~So~Ever… If u give them a good & Luv’n environment then that’s what u get back from them but if ur mean & keep’em isolated then that’s what drives them to become mean an aggressive towards pep’s,kids & other animals…💯💯💯 So raise’em the right way they Dam sure have the right to be respected & luv’ed & not be mistreated nor beat’n on, They Have Feel’n’s To & All They Want Is To Be Luv’ed & Cared For… 🐕🐾Enough Said On That🤙🐶 Thkz For Listen’n To My Comment & May U’all Have A Blessed Day 💯🐕🐾💞😘💋💟👼👏💕😍👀💗😇🙏❣️💯 I have 9 staffies right now with 5 for sale as they are 3 weeks old.

I love my dogs so much! They go on car rides, travel to families out of state, and love to hike with us. They form a dog pile around us on the floor and are very gentle with my 5 yr old.

Sweet, strong, and laid back, these dogs fit right into lives. They also love my lab. She really gives them a work out!

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