Best matchmaking picker csgo vac bans

best matchmaking picker csgo vac bans

I thought CS:Go used a point style ELO so basicly there can only ever be X number of global elites? as soon as someone is better than the worst global elite he will get demoted? on a different note, where can i find players to play competative with that are around my skill level and speak english? :( every time i cue i CS:GO Matchmaking | VAC-Ban LIVE! 3 anos atrás. The NorseCast.

best matchmaking picker csgo vac bans

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It's because I have friends of mine from the same area where I live and do not have this warning this appears 2 days Bananite 1y 1y been looking myself crosseyed for a fix on the server issue with macs .. im tired off killing russians and turks. Where is the post about it ? a link would be greatly appreciated the original author was not here anymoore thx hahaha And there it was infront of me as soon as i posted in yellow text ... omg fckn karma Bananite

best matchmaking picker csgo vac bans

best matchmaking picker csgo vac bans - CS: GO Server Picker, Matchmaker V. 0.2.7

best matchmaking picker csgo vac bans

Ok, yes this is about VAC. Here's what happened. This morning, I went to my computer, sat down, played a game of comp. I then left to go eat my breakfast and returned to play another match of competative, to have a notice saying I have a vac ban. This made me quite mad, but I forked out $20 to continue playing my faveourite game, walked down to the bank this afternoon, and payed for it on my alt account for CDN $11.99 or whatever it's on sale for right now.

I played 3 games of competative (won 2) and left due to the new cool down for unranked players. I came back later to go play some casual and the notice pops up saying im VAC banned. I just go to double check to make sure this is my alt and not my main, but it was my alt. Now, this is 2 VAC bans today!?!? What is triggering this?! Some virus?! My virus checker?!?! Any program on my computer!?!? I need answers because i've invested a ♥♥♥♥♥ ton of money into this game to have this happen unjustly.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "You justwant to be unbanned so you can cheat more and make the game suck for people." Let me just say, I wouldn't hack on a steam account with over 40 games, on an account with over 401 hours on CS:GO, with an account wih good skins, knowing very well that hacking would result in a VAC ban. I honestly feel robbed. VAC doesn't make mistakes you say?! It does apperantly, and it has happened to me.

VALVE, I'll take any help you can give me, i'm trying to be calm and trying to explain this as thouroughly as I can, but i'm honestly very upset. It's affecting my friends I played with as well, hey lost their ranks because of a screwup on VAC's part!!!!!!

I'll patiently be waiting for your response. -Andre Yes this is horrible. If i was wrongfully VaC banned for something and was innocent i would suit if not rectified.

This would be a humiliation for you AND the buddys who lose rank! To be thought of as a low life cheater by your buddys is a painful thing to endure if you DONT CHEAT. Im not at all happy that valve even will touch the players you have played with's rank. That is the MOST ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ thing i have ever seen. Valve had to know about this false/true ban for like upto 2 weeks due to the delay in the banning system to help deter further cheat developments.

So WHY would valve KNOWINGLY let LEGIT players put Upto two weeks of gaming effort and time towards ranking up in this period of time Just to give them the SHAFT? I mean how the hell are other player supposed to know that a teammate is cheating?

Its not our job to know! As a former Punk Buster Streaming admin I have put plenty of time in on doing seek and destroy on plenty of FPS aim/multihack cheaters!

I can say Its not always very easy catching them! An average user with no exp in detecting this is an issue and hope somone will cosider how the innocent surrounding the cheaters are handled!

Some say its boosting?? Welp looks like the problem would eventually level itself out if indeed a player was boosting! I can say i Personally was affected by Retro's "Ban" Im not tryn to insult here but you have never even remotely played like you were "cheating" retro. Took me by complete suprize!

I have seen so so many cheaters in this game and ive only had it two months. Im very disapointed in the prosess! This makes LEGIT players look like they had a part in the violation!

WTF? On a side note i am completely grateful at the hard work Valve puts into keeping the game clean for us to enjoy the best they can! So please dont think im just picking on valve over this! Without vac this game wouldnt even be worth playing!

Thank you valve! Please consider my thoughts on touching legit players ranks. I hope if indeed you are inocent Retro this is cleared up. Im going to do alot of research into exactly how VaC works. I just hope after learning more about this cheat detection system i still hold my point of veiw.

Again thank you for the efforts into helping keep our games clean and somewhat cheat free.

best matchmaking picker csgo vac bans

Here you can find the following topics: • 1. How to play CS GO Matchmaking & Basics of a Ranked Match • 2. About Prime Matchmaking • 3. Valves new Trust-Factor (important read) • 4. All CS GO ranks (extra article) • 5. CS GO Elo analysis + How to rank up (extra article) • 6.

Bans & Time Bans • 7. Is the CS GO matchmaking good or not? 1. What is CS GO Matchmaking & How can I play it? In CS GO you can play different game modes, the most exciting and most played is of course the CS GO matchmaking game mode. In these ranked matches you play based on your and will be queued against players with equal skill. The performance gets rewarded with a suitable . The CS GO matchmaking mode is also called CS GO classic competitive mode or CS GO ranked mode. For the CS GO matchmaking Valve created more factors to improve the competition and to make it fair at all: Valve added Prime Matchmaking, the Trust Factor and the ban system.

Requirements to play CS GO matchmaking: To play CS GO ranked matches, players just need to get to level 2 in the . The profile ranks are just a personal level system that does not have impact on CS GO matchmaking. This keeps fast smurfs away, but of course it is still easy to enter ranked matches.

How to get a matchmaking rank: To get a CS GO rank icon you have to win 10 matchmaking games, while the maximum is two per day. This means in the best case you need 5 days to get a CS GO rank. After getting the rank, the limitation is removed. This is a system to prevent new players who rush too fast into matchmaking games. Basics of a matchmaking game: • CS GO matchmaking games can be searched alone, but also with team mates.

