Best matchmaking show the usa

best matchmaking show the usa

What are the best matches ever? Who knows? We haven’t seen every single match ever Mick Foley described the bout best when he told that his clash with Austin was, The kind of match you could show to someone and say, 'This is why I’m a wrestling fan.' It was wild for all the right reasons. This match had it all, from Pat Patterson’s over-the-top ring announcements to the final chaotic moments that led to The Texas Rattlesnake using Mr. McMahon’s lifeless arm to make the three-count.

best matchmaking show the usa

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best matchmaking show the usa

best matchmaking show the usa - The Big Show: Profile & Match Listing

best matchmaking show the usa

With so many networks out in the media, it is really exciting to identify the TV shows that are popular for its uniqueness and out of box storyline. Hence we have presented the record of the TV shows that have been voted as the best and are also worth watching throughout the year 2013. Though these television shows have already produced a number of seasons during the past years they still continue to remain the beloved among the small screen audience.

Quickly dive into the depth of the top 10 TV shows in US 2013. Top Ten Most Popular TV Shows in US 2013 Peep in to see if any of your favourite TV show has been included in the list of top ten TV shows in US.

1. Girls The unusual, provocative and addictive “Girls” is an American TV Show that has hit the top position for the year 2013. Its second season had been aired from 13 th January till 17 th March 2013 with a total of ten episodes.

It is based on the experiences of the show’s creator as well as a popular American actress – Lena Dunham. Currently it is the most pristine teen show that any teenage girl would love to watch. 2. The Following The Following has been the most applauded crime show that premier on Fox from 21 st January to 29 th April 2013.

It has been regarded as one of the top TV shows in the US where an FBI agent lays trap to get hold off a serial slayer along with his homicidal cult. A joint production by Warner Bros.

and Outerbanks Entertainment, The Following is the creation of Kevin Williamson. Its second season is scheduled for 2014. 3. The Voice With the concept of finding new singing talent, The Voice is an American singing reality show premiered by NBC since 25 th March 2013. The show had garnered 6 rating this year and had even displaced “American Idol” stating a new era for singing aptitude.

While Usher, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Shakira are the judges, the show is hosted by Carson Daly and Christina Milian. Besides the show employs a jury of four coaches who evaluates the artists’ performances. 4. Elementary The Elementary is yet another top TV shows in the US where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character Sherlock Holmes has been renewed with contemporary updates.

The clever and pristine crime bureaucratic that can make your nerves numb at times has made the TV show notorious among its fan. Elementary ran on CBS from 27 th September 2012 until 16 th May 2013 summing up with 24 episodes.

Jonny Lee Miller as detective Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson have been casted to solve some of the most thrilling crime cases in United States. 5. Castle The joint production of ABC Studios and Beacon Pictures the Castle has seized the fifth position among the top 10 TV shows in US 2013.

The crime drama sketches its storyline with its lead protagonist as a best-selling mystery novelist cum detective. Castle’s season five is a part of the small screen since 24 th September 2012 and its finale is scheduled for 10 th September 2013. The current season will feature 24 episodes. 6. The Walking Dead One of the most watched drama, The Walking Dead has once again been rated as a top US TV show. Its exhilarating episodes started off on 14 th October 2012 and continued till 31 st March 2013 garnering almost 12.4 million viewers.

The plots have been adapted from the renowned comic book of the same title, created by Robert Kirkman. AMC has till now aired three seasons of the awful TV show while its 4 th season is dated for 13 th October 2013. 7. The Big Bang Theory The contrast personality of the five central characters is the main attraction that pushes The Big Bang Theory to occupy the seventh position among the top 10 TV shows in the US. The last episode of its sixth season was aired on 16 th may 2013 and has received end number of praises for its comic side.

Premiered on CBS, the seventh season of the show has been scheduled for September 2013 making it one of the . 8. Breaking Bad Regarded as one of the greatest TV dramas of all time, Breaking Bad has won seven Primetime Emmy Awards. The American drama revolves around the life of a Chemistry teacher who turns to committing crimes by producing and selling methamphetamine with a former student. Its fifth as well as the final season has been divided in two sequences.

The first half was aired from 15 th July 2012 – 2 nd September 2012 while the second half will start off from 11 August 2013. 9. Dexter Dexter Morgan, the main character of the American TV show Dexter has become a common household name in the States. Smart with a sense of humour, he is not only a forensics expert but is also a shrewd serial slayer.

His double faced character has made the show rank among the top 10 TV shows in United States. Its eighth season has started premiering recently from 30 th June 2013 but has already garnered more than 3 million viewers. 10. America’s Got Talent NBC’s top rated TV show America’s Got Talent wraps up the record of top 10 TV Shows in US 2013.

Being a talent show it is also one of the besides features like singing, comedy and magic. This reality show debuted in 2006 and its 8 th season has started airing since 4 th June 2013.

Featuring a colourful group of hopeful stars, the show is a true celebration of the American spirit. This entry was posted in on . Post navigation ||

best matchmaking show the usa

America! The red white and blue and television shows. That is the saying, right? In any case, there are lots of American TV shows, in the sense that they have the actual word "American" right there in their title in the TV guide.

Most are also made in the US, for American audiences, though maybe people in New Zealand also like American Dad, who can be sure. All this list is here to tell you is that there are lots of American television shows and these are the best of them.

"Isn't it all just American Idol and American Gladiators and Real American Housewives or whatever other reality nonsense?" you're probably thinking. No, not at all. There is also The Americans, which is about spies!

Spies! Then you have good American TV series like American Horror Story, which is pretty scary, but has Lady Gaga and American treasure Jessica Lange. Also on this American shows list is Fievel's American Tails. You might be thinking that was just an , but come on, it's Hollywood. They'll make a TV show out of anything at all!Vote up the best American shows listed here or even add some more, as long as the word "American" is in the name of the show.

Just "America" isn't good enough; only true "American" series. Otherwise the will be very upset. Photo:

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