Best marriage match making free vedic astrology reading online

best marriage match making free vedic astrology reading online

Love Marriage Astrology or Marriage Prediction Astrology gives your insight into the unpredictable future of a relationship, enabling you to take right decisions Vedic Astrology says that there are several factors influencing your marriage life and compatibility between the couple. The planetary positions in one’s birth chart decide the time of marriage and how life unfolds after marriage. Marriage astrology answers several questions in your mind about marriage like: When will I get married?. Under, Marriage Astrology, we offer various services like horoscope matching between the bride and the groom (Kundali matching), astrology consultation to analyze birth chart to find Manglik or Sarpa doshas and love & romance compatibility. Marriage Astrology Reports.

best marriage match making free vedic astrology reading online

Marriage Astrology Marriage is a divine unison of soul mates and is a vital decision one makes in life. The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. Especially, in today’s digital world, finding your perfect match has become quite a challenging task.

Vedic Astrology says that there are several factors influencing your marriage life and compatibility between the couple. The planetary positions in one’s birth chart decide the time of marriage and how life unfolds after marriage.

Marriage astrology answers several questions in your mind about marriage like: AstroVed have helped many find the love of their life with the help of Vedic astrology. Under, Marriage Astrology, we offer various services like horoscope matching between the bride and the groom (Kundali matching), astrology consultation to analyze birth chart to find Manglik or Sarpa doshas and love & romance compatibility.

Marriage Astrology Reports Our astrologers do not just stop with the evaluation of your birth chart for relevant relationship information. They also suggest powerful Vedic remedies targeted to bring you relief from delays in marriage or a troubled married life. We help you forecast the chances of success of a married life, whether to move on or cling on to an existing relationship and guide you to make your married life a success. Our panel of skilled astrologers devises horoscope matching and romance compatibility reports by analyzing the birth charts of the couple in detail.

Upon studying the horoscopes of a man and a woman for marriage, 36 key points are considered. For marriage talks to precede further the would-be couple must match 18 key points or more for a successful marriage.

Key aspects considered are: • Compatibility • Thinking and behavioral pattern • Physical & intellectual compatibility • Romantic compatibility • Spiritual development • Compatibility of nervous energy • Longevity of the couple • Relationship ease Influence of Planetary Positions in Marriage In case of a male horoscope, the position and aspects of the Moon is considered very important and for a female horoscope, position of the Sun is chiefly considered to study the compatibility among the couple.

The position of these two luminary bodies in one’s birth chart connotes a harmonious marriage life. As the saying goes: “Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus”, these two planets and their positions in the natal chart contribute majorly to a blissful relationship.

The benefic positions of Venus and Mars increase the chances of a successful and committed wedded life. These relationship planets can bring about a timely and joyful marriage in one’s life. However, if Venus and Mars are weak in a chart or receive troublesome influences from other planets, they can wreak havoc by triggering energies that destroy relationships or give ongoing marriage troubles. Your birth chart can predict the timing of your marriage, how long will you be married and also whether you will be married or not.

While certain planetary positions favor marriage, few placements also delay marriage. A delay in marriage is attributed to the following factors: • For men, the 7th house, its lord and Venus’s placement are considered to forecast the time of marriage • For women, the 7th house, its lord and Mars’s placement are considered to predict the time for their wedding bells • For the longevity of the husband, the 8th house in women’s chart is to be considered Therefore, by studying the planetary positions, planetary aspects and their influences in one’s horoscope, different, the nature, timing and events of your married life can be predicted.

Marriage astrology also answers several questions about marriage like: When will I get married? Will my partner be rich or not? How successful will my wedded life be? What are the chances of second marriage? And so on.

best marriage match making free vedic astrology reading online

best marriage match making free vedic astrology reading online - Timing Of Marriage In Astrology

best marriage match making free vedic astrology reading online

Marriage and relationships are the most important aspect of our life. Having a co-pilot in life is not only necessity but it does give a purpose to our life to make better aims. In Brihad Parashara Hora Shashtra, Sage Parashara has provided many combinations and planetary dispositions to be considered for judging a horoscope in this regard. In this article, I will try to offer my understanding of some of the planetary combinations related to marriage and relationships.

Rule One – Marriage and relationships: Chapter 20 of BPHS contains some basic planetary positions to be considered while analyzing a horoscope in terms of marriage and relationships.

