Best free video chat app for iphone

best free video chat app for iphone

I have handpicked a few best free video chat apps for iPhone and Android here, which you can read down below. 1. Skype. Skype is one of the pioneers in video calling The app supports video calls using both the front and rear cameras. You have to pick one before initializing the call. The video calls from Skype to Skype don’t charge you anything as you can make it completely for free of costs. Apart from video calls, you can avail voice calls to landlines and mobile phones with the help of Skype credits. You can buy them for cheap price. Along with the call, it is possible for you to chat and send media files using Skype. More Features of Skype App: High quality emoticons to express your feelings in Skype chat.

best free video chat app for iphone

Smartphones have really changed the way we communicate and gone are days that we had only few video call apps for iPhone as today we have tons of apps in the App Store. Now calling your friends and families wherever they are in the word has been made easy with many free chat apps for iPhone.

Making a video call on your iPhone had never been so easy and free before. In case you wish to discover a selection of the best video calling apps which are available for iPhone to contact your friends, family or business partners, now it is time to have an overview about the tools available on the market. Record iOS video calls There is a way to keep a recording of any iOS conversation on your mobile device.

There are tools that enables the user to mirror the screen of their iOS device on a bigger screen and record their screen activities. One tool worth mentioning is Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder which provides uninterrupted screen mirroring. This tool is even capable of recording your video calls for future use, or to keep as a remembrance.

Here are the steps on how to use iPhone Screen Recorder. Step1 Download and install the application To download the installer, click the buttons below, and run it on the PC. Secure Download Step2 Launch the tool Once the tool is installed, launch it to reach the home screen.

Step3 Connect the iOS device Mirror the iOS device to the PC by connecting them both to the same Wi-Fi network. Launch the “Screen Mirroring” option from the Control center.

Step4 Start the recording Once the iOS device is connected, start the conversation and click the “Record” button. Step5 End the recording and save the video Click the “Stop” button to finish the recording process and save the file. Step6 Locate and play the video To watch the video, simply click the “Folder” icon on the tool and the folder where the video is saved will appear.

Play the video directly from the folder. Skype Skype is one of the best video call apps for iPhone. It’s also one of the first introduced calling apps that got popular among users. One of the most important features of Skype that made its name in the market is that it was not only used to make video calls, but also used as an app to make international calls at a pretty low cost.

Skype also has an easy to use interface and you accustom to the environment no matter what platform you are using. It makes a great alternative to Facetime to make video calls in iPhone. In order to go with this program, you can use the guideline below: Step1 Open Skype contacts list Launch , and on the home screen, click the “Contacts” button to load the list of all available contacts.

Step2 Select a contact to start conversation From the list of available contacts who are online, click the name of the one you want to talk to.

Step3 Start the conversation To call the other person, simply click one of the buttons on the right side of the window. Choose between “Video Call” or “Voice Call” options. Once you start your video call, the screen will change its colors and you’ll hear that the ringtone is played as long as you the other person doesn’t answer which is marked by that his or her voice will be heard through the program.

Google Hangouts Google has spread its wings and with the introduction of Google Hangouts for both Android and iOS platforms, it has become a universal messenger by combining the messenger app with Gmail and Google Plus. With Google Hangouts, now you can make both audio and video calls along with text messaging, sharing of files and video streaming etc.

You can also make video calls up to 10 persons simultaneously. All images shared during your video call with Google Hangouts video chat app for iPhone is automatically stored in a Google Plus album for you to review later.

Next to Skype, Google Hangouts poses a stiff competition to rise to the top spot in the best chat app for iPhone. To learn more, follow these simple steps below: Step1 Install the application Go to the App Store and install Google .

Step2 Launch the application Open the application after installation and click the “Contacts” button to load all registered contact list. Step3 Start the conversation Tap the “Video call” icon to start a video call with the selected person. If you prefer voice only conversation, click the “Voice call” option. FaceTime Apple FaceTime is the default free chat app for iPhone and is available in each and every iPhone.

With FaceTime, an iPhone user can communicate with any user in the world who has in possession of either a Mac, iPhone, iPod or an iPad. You can also record all your video calls that you make wit Facetime for future reference. With the new continuity feature introduced in iOS 9+, you can continue your voice started in one iDevice and continue on any interconnected iOS gadgets available without a single interruption.

