Best girl bars in vegas to get laid on tinder

best girl bars in vegas to get laid on tinder

You’d better know how to follow up with the matches if you wanna get laid. (See what I mean? It’s a holistic skill And there it is… How to get laid on Tinder. The thing that most guys will do after reading this post is that they will have this little voice inside their head that says: “That guy’s good looking” or “That will never work for me” or “Sounds like too much work”. How’s this for good looking?. Keep approaching girls during your break at work, only to get 1 or 2 numbers that flake? Are you gonna rely on taking girls home during those cold wintry nights when no one wants to go out? Or are you gonna get off your ass and apply the gold mine I just presented you regarding how to get laid on Tinder? Only time will tell. Take care. _ My Latest Blog Posts

best girl bars in vegas to get laid on tinder

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Thanks to the endless number of dating apps, our entire world of relationships changed completely. Hooking up has never been easier while finding relationships is becoming more and more difficult. So we can say that dating apps have some good sides (easy hookups), and some bad sides too, such as the one we just mentioned. No wonder it is difficult to find a serious person who is ready to commit to a real relationship when there are so many people out there just looking for casual fun.

No one is ready to give all that up, so you see the problem. But at least we can have all the fun we want until we find that special someone. Of course, it is possible that two people meet on Tinder, fall in love and end up together, one can never know. In the meantime, we’ll talk about hooking up and how to become successful at it. Interested? Then take a look at our list of . However, when we talk about getting laid and hookups, somehow we tend to ascribe it to men exclusively, although there is no reasonable explanation for that.

Why are only men entitled to hookups and getting laid on dating apps? You can find countless tips for picking up girls on Tinder and other apps for hooking up, while you might have difficulties finding any information whatsoever which a girl can apply to pick up boys.

Aren’t women allowed to enjoy the same benefits of dating apps? They certainly are. Girls want the same things as guys, despite the common opinion, because you know, they are also human beings with needs and stuff. Yes, you heard me.

Girls do want the same things as guys, no matter how surprising that might sound. At least most of the girls do. That is why we decided to create a different list, one which does not exclusively apply to men only while girls are left on their own.

Perhaps girls don’t have the same difficulties when hooking up, you might wonder. And that’s true. Sometimes it is a lot easier for girls but that depends on many things. Shy girls might have issues that prevent them from saying openly what they want, so they need some advice at times.

We tried to find useful tips based on the experience of various Tinder users on and , so as to help you in your future attempts with girls or boys. Check out our list of 6 easiest ways to get laid on Tinder.

6. Girls, Swipe Right! If you are new to Tinder and possibly a shy girl who isn’t very good at making the first contact, but you do want to hook up with someone, then the best thing you can do for the beginning is simply swiping right for every guy that looks even a little bit attractive to you.

Swipe right at every account you see. If you want them to message you, then you need to swipe right for every guy that looks even a little bit attractive to you. Swipe right at every account you see. If you want them to message you, then you need not hesitate and if you only swipe right when you really like someone then you could be waiting forever. Instead of waiting for them to swipe right first, you can simply take this first step and begin your adventure.

And now, let’s see what comes next on our list of easiest ways to get laid on Tinder. pathdoc/ 5. Guys, Act Normal Just when you think that it’s going pretty well and that we don’t have a clue of what you’re thinking about, we’re one step ahead of you.

Girls have a strong intuition and most of the time we can see through a guy’s plan. That’s why you need to stop pretending and simply act normal. Never ever start a conversation with a girl using sexual messages. Even though you want to get laid, don’t be so direct as girls don’t like that. Always start with a casual conversation, because a girl will always respond to that.

And then, well, you know. Copyright: 4. Choose Your Photos Wisely Do we have your attention still? Then continue reading our list of 6 easiest ways to get laid on Tinder. On all dating apps, not just Tinder, photos are everything. We decide whether we find someone attractive, unattractive, excentric, pleasant, etc, based on photos only. So make sure your profile pic is tasteful and possibly has you smiling in it.

Smiles attract people so you will probably get more right swipes. Although you may have a great body, don’t show your abs on your profile pic, it’s a little tacky and most girls will .