The first rule says that if the lord of seventh house placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house and is not in its own or exalted zodiac sign – it will cause the native’s wife to be sickly and suffering from disease. There are two conditions to be met for application of the above Yoga (combination): • First, the seventh house lord should be placed in sixth, eighth or in twelfth house. • Second, such seventh lord should not be in its own zodiac sign or in its exaltation.

This also provides a good clue that planets, which are occupying their own zodiac sign, can give good results (related to the significations related to them); even if such planet is badly placed.

Or, in other words, while judging the nature of results of a planet, due regard and consideration should be given to the sign occupied by the said planet. On practical grounds, besides this single disposition, some other factors also needed to be checked like the nature of influences on seventh house, the position of significator (Jupiter for husband and Venus for wife), the disposition of seventh house and its lord in Navamsha and Saptamansha Charts and the operating dasa. Giving judgment, mere on the basis of this single disposition may not be wise; and is vulnerable to be incorrect.

Example Horoscope No. 1 I would like to quote a few example charts for better understanding of this Yoga. In example chart-1, seventh house lord Saturn is placed in sixth house.

But it has occupied its own zodiac sign sign. Therefore, both the conditions of the Yoga are not fulfilled. Also note that the lord of second house Mercury is also well placed in its own zodiac sign; and Ketu placed in seventh house is under aspect of Mars (Yogakaraka planet for Leo Ascendant). Besides this, the Venus is also placed in its own zodiac sign in tenth house. Thus, the inauspicious results were not there.

The wife of the native is virtuous, smart and good looking; and no inauspicious influence of this yoga is seen. On the contrary, she has been a great support to the native. Example Horoscope no. 2 In another example horoscope no. 2, sixth lord is Sun and the same is placed in sixth house in the zodiac sign of the Moon. Sixth house lord i.e. the Moon is in seventh house; thus, there is an exchange between sixth and seventh houses lords. The Sun is also afflicted by the union of Ketu; and having mutual aspect relationship with the exalted Mars (united with Rahu in twelfth house).

The Moon is also making union with Mercury and causing affliction to both seventh house and Mercury. However, the lord of second house Jupiter is well placed in tenth house and having auspicious aspect of Lagna lord Saturn, which is also well placed in fourth house (and in friendly zodiac sign). The first house of Ascendant (Lagna) is also under positive aspects of Saturn, which provides good strength to the Lagna.

Venus is well placed in fifth house of the Lagna Chart, though it is actually combust. Thus, there are afflictions and weakness on the part of seventh lord; however, the positive aspects on the Sun, strength of Lagna lord and good placement of Jupiter (lord of second house denoting family) has provided a good safeguard to the bad placement and afflictions on seventh house lords.

The chart belongs to a lady; and her husband is enjoying good health. Nature wise too, the husband is good and virtuous. Though, some minor health issues and common bickering do take place due to bad placement and affliction to the Sun; but not to the extent of considering the chart severely bad or negative in terms of marital happiness. Example Horoscope no.

3 Another example horoscope no. 3: In this horoscope, the lords of both seventh and second houses i.e. Saturn and Sun respectively have gone to sixth house along with Jupiter and Mercury.

The influence of Jupiter is auspicious, while that of Mercury is negative. Venus is badly placed in eighth house and making union with Ketu. The Lagna lord Moon is making union with Yogakarka planet Mars; however, both these planets are badly placed in twelfth house.

Thus, the negative influences are more prominent; besides, both second and seventh lords are badly placed. Being close to the Sun, the Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are combust too; thus the weakness is enhanced. The chart belongs to a lady, whose married life has not been good and she has to suffer on many accounts. Due to the positive influences of Jupiter and Mars on the planets and houses (Jupiter aspects second house, while Mars aspect seventh house); the marriage is not fully deteriorated and no divorce took place.

But the other aspects of marriage and family life are quite weak and troubled. Rule Two – Marriage and relationships: The native will be very lustful, if seventh house is occupied by the Venus. This deals with the nature of the native towards sensual gratification.

This also provides a good clue as to how we can differentiate between the roles of seventh lord and significator for marriage. The significator for husband and wife are Jupiter and Venus respectively.

However, the planet Venus, specifically indicates potency of the reproductive system for both male and female. A well placed and strong Venus in seventh house of Lagna Chart will not only make the native lusty, but will also save him from adopting unethical means to crave his lust.

