Best matchmaking rainbow six siege error 2-0x0000d013d

best matchmaking rainbow six siege error 2-0x0000d013d

Rainbow Six: Siege Ubisoft representatives monitor and reply with information when possible. - Community Representatives: u/Ubi-Zoro, u/UbiPasta. - Community Managers: u/Ubi-Ludo, u/UbiNoty Four of the best teams from the Asia-Pacific region will compete for a total of AUD$25,000! Read More. Canadian Nationals Season 2 Finals From our investigation, we have determined that the matchmaking errors appear to be primarily impacting NA players on all platforms. A potential temporary workaround for players experiencing the matchmaking errors is to manually set your DNS to Google's Public DNS >> instructions here. At this time, we are continuing to work closely with our partners to further locate the underlying cause so as to resolve it.

best matchmaking rainbow six siege error 2-0x0000d013d

is one of the most popular PvP FPS titles on the market for a reason, but even with all the polish it's been getting, problems do pop up from time to time. If you've been dealing with Rainbow Six Siege matchmaking problems, chances are that you've come across Error 2-0x0000d00a. Rainbow Six Siege Error Code 2-0x0000d00a is a matchmaking service error, and signifies a loss of connection between you and other players.

Sadly, it's been getting more persistent over the past few days. What does Rainbow Six Siege Error 2-0x0000d00a mean? Rainbow Six Siege Error 2-0x0000d00a means that your own connection to the game's matchmaking service has timed out or, alternatively, that there has been a loss of connection between you and any other number of players you're playing with at any given moment.

Players have been that there's apparently no way for the issue to be resolved client-side. The Ubisoft do not seem to help this time around, sadly, and it seems that it's up to Ubisoft to fix their matchmaking service on their end. Ubisoft have been hard at work trying to fix Error 2-0x0000d00a, but according to their , there's no ETA yet on when a fix might be coming!

This is problematic, for obvious reasons. Stay tuned for more on this dreaded error as the situation develops. Related Games: Source:

best matchmaking rainbow six siege error 2-0x0000d013d

best matchmaking rainbow six siege error 2-0x0000d013d - Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.1.3 Brings Severe Issues: Force Change NAT Types, Server Errors, And Loss Of MMR Points For Winning Ranked Matches

best matchmaking rainbow six siege error 2-0x0000d013d

, the steps below may also help for error codes 6-0x00001000 and 2-0x0000D0012. Critically important before you proceed is that I can’t give you a guarantee that these steps will solve your problem for you, just that they’ve helped some people. These steps are also meant for Windows (i.e. PC), but I’ve heard that you can access similar settings on PS4 and Xbox One. Image courtesy of . First up, Ubisoft has a set of steps you can take to try to fix connectivity problems in general. Articles by platform (each link is en-US): • • • If you solve the issue using the steps on those articles – great!

You don’t need to do anything else. If you’re still having trouble after following the steps in the articles above, you can try switching DNS servers. Again: this is not guaranteed to solve your issue, but it’s worked for some people and carries minimal downside or risk, so it’s probably worth a shot.

• Press Windows key + R on your keyboard. This will open up the “Run” window. • Type in “ ncpa.cpl” into the box (as shown above) and then press Enter on your keyboard. This will open up a new window that should look something like the screenshot below. • Locate the connection which you are using whenever you play Siege. For example, you might have a laptop with both a wireless and wired connection, but if you only ever play Siege while on the wired connection, then you only need to worry about that connection right now.

If you’re not sure which of the connections displayed you usually use, switch this window’s view to Details, and then narrow your search to any connection with Internet Access listed under the Connectivity column.

If you’re still unsure, you can right-click on each of those with Internet Access and click on Status. Look towards the bottom underneath the “Activity” section where there are a bunch of numbers.

Whichever connection has the biggest numbers here is probably the connection you use most. • Once you’ve located the correct connection, right-click on it and select Properties. • From here, locate and select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the list, then press the Properties button in the lower half of the screen.

Don’t worry about IPv6 or anything else in the list. • On the bottom half of the TCP/IPv4 Properties window, you most likely have “Obtain DNS server address automatically” selected. If this is the case, instead select “Use the following DNS server addresses”. If you already have DNS servers manually specified, copy down the numbers listed so that if you have any problems you can easily undo any changes you’re about to make.

• For the Preferred DNS server, put For the Alternative DNS server, put (the dots between the numbers are already present, so you don’t have to actually type those when entering the numbers). Press OK to close the window, and do so on the previous window as well. • That’s it! These changes should take effect immediately. Check that you still have a working connection by visiting some websites – if they fail to load, double-check that you’ve followed the steps correctly.

Even in the worst case scenario you can undo any of the changes you’ve made easily and try a different solution. If everything goes to plan, you should be able to play Siege smoothly now! Hopefully your connection is no longer jammed. Image credit: . I don’t have a PS4 or Xbox One to test this process on, so I unfortunately can’t outline a step-by-step guide for those platforms. If you want to do this on one of those consoles, try searching online for “change DNS ”.

If these steps don’t fix the problem for you, feel free to let me know and give others other solutions in the comments, but I can’t provide tech support.

If you need that, contact . • This method has the same result as opening Control Panel and navigating there manually. • There are plenty of other DNS servers you could use here. I’ve chosen these two in this example because the numbers are easy to remember, and the DNS services are large, robust, fast, and more privacy-respecting than the commonly-used Google DNS.

If you want to find out more about each of these two DNS providers check out and respectively. I’ve used two different DNS providers in the odd event that one provider has an issue. Categories

best matchmaking rainbow six siege error 2-0x0000d013d

So since new season this error pop up almost at every fifth game ! It's kinda annoying because dropping me out from the good team..We all know how hard is to find a proper team in siege and after that we are kicked by the system ! This is started with the red crow season ! Developers im asking you to check this bug i have a printscreen about the error ! Lets hope you can find a solution for that ! I love how they give all these network instructions.

But I can play online by myself just not in a squad, so that makes no sense. I have open NAT type and have no other issues than not being able to actually play with friends. If I would have know this before hand I would not have wasted money on this game. my problem is even why i try to play alone i cant. i get the same error. i am stuck in a looping "joiing gaming session" then after 10min i get match making error been playing this game for a year now with no issue, suddenly i get this after patch 5.3.

my nat type is open, i have all ports forwarded since day 1. In order to create threads, posts, and interact with the Ubisoft forums you need to have a Ubisoft account with a verified email address.

Verifying your email address also improves the security of your Ubisoft account, helps us provide you better support, and ensures you don't miss out on exclusive content, newsletters, and other special offers.

The email address for your Ubisoft account is currently: We have sent you an e-mail to enable you to verify your email address. Please read and follow the instructions provided to complete this process.

If this email address is not valid, or you no longer have access to it, you can update your account details at or visit to open a support ticket.

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