Best matchmaking activities in fortnite

best matchmaking activities in fortnite

making skill based matchmaking for a battle royal isnt hard you just need to lookat kd wins and win % and pair people up with players of their own skill level it would make the game very much more enjoyable if you had a chance at winning instead of having someone with 100 wins in your game that you dont stand a chance against If you just win all the time in pleb league match making, you're never gonna increase your skill. That's why every Pro afraid of skill based matchmaking because they know they don't have any skill or they don't even want to try hard they just want easy kills, stop defending them. In skill based matchmaking you have to play with your level skill players means you have to TRY HARD. try hard with your skills not with new players who just install this game. #13.2.

best matchmaking activities in fortnite

Server issues have returned to services today. Epic Games have confirmed that some of the game’s core services are currently down, with the support team investigating. “We’re experiencing an issue with our matchmaking services,” Epic Games posted to Twitter.

“To help relieve some pressure we’ve applied a cooldown in between matches and temporarily disabled the Squad playlist for the High Explosives LTM. “We've temporarily disabled matchmaking while we continue to investigate this issue and get a fix applied.” Epic Games haven’t confirmed what is causing the problems today, although we do know that the game has become very popular. It’s also available on a number of platforms, meaning a lot of players could be signing in around this time globally The official Fortnite Server Status page currently rates today’s outage as major, meaning it could be a while before the game is back online.

It should be noted that following big outages like this, Epic Games usually looks to apply matchmaking Queues in place. This is to help bring the Fortnite servers back online and avoid any further outages. Today saw a new content added to the game, as well as a new patch being released on PS4. It's unclear if any of these problem has added to the server issues facing players on the affected platforms. MFL... One of the big new features added to Fortnite this week includes the Vending Machines that can now be found across the island.

Fortnite players will be able to trade in spare materials in return for weapons thanks to the new Battle Royale feature. The vending machines will be popping up across the Fortnite Battle Royale map, with each one offering three different things.

Rarities, items and different deals will all be chosen at random. That makes for an enticing offer for many players, who can find themselves with a lot of leftover materials. There’s also the debate over whether it’s worth stocking up on supplies for the final run, or whether you should trade them in at the new Vending Machines. As some of the new artwork shows, Fortnite fans can trade in 500 Wood for the chance of getting a missile launcher.

best matchmaking activities in fortnite

best matchmaking activities in fortnite - Fortnite matchmaking DOWN: Waiting in Queue errors with server issues

best matchmaking activities in fortnite

For the time being, the creation of private matches in Fortnite is only available for certain streamers on Twitch. This functions should be expanded to the rest of players sometime soon, but we can’t confirm when because it’s a mode on trial. These gamers can create match in which a key is generated and later shared with the other players that will also take part. In other words, if you’re not one of the streamers chosen or you haven’t received an invite with a private key, there’s no way that we can take part in a private game.

The players with the code must go to the game’s home screen and insert it in the option found in the lower right corner of the interface. This function, once extended to the rest of users, can be used to create matches in which only friends and users with specific features can participate, bringing everyone closer to a game mode that’s more similar to a tournament or championship.

And obviously expanding the playability of the best battle royale game in the world. This is one of the most demanded options by the game’s users, who want to get hold of an easier method to create customized games. Until now, the only possibility was to join the same server. However, this feature brings Fortnite closer to the a game mode that reminds us those games from yesteryear with gamers playing deathmatch modes forcing them to connect their computers to the same local network, just like Counter-Strike players used to do.

best matchmaking activities in fortnite

Sub-Region Matchmaking Hey there! We mentioned in the August blog that we’ve been working towards adding sub-region matchmaking. We enabled this feature for the Asian region in September and have just recently also added it to both Europe and NA-East. Follow the link above for all the technical details and read more below for additional information.

What’s sub-region matchmaking? This is a new feature we’ve implemented that will find the data-centers that are available in your region, determine which one provides you the healthiest connection, then place you in a queue that is pinged to that location to give you the best available connection. Depending on your location, players will experience varying improvements to their ping and other network related performance.

When will this feature be implemented? As of September 10, we launched the Singapore data-center and implemented the logic that allows for sub-region matchmaking. More recently we also added both Europe and NA-East to regions that use this functionality.

Will I always connect to the closest sub-region? No. Not in cases where the player population for any given platform/playlist combination is not sufficient to guarantee a reasonable matchmaking queue time. In cases like this players will be defaulted back to the “primary” data-center for the region for that match. So you may notice a difference in your in-match network conditions if you ping better to “Location A” than “Location B” depending on the time of day you’re playing, the platform you play on, and the playlist you select.

We will be monitoring this feature closely and make adjustments as we find the right balance between network performance and match wait times. What if I’m in a party? When in a party, if you are in a region where sub-region matchmaking is supported, it will prioritize the location of whoever the party leader is. What are our goals? Our final vision and goal for sub-region matchmaking is to allow players for each region to automatically connect to the data-center which offer them the best possible network experience.

As we expand this functionality to other regions, we will be able to both provide significantly better service to underserved areas as well as optimize the experience for players in regions which already operate out of multiple geographically distributed data-centers.

We’ll continue to determine which regions would best benefit from additional data-centers and keep you updated on these new locations as we add them. Please continue giving us your feedback on this feature and let us know what you think! SOURCE:

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