Example Horoscope no. 4 Example Horoscope no. 4: Venus is placed in seventh house of this birth chart and also making union with Rahu and the Moon (lord of first house). The union of Venus with Moon is auspicious while that of Rahu is not. The lord of seventh house Saturn is well placed in eleventh house and occupied friendly zodiac sign.

Jupiter placed in fifth house is having its auspicious aspect on both Lagna and Saturn. Thus, Venus’s disposition can be considered moderately strong with slight affliction from Rahu.

The aspect of Lagna lord Moon and Jupiter on the first house also acted reasonably. The native is lusty but have maintained his character. Example Horoscope no. 5 In this example horoscope no. 5, Venus is exalted in seventh house. However, Venus is united with Sun (lord of twelfth house) and have also become combust. The seventh house lord Jupiter is also debilitated in fifth house and making union with Mars (malefic lord of third and eighth houses). The lagna lord Mercury is also badly placed in sixth house.

Due to presence of exalted Venus, the native is lusty. And, due to the reasons explained above, he has also not been able to maintain his character.

In the Navamsha Chart, the Sun is placed in first house; while the Venus has gone to twelfth house; which also added to the uncontrollable lust.

Rule Three – Marriage and relationships: If Venus is placed in any house of the birth chart and also having a union with malefic planet, it may cause death of wife. The union of malefic planet with Venus will destroy its general signification; and this also provides a good clue that the afflictions to a planet will not only disturb the attributes of the houses ruled by it; but it will also destroy its general significations. However, the practical application of this Yoga may not be much.

The severity of the result i.e. death can only take place if other factors related to marriage and relationships are also weak and afflicted. Mere affliction to Venus by malefic may not be sufficient to cause death of the wife; though it may definitely cause some health issues or injury to the spouse.

Rule Four – Marriage and relationships: If the seventh lord is debilitated or placed in enemy zodiac sign and combust ( i.e. either debilitated and combust or placed in enemy zodiac sign and combust ) Or it is otherwise weak, it may cause the wife to be sickly and may have many wives (due to inauspicious results). This is very similar to Rule One and related with the disposition of lord of seventh house. There are two conditions required to be met for applicability of this rule: • First, the seventh lord should either be debilitated or placed in enemy zodiac sign.

That is, not only the debilitated zodiac sign; but the zodiac sign of enemy planet is also not considered auspicious. There is natural friendship/enmity and tentative friendship/enmity between planets; and on the basis of both these the combined status of planetary friendship is worked out. However, personally I prefer to use the natural friendship/enmity of the planets.

• Second condition required to be met is that such seventh lord should either be combust or weak on other grounds like lacking Digbala (directional strength) or placed in inauspicious zodiac sign or house in Divisional Charts (specifically Navamsha). In addition to above, the strength of first, and second houses should also be considered; and auspicious influences of these houses are capable of reducing the negative impact.

In personal experience, when the lords of second and seventh houses are inauspiciously disposed (as explained above); and at the same time, these houses (second and seventh) are occupied by auspicious planets, the chances of native getting married more than once become prominent.

Rule Five – Marriage and relationships: If the seventh lord is in the zodiac signs of Saturn or Venus (Taurus, Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius) and having aspect of auspicious planet OR if the seventh lord is exalted – that will confer many wives to the native. The applicability of this rule will have to be decided as per the society. In earlier times, polygamy (more than one marriage) was common and acceptable in the Indian society.

However, as of now, it is illegal and unacceptable. Thus, the applicability of this rule is looking quite doubtful. For current times, it can be considered as an auspicious combination, which may bless the native with happiness and contentment in marriage.

And, as explained earlier, the role of other relevant houses and planets is also to be considered. Rule Six – Marriage and relationships: if malefic planets are placed in seventh and twelfth houses; and the Moon (Lacking Paksha bala i.e.

the degrees of the Moon are within 90 degrees of the Sun) is placed in fifth house; the native will remain under control of his wife and will oppose his family for his wife. The seventh house is primary house for marriage and spouse; while the twelfth house deals with conjugal relationships and pleasures of bed.

The presence of malefic planets in these houses will destroy the positive attributes of these houses; and at such time the weakness on the part of the Moon may cause the native to remain under control of his wife or in other words, the native may be hen-pecked.