To ensure a fair game there is a maximum allowed gap between the skill ranks (5 ranks difference is max). If 5 players group up, any skill difference is allowed. • To play CS GO matchmaking games, a search time is calculated based on the map pool and the rank, once 10 players that fit together are found the countdown of 20 seconds starts. Only if everyone accepts, the ranked match will start. • A CS GO matchmaking game takes place between 10 players in a 5vs5, the game starts when everyone has successfully connected to the server.

• The mode is Best of 30, this means the team that reaches 16 round wins first, wins the game. If both teams have 15 wins, the game ends with a draw.

• After 15 rounds the sides T/CT switch. • Each round has a starting time of 10 seconds and a fixed maximum time of 120 seconds, the end sequence is about 8 seconds. Doing the math each CS GO game requires an average of 50 minutes to accomplish but some stomps can be much faster. • Every player starts with the same amount of money, each kill in the game gets rewarded with more cash. A big part of the game is the correct timing and behaviour how to use the money individually but also as a team to make the right decisions.

• When a player disconnects from the game, he has 180 seconds to reconnect, if he wants to come back at all, this time window is fair enough. • The better team brings the win home and the winning team players will have a higher chance to . 2. CS GO Prime Matchmaking Prime Matchmaking anticipates the impact of cheaters, trolls and smurfs to improve the overall quality of CS GO competitive games.

How to get Prime Matchmaking The requirements for the CS GO Prime Matchmaking are: • Level 21 in the profile ranks (Lieutenant) OR a . • Deposit and verify your real mobile phone number. • Activate the CS GO Prime Matchmaking in a lobby.

Now the CS GO matchmaking system will only queue players against each other who have also Prime Matchmaking enabled. Same goes for groups, if at least one player has no Prime, the whole lobby can’t search for Prime Matchmaking.

3. Valves new CS GO Trust-Factor Valve realized that the Prime Matchmaking system is not perfect and needs to be adjusted. In 2017 the CS GO Trust Factor came into play: The Trust Factor estimates a players reliability with a set of mixed factors. The Problem The Prime Matchmaking system was too rough.

While it ensured a better gameplay for all Prime players, it did the exact opposite for all non Prime players. The ultimate free for all anarchy and an empire for all smurfs, cheaters and trolls were born. Even players who could play Prime could voluntarily play without Prime. But for which reasons? The Solution The CS GO Trust Factor estimates a players range of behaviour. What are the factors that come together in the Trust Factor?

• The CS GO overall playtime as well as the Steam play time of other games. • How many reports did the player and how many times got he reported? • The overall behaviour in Counterstrike Global Offensive and Steam.

• Be a positive member of the community and the Trust will increase. • Possible Factors: Amount of kicks, leaving rate and so on. It is not possible to calculate or view your own Trust-Factor, Valve is taking this secretly. Players with an equal Trust factor get queued against each other. This leads to a great gameplay for serious players. Valve claims that the system seems to work and that it was the right call.

The CS GO Trust factor will be adjusted over time to ensure a great gameplay. Well this is just the opinion of Valve – while we think it made the game better, still many ruiners troll around in higher matches.

What do you think of the Trust system? 4. All CS GO Matchmaking ranks In CS GO matchmaking games, players can achieve one of 18 skill group ranks. We recommend reading our , with cool insights. Did you know that you are better than average if you reach Gold Nova 3? 5. How to rank up in CS GO Matchmaking (CS GO Matchmaking Elo) Is it real, is there are value behind the CS GO ranking system? What is the key to rank up fast? I took a close look onto this question . What is your real rank?

6. CS GO Matchmaking Bans Ohhhhhhh you got banned! The CS GO Matchmaking ban system: Valve needs to have a ban system, to punish offense people who insult or threaten other people and ruin games on purpose. To prevent these players from taking part in the CS GO matchmaking, valve has the ban system. The CS GO ban system has multiple stages to increase the penalty ascending.

GSLT Ban – not meeting the server hosting rules 8 days ban Ruining games on purpose (trough Overwatch) 30 days ban Using CS GO cheats (trough Overwatch or Valve Anti-Cheat VAC) permanent ban What can lead to a CS GO Matchmaking ban? So what is it, people get bans for? • Two matchmaking wins on new accounts, lead to a matchmaking ban. • Leaving a CS GO matchmaking game.

• Beeing AFK for a long time. • Getting kicked too often and also trying to kick other players too often! • Teamkills, shooting too often at teammates. • As a server admin: deactivating the game server login tokens.

• Griefing: Any behaviour that ruins the game, like flaming & trolling. • Cheating: Of course, cheating in CS GO and using third party software is the biggest rule you can break and it will lead in a permanent ban. Is the CS GO Matchmaking good or not? The CS GO matchmaking is always under pressure, many people hate it and some love it.

But the most important thing is: The CS GO competitive mode is the most played game mode. It is demanding, it makes fun, it is hard. It throws 10 players into a battle field and in a short time it will be exposed if you fail or bring the victory home!

This is touching man, losing is hard, some can’t even deal with a loss. Good players try to learn from a lose and think about how to make it better next time. In my opinion, the CS GO matchmaking system works quite well, it got better in the past seasons. There will always be a or cheaters, but Valve is taking this serious and many games reach a high level. What do you think about the CS GO matchmaking system? What should Valve change? Gaming News, Guides & MoreOn you can find News and Guides for many different Online Games like Fortnite Battle Royale, Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne & Warcraft 3 Reforged or Counterstrike CS GO!

Find useful Tools, Patchnotes, Downloads and Tips & Tricks to maximize your gaming experience!

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