You should also include a few more photos which possibly include some of your hobbies or interests. Max kegfire/ 3. Girls, Use Your Hottest Photo! A hot picture, the number three on our list of easiest ways to get laid on Tinder, does not necessarily mean clothless picture, so you can relax.

But the fact is that you want to get laid, and to do that, don’t be afraid to show your hot side. This will be a clear sign that you are available or DTF, as some like to say, and guys will be more likely to swipe right when they see your profile, and they will be more encouraged to message you, too.

solominviktor/ 2. Use Your Bio For guys, their bio is pretty much very important when it comes to getting laid.

What your put in your bio will probably cause many girls to swipe right (or left) at your profile, so you need to make sure that yours is not a boring one. It should not be long, but a few sentences which include some interesting facts about you will do just fine. Try to sound funny and unique because you want to attract girls and girls like witty guys. You don’t have much time so make the best out of those few seconds you have!

And now, let’s take a look at the first on our list of easiest ways to get laid on Tinder. Michaelpuche/ 1. Add Her on Facebook If you swipe right and she swipes right, then the next step is naturally, messaging. But another step is to add her on facebook right away so she can learn more about you and see your other pictures. This will convince her that you are interested in her and have nothing to hide.

Now combine all the 6 easiest ways to get laid on Tinder that we mentioned in this list and start searching for your next hookup!

best girl bars in vegas to get laid on tinder

best girl bars in vegas to get laid on tinder - Why Tinder is Still the Best Dating App Out There

best girl bars in vegas to get laid on tinder

There’s no city like Las Vegas to satisfy your carnal desires, and here are five tips from a Vegas insider to help you get your dick wet in Sin City. Without further ado… #6. Book A Hotel With Great Logistics And A Good Reputation Let’s be clear: A lot of Game is about logistics and Vegas is no different. While The Strip is set up with good logistics in general, especially compared to other cities such as Los Angeles, I didn’t say ‘good’ logistics, I wrote ‘great’ logistics.

Be smart and spend a bit more on a good hotel that’s within proximity of the top clubs and which has the best hotel bars as well as having a good reputation. Not So Fun Fact But Reality: Girls are shallow. Just the way it is. If you say, “Yea I’m staying at Hooters. Afterparty in my shit room, let’s go!”, you’re going to get 80% more resistance than if you’re staying at the MGM Grand, which is across the street and has a great reputation.

Here’s a list of very good hotels that I have personally stayed at, as well as my clients based on the following criteria: • Logistics • Reputation • Service • Clubs • Hotel bars • Girls staying there Note: Based on when you book a room, it’s not much more than staying at average hotels.

Planning in advance gets you better rates on travel sites etc. Best Hotels To Stay At And Pull To In Vegas -Cosmopolitan Hotel (Marquee Day and Night Club is located here, as well as 3 very good hotel bars: Bond Bar, Chandelier Bar and Vesper Bar) -MGM Grand (Hakkasan the #1 Top Vegas Club is located here, as well as multiple hotel bars) -Aria Hotel (Skip the whack nightclub Haze inside, but logistics wise it’s beside the Cosmo and across from the MGM as well as being a newer major hotel.

Pro-Tip: The rooms have electronic black out shades which is great for getting some rest when the blinding Vegas sun is out and you’re just hitting the hay at 11am) -Encore Hotel (Also home to Sinatra Restaurant where you get the real Rat Pack Experience, as well as mega Top 5 Clubs Surrender and Encore Beach Day Club.

There’s also multiple top restaurants, great mini hotel bars and you’re next door to Wynn which houses XS Nightclub, another Top 5 club) -Trump Hotel (Although it stands alone across from Encore and Wynn, you can get reasonable rates due to the hotel not having a casino, it’s a 5 Star Hotel and you’re essentially across the street from Encore and Wynn where the aforementioned clubs call home.

Lastly, girls don’t flinch when you tell them where you’re staying.) #5. Pre-Stock Your Hotel Room With Alcohol, Mixers And Condoms Nothing will cockblock you more than a nun on Sunday, than pulling a sexy girl or two back to your room and not having alcohol and mixers. Sometimes they need to quiet that hamster and alcohol always does the job. Here’s what you do: Get a bottle of Vodka, a bottle of Whiskey and some Coke and Sprite from the gift shop in your hotel.