The applicability and usefulness of this yoga is good for identifying if the native will give due regard and consideration to other members of the family or otherwise.

The culture of joint family is also not much followed now (specifically in metro cities) and; therefore, this will also provide good indication if, after marriage, the native may get separated from his family or otherwise. Rule Seven – Marriage and relationships: if Mars and Saturn are in seventh house and at the same time seventh lord is in the zodiac sign of Mars or Saturn – the wife of the native may not be devoted and have illegal relationships with other men. The logic behind this rule appears to be the basic nature of Mars and Saturn ( both are Tamasika in nature).

And, condensed influence of Tamasika planet on seventh house (which represents spouse and marriage); can generate such influence. However, the nature of these planets for respective ascendant has also to be considered. For example, in Cancer Ascendant (Karka Lagna) or Leo Ascendant (Simha Lagna); Mars becomes Yogakaraka planet and will be exalted in seventh house. Under similar situation, the results of seventh house will prosper and the spouse may be virtuous and faithful.

Similarly, for Taurus and Capricorn Ascendant (where Saturn is Yogakaraka), the chances of such inauspicious results are quite less.

The nature, strength and disposition of seventh lord is also required to be taken into consideration. The chances of applicability of this Yoga are more possible with Virgo Ascendant (Kanya Lagna). Mars will be the lord of third and eighth houses; thus will act as strong malefic. Mars union with Saturn (lord of fifth and sixth houses) in seventh house can disturb the significations of seventh house; and Jupiter’s placement in zodiac signs of Mars or Saturn may not be much auspicious.

If Jupiter is in Mars zodiac sign, it will either be in third house (where Jupiter is not considered much auspicious) or eighth house (wherein it will be badly placed).

In Saturn’s zodiac signs, Jupiter will either be debilitated or placed in sixth house. In other ascendants, the chances are very less. Personally, I avoid making such strong statements about any person; that too on the basis of the horoscope of the spouse.

Because, the individual horoscope of the spouse is also required to be seen in this context. Rule Eight – Marriage and relationships: if seventh lord is in its own zodiac sign or exalted; auspicious planets are placed in seventh house; and Lagna lord is also placed in seventh house will good strength – the wife of the native will be virtuous and he will have full happiness of son. This deals with the auspicious planetary influences on seventh house and its lord.

When both seventh house and seventh lord are strong and under auspicious influences; and the Lagna lord is placed in seventh house, this will confer the full results of marriage and happiness there from. In earlier times, the birth of a son (in a marriage) is considered to be most auspicious event of the marital bond; and people used to marry more than once just to beget a male child. In modern times, things have changed considerably and equal status has been awarded to both male and female.

The strength and disposition of second and fifth houses/lords is also required to be considered for full application of this Yoga. Rule Nine – Marriage and relationships: If seventh house and its lord are conjunct with malefic planets – it may cause loss of wife, specifically if the seventh lord is also weak.

This rule is also related to the strength of seventh lord and very similar to rule number four. One additional outcome of wife’s death has been added in this rule, which may happen if the malefic influences are strong and multiple in nature.

Rule Ten – Marriage and relationships: if the seventh lord is in twelfth house; Moon is placed in seventh house; and Venus is weak – it will negatively influence the marital happiness.

This rule implies that if both seventh lord and Venus are ill placed and weak respectively; and the Moon occupies the seventh house (whose lord is badly placed); it will destroy the marital happiness.

There may be problems like living separately, health issues, lack of trust and bonding etc. The on-ground applicability of this rule may not be correct in some Ascendants, specifically Aries and Scorpio. In Aries Ascendant, Venus will be the lord of seventh house and become exalted in twelfth house; while in Scorpio Ascendant, Venus will be in its own zodiac sign in twelfth house. The applicability seems good for Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius Ascendants.

This rule may also hold true if seventh lord is badly placed in sixth or eighth houses. Rule Eleven – Marriage and relationships: If seventh lord is debilitated or in the sign of malefic planet; and also united with malefic planet and the seventh house is having zodiac sign of eunuch planet in Navamsha – it will confer two wives to the native.

Following conditions are required to be met for this yoga: • Seventh lord should either be debilitated or placed in the sign of malefic planet. • Seventh lord should also be united with malefic planet • In Navamsha Chart, the seventh house should have zodiac sign of Eunuch planet. Saturn and Mercury are considered eunuch planets, therefore, the seventh house of Navamsha Chart should contain any one of these zodiac signs viz.

Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius. It seems that the prime reason behind this Yoga is related to progeny; and besides this, the yoga also provides a good clue regarding use and importance of divisional charts. When the lord of seventh house fails to enjoy the placement benefit (due to being placed in zodiac sign of malefic planet) and also suffers from affliction of malefic planets; it becomes weak to protect and promote the attributes related to this. And, if at the same time, the seventh house of Navamsha Chart contains zodiac sign of eunuch planet, that may render the spouse weak in terms of progeny.

And, the native is expected to go for second marriage for begetting progeny. However, as explained earlier, polygamy is no more legal and acceptable in the society; thus, this may hold true for having child through surrogate. Rule Twelve – Marriage and relationships: if seventh lord is strong, Venus is placed in dual zodiac sign and its dispositor is exalted – it confers many wives to the native. As explained above, polygamy is no more operational and legal in India and many other countries, thus the practical application of this Yoga seems difficult.

However, the strong position of seventh lord and Venus may bless the native with full marital happiness. The strength and disposition of other relevant houses viz. the first, second, fourth and twelfth houses is also required to be analyzed in this context. Conclusion: Depending upon single planetary placement or Yoga for concluding the results of Marriage and relationships (or for any other aspects too) does not give profound results.

It is the overall planetary placement (including in lagna and divisional charts) which is to be analyzed in accordance with the planetary dasa and transit position of planets at the time of event. Besides this, the rules or yogas or combinations mentioned in BPHS and other texts are meant for understanding the basic fundamentals with the aid of different planetary structure.I would like to discuss a few more example horoscopes for better understanding and clarity of the issue.

Example Horoscope No. 6 Example Horoscope No. 6: In this horoscope, the seventh lord Sun is badly placed in sixth house and is joined by the Mercury and debilitated Mars. The sixth lord Moon has become debilitated in tenth house. The position of seventh lord in this birth chart is somewhat similar to the example horoscope no.2; and the position of seventh house is much better in this horoscope in comparison to example horoscope no.

2. In this horoscope, the seventh house is occupied by Venus and Jupiter; while in example horoscope no. 2, the malefic Moon is united with Mercury in seventh house. However, still there is a huge contrast between the married life of these persons. And, that can only be identified if we try to conclude the results on the basis of overall planetary placement, dasa and transit.

If we try to go by one or two planetary placements for concluding; it may happen that horoscopes like this (example horoscope no. 6) may create confusion and lack of belief on Astrology. For the benefit of the reader, I am trying to put forward the minor but important differences between these horoscopes: The first point to be noted is the strength and placement of lagna lord Saturn, which is quite different in both horoscopes.

In example horoscope no. 6, lagna lord Saturn is debilitated in third house; and its dispositor i.e. Mars is debilitated in sixth house. The strength and disposition of lord of first house of birth chart is of utmost importance among all other planets.

All the positive/negative or strong/weak influences of horoscope are to be faced by the native, and the first house of the natal birth charts significantly represents the physique, nature, personality and overall temperament of the person concerned.

A strong and well placed lagna lord has always observed to be a strong counter against the inauspicious planetary influences on other houses/planets of a horoscope. And, a very strong and prominent emphasis has been put over the strength of the Lagna in many authentic texts of vedic astrology.

Therefore, if the lagna lord is weak and/or tormented in a horoscope, the intensity of negative planetary influences will be more pronounced as compared to a horoscope, wherein the lagna lord (lord of first house) is strong and well placed. This does not mean that Lagna lord is the only planet to be considered; but the strength of lagna lord does contribute in making the native effective and capable of dealing with unfavorable circumstances as well exploiting his best potential with optimum results of his endeavors made in overall life.

Our life is primarily based upon the choices we make, the decision we take and the temperament we hold during different situations. Anyway, coming back to the point – the lagna lord of horoscope no. 2 i.e. Saturn is placed in angular house, having its aspect on the Lagna and has also occupied a friendly zodiac sign.

Saturn is also having its aspect on the seventh lord Sun; and its dispositor Venus is also well placed in fifth house. (Dispositor of a planet also holds good value and the planets placed in the zodiac sign of weak/afflicted planets may also face obstructions in smooth functioning. I will try to cover this aspect in some other article; as such, the current article may get diverted from its focus.