In case you want to have a look at this program in more details, check the steps below: Step1 Log in on Facetime Start by logging in on your account by providing your Apple ID and Password. Step2 Find your contact to call Search for the contact that you want to call from the “Search bar”. Step3 Start the video call To start the conversation, click any of the two buttons, the “Video call” and the “Voice call” button. Viber has refreshed the market of video chat applications when it introduced a new interface which became instantly popular among its users.

Among the many reasons, users mainly changed to Viber iPhone video chat app due to the comprehensive features which are available in the app, as well as due to the potential to see who has the app installed from the friend circle. Therefore even though Viber isn’t as beautifully designed as Skype or the other popular Facebook Messenger, it easily became a player among these tools with its abilty of calling.

Even though the quality of the video call was not pretty much receptive or not satisfactory upto the point, it still had a lot of features that glued the users to stay with the video chat with iPhone for a long time. Viber still proves to be a viable alternative to Skype and FaceTime to a great extent to people who are looking for a pretty simple iPhone video chatting app. To learn more about how this program can be operated, check the details here: Step1 Search for contactsOnce you are in your partner’s window, you can see the option to either make a free call, or send a free text to your partner with a click of a button.

In our example, choose the Free Call option, so the video call will be put up instantly. Step2 Perform the Free callOnce you are in your partner’s window, you can see the option to either make a free call, or send a free text to your partner with a click of a button.

In our example, choose the Free Call option, so the video call will be put up instantly. Step3 Activate video cameraIn Viber you have to active your camera for the other person to see you after the connection is established between the two of you.

For this, you can simply press the Video Call button to start a video call. Facebook Messenger Having more than a 100 million of registered user on its site, is among the most used apps of all time and it also provides you a smooth video calling . It is always fun to use the Facebook Messenger and mainly the group video calling feature makes all the more interesting to have a chat with all your friends at once. Havin video call in group is also pretty good. Some of the other interesting features with Facebook Messenger are the Instant video feature, Instant games, Secret Conversation and many more.

People looking for one of the best video calling iOS apps to make calls that are ultra – convenient and quick then Facebook Messenger is your best bet. To see the steps of using this program, refer to the text below: Step1 Open the Messenger appAs the first step to prepare for the video call, click ont he Messenger app on your phone to start it, where the app will bring you to the main page within the interface. Here you can find the friend you want to talk with via typing in their name into the search bar at the top.

Step2 Perform the video callOnce you found your friend for the video call, you can tap on his or her name so you get into the messaging window, where you can see the Video call button at the top right of the screen. You’ll only be able to connect to people who are online on Messenger, but for these people you can simply hit the Video call button so the call with start instantly.

Whatsapp When it comes to messaging, has become one of the most popular apps that is being used by millions all over the world. Introduced just as a text messaging app, WhatsApp has also introduced a video call feature recently that enables you to make video calls with friends and family easily.

Having taken over all other text messaging apps, WhatsApp is set to become the top most contender for the best chat app for iPhone in no time. The quality of the video call is pretty much awesome and one of the most interesting features with the video call feature with WhatsApp is that it offers better call quality even in 2G/3G when compared to other video call apps for iPhone. To use this program at its best, here are the steps for you: Step1 Start the video call within a couple of clicks Whatsapp is also easy to be used for making video calls, you can directly open the interface and hit on your friend on your contact list to open his or her chat to proceed.

Here you can simply tap the video camera icon in the top right to perform the video call. WeChat is another popular messaging app for both iOS and Android that was originally developed in China in 2011.

It also helps you to make high quality video calls and one of the main reasons that it has become one of the most popular video apps in China is because it allows you to create a group chat comprising of almost around 500 people.

Now it gains more and more popularity for messaging and video calling around the world. You can just get it from App Store for free. To go with this tool, see the guides below: Step1 Open WeChatOnce you open the app for the first time, you can simply tap on Log In, enter your phone number and password, and tap Log In once again so you will be let inside to the main page of the app.