If you really want to save money, then when your cab picks you up from the airport have them take you by a gas station on the way to the hotel. You’ll save even more money buying it from there instead of the gift shop. Lastly, don’t forget condoms. This has completely fucked up the vibe for me when she asks for one and I don’t have one.

Something about having to go downstairs and get one kills the motherfucking mood, so don’t make the same mistakes I have and pre-stock them in your room. #4. Roll With 1 Good Wingman And Avoid Packs Of Dudes Unless your crew has the money to drop thousands on bottle service at top clubs, avoid like the plague rolling with more than one other wingman.

It will cockblock the fuck out of you. Yes, of course there’s times when multiple dudes will roll out, pop bottles and everyone takes girls back to the room to fornicate, but this isn’t usually the case. You’re better off rolling with a wingman and Table Hopping: making friends with dudes who have bottles, bring some girls to their table then peel off the interested ones and it doesn’t cost you a dime. This also makes it easier to skip lines to clubs, that without a table or a connection, can literally last hours.

#3. Work The Hotel Bars To Warm Up For The Clubs This is one that many cats forget about, or skip and it’s a goldmine for warming up. Here’s what you do: Roll out with your wingman around 9pm, to one of the hotel bars such as Bond Bar at Cosmo. Get some drinks and post up. Ease into the evening shooting the shit with your buddy, then around 10:30PM roll to another hotel bar such as The Chandelier Bar at Cosmo. There and continue warming up ‘practicing’ your game on the 6’s, 7’s and occasional 8’s.

This will get you ready to rock when you hit the club around midnight. Pro-Tip: The only real negative of hotel bars is they tend to be inundated with escorts. You’ll spot them easily enough, because they are usually alone, dolled up to the nines, are sitting alone and will scan the room making eye contact and smiling.

Unless you’re used to very hot women smiling at you and even waving, then take notice: she’s probably paying her bills with her pussy. Steer clear, unless that’s your cup of tea, but be aware because they do undercover stings all the time with cops posing as escorts. #2. Keep Your Vibe Fun And Light Everyone goes to Vegas to have fun, unless they’re pro gamblers who are all about their money and business.

Lighten up, plaster a smile on your face, and have some fucking fun! The Vegas Vibe is all about fun and having a good time. If you have a morose look on your face and are slouched in the corner glaring at everyone around you, don’t be surprised when girls avoid you like you have the bubonic plague. When you’re spitting Game with girls keep it all light and fun.Don’t delve into heavy topics at all and look for similarities in your backgrounds.

Here’s some sample questions I ask and look for that help me and the girl make a ‘connection’. People love to connect with their own ‘kind’ in tourist cities, which helps build comfort and rapport with her. “Where are you from?” “Where are you staying?” “How much trouble have you gotten into so far?” “When did you get here and when do you leave?” (This is key.

If she’s leaving that night, than work fast or eject so you’re not under a time crunch to pull her) “You seriously look like trouble. This isn’t good.” (Said with a small smile and laugh) #1. Getting Laid In Vegas Is ALL About Approaching And It’s A Numbers Game The beauty of Vegas and why it’s the #1 City to Have A One Night Stand, is that there’s limitless options of bars, hotel bars, lounges, clubs and most are all within walking distance on the Strip.

This creates an environment of literally thousands of girls in the city who are there to party. The key to this is you don’t need to waste time working on a girl for hours.

If you approach a girl and she’s cool, but acting very hesitant about hanging out without her friends and getting to know you more, than simply EJECT. I do it constantly. Then again I have very little patience. Point is though, you can approach until your legs fall off and you’ll generally, not 100%, but generally meet a girl who you click with and you can take it from there. There’s no reason to waste hours trying to convince a girl to hit up Drais Afterhours with you.

Approach, smile, , be light and fun, grab their hands and head to the next club, or spot. The saying that Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, has never been more true for Las Vegas. Combine that with What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas motto and you have a combination of girls who travel to Vegas literally everyday to have fun, open their legs and have an experience. Who better to give it to them than you? Rather have your own wingman in Vegas? Check out Read More: Just got back from Vegas, and I have a few critiques of the article.

