Best matchmaking database fortnite xbox one

best matchmaking database fortnite xbox one

Custom Matchmaking is nothing new for PC players, but for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 online fans - it's a feature that's been desired. Now that the latest patch, 1.55, is now live many are seeing the Custom Matchmaking option appear in their lobbies. As seen in our screenshot above, the option can be seen in the lobby in the bottom left hand corner. Epic Games has been pretty mum about this feature on consoles, though this is a good sign for those playing on various platforms. With Fortnite also being one of the biggest titles to stream right now, seeing more options for the streamer .

best matchmaking database fortnite xbox one

One idea I was discussing with my friends is to have matches which you could create, and it could possibly feature: -Settings to tweak such as One Shot kills, Headshots Only, Paintball mode (where your shots are displayed as paint splats), Enhanced Speed Enhanced Jump Height, Adjust Storm speed, Adjust Weapon/Item drop rates, Adjust Recoil and spread, Player Limit and more if possible.

-Past, Future and currently ongoing LTM modes such as Sniper Shootout, Solid Gold, High Explosives, 50v50, Sneaky Silencers etc. -A built in dedicated server system where you can search for created servers with tags and filter.

-An included Sandbox mode which can be used for developers and everyone else, with a spawnmenu featuring every gun, resource and item in the game, with usable bots for target practice and other uses. That's all i've got to say, thank you for reading.

best matchmaking database fortnite xbox one

best matchmaking database fortnite xbox one - Fortnite custom matchmaking keys on PS4 and Xbox One EXPLAINED

best matchmaking database fortnite xbox one

UPDATE 5 (4.30pm): Fortnite developer Epic Games has explained why the game remains offline. After telling fans that the Fortnite servers would be down for a few more hours, Epic has revealed what is causing the problem. "During our downtime to upgrade to 2.3, we were performing recommended tasks to resolve a lingering database issue," reads an Epic post. "Those tasks ended up causing the database to go into a bad state.

"After significant consideration, we decided our best option was to restore from a backup at the moment we took the servers down for the patch. "Our first restore failed (due to issues unrelated with the quality of the backup) and we're working on a second attempt at the restore." Epic has since said that servers will be back online as soon as possible. UPDATE 4: Fortnite fans have been given even more bad news, as Epic adds another few hours to the downtime. Fortnite servers will be down for "a few more hours", so expect more matchmaking disabled error messages.

"Hi all, it is looking like we are going to be down for at least a few more hours as we scale our backend systems.

We're very sorry and we're working on it." UPDATE 3: Fortnite fans have been given some bad news, as Epic confirms that server maintenance is taking longer than expected. "Update: Downtime is going longer than expected. We will update players as soon as we have more information." UPDATE 2: Fortnite developer Epic Games has posted a new update about the downtime. The Fortnite servers remain offline, and there's currently no ETA on when they'll be back. "No ETA on Fortnite's return, but we'll get you back in the game as soon as we can!" reads a new tweet.

UPDATE: Fortnite developer Epic Games has confirmed that severs are down and maintenance has started on PS4, Xbox One and PC. "Downtime has started for Patch V.2.3.0. What’s new? See for yourself in this weeks patch notes!" reads an Epic tweet. There's still no word on when Fortnite will be back online and matchmaking enabled. ORIGINAL: Fortnite servers are down, as Epic takes the game offline ahead of two major updates.

PS4, Xbox One and PC fans will notice that matchmaking has been disabled for Fortnite Battle Royale and that the servers are down. This is because Epic is releasing two new on PS4, Xbox One and PC. One update will deal with bug fixes and new content releases, while the other will fix server issues.

Developer Epic Games confirmed that Fortnite Matchmaking will be disabled while the new patches are deployed. This means that Fortnite servers will be down until the new updates have been launched successfully on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The downtime started at 9am UK time, but there's no word on how long it will last. New content includes a new Chug Jug item that can be used to fully heal health and shields in Battle Royale mode. “We’ll be starting downtime for V.2.3.0 tomorrow, January 25 at 4:00am ET (09:00am GMT). What're you pumped for?” the message from the support team reads. On top of the new Fortnite update, Epic is also deploying new server changes to the North America region.

Servers will be split into separate regions based on whether you live in east or west North America. The full patch notes can be found below: With the launch of 2.3.0, we will be making some changes to our Server Regions in North America: • North America will be split into: NA East + NA West.

• NA East servers are located in: Virginia and Ohio (this is currently NA today). • NA West servers are located in: Northern California and Oregon (new). • Many players on west coast U.S. + Canada, along with parts of Mexico, will have ping improvement ranging from minor to major (ping cut in half in some cases). • You should auto-route to the most optimal region, but we recommend double checking your settings once 2.3.0 is live. • Playing with friends in other regions is still 100% seamless.

You just party up as normal and the Party Leader's region will determine the region for the match. Why are there now two datacenters per region: • Matches are currently randomly distributed between them (Virginia/Ohio for NA East for example). • Long-term we are looking to make this more intelligent and seamlessly group players into the best possible experience.

• The datacenters within each region have very small ping variance for majority of players. • We need to run in multiple datacenters to support player counts and have redundancy in the case of datacenter-specific issues.

best matchmaking database fortnite xbox one

• • Season 7 Take to the slopes and skies in Fortnite Season 7. Explore new frosty locations, fly accross the map in a Stormwing plane, and claim your Victory Royale. Play Free Now! Creative Mode Fortnite Creative is a brand new way to experience the world of Fortnite, available on December 6. Design games, race around the island, battle your friends in new ways and build your dream Fortnite.

It’s all happening on your own private island where everything you make is saved. Game details Battle Royale: Fortnite includes Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map. A Battle Bus. Last one standing wins. Save the World: The Storm came without warning and 98% of the world’s population vanished.

You and up to 3 players lead the world’s remaining Heroes in a battle to save the World. 4K: 4K Ultra HD not available on Xbox One or Xbox One S consoles. Xbox One X Enhanced: Enhanced features for Xbox One X subject to release of a content update.

Games information at The Standard Fortnite Founder’s Pack includes access to “Save The World,” the paid Early Access PvE campaign with microtransactions. Early Access means Save The World has bugs and balance issues.

If you'd like to wait, it will be free in 2018. The Standard Founder’s Pack includes access to the “Save the World” PvE Campaign, 4 Exclusive In-Game Banner Icons, 6 Daily Loot Pinata Packs, an Exclusive Founder’s Loot Pinata Pack and access to the Free Battle Royale PvP Mode.

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