Best lisdoonvarna matchmaking festival facebook

best lisdoonvarna matchmaking festival facebook

Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival, Lisdoonvarna, Ireland. 18K likes. Matchmaking is one of Ireland's oldest traditions and, for the last couple of Wonderful place . i had some of the best times with my friends. just honest fun. great Music And mig .hty Dancing. i recommend young and old Go and have a Great. Time. Beautiful Countryside .

best lisdoonvarna matchmaking festival facebook

The Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival has it all: – Live music and dancing with the performances by the very best names in traditional country music. – Endless opportunities to get together and meet people – from speed-dating to dances and sessions in the pubs. – Fun and festivity for everyone from age 18 to 80 – everyone is welcome!

– Daily matchmaking with Matchmaker Willie Daly in his ‘office’ in the Matchmaker Bar. While the Festival has very much come of age over the years, moving with the times to appeal to people of all ages – its essence as a place to ‘meet, match and make a life’ remains true. Matchmaking is an Irish tradition that’s as old as time. It began in Lisdoonvarna when visiting gentry came to ‘take the waters’ at this spa town and looked to match their children with someone suitable from the upper classes.

Parents would bring their children together at social gatherings, sporting events and musical evenings – and all being well, courtships would blossom. The opening of the West Clare Railway in 1887 meant Lisdoonvarna increased in popularity as a tourist destination and the matchmaking tradition grew. With the harvest safely in and September being the peak holiday month, many bachelor farmers began to flock to Lisdoonvarna for a spa town vacation – and in search of a wife.

While the festival has moved into the 21st century, Willie still believes in the old fashioned method of round the table talks with couples and getting the passion flowing by getting them dancing together. Ireland’s most famous matchmaker is Willie Daly. His passion is to help hopeful singles, of all ages and nationalities, find a life partner and have a lot of fun on the way. Since he started out as a matchmaker 50 years ago, following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, Willie has set up around 3,000 marriages.

Willie took over the matchmaking business from his father back in the 1960’s – and back then the job was mostly about helping shy farmers pluck up the courage to meet a suitable lady. The farmers, who often lived and worked on very remote farms, had poor social skills, especially when it came to socialising with women and ‘courting’. Willie carries around what he calls his ‘Lucky Book’ – a precious notebook of love-seeking profiles which is about 150-years-old.

He explains, “If you touch this ‘love ledger’ you’ll be married and in love inside of six months. If you are already married, you will recreate the honeymoon period you first had”. Romantic Ireland will never be dead and gone, not while Willie Daly, has a hand to play in the age old art of ‘courting’.

“My grandfather, who was also Willie, did a good bit of matchmaking,” says Willie. “Though what he did was on a different scale to what happens today.

This was the nineteenth century, and houses had no electricity or running water. There were no motor cars and the matchmaking was conducted at horse fairs or cattle fairs or at weddings, and even funerals.

News about the matchmaker spread through word of mouth and people thought nothing of walking a good distance if it meant a chance of finding romance” Matchmaker, Willie Daly Where music’s played and matches are made “Love is waiting there for everyone, it’s there just waiting to be found.

When it is, it’s a lovely feeling.” Matchmaker, Willie Daly The streets ring out with music and song, buzzing with dance, the craic and love for life. Bars and pubs headline some of the top names in country music, and from dance floor to cosy table, the little town of Lisdoonvarna in the west of Ireland is full of the promise and passion of ‘meeting your match’. This is the Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival – the biggest event of its kind in Europe and part of the rich tradition of rural Ireland.

A chance to gather and celebrate life, love, good music and great times! This year, some 40 000 people will once more take their place at the Festival – for six weekends of fun, party, music and romance – make sure YOU are one them…

best lisdoonvarna matchmaking festival facebook

best lisdoonvarna matchmaking festival facebook - The Outing Lisdoonvarna 2019 a weekend away like no other

best lisdoonvarna matchmaking festival facebook

Gardens Overview Lisdoonvarna is a small spa town in Ireland, home to well under 1,000 residents. But each September, more than 40,000 eligible Irish farmers descend on this little village.

This matchmaking festival is Europe’s largest singles event, and it has been in the making for more than 200 years. It’s a veritable love fest. During the Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival, romantic hopefuls meet up under the guidance of local love guru, Willie Daly. He’s a third-generation matchmaker, and many say that he is the last of his kind in Ireland.

He’s one of a long line of men who both trade horses and broker marriages – an unlikely but not entirely inconceivable combination. Matchmaking is an ancient tradition in Ireland. It began in Lisdoonvarna after the town became famous in the late 1700s for its mineral springs.

In those days, lonely farmers would caravan down to the town in September, after all of their crops had been brought in for the year. Local matchmakers introduced them to eligible candidates, and a robust tradition was born.

Matchmaking: An Evolving Tradition in Ireland Men greatly outnumber women at this event, and many of them really are farmers, even today. That said, women make a strong showing here.

In the past few years, internationally acclaimed singer, Sinéad O’Connor, came in search of love. Willie Daly also says he’s currently being contacted by a number of Chinese nationals hoping to find love with an Irish farmer.

It’s a worldwide event. The matchmaking process has changed over the years. Daly explains that, centuries before, eligible men came with their mothers, who actually did most of the talking. Today, potential lovers meet at one of the daily dances staged for the entire month of September and the early part of October. These social events continue on until 2 a.m.

each night, giving potential matches plenty of time to get to know each other. To learn more, visit the or get connected via the .

best lisdoonvarna matchmaking festival facebook

Lol!!! Yep Saturday night you should be out & about Mary! Ive an excuse I did a 100 km cycle today I've been going all day absolutely shattered and up early in the morning!! If I hd planned it better id have been for a power sleep!! I was in lisdoonvarna last weekend. Have u been · Matchmaking Ireland retweeted

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