It takes into account what I could’ve done successfully: 1. Euro chicks, euro chicks, euro chicks. They come to party, and more importantly they come from a partying and free background. American chicks not so much. The Euro chicks were having the most fun at any location, meanwhile American chicks no matter how hot are usually posted up on the wall….or even with their dude. You can’t just expect girls who aren’t that free to all of a sudden turn on a switch when they’re in Vegas.

Just doesn’t happen. 2. Practicing on 6s, and 7s? I would say that Vegas women can be separated into two categories…. 9’s and 10s and simply women you don’t want to talk to. My advice would be to play the numbers game to the max. Just keep putting up shots. Keep going to clubs. Get there early when the hot girls show up and the men are still at the casinos. 3.

Pick your day parties carefully. I didn’t go to Encore, but was pretty disappointed with Liquid at Aria. I would almost say its Encore or bust. 4. Don’t show up to Vegas on a Wednesday. Its industry night and a lot of places are closed. Casino workers we talked to said it was, strip club night. 5. The best advice I’ve got….stay in a hotel that has a mega-club or huge day club (i favor the mega-club). It makes your time so much easier when you meet someone who’s staying in the same hotel.

Ask enough women and you’ll find someone staying on one of the floors especially late at night since they know the can party a bit longer than usual. Find the right girl and it soon becomes a discussion of who’s room to do the deed in. So to summarize. Just go around and try to find a euro girl staying in your hotel. Like Im a girl and i find the article funny and informative for me at the same time.

I usually go to vegas to have fun , for famous djs hosting in hot cubs and pool parties. I go bymyself, and almost always end up hanging out with some guy in his room. So all advices you gave are very true! Especially about drinks and condoms in the room 😀 . Like Locals have the real advantage because once you’re connected you can show tourist girls the ‘inside VIP’ side of Vegas.

Get connected. Live ON or near the strip (within 2-3 blocks). When I lived in Vegas I lived off the strip for a couple of months in a house in a nice neighborhood. Still pulled because getting around Vegas isn’t really a hassle due to hardly any traffic. Then I moved ON the strip in a sick highrise. That put my logistics on steroids. Being able to pull girls to your spot with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the strip is a panty-dropper and you will score more ass than you can handle.

The pricing wasn’t that much more either. You can live at sick spots for very cheap. I’d recommend Veer Towers or the Avalon Tower. Like “After being coached by Christian McQueen for 6 months, my game has shot up significantly. He’s helped me understand fashion (you’ll rarely see me without a jacket and pocket square at night) and developing confidence through many, many approaches spent hitting up Hollywood clubs, lounges and bars.

Also, he was a great resource for asking questions on how to deal with women by text (a huge issue in this day and age) as well as tips on first dates and harem management. Overall, the experience was a lot of fun and any guy looking to improve his game only needs to hang with Christian for a few hours in a nightlife environment to know he’s the real deal.” - “The Chef” Jackson (Coaching Client) "Your social magic is definitely all they said it was, and you've got the teaching skill to make it all seem very doable.

I've studied social dynamics for years, and I can't think of any one year period in there in which I've had as many revelations as I had in just a few hours on Friday night. It feels like if I just practice the basics of what you showed me I'll go straight to the next level." -Adam (Coaching Client) "Going out with McQueen at a young and impressionable age gave me an invaluable reference for both social frame as well as time-tested tactics to employ when approaching nightlife situations.

I learned a lot of priceless information that night which usually takes a lifetime for many men to learn and I definitely look forward to applying everything I learned on a day-to-day basis. No doubt my worldview and how I approached club scenes was shaken up---for the better!" -Shaun (Coaching Client) Solutions Made For You • • • • • • • • • • COPYRIGHT 2014-2017 & BEYOND.


best girl bars in vegas to get laid on tinder

Today, we’re gonna talk about the topic everyone cares about: How to Get Laid on Tinder Why should you listen to me when it comes to this subject? Because my top achievement so far is that I fucked 3 different (completely random) girls from Tinder in 1 day.

