Best match for aries taurus cusp woman

best match for aries taurus cusp woman

Aries-Taurus Cusp Sign Dates and Definition. Dates: April 16 - 22. THE ARIES-TAURUS cusp holds some of the most powerful personalities in the entire zodiac. We're talking pure dominance. Give the Aries-Taurus a position of power, and they will take it to the next level. And then the next one. And then the next, until they are at the top of whatever game they are playing So, if you are were born on the Aries-Taurus cusp, please use your powers for good. It comes as no surprise that Hitler was also born under this cusp. Also: Do you meditate? You should. Because if you can get into the Jedi mindset, you really can take over the world. And if you know an Aries-Taurus, then understand that control really is important to them.

best match for aries taurus cusp woman

Ideally it would be either a Leo or Saggitarius aquarian... now if they were more like a Taurean then perhaps a Libra libra or a cancer... best matches for Aries are Aries Leo Sagitarius aquarian Gemini libra best matches for taureans are cancer Capricorn Virgo librians It really depends on when they were born as well..

Also on there past experiences. Star signs are just a fraction of who we are. hope this helps The best love match for an Aries is a Virgo because he/she is understanding. Virgos can be really sweet. Aries could learn to soften up a little while being in a relationship with a Virgo. . The best love match for an Aries is a Virgo because he/she is understanding. Virgos can be really sweet. … Aries could learn to soften up a little while being in a relationship with a Virgo.

Yea...but it will be challenging . Taureans are SO romantic and won't the Aries know it! It is hardly surprising then, that these zodiac signs are attracted to each other. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and there is a lot Aries will respect and appreciate about their partner.

The Taurus will … be a passionate and demonstrative lover, and the ardent Arian should have no complaints on that score!.

Physically, this couple will get on really well. Aries can be an impatient lover and Taurus hates to be rushed. Taurus will enjoy lots of hugging, caressing and touching but this all has to take place in private.

Get too close to Taurus in public and he or she will only move away in embarrassment. This may amuse the Aries who isn't as shy but who shouldn't be tempted to tease their partner.. Aries should be prepared to be patient and wait until those quiet moments when they get together without an audience to enjoy the physical side of this relationship..

Although this is likely to be a passionate affair, will there be much else in common other than enjoying a good sex-life? Well, there are two major differences in this couple's personalities and the question is: will each be willing to find a middle road? Because Taurus is as slow as the Aries is fast. Where the Taurus partner is careful and cautious, Aries will tend to act first and think about it later. This, generally, is where the major problem will arise in this romance..

Aries will love to do something different every day. This zodiac sign enjoys a challenge and if this involves taking the odd risk or two, that doesn't really matter. They want and need an active lifestyle: to push themselves to their limit. Ruled by Mars, Aries is energetic and sometimes impatient, loving anything that is new and exciting. So it might not be easy for Aries to understand the Taurean's careful ways..

Taurus is slow to do things. They like routine and order. Taurus doesn't enjoy taking risks at all and he or she will prefer everything that is familiar. So there could be problems here. When Aries wants to go, Taurus might want to stay.

When Aries suggests trying something new, Taurus might respond with "no, things are good, let's keep it that way!". Aries might start feeling impatient with the way their Taurus partner seems to have no get-up-and-go and they might even start getting bored! Is there a way around this little difficulty?. If Aries wants the relationship to last they must learn to recognise and understand these more cautious traits of theTaurean's nature.

Give them a little time to make up their mind; don't rush them. If Aries wants to try out anything new, they should give Taurus the chance to get used to the idea.

Likewise, Aries should explain how they need stimulation and excitement otherwise they can't be happy or content in the romance.. If this couple learns to meet each other half way they could enjoy this very challenging relationship.. ADD ME ON MYSPACE... =] I think so. Im a aries/taures cusp woman with a virgo man and its pretty good.. we got passion and sensitvity..

but remember theres so much more to it.. our moons are also compatible.. so that could be why.. but sometimes i just think skrew astrology .. i think we look for answers when life has it a … ll already ;) we should just trust ourselves and the universe more!!

The cusp is the division between two signs. A cusp oftenencompasses about the last and the first 5° of a sign. Planetswithin these degrees are said to carry the traits of both signs,even thought they only occupy one. The cusp of Pisces-Aries for theSun using the 5° rule is from March 16 - Marc … h 27. Most Sun signastrologers use March 20 - 21 as the Pisces-Aries cusp. Yes..im22nd of march he is 19th march..wer both into sports n games..he is not that sensative mind u n can be selfish n cold..but is really bold and daring more lazy loud rash..we both have tempers but im the one who makes it work..n let him be the one in charge most the time...weird for … me coz i dnt get tounge tied but with him i did...u have to really let things slide..n if he angry let him be..n wants space dnt try n play im not textin u 1st games be urself act like ur friends 1st n it will play aware they can be cold n selfish it hurts but best to call them out i do (1) Nothing is fixed at all sign to sign, and (2) these are just the Sun signs.

