Best matchmaking quiz fortnite xbox 360

best matchmaking quiz fortnite xbox 360

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best matchmaking quiz fortnite xbox 360

Most games have switched over to current gen consoles and left 360 behind; from what I have seen a lot of the games still being made for 360 started on 360 and are yearly releases (like the various sports games).

Fortnite came out on current gen so on current gen it'll stay, I'm sorry to say but if you want to play StW you'll have to upgrade consoles (or get a half decent computer). To be honest if you save up a bit of money they aren't that hard to get nowadays, you can find used ones for less than 200 bucks (seen some selling for just over $100) or new ones for for $209. This may sound dumb, but why not have Fortnite on the Xbox 360?

It's a good thing because it'll be on another platform, and more people can play. The settings would have to be tuned down a bit because it's an Xbox 360, but it shouldn't be too bad. it will never happen, fortinite is focused to new consoles such as ps4,switch,and Xbox 1 Not many ppl can afford the new xbox one so it kind of not fair for those ppl so it should be.

That more money coming in for y'all from us bc if we buy a lot of v bucks from xbox 360 an ps 4, xbox one,iphone,smart phone, and Nintendo switch that money from us. Now am fine bc I got an xbox one but it not like every one got money. So just make it for xbox 360 because it will make ppl with xbox 360 happy. If u can do it for smart phones an i phone's make it for xbox 360 Are you saying you want to play on 360 cause you have rights?

Cause its Epic's right to decide what console they choose to put their game on, honestly Fortnite runs with a lot of faults on the current gen stuff so making it work on a lower tier system would only make the problems more egregious. If you want to play Save the World then invest in a current gaming platform (I can easily find Ones for $200, just ask for it for Christmas or a birthday as your only present and there you go cause you get a bunch of V-Bucks in the beginning).

best matchmaking quiz fortnite xbox 360

best matchmaking quiz fortnite xbox 360 - Fortnite custom matchmaking keys EXPLAINED: How do you get a custom match on PS4 and Xbox?

best matchmaking quiz fortnite xbox 360

Several fresh and exciting game announcements came out of this year’s SPIKE TV Video Game Awards. Most showcased new entries in an already high profile series, some created incredible buzz (check our preview of The Last of Us), while others received only mild applause.

Then there was the oddball of the bunch, a quirky, cartoonish, zombie-infested game called Fortnite. There are two major reasons that Fortnite is likely to stay on the gaming radar until its release, whenever that may be.

First is that it’s being developed by Epic Games, a longstanding and respectable studio that has sucked away hundreds of hours of our lives with Unreal, Infinity Blade, and Gears of War, just to name a few. Under the direction of Epic icon Cliff Bleszinski and lead designer Lee Perry, this fresh entry is certainly in capable hands, and we expect nothing less than a perfectly polished product in the end.

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best matchmaking quiz fortnite xbox 360

It wasn’t announced by Epic Games but it appears that testing may have started on PS4 and Xbox One for Fortnite custom matchmaking games.

There have been reports that the button is now live on consoles, giving players the chance to set their own parameters. While it doesn’t appear that Fortnite Custom games are currently available to play publicly, there’s the chance that codes for it have been made available to some players. For those who want access to the feature, they will be prompted to put in a code, something that hasn’t been revealed by Epic Games. It’s likely that Twitch streamers and YouTube players will have first dibs on the new feature for console players.

The last time Epic Games opened up Custom Matchmaking in a big way was during the Dreamhack event in December 2017.

“The “Custom Matchmaking” button will be disabled at the end of the event and cannot be used outside of the event,” Epic Games wrote at the time. “We will share more information on private matches and how you can use them in the new year. “In the meantime, we know that you know there are lots of uses for private matches. Let us know how you would like to see private matches used.” Fans will likely hear more about the returning feature soon, especially if Epic Games are expanding who has access to it.

As the name suggests, Fortnite Custom Matches give players more control over the rules and options of the game. It also stops people being dropped into random lobbies, and gives them more power over who they play against.

The Custom matchmaking button started appearing after the recent launch of the new Fortnite update. Battle Royale and Save the World update 3.51 went live earlier today on PS4, Xbox One, PC and iOS devices. The new update fixes issues with the new Replay system, and also makes some animation improvements. It also fixes an issue where players could fire weapons before the equip animation had finished. This was happening when players were sprinting.

Another handy feature is the ability for PC users to assign the ‘Building Edit’ hotkey to keys other than ‘G'. Save the World updates include a change to the way event tickets are converted. "We’ve changed the way we convert event tickets," Epic explains. "Players get 1 event Llama per 1000 tickets and 1 Llama for any tickets left over." More updates are expected to arrive over the coming weeks, with fans still waiting for the launch of the new Jetpack item promised by Epic Games earlier in 2018.

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