That day was Thanksgiving and I guess girls just didn’t have anything better to do than come over and fuck me (lol). Did You Know: this blog post is 2,790 words long. Wanna download the PDF version? I remember posting the proof on my Facebook page, and some of it got taken down because of how explicit it was, but that was the legendary day that dubbed me as the Tinder god.

where some guys were discussing my Tinder skills and were shocked at how crazy my results are. Here are some excerpts from the post and my comments on what it all means: Alright, let’s focus on the actual methods that work for how to get laid on Tinder… It seems simple enough… it’s a super simple, easy to use app.

All you have to do is get up off your couch, take a couple great pics, and write a YOLO bio, and then… profit!! You’re swimming in women. Haha… well that’s not exactly how it goes down, young buck.

In this post, I am going to show you the exact process by which you actually start seeing results on Tinder. And the difficulty of the process will depend on how well you currently take care of yourself, your grooming/fashion sense, and, most importantly, your inner confidence/self esteem. The same guys who have success in real life with women are the guys who have success on Tinder.

So, the same rules of success matter. You won’t see a nerd who plays World of Warcraft 16 hours a day (and never sees daylight except when he takes out the trash as per mommy’s instructions) getting any action from Tinder (or any other mobile dating apps / online dating). If you’re nervous just being near a cute girl in your daily routine, how do you expect to be any different when you actually meet up with a girl from Tinder?

Becoming good with women is a holistic process. But, you know what? Let’s say that you wanna just jump right in, and start testing Tinder and you wanna get it to work for you (while you work on all the other areas of your sexual market value). At the most base level, let’s assume that you’ve created a 3 month plan to lift weights, eat right, and build enough muscle to look good enough to get results on Tinder.

I’ve tested my own skinny pics vs muscular pics and I saw a boost in matches of 300+. In the beginning, I weighed 120 lb and looked anorexic, and in 3 months time, I looked good enough that I felt that I would attract girls on Tinder from my physique. I used stereo-typically attractive traits to craft my image for Tinder. I groomed hair to have a super short trim on the sides and long on the top.

And then I gelled it up like I was going to a club. And then I took pics in front of a mirror in my bathroom. Yes, I felt silly as fuck doing this. It feels so weird getting dressed and ready just for taking pics, because in your head you’re like “wtf am I doing?,” “Will this really work?,” “I look how I look, and there’s nothing that’s gonna change that.” “There’s no way that gelling my hair up is going to boost my matches and get me DTF girls on Tinder.” That is the voice of doubt.

Ignore it. I’m serious. Ignore that shit. The smallest change in your appearance and images can have the most drastic effect on how many girls you match with on Tinder.

I’m not going to tell you to go out there and do exactly what I did. Everyone can improve their looks in their own way. But what I did was that I found pictures of models who get tons of matches on Tinder by searching on Google, and then I modeled my own grooming and appearance after theirs.

If they were wearing a leather jacket to give a bit of a bad boy appearance, I did the same. If they had a jacket with no shirt on, so did I. Were they wearing aviator sunglasses? I wore aviator sunglasses. The key thing about this is that it is a testing process and you should not feel down or depressed if a particular image didn’t work for you. It is NOT YOU that the girls on Tinder are rejecting when they swipe left on you.

It is YOUR PICTURE THAT YOU TOOK that girls are rejecting. If you take a blurry picture that makes you look like shit, do you think she’s gonna swipe right on that? No. Here’s the kicker though… If you take a garbage pic and EVEN JUST ONE of your pics in your Tinder profile is that garbage pic… the girl will want to stay on the safe side and just swipe left on you. So you need to make sure that every pic on your profile has been tested individually and is a winner.

This is similar to how marketers “split test” web pages to figure out which one their audience is most likely to convert best from. The only way to find out which page converts best is to test, test, and test until they have a winner. Marketers don’t get rejected if one of their pages doesn’t convert… so why are you getting upset over a crummy pic that didn’t get matches?

BTW, pics aren’t the only thing that make or break your profile. Your profile description (Tinder bio) is a huge part too.

