Best matchmaking courses in fortnite

best matchmaking courses in fortnite

What is custom matchmaking in ‘Fortnite?’ The Custom Matchmaking button has been live on PC for several months, but just recently appeared on PS4 and Xbox One with the release of the 3.5.1 update. As its name implies, Custom Matchmaking allows you to set up your own games and parameters with your friends. Unlike traditional matchmaking, your Squad won’t be tossed into any random lobby that becomes available When in use, all players enter a short password to begin Custom Matchmaking. We’ll do our best to keep you posted if anything changes. Fortnite is in early access across PS4, Xbox One, PC and iOS. The Custom Matchmaking option should be available on all platforms excluding iOS, but it’s not available to the public.

best matchmaking courses in fortnite

Sub-Region Matchmaking Hey there! We mentioned in the August blog that we’ve been working towards adding sub-region matchmaking. We enabled this feature for the Asian region in September and have just recently also added it to both Europe and NA-East. Follow the link above for all the technical details and read more below for additional information. What’s sub-region matchmaking? This is a new feature we’ve implemented that will find the data-centers that are available in your region, determine which one provides you the healthiest connection, then place you in a queue that is pinged to that location to give you the best available connection.

Depending on your location, players will experience varying improvements to their ping and other network related performance. When will this feature be implemented? As of September 10, we launched the Singapore data-center and implemented the logic that allows for sub-region matchmaking. More recently we also added both Europe and NA-East to regions that use this functionality. Will I always connect to the closest sub-region? No. Not in cases where the player population for any given platform/playlist combination is not sufficient to guarantee a reasonable matchmaking queue time.

In cases like this players will be defaulted back to the “primary” data-center for the region for that match. So you may notice a difference in your in-match network conditions if you ping better to “Location A” than “Location B” depending on the time of day you’re playing, the platform you play on, and the playlist you select. We will be monitoring this feature closely and make adjustments as we find the right balance between network performance and match wait times.

What if I’m in a party? When in a party, if you are in a region where sub-region matchmaking is supported, it will prioritize the location of whoever the party leader is. What are our goals? Our final vision and goal for sub-region matchmaking is to allow players for each region to automatically connect to the data-center which offer them the best possible network experience. As we expand this functionality to other regions, we will be able to both provide significantly better service to underserved areas as well as optimize the experience for players in regions which already operate out of multiple geographically distributed data-centers.

We’ll continue to determine which regions would best benefit from additional data-centers and keep you updated on these new locations as we add them. Please continue giving us your feedback on this feature and let us know what you think! SOURCE:

best matchmaking courses in fortnite

best matchmaking courses in fortnite - Fortnite will get skill

best matchmaking courses in fortnite

In Fortnite Save the World PVE, choosing your hero and their weapons will affect your play style. However, if you want to put actual firepower behind your bullets, the most important aspect of the game is the Survivor Squads. In truth, it might be more apt to refer to survivor squads as your stats. You get 8 unlockable squads that each has slots for 7 survivors and a lead survivor.

By putting people in these slots, it gives you stats for one of four stats – Fortitude, Offense, Resistance, and Technology. Furthermore, slotting these survivors will also raise your power level rating that signifies you can do higher level missions. Matching Survivors in Their Squads Simple, right? Just throw some people down until you get big buffs and a higher power level.

However, you will soon note that survivor squads are just ever so much more involved. First of all, you will notice that you get bonuses for matching one of three aspects included on all survivors. These include: • Job Matching – This is only for Lead Survivors. Each Lead Survivor is best at a specific job and you always want to, if possible, put them in the job they belong in.

For example, while you can slot a Marksman in the EMT squad, a Doctor would be the appropriate match while the Marksmen belongs on Fire Team Alpha. • Personality Matching – There are 8 personalities – Adventurous, Analytical, Competitive, Cooperative, Curious, Dependable, Dreamer, and Pragmatic. Naturally, people of the same personality work better with each other.

However, in order to reap any bonuses, you need to match the personality of your survivors to the personality of the lead survivor of that squad. • Skill Matching – Finally, every single survivor comes with a special skill. One survivor might give increased ranged damage as a buff. However, in order to activate it, you would need to match them with two other survivors in the same squad with the same skill.

Do note that when they say things like “ranged damage up,” this means that percentage goes to the Offense stat and note your actual ranged damage. Furthermore, the percentage is based off your base stat and not the boosted stat from your survivors. This is generally what makes skill matching pretty low on your priority list.

In a perfect world, you would want both the personalities and the skills of your survivors to all match up. Unfortunately, even many high level players have not achieved such perfection. So you instead need to know what to prioritize.

How Survivors Boost Your Power The equation on how your survivor squads boost your stats is actually pretty simple. It adds up the power levels of your lead survivor and all the other slotted survivors in the squad and that’s what the stat will be. So if the power level of all your survivors in the EMT squad add up to 25, you will get +25 to your Fortitude stat.

As for the Shared stat that boosts your party members, it takes the combined power level and gives 1/4 to your shared party stat. So is you have 25 Fortitude from your EMT Squad, it will also give you 6 Shared Fortitude for any other players you party up with.

Due to this, your focus should always be to get that power level of your survivors as high as possible. What to Prioritize When Slotting Survivors for the Best Gains Job Match This is one of two exceptions to the Rarity > Everything else (the other being Mythic Leads should merit placing personality match over rarity of the survivor in many cases).

Even if I put a mythic lead into the job slot that is doesn’t match, such as a Mythic Doctor in Fire Team Alpha, a squad whose job match is a Marksmen, I would still only get a base 25 power level compared to an Epic Marksmen that would start at a base power level of 30 because of the job match.