This only has to be done one time, next time you won’t need to log in again anymore. Step2 Open the message windowOnce you are inside the program, firstly tap the Contacts button at the bottom of the screen in case you want to have video chat with a new person, otherwise you can easily just click on the Chat button, also in the bottom left corner, which will take you to the list of your WeChat contacts who you already communicated with, where you can also just scroll down to find the right person to your video call.

After hitting the name of the person you want to call, you will be shown the selected contact’s details, where you can click on the Messages button which will take you to the messaging window of this person.

Step3 Perform video call Once you are in the messaging window, you can click on the „+” icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen., where you will be offered to tap on the Video Call button which has a camera icon. Afterwards your call will be instantly set up and your partner will be given a notification to choose whether he or she wants to connect for the video call. In that case the call will be established.

ooVoo is a great iPhone video chat app that is specially designed to provide one-to-one video chat among friends and also to take part in group chats. With ooVoo, it is always fun to chat and you can chat with almost 12 persons at a time. You also have the option to send video messages with ooVoo. One advantage of ooVoo is that it contains high quality audio when you’re making a video call – echo cancellation and crystal clear audio.

Because of that, you always sound great during the call. To learn more of this program and its features, here are the steps to refer to: Step1 Find your online friendFirst of all before starting the call you need to see which of your friends are online, which can be done the simplest way by looking at the list on the left side of your screen and see the green point next your friends’s name. Step2 Initiate the video callOnce you located the friend for the call, click on his or her name or you can directly click on the video camera next to it in order to initiate the video call.

However, before being able to set up the connection, you need to wait for the acceptance of your friend for the call. Tango is another popular free chat app for iPhone. It serves as a great alternative to Skye in iPhone. Making video calls with Tango is a breeze and the call quality is also good. Apart from iOS, Tango is also available for Android, Windows Phone and Windows desktop.

Voice calls, texts, pictures, etc. are all well supported. Different from other iPhone video calling apps, Tango doesn’t require you to register and sign in. So it’s quite convenient for you to hold a videocall. In order to use this program in the best way, see the reference steps below: Step1 Locate the call tabOnce you open the interface of this program you can directly navigate to the “Call” tab, where you can see an overview about your most recent calls, even those included which had been made via a regular phone app.

Step2 Go to make a new callOnce you are in the tab, you can click to Make a new call, which link you can find at the top of the screen inside the interface of the program. Step3 Locate your contactIn order to find the contact which you would like to call, you can simply scroll through the list of contacts until you reach the person you are looking for and see his or her name. When you see who you’d like to have a video chat with, you can directly see if he or see already has a Tango account or not, because the video camera icon will appear at their name if they have one.

Step4 Perform the video callAt this point you can simply tap the video camera icon next to the contact’s name which is the most convenient and fastest way to start the video call, however at this point you still have to wait for your friend to accept the notification for the call, as you can only start the actual video call after their acceptance.

Camfrog is a group video chat application that is available for both iPhone and Android and it has over a million users in various chat rooms in Camfrog. With Camfrog, you can always stay connected with your friends, families and even strangers to talk about anything. If you’re looking for new friends to chat with, Camfrog can be a good platform for you. Actually, Camfrog is more of a social network than a simple video chat app for iPhone nowadays.

It allows you to edit your profile in details. To learn how to operate this program accurately, see the guide below: Step1 Sign in to Camfrog Before being able to use a chatroom and make a call, login to Camfrog first by providing your Username and Password on the “Login Screen.” Step2 Select the person to talk to Once logged in, you will see all the online camfrog users and available for a conversation.

Step3 Start the conversation Click the name of the person online and click the “Video chat” button and select the contact to call Conclusion As you can see there are multiple professional solutions available to give you a wide range of video chatting options, it is just up to you which platform is going to be your favorite with your friends.

We recommend you to try out all of them as they are all very popular ones, if you haven’t tried out any before, as they are all very popular and established solutions used by millions of people in every single day. By the way, if you have ever come across any good video chatting or calling app for iPhone and iPad that is not in my list, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

best free video chat app for iphone

best free video chat app for iphone - Best Video Calling apps for iPhone, iPad & iPod

best free video chat app for iphone

• () integrates all the features you need for managing music, video, photos, contacts and even text messages among iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, Android devices and computer. • Transfer music, videos, playlist and more from iPhone to iTunes Library/PC/Mac/Android devices. • Fix "iPhone, iPad, iPod won't connect to computer" issues. Video chatting is fairly popular among users and if you are an iPhone user, it is likely that you must have chatted frequently with your friends and acquaintances quite a lot of times.