Luckily for you, I created a 5 page PDF that has my most top-secret “tested to the bedroom” Tinder bios (copy-paste-ready just for you) Alright, so here’s what you need to do… go on google and look up “Tinder proof” or clickbait stuff with guys who have posted images of themselves and their results on Tinder. Take note of the guys who get massive amounts of matches and DTF girls messaging them.

And here’s the most vital part… model your image off of them. In marketing, you can take shortcuts by searching the internet for web pages that have already been tested and proven to convert… and that is exactly what you will be doing by following this strategy. You’re basically finding a winning Tinder profile that has been proven to convert and you’re modeling your own profile off of that for minimal chances of failure. that has gotten ridiculous results on Tinder.

The guy basically has his pick of the litter when it comes to Tinder: Here are pics of my Tinder profile that I modeled off the pics of the model (I’ve censored my face in these): Notice how I was a little more aggressive with the nude style of pics than the guy I modeled my pics off of. The reason is that my pics don’t generally look as attractive as the guy whose pics I am modeling off of (I’m probably not as photogenic as him). By the way, just had to say this, I know that looks are subjective and every girl has a different idea of what she finds attractive, but you have to remember that we aren’t talking about LOOKS… we’re talking about YOUR PICS.

This is a big difference that most guys fail to grasp, and thus they attach their emotions to their pics. Girls are judging your pics, not you. So don’t attach any emotions to your pics. The problem in my case was that I didn’t have access to professional photographers who would make me look crazy attractive like that model guy does. So my solution to it was to get aggressive with sexualizing my Tinder profile.

Girls are more attracted to dominance than they are to looks. This is why you see ugly frat guys who look like bodybuilders getting laid with petite model looking girls. Side note: Now I’m not saying I’m ugly. I’ve gotten compliments from girls before. However, I gotta admit that in certain lighting and certain angles, I can look unattractive. That is the case for everyone, I’d say. This is the reason most guys don’t get Tinder matches. They don’t try hard enough to take good pics, and even if they do… they still unknowingly add an occasional ugly pic into their pic portfolio.

But yea back to the topic… following the notion that girls are attracted to blunt guys who are unashamed of expressing their “bad naughty side” and are complete risk takers, I had an idea that I should be a bit risky with my pics and go almost nude.

And the payoff was huge, as you’ll soon see. As a rule, the less photogenic you think you are, the more dominant and sexualized your pics should be. If you’re not a model, you probably can’t get away with wearing a yellow spongebob shirt and not showing any skin lol.

Side note 2: Sexualizing your pics also has the effect of letting girls know you mean business. This means that all the tire-kickers and time wasters will swipe left on you, allowing you to match with other girls who mean business. Keep in mind also that I was not able to immediately replicate the pictures of the Tinder model. I had to sit down and create a weight lifting gameplan because I did not have as much muscle as the Tinder model. Over 3 months, I went to the gym diligently so that I would be able to take pics that showed the most attractive version of myself.

And that was when I took the pictures. The results were stunning… This video shows it all: Note: Never use your real name on Tinder. Create a fake Facebook account and then use Tinder with that. In this case, you can see in the video that I was using the name “David.” You can see that the amount of matches I got was unbelievable. And it kept growing. This is what I like to call the “flood effect” and usually takes place after you’ve tested your pics down to the ground (it can also happen if you simply start modeling your pics after something that is already working, which is what I did).

Okay… so you’ve started getting more matches… but we’re not done yet. You’d better know how to follow up with the matches if you wanna get laid. (See what I mean? It’s a holistic skill. One without the other is no good. But when all pieces of the puzzle are together, you start getting laid way too much for your own good.) Here’s a Tinder match who matched with me, and I expertly followed up with her and met up with her within an hour or so after actually matching with her on Tinder.