1. Astrologically, the strength of attraction is strongly influenced by several factors, including especially the positions of Venus, Mars, Moon and the Moon's Nodes, as well as the Sun.

On top of this, other planets … can activate points that make very strong connections (either positive or negative) and bring their own touches -- for example, Uranus can bring in a frisson of differentness, Pluto a bit of obsession, or Neptune some elements of idealization. Astrologers compare two charts to see how the elements in them connect, and relationships even have their own separate charts, based on a composite of the two individuals involved.

You really need to have the whole birthchart to see, and that's something that is very individual. (See for a free service to get your birthchart. For a complete horoscope you need to have the date, time and place of birth, but even the just the date will give you a lot more idea of how two people's charts fit together.) 2.

All that said, in theory Taurus/Gemini and Sagittarius/Capricorn cusps indicate Suns that are 150º apart, which is viewed as having not so much in common. To some extent though, that will depend on which elements predominate -- Taurus and Capricorn are very compatible, and so are Gemini and Sagittarius, but Gemini and Capricorn don't have much in common, and nor do Taurus and Sagittarius. But don't base anything, and definitely not any decisions, on just the Sun signs.


best match for aries taurus cusp woman

best match for aries taurus cusp woman - Aries Woman and Taurus Man Love Compatibility

best match for aries taurus cusp woman

When it comes to the Aries Taurus cusp the one key truth about the horoscope that I need to reiterate here is that there is no such thing as a perfect astrological sign. We’re all imperfect beings.

In my opinion we are all works in progress. We may think that we have ideals. Having ideals is fine. Having a perfect idea is okay.

The problem is when we live our lives based solely on those perfect ideas and when we beat ourselves up when we cannot meet those ideals. This has always been the tension in all horoscope signs. We’re all creatures in a process of becoming. As creatures, we cannot say, “I am.” We’re always saying, “I am becoming something else.” You’re always going from point A to point B to point C and to somewhere else.

You have to keep this in mind when you look at the different horoscope personalities. Otherwise, it’s too easy to focus on just one element and be disappointed when it doesn’t pan out. The reality is that we all have the capacity for happiness, contentment and fulfilment.

We just have to be aware of the tendencies that we are dealing with for us to choose where we want to go. This is true for all astrology signs. There is no force telling you that you are destined to be something. There’s always choice involved. I go through this lengthy explanation because cusp signs pose a very special challenge to the whole concept of astrology signs. Cusp signs are people born near the intersection of two astrology signs.

The Aries Taurus cusp is a very interesting cusp sign. It’s interesting because it’s not punctuated by the obvious clashes that you see with other cusp signs. This makes the Aries Taurus cusp mellower compared to other cusps.

But don’t let the calm exterior fool you. Just like with other cusp signs and to a large extent, all other astrology signs, there is some tension underneath. The Aries Taurus Cusp is Headstrong The Aries is a ram that has no fear. This ram will bust into any situation and go head first. The interesting about the Aries is that it’s rather a small animal but it has a lot of heart.

The reason why this small ram, which is a male sheep, has so much heart is because it’s driven by this insecurity of its smallness. It knows that compared to the Taurus, it really doesn’t have all that much power. It knows that compared to the Leo, it really doesn’t have all that much bravery. So the Aries compensates for its smallness, its limitation by this exterior show of courage, bravery, and decisiveness – Driving all of these of course is just a deep insecurity and feeling of inadequacy.

It’s very interesting how the Aries ego is formulated because all the seeming strength, focus, and decisiveness is built on a very weak foundation. The weak foundation is that it knows its limitations. What makes the Aries Taurus cusp very different from a typical Aries is that it has a Taurus component. The Taurus of course is a huge bull. When it charges, you better get out of the way. Interestingly enough, the Taurus really doesn’t do a lot of charging. The astrological sign of the Taurus has a totally different personality configuration precisely due to the fact that the Taurus can afford to be more self-confident.

The Taurus can have a higher level of self-esteem because it doesn’t have anything to prove. It’s already a huge creature with a lot of power. If it wants to knock in something or somebody down, it can.