There are plenty of different apps which can be used for the sake of video chatting. • • Part 1. How To Video Chat On iPhone 6s/6/6 Plus/5s When you are looking to have a video chat without downloading any external app, you can always use your Facetime app which comes pre-installed in your phone.

Here are the easy ways which you can use. • Open the Facetime app on your phone. • Sign in with your Apple ID. • You can also head to settings and then Facetime in order to enter your login credentials. • Once you have opened the app, you can either enter the phone number or the email address of the person and then click on the phone or even the video icon. • The call will be connected and you can then talk to your friends.

Ever since Goolge talk got a makeover with hangouts, it has certainly become one of the top choices for video chart. • Talk up to 10 people simultaneously. • Share pictures on the go in your private Google + album. • Great interface. • Easy to operate. • Integrated with your Gmail address book. Rating: 4.4/5.0 Price: free It is another interactive app which can be used for the sake of making video calls.

Though it is not as popular as alternatives like Skype or even Viber, it is a good option. • It offers both voice and video calling facility.

• You can send animated files and increase the fun factor when chatting with your friends. • You can challenge the caller to play mini games and compete with each other. This certainly improves the amount of fun you can have when video chatting with someone.

Rating: 3.7/5.0 Price: free The popularity of Viber has really peaked in recent times. It gave Skype quite a lot of competition with its incredible call rates. • It offers provision for group calls for up to 40 people. • You can even share locations with your friends. • Clear call quality. • You can use it both on your desktop and even your Smartphone. Rating: 4.2/5.0 Price: Free This is by far the best app for making video calls. Nothing beats the ease of making video calls when it comes to Skype.

Easily add your Skype friends, chat with them and call them up for free. You need to pay for calling directly to their mobile numbers but it has made long distance calling a lot cheaper.

• Share your screen during calls. • Free video and voice calling provision. • Low call rates to other mobiles with Skype credits. • IT can be sued both on your desktop and smartphones as well. Rating: 4.7/5.0 Price: Free but you can buy Skype credits It is a fun app which is more popular among youth.

It targets the youth as it has a lot of interactive and playful features. It is more of a chatting app rather than for making video calls. It has a social networking look as well as you can get updates from celebrities.

• In built games which can be played while calls. • Provision to follow celebrities using the ‘plus friend’ feature. • Good voice and video call clarity. Rating: 3.7/5.0 Price: free It is more often used for hurting as compared to video calls. It competed with Whatsapp for a long time, but the latter turned out to be a lot more popular as far as building a messaging platform was concerned.

• The live chat feature is like conference calling. • Only one person can speak at a time in the live chat feature. • Both voice and video chat mode available.

• Interactive options like stickers are available for chat sessions. Rating: 4.0/5.0 Price: free ooVoo became hugely popular with its simple design and interface. It is another app which is more popular among the youth. Operating this app is pretty simple and it is ideal for Facebook junkies. • With the help of ooVoo credits, you can call even landline numbers.

• Has an integrated Facebook support for chatting with friends. • Group video calling with up to 12 people. Rating: 4.0 Price: free This is yet another popular app among a lot of users. It is mainly know for the easy design which is devoid of unwanted and useless clutter. • It enjoys cross compatibility as you can enjoy four way video calling. • Very minimalistic and simple interface.

• It is best for those who want to talk together for long hours without spending a lot of money. • You can use it both on your desktop and even your Smartphone.

Rating: 3.9/5.0 Price: Free This is the default apple app and undoubtedly the best you can find. We have already listed the details of Facetime app beforehand and you know how to sue it to make a video call.

It is an inbuilt app in all iPhone and is the go-to choice for almost all apple users you would need your apple id to login to your Facetime account but it offers amazing video clarity and is best for making calls from one iPhone user to another.

Rating: 4.9/5.0 Price: free

best free video chat app for iphone

Smartphones have totally changed the way we use a gadget. Modern phones with good Internet connection provide free alternatives to voice and video calls. Here’s a list of excellent video calling apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry that let you make a direct call to your friend or start a group video conversation.