It is really quite fine if your lead survivors don’t match the job at first and you just want to put any lead survivor you have on hand in there, but once you get out of Stonewood, they should all be in their appropriate slots. Rarity This may be surprising to many, but rarity is actually the most important aspect of your survivor squads. While we all know that just because a hero is mythic doesn’t mean they are good, if you get a mythic or legendary lead survivor, you want to slot them immediately.

In normal, non-lead survivors, you ideally want legendary, but epic will be a more attainable rarity. As you go on, you want to replace any uncommon or rare survivors with epics or above. This is because as the rarity increases, so does the base power level. This can also mean that if you have a legendary survivor, you may want to slot them in a squad even if their personality or skills don’t match your squad leader.

To answer why we advise this choice, we move onto… Personality Matching The benefit given from personality matching is that when you match a slotted survivor to your lead survivor, they get a boost to their power level.

The reason rarity is more important than personality matching is because how much of a boost depends on their rarity.

If you match an epic lead’s personality with a rare survivor, they will get a +4 bonus to their power level because the leader is epic. However, if the lead survivor was a rare, that slotted rare survivor would only get a +1 power level bonus for matching personality. If you slot epic survivors, even if they don’t match in personality to the lead survivor, they will still give more stats that if you had all rare survivors whose personalities all match.

In short, you want to replace rare survivors with epic ones, and replace epic one’s with legendary survivors as you go. Ideally,. you want the personalities to match, but things don’t always work out so well. As you get higher level, you will maybe get mythic lead survivors. When this happens, personality match becomes much, much more important. So much so, that it can trump rarity in terms of importance. As mythic lead survivors give a +8 to personality match, which is too huge of a boost to pass up.

Skill Matching While you may want to match skills because you are OCD like that, it should always be the last thing you consider. Having more health or shields is nice, but ultimately you will benefit from having higher base stats. However, if you have a chance to match some skills, by all means do so. It definitely won’t hurt. However, you should never prioritize it.

The skills you can get via matching are as follows: • Health • Shield • Shield Regen (Resistance) • Ranged Damage (Offense) • Melee Damage (Offense) • Ability Damage (Tech) • Trap Damage (Tech) • Trap Durability As for what to aim towards, that is up to preference. However, as these percentage gains go off the base stats instead of the boosted ones provides by your squads, the gains are minimal. In short, never choose a skill match over a personality match. Survivor Squad Tips • Recycle Uncommon Survivors or Below – Even in the beginning of the game, you will have survivors thrown at you frequently enough that uncommon survivors (greens) will become useless quickly.

Common survivors (grays) are always trash. Recycle them or use them for low level transform fodder. As you replace rare survivors, you will want to recycle them as well. • Horde Epic Survivors – Even if you replace an epic survivor with a legendary or someone of a matching personality, it is best to keep that survivor, even if you sunk some XP into leveling them. Keep them around because you may be able to use them later.

You never know when having a epic survivor you kept will mean you can get both personality match and a skill match that you want, especially as you get new leads with different personalities.

• Personality May Beat Rarity When It Comes to Mythic Leads – I mentioned it above, but in case you missed it, when you get a mythic lead, obviously you want to slot that right away.

However, when adding survivors to that squad, you may want to put personality match over rarity. As mythic lead survivors give a huge +8 boost, that can often be too good to pass up even if you have a legendary survivor that doesn’t personality match. • Leveling Doesn’t Effect Boosts – If your epic survivor gives +4 to personality matches, they will still give +4 whether they are one star or four star leveled. What leveling a survivor does is that it increases the base power level for that survivor alone.

This means that, yes, obviously you want to level them, but it won’t affect any bonuses to the rest of your squad. • Try to Get All Survivors to Level 10 First – I find that instead of sinking your entire survivor XP into one single survivor, it is best to spread the love.

I recommend making it a goal to level all your survivors to level 10 at first. Then level your legendaries to at least 20.

Then level any mythics to level 30 or beyond. This is dependant of unlocking survivor evolutions on your skill tree though. As you will likely shuffle epic survivors a lot, keeping them at 10 doesn’t hurt so bad when you toss them back in the backup survivor pool since you really wouldn’t get much XP back by recycling them anyway. • Slot to Your Play Style – It behooves you to be thoughtful with what squads you prioritize your best survivors for. If you play soldier, you may want to prioritize Offense and maybe Fortitude.

Alternatively, a dragon-slashing ninja may want to prioritize Tech for the ability damage and maybe Resistance for the boosted shields. Of course, the Offense stat controls both ranged and melee damage, so maybe you, like so many others, just want to frontload as much power into the Offense stat as possible.

best matchmaking courses in fortnite

Hello, beforehand I am German, so I apologise for my English. As everyone knows, Tilted Towers is the most visited spot, so spots like Wailing Woods, Junk Juction, Flush Factory, Moisty Mire etc. are dying out because of Tilted Towers. Also the new players can't win the games, because they play sometimes against players who are playing maybe for like a year. So my idea was to build in a Matchmaking System like in CS:GO. What is the Matchmaking System?

-> It's a system that allows people to search for other people on the same skill level. How would that help Fortnite? New players can play against new players, so the matches are way more fair and balanced. As above, new people can't play and win against people like Ninja, TSM Myth etc. How to implement To build in Fortnite a idea would be like every player has to play 5-10 games and after them he gets a specific skill group.

So he can only play against his own specific skill group. This helps also the "pro" players to play only against other "pros". People can get with this system get better more easily. As before, CS:GO is the best example. This game has still so much players and people play in their ranks like Gold Nova, Master Guardian or like Global Elite. What to do with friends who are in different skill groups? For that, you can still play, but then its like in Crossplay all players in the round are mixed.

Or you make rounds where the skill levels are indifferent. I hope you will understand what I have written and I hope some people answer under this thread. Greetings, Leon M.

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