The Aries on the other hand has a chip on its shoulder because it’s a small male sheep that has to let everybody know that it can but heads, it can make things happens, it can force its way through. It’s kind of like a pocket version of the Taurus. Taurus Self-Absorption and Aries Shallowness Don’t get me wrong. The Taurus component is not completely perfect either. The Taurus is confident, the Taurus is a lover of great things, and a Taurus is comfortable in its own skin.

In fact, this positive side of the Taurus can actually lead to the negative side. Taken to the extreme, Taurus people can get quite self-absorbed. They can tend to be very shallow; they can tend to be quite manipulative. This is one component of the Aries Taurus cusp that the Aries Taurus should be mindful of.

It’s one thing to be brash and forceful and at the same time to be confident and it’s another issue altogether to be confident and then become completely self-absorbed. There’s still a balancing act going on behind the scenes.

The reality is that given the right set of circumstances and the right partners and friends, the Aries Taurus cusp can actually do quite well in a wide range of situations.

This mellow combination of the brash Aries and the often self-absorbed and materialistic Taurus can produce a person that is well-tempered, knows how to spot opportunities and is very driven.

The Taurus has always been a money sign; the Taurus can have serious money skills. The biggest enemy of the Taurus getting in the way of a lavish lifestyle that any Taurus is capable of producing is the self-absorption and shallowness.

This often leads to irresponsibility, misplaced priorities, and missed opportunities. The Aries Taurus benefits in money matters from its Aries side because Aries can go deep, Aries can go all the way. While Taurus can easily be distracted and tend to focus on surface appearances, the Aries is insecure and driven enough that it can keep going further and further until it gets the results that its looking for.

To sum it all up, age can be very kind to the Aries Taurus cusp. Instead of age slowing down a person or wearing a person down, age actually makes the Aries Taurus cusp even better with each passing year. The negative aspects of the Aries Taurus combination are downplayed while the positive sides of the astrology signs that make up this cusp get highlighted and enhanced with each passing year.

The Best Romantic Matches for the Aries Taurus Cusp When it comes to the best romantic matches for the Aries Taurus cusp, it must be noted that this cusp is a combination of the Aries Fire sign and the Taurus earth element. While the earth sign is compatible with water and earth signs, the fire sign works with other fires signs and a few air signs as well. However, for the Aries Taurus cusp, matters are complicated by the fact that they have both fire and earth elements which are themselves conflicting.

This makes things highly unpredictable. The ideal partners for the Aries Taurus cusps would be individuals who belong to zodiac signs that are calm by nature and will tolerate the Aries Taurus leadership and dominance. These cusps are very dedicated and career-oriented individuals who like to take matters in their own hands rather than being told what to do. They love deeply and make their partners their very favourites but only until they deserve the love.

If their partners fail to meet their expectations, they will quickly take back their affection! Here are the best romantic matches for these brilliant individuals called Aries Taurus cusps who have everything it takes to make life a beautiful journey.

All you need is a little love, compassion, and understanding. Greet them with fierceness and there’ll be fire everywhere! Cancer Aries Taurus cusp women would find ideal partners in Cancer men. Cancers will provide them the comfort they seek while remaining behind the scenes. The Aries Taurus female will thus find both requirements of her elements: the Aries’ needs for a loving soulmate and the Taurus’ needs for materialistic attributes.

In fact, Cancers are amongst the best people to handle the wild nature of the cusp. Both these signs understand the importance of a family and home which assume top priority. Cancerians are highly emotional individuals and would attend to the needs of their partners well, while the cusps being the faithful other halves will leave no stone unturned when it comes to beautifying the relationship.

For Aries Taurus cusp men with a dominant Taurus, Cancer women would be the epitome of care, love, and romance! The Aries Taurus cusp that you are, ensure you do not throw away a lot of harsh criticism and words at your partner.

Your patience and understanding attitude will help the relationship prosper. Virgo Aries Taurus cusps are governed by the planets Mars and Venus. Add in some reasoning from Mercury, the planet that governs Virgo, and you get the ideal combination! Virgos are the emotional, loving, and caring partners that Aries Taurus cusps long for. They are highly practical too. Virgos aren’t competitive by nature. They will not stand in the way of an Aries Taurus cusp and his/her aspirations.

Virgo’s excellent diplomacy skills will help stabilize the opposing attributes of the cusp partners. Virgos, the perfectionists and devoted individuals that they are, will thoroughly impress the Aries Taurus cusp. Virgos will help the relationship flower by creating the perfect environment.