Skype is one of the oldest and most famous apps for calls. There are official Skype apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Amazon Fire Phone. Also it’s available for computer platforms – Windows, Mac and Linux, and even smart TVs, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One and other devices. Apart from , it allows sharing files and sending messages between the devices using Skype.

It also offers low cost calling and texting to mobiles or landlines. The unique Skype feature is the ability to make online group video calls. Just create a group out of your Skype contacts and tap the Camera sign to launch a video chat. Download for | Download SEE ALSO: Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger is another free app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone to make video calls on the go. Messenger is easy to use.

Tap a contact from the Messenger app list and hit the video button to start a video call. You can make a video call to anyone within Facebook network around the globe, including video calls from iPhone to Android and vice verse.

All calls are free, but you have to pay for Internet data. The app let use both front and rear cameras for video recording. Unfortunately, in Facebook Messenger there are no group video calls like in Skype or Google Hangouts. So if you want to talk to several friends at a time, you’d better choose a Microsoft or Google app. Explore all Messenger features at Google Hangouts Google revamped its communication service – Google Talk to Hangouts.

Hangouts has turned into a universal messenger app for Gmail, Google+, Android and iOS users. Now you can do audio and video calls, text messaging, file sharing, real-time video streaming and much more. One can talk to up to 10 people simultaneously. The images shared during a call are saved in a private Google+ album, making it easier to access them later. Google Hangout is, probably, the only real Skype competitor in video calling.

Download | Download SEE ALSO: Apple Facetime Apple Facetime is a default free video call app for all iOS users. You can communicate with anyone who has an Apple device from your Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Thanks to new Continuity feature in iOS 9+, you can start video call on one iDevice and continue it on your second Apple gadget without interruptions.

Don’t forget that you can always . Check our detailed Facetime guide and . Line Line is an extremely popular and PC. It also has a face-to-face video call option. The app workflow is similar to Facebook: tap a person name from Line list and hit the Camera sign. Like in Facebook Messenger, all video calls between Line users are 100% free.

There are no group video calls. However, if you can pay extra money, Line enables you to make audio calls to landline phones and cell phones out of Line network. Visit to download a Line app for your smartphone.

SEE ALSO: Viber Similar to Skype, Viber is a free calling app available for almost all operational systems: Windows and Mac, and also mobile devices like Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android and iPhone, iPad. One can use Viber for sharing contacts, files, messages, emoticons, locations, etc. It also allows group audio calls for up to 40 participants. You can make video calls to your Viber contacts. Simply tap the Camera sign next to a person’s name and start talking.

Download | Download Tango This app is available for Android, iOS and WP and Windows OS computers as well. It offers usual features of voice and video calling, sending messages, animations, files, etc. One interesting thing about Tango is the Mini Games which can be played even during the call. You can challenge the caller on the other end in the real-time.

Download | Download KakaoTalk KakaoTalk is made for almost all mobile platforms Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and even Bada. It has voice and video calls, messaging, sharing multimedia content, etc. The app also acts as a reminder for scheduling appointments. To add little bit of fun, the app has in-built games and some voice filters like , etc.

KakaoTalk also allows users to follow celebrities/ brands such as Psy through ‘Plus Friend’ feature and get updates from them. To see the celebs that can be added, go to the Find Tab and select View All, and simply tap the Add option against any of them. Download | Download WeChat While WeChat is essentially an instant messaging app available for all mobile platforms, it also provides several innovative ways for voice / video calling.

Live Chat feature contains conference calling feature and it ensures that only one person talks at a time. Video Call, as the name suggests, is for talking in the video mode. It also has a Voice Chat feature which streams voice messages; this last thing is useful particularly when the other person is not online. Download | Download ooVoo ooVoo’s is a simple cross platform voice and video calling app available for major mobile platforms and desktop OS.

Similar to other apps, ooVoo sends messages, makes voice and videos. Like Skype, ooVoo permits you to call landline numbers through ooVoo credits. It also integrates with Facebook, so you can chat with friends from the social network. The best part about the app is that it makes group video calls with up to 12 people simultaneously. Download | Download What video calling app do you use?

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