Overhere, we can simply take that the placement of dispositor is also important in delineating the results) In example horoscope no. 6, not only the lagna lord Saturn is debilitated; but it is also placed in the zodiac sign of Mars (which is also debilitated, combust and badly placed in sixth house).

Therefore, on comparative note, the lagna lord of example horoscope no 6 is significantly weak against well placed Saturn in example horoscope no. 2 The seventh lord Sun is united with Ketu in sixth house of example horoscope no.2.

The Sun, however, receiving aspects from strong and well placed Saturn and Jupiter. Exalted Mars is also making mutual aspect relationship with the Sun. In example horoscope no. 6; the Sun is making union with debilitated Mars and Mercury (both are combust too).

The sixth lord (dispositor of Sun, Mercury and Mars) is also debilitated in tenth house and having its inauspicious influence on tenth and fourth houses.

Therefore, comparatively, the position of seventh lord Sun is a bit better in example horoscope no. 2. In example horoscope no. 2 the second lord (under aspect of well placed Saturn) is aspecting the second house; and, thereby providing additional support. While, in example no. 6, the second house is occupied by Rahu and devoid of any positive planetary influence (either via aspect or placement). So, these are the primary differences in both horoscopes.

The planets are comparatively well placed and strong in example horoscope no. 2; specifically, the lagna lord is much suitably placed. While, in example horoscope no. 6; the situation is different. The marital life of the native (for example horoscope no.

6) has not been much satisfactory and there have been lot of problems, separation and disputes within the marital bond. The auspicious union of Jupiter + Venus in seventh house of example horoscope no. 6 failed to provide any significant support and strength to the native during operation of inauspicious dasa and transit; and he has to suffer very badly in his marital life. In my next article, I will try to address some more aspects of marriage and relationships including timing of marriage.

Dear sir I have a friend of mine his Rashi is Kumbh and his horroscope shows that he is having virgo ascendent with Rahu in first House Jupiter+Venus+Mars in third house Saturn+Mercury+Sun in Fourth House Moon in Sixth House and Ketu in Seventh House can u help me in guiding academically though i am not having any qualification of Astrology as per my understanding he is having Kaal Sarp Dosh as well as the position of planets in third house indicates that he has a scope in spiritual upliftment as well as he may be having a Love affair in early stages of his life of if not then he may have to experience the same in later part of life may be after 50 years but whether he may succed in his love life is a question.

I am not able to tell him any thing with confidence else his life may get ruined Kindly provide me education as regards the outright prediction of this friend of mine A planet is considered well placed, if it is placed in 1, 4, 5.

7.9 or 10 house. Placement in 2, 3 or 11 house is also moderately supportive; although, depends upon the planetary influences on the planet.Placement in sixth, eighth or twelfth house is not considered good, unless the planet is exalted or occupying own zodiac sign or friendly zodiac sign.

The concerned planet should also be safe from combustion, inauspicious planetary influences and occupying auspicious zodiac signs in divisional charts, specifically Navamsha Chart. dear sir is it enough to verify if the 7th lord of boy does any bad to 12 th or 6th lord of girl and 7 th lord of girl should be verified if does any affliction to 6th and 12 th lords of boy….is this correct pl discuss….probably we must consider the conjunct planets in respective places when considering from boy or girl……thanking you sir for an immediate reply dramachandran Dear Ramachandran Yes, this is also a commonly used approach during marriage compatibility.

However, I give preference to individual horoscope. Like, 7th lord of the boy should be well placed in his horoscope and seventh lord of the girl should be well disposed in her horoscope.

And, after this holds correct then the respective disposition of 7th house lord in the horoscope of the counterpart can be analysed further. Besides this, Guna Milap or Melapak should also be given due consideration.

best marriage match making free vedic astrology reading online

Marriage match making is done mostly by comparing the birth star of bride and groom. Out of 10 matches made by comparing birth stars of bride and groom at least five matches such as dhinam(health and long life), gana (for dominance and peace of mind), yoni (for sexual satisfaction), rasi(progeny), racchu (longevity of spouse) should be present for a happy marital life.

Apart from this, proper horoscope matching should be done based on the planets posited in 2,4,7,8 and 12th houses. A Manglik should be matched with a Manglik alone.

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