No doubt, Virgos tend to be critical at times, their excellent communication skills will help lighten the atmosphere. Pisces Being water signs, Pisces are compassionate individuals who make an attempt to understand everyone. Like water, they will easily adapt to a number of situations. They are selfless individuals and will reduce the fierceness of the Aries Taurus cusp. Pisces being the last zodiac sign possesses the attributes of all of its peers.

The cusps will provide everything the Piscean would long for: love, care, security, and romance. The Aries Taurus cusp too would need someone who can understand their chaotic nature and provide them the comfort and solace they seek. Pisceans are very understanding individuals owing to their compassionate nature.

In fact, it doesn’t matter how dominating, demanding, and jealous the Aries Taurus cusp will be — their Pisces partner will always do his/her best to understand without complaining. The Pisces would love the Aries Taurus’ attitude of taking the control in his/her hands. However, their mood swings and dreamy nature can create problems at times. Taurus Taurus can be a great match for the Aries Taurus cusp.

The logic is quite simple. Aries Taurus cusps will have traits of both the zodiac signs. This can be problematic with so many conflicting things happening at the same time. When you have a partner who shares one zodiac, Taurus, with you, however, the matter can be simplified, at least a bit. Taurus are known to be dominant individuals. Add to that the fierceness of Aries. However, a Taurus partner will balance things well. Your Taurus partner will help make decisions even though you might not like to take an opinion in the first place.

They will be very analytical and logical. You’ll make a great team! Yes, you’ll have plenty of conflicts as well, but then which relationship doesn’t?

Libra The Libra sign already has a number of attributes that work well with the Aries Taurus cusp. The balancer can help attain harmony in a deeply chaotic situation with two very different elements seeking your attention. However, considering that the Aries Taurus is a dominant individual, the Libran is not the one to accept this trait on the face of it.

The Libran will analyze situations from his/her own mind and balance everything by establishing peace. Libra, just like the Taurus, is ruled by Venus. This means you’ll have plenty of love and passion in your relationship.

Libras are known to instill peace wherever they go. Could there be a better partner for the Aries Taurus cusp who’s very name invokes chaos? Librans too, however, can sometimes become stubborn and troublemakers. They will soon realize this though and work again to re-establish harmony. They will understand relationships really well and know what it takes to keep things going smoothly and peacefully. My Final Thoughts The Cusp of Power brims with energy which causes them to lead.

They are also very courageous individuals. With the Aries Taurus cusp, one of the most important traits that need a little balancing is their dominant and fierce nature. They can tend to overpower their partners, which can make things complicated at times. It is for this very reason that we recommend avoiding a relationship with the Fire signs such as Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, for fire and fire will have twice the burning effect!

In a similar way, the Scorpio jealousy and possessiveness will irritate the Aries Taurus cusp. Gemini and Aquarius will be out of bounds for the cusps, for these signs greatly value their freedom and will not tolerate any control and dominance exerted upon them, which is impossible for our Aries Taurus cusp!

The best matches for the Aries Taurus cusp would thus be Virgos the perfectionists, Libras the balancers, Taurus the analyzers, Pisces the compassionate souls, and Cancers the emotional ones. Things are, however, not often as simple as they seem on the surface. Cusps are difficult individuals to predict— the presence of two very different and highly contrasting personalities make them a new breed altogether.

That are multiple factors that can take the centre stage at any point in time. It is therefore important for their partners to understand the cusps well for the relationship to truly bloom and prosper. Being the Aries Taurus cusp who never gives up on anything and chases things till the end, you will not let your relationship wither away with your firm willpower and determination! is one of the leading astrology and women's lifestyle websites on the internet today. Imelda and her team of experts offer their expertise and guidance to tens of thousands of daily readers each and every day and are regularly asked to comment in the media on related subjects. Copyright © 2018 Trusted Psychic Mediums

best match for aries taurus cusp woman

Aries Man Taurus Woman Compatibility Tags: , , Keen Category: Are you an Aries man or Taurus woman ready to grab life (and your partner) by the horns? Well, consider carefully what you are getting yourself into as these two horned beasts of the zodiac only go one way - their own way. If your goals don't align very well, you may find yourself facing an immovable object and letting your frustrations get the best of you.

On the plus side, an Aries man and Taurus woman are unstoppable as a pair when the right balance is struck, leading to great ease in life and a truly fulfilling relationship. Some challenges exist, but Aries men thrive off of tackling challenges, and Taurus women are one of the hardest workers in the zodiac - compatibility between the two is easily-attainable.