Once we met up… we started making out in front of my apartment and I took her inside and pounded her til the neighbors could hear dirty sex noises. Tinder Case Study: Alexis — Real Proof of Results Pssst… Wanna know the exact Tinder bio I used that got Alexis (girl above) to message me first and beg me for sex? The girl above works as a model in NYC and is from Brooklyn. I had no idea that it was possible to score sex within an hour of matching a girl from Tinder, but after a few meetups like this one… I was regularly pulling off insane shit like this.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, I actually managed to bang 3 girls in 1 day on Thanksgiving day. I studied what I did on that day like crazy and devised a strategy for banging multiple girls in 1 day from Tinder. It’s a bit more advanced and is reserved only for premium Hookups On Autopilot members. We only sell our premium content to subscribers. Anyways… What you may have noticed in that interaction with Alexis is that she was immediately very receptive to meeting up with me.

She was a YES girl. Most girls will be MAYBE girls… and do you know why? It’s because your profile is not perfectly tested to the ground. It’s because she still *thinks* she can do better than you. But when you test your profile and pics to the ground, what happens inside her head is that she *clearly sees no other option within her league who would be a better option for sex than you currently are*.

THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT. That is the effect you need to be striving towards. Why settle for matching with tons of “MAYBE” girls? YOU SHOULD ONLY SETTLE FOR MATCHING WITH TONS OF “YES” GIRLS. The difference between easy access pass to pussy from Tinder and fighting an uphill battle and having to use clever, witty strategies to convince a girl after a couple weeks of “plowing” through her resistance is usually pre-determined by how well tested your profile and pics were.

And that’s pretty much it. …well… actually you still have to be good at texting girls But don’t worry fam, I got you covered. Get my free 5-page teardown on How to Stop Fizzled Out Tinder Convos: Once you meet up, if you’re even remotely skilled at escalating with women (and remember that this is also part of that holistic skillset I was talking about earlier), you will probably have sex within a few minutes of meeting her. If you’re not , you need to practice. Go out and get rejected on weekend nights for being a bit too overt in your advances.

Risk rejection. Risk grabbing the girls hand and leading her. Risk getting close and . You wanna know how it went down with Alexis? I didn’t go out to a diner. I didn’t go out to a bar. I didn’t do any of that weak shit. I received a text from her that she is outside (while I waited in my apartment). I went outside and saw her smile and look down in submission. That behavioral cue told me that she was ready to make-out and get physical right from the beginning. Then I made out with her right on the street.

She was a complete stranger and was outside my apartment waiting for a date lol. I then grabbed her hand, led her inside, and as soon as the door locked, I grabbed her and threw her on the bed and started escalating like a pervert.

If you want more detail, well then you’ll just have to subscribe to my site, because I don’t expose overly sexual stuff on the public portion of my blog. And there it is… How to get laid on Tinder. The thing that most guys will do after reading this post is that they will have this little voice inside their head that says: “That guy’s good looking” or “That will never work for me” or “Sounds like too much work”.

How’s this for good looking? Pretty bad pic of me. And it’s all due to lighting and camera angle, etc. And guess what… I tested it on Tinder and it failed to get me matches. You would have thought that because I have girls kissing my face… I would get tons of matches, right?

Nope… I matched with stupid feminists who just wanted to troll me when I used this particular pic. It wasn’t till I started modeling my stuff off models who were getting massive results on Tinder that I started seeing crazy success on Tinder. It’s your turn now… What are you gonna do? Keep approaching girls during your break at work, only to get 1 or 2 numbers that flake? Are you gonna rely on taking girls home during those cold wintry nights when no one wants to go out?

Or are you gonna get off your ass and apply the gold mine I just presented you regarding how to get laid on Tinder? Only time will tell. 😉 Take care. i see where you’re coming from, and for some guys using mainstream tactics can work. but i simply dont have the time to waste texting non-responsive girls and trying to “win them over”.

I’d rather apply my aggressive strategy and get straight to the point. Of course I teach milder strategies to my students too. It’s not all cut and dry, my friend. Make sure to subscribe to get your 3 proven and tested tinder bios!

Most men don’t understand girls at all, lets be honest. This article has lots of truth to it, but there’s a lot about understanding girls psychology that’s not stated and most wont understand to no fault of our own, society has brain washed most men with movies, and false claims about how girls think and what they want but In less than two months I can confidentially say that I know what girls are thinking around 95% of the time..

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Girls Give Their Advice on How to Pick Them Up in a Club.
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