Both signs give their all to anything that is important to them, often in excess in Aries' case. While the journey to bliss won't be extremely difficult for this match, they will need to find a new way to approach challenges involving each other, as a battle of horns will go nowhere quickly.

Basic Compatibility As a representative of the fire element, the Aries man oozes an impulsivity and energy about him in all areas.

He will not find the same in his Taurus lover who has all the patience in the world, meshing well with her trend toward stubbornness. While Taurus women can be great leaders, she will gladly offer up this position to the more leadership-demanding Aries man and not view it as any real loss. His fast and fiery approach to relationships can cause her great stress, as she has no desire to be with a man who will ultimately fail to fulfill the needs that are mandatory for her happiness.

On the flip side, it is near impossible not to fall for the Aries man at first and even second glance. His competitive drive to be the victor in all things can be extremely charming, especially when his current focus is winning your heart. Taurus women need a stability that the Aries man may struggle to provide. He is stable so long as his goal has not been reached, but once it has, he is often off to the next challenge.

As such, it is normal for the Taurus woman to be wary and a run-in with Aries frequently gives credence that her decision to keep her heart guarded was a smart one. When things go awry, Aries men tend to be aggressive solvers while Taurus women are defensive, pointing their horns at the danger and weathering the storm.

This can gradually grow into a relationship issue as Aries flatly needs to win to feel justice, but he lacks the patience to outlast his Taurus partner with her heels dug in. One huge bonus to any potential pairing between these two is that neither of these signs will hide who they are. They are honest, upfront and very take-me-as-I-am with regards to life, friendships, and romantic relationships. Talk to an on Keen to learn more! Love And Relationships As a slight extrovert, friendships aren't hard to achieve and maintain for the sociable Aries.

Aries men are extremely independent and refuse to be controlled, as such they accept a wide variety of friends different from them with no desire to control their behavior. Taurus women are a bit more particular, demanding the same steadfast loyalty from their friends that they show and are likely to abandon those who conflict with their core values.

The beginning of an intimate relationship between these two signs can be the most difficult part. For Taurus women, slow and steady wooing will win their heart as they are diehard traditionalists when it comes to romance.

Not only does this make her feel safe enough to reveal her emotions, but it is also revealed if her lover possesses the patience and stability a relationship with her demands. Aries men are the exact opposite thanks to the fire element's passionate drive and their energetic nature. They approach wooing as if it is another challenge to overcome with their potential soulmate as the prize.

They condense all the passion and romantic drive into a smaller form and overwhelm their partner with it on their quest to victory, much to the dislike of Taurus. Another source of upset can be related to intimacy. With her tough exterior, it is sex that is one of the true emotional outlets for a . It will never be considered just for fun and will have a full emotional component whether it is after a romantic night out or a spontaneous romp.

often don't view sex the same way and are less likely to attach emotions to the act. That said, the ram is an extremely sexual creature, just like the bull, and is overwhelmingly passionate, so relationships will never be short on sex.

Aries has a distinct dislike toward clinginess, and luckily Taurus women are anything but clingy. While she has a strong desire for her mate when he is around, she has no plans to leash him unless he is flirting with other women. Possessiveness is a problem among Tauruses of either gender, but it is clear-headed as opposed to built on distrust and jealousy.

Working Together Their careers is where both Aries and Taurus really shine. They are both extremely hard workers, willing to do anything and everything demanded of them and then some. Their reasons for being such hard workers completely differ, however. Aries men are simply ambitious, determined to be the top dog in all things and willing to fight to achieve it. There is not a lazy bone in his body. Taurus women work hard because of the rewards for it and the stability that a good income provides.

Aries tend to be spenders and Tauruses are savers. So, despite great work ethic on the part of both, fights over financial matters can happen. An Aries man struggles with not being the leader and he may perform poorly in groups where his voice is just another one of many. A Taurus woman shines with her reliability and desire to help all in need and thus has an edge in a popularity battle.

Taurus women and Aries men are a decent match for each other, with only a few conflicts in traits and personal goals. As a wanderer, the Aries man will enjoy not being tied down by the self-sufficient Taurus. It is always a coin flip if the Aries man can fulfill her emotional needs but as they are both open and honest, these issues can be addressed and remedied before too much is invested.

Nothing is too difficult for them to achieve as a pair, with Aries knocking down all barriers and his Taurus mate having his back when he struggles. The outlook of this match is very positive as long as everyone's needs are communicated and met - so take life by the horns and enjoy it! Get a for additional insights about the pairing of an Aries man and Taurus woman!

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