Best modern matchmaker seattle

best modern matchmaker seattle

The Best Matchmakers in Seattle on Yelp. Read about places like: Simply Matchmaking, The Fun Singles, Seattle Date Doctor, Tango Speed Dating by … Straight To The Heart • Matchmaker Seattle • (425) 954 … Seattle's #1 Matchmaking Service. We deliver professional matchmaking services with a personal touch. Find your match with the best matchmaker Seattle has. Seattle Matchmaker | Dating Over 40 - Real Seattle …

best modern matchmaker seattle

Exclusive Matchmaking is a selective, confidential matchmaking company for upscale, professional singles in Seattle looking to find love. All the good ones aren’t taken; you just need our help finding the one! Susan Trombetti can introduce you to eligible, discerning singles in Seattle that share the same spark and chemistry.

We offer a personalized Seattle matchmaking service designed to fit your needs. The right person is out there just awaiting an introduction, and we can find that special someone for you. Our focus is to invest our time in helping you meet that special someone. Let Exclusive Matchmaking worry about your love life!! Don’t Think You Have Time To Find Love? That’s What Our Seattle Matchmaking Services Are For! You don’t have to put yourself out there to find someone. We do it for you, and qualify the person before we make the introduction.

We invest the time to carefully select a successful, commitment-minded catch, who shares that “spark.” Exclusive Matchmaking also offers full confidentiality. Sure, you may think you are too busy, too shy or not ready to date, but in reality, you may be the one holding yourself back.

Susan Trombetti’s unique ability to help bring out the best in you, and match you with eligible singles, will boost your confidence and land you more dates with the “right” singles in Seattle. What Does Our Seattle Matchmaking Service Offer? Susan Trombetti, a professional matchmaker and relationship expert, will meet with you, get to know you, and recommend a highly individualized course of action, helping you find the perfect match in Seattle.

From matchmaking and dating advice, to image consultations and style tips, Susan Trombetti’s expertise will help take your Seattle dating life to the next level.

Finding singles in Seattle, who are available and share similar interests may seem like a daunting task, but it does not have to be! There are people in town who could be the perfect match for you…you may just need a little help finding “the one.” We offer many Seattle matchmaking services to help men and women find the perfect match: • Professional Matchmaking • Dating/Relationship Coaching • Dating Questions • Relationship Consultations • Online Dating Services • Style Makeovers If you are a discerning, successful, single man or woman in Seattle and have been searching for the one, contact us to be considered as a client.

Why wait? Transform your dating life today with our Seattle matchmaking services! Susan Trombetti’s expertise has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Date Night Magazine, and Cupid’s Pulse. For her advice on relationships and matchmaking, check out Susan’s magazine features . Still Not Sure You Should Try Our Seattle Matchmaking Services? Professional matchmakers work. Many people are very focused on their careers, families and lives, which sometimes mean their love life suffers.

Susan Trombetti’s unique approach to Seattle matchmaking is highly individualized and personable. Each client receives an initial consultation before being set up on dates, to ensure they explore the traits they want in a potential match.

Our matchmaking services are comprehensive and transformative. Think all the eligible singles in Seattle are taken? Think again! to learn more or ask a dating question today!

best modern matchmaker seattle

best modern matchmaker seattle - Matchmaking in Seattle

best modern matchmaker seattle

Today’s Feedback Friday is from an IJL Seattle male client who just went on his second IJL date. This was his experience: “It went really well!

It was a pleasant evening. She was attractive, intelligent and a great conversationalist. I liked that she is a successful business woman and a stable mother. I’m really pleased with this date and I’m excited to get to know her more!” -IJL Seattle male client, age 68 This client was previously married 30 years, so his experience goes to show that you can find romance and a connection at any life stage! Happy Dating! -Your It’s Just Lunch Seattle Matchmaker, Oh Broadway.

It’s packed with hip and trendy boutiques, new condos, great restaurants and bars and a bunch of other spots you undoubtably have to check out.

The unending allure of Broadway in Seattle’s trendy Capitol Hill has since been highlighted and, arguably, enhanced by the newly-finished light rail system.

So if there was ever a time to go ahead and venture over to Broadway street, it’s now. It’s easily Seattle’s most iconic street, so instead of heading straight to Pike/ Pine, check out some of the below spots on Broadway first!

Lionhead The dishes range from steaming bowls of buckwheat noodles to steamed buns filled with braised beef tendon, and Ma Po Doufu, a pork stew, and tofu, which means there is something for everyone to enjoy ☺ This is a Sichaun spot that Jerry Traunfeld opened right next door to Poppy. If you don’t know about Jerry, you must… Poppy Jerry Traunfeld is known as chef at the amazing Herbfarm in Woodinville, where he has made an art of Indian-inspired dishes using Northwest ingredients.

Stop by this sweet staffed, enthusiastically colored restaurant and try one of the daily Thalis (for less than $30, will get you a half-dozen constantly changing delicacies as well as the best naan, oven-baked flatbread, in the city)! Ha Na Try this spot if you are craving a great fish spot with fresh sushi. It is almost always full of locals who appreciate that it’s a little cheaper than Cap Hill’s other raw seafood joints.

It’s also a favorite for locals since it has been posted up in the unique Broadway Alley building forever, it includes a little piece of Seattle history as well. Dilettante Mocha Café Try it for a sweet treat, this cafe features a newer version of the local chocolate producer’s flagship location (which was on Broadway from 1975-2008).

It features the same delicious mochas and desserts as the older places, but has added a full menu as well as a sleek martini bar, which includes a Mexican chocolate drink, hazelnut espresso, and also a version infused with cayenne pepper. Happy exploring and, as always, happy dating! -Your It’s Just Lunch Seattle Matchmaker, We’re all about communication, honesty and a willingness to be boldly transparent when you’re on a date.

After all, how are you going to build a potentially long-lasting relationship with someone, if you have your figurative walls up?

Being open with someone – and being willing to share certain aspects of yourself, your life, your goals, your possible future – is a pivotal part of the dating process.

However, there are some things you absolutely just shouldn’t say on a first date. Even if they’re true; even if they’re completely accurate and you would be 100% forthright in your confession; there are just some things that are either A) better left unsaid, or B) Never said at all.

So, with that in mind, here are just a few things that you should never, absolutely ever, say on a first date: “I just finished cyber-stalking my ex.” Just, don’t. Don’t. Even if you’re still having a difficult time completely letting go of your ex-husband/wife/significant other/lover/whoever, don’t admit to it.

Don’t let your date know that while they’re going on about their favorite movies, you’re thinking about what your ex is doing and who they’re doing it with.

Does it take time to get over a relationship? Of course, sometimes it really does and sometimes it is completely warranted. Just, you know, put on a brave face and don’t admit to it on a first date.

“I’m finished with my antibiotics in about 2-3 days.” If the antibiotics are for a serious cold, you shouldn’t be on a date in the first place! If the antibiotics are for a sexually transmitted disease, well hey, stuff happens and we’re so very glad that you’re being safe and treating your symptoms and yes, talking about safe sex and disclosing any potential issues with a future partner is vital; but not on a first date. Not unless, of course, you plan on having sex on a first date.

But if you aren’t and your “issue” is going to be cleared up in a few days, there’s honestly no point. Keep your burning loins, to yourself.

“My period is almost over.” Again, periods aren’t “gross” and there’s no reason any woman should feel ashamed of a very natural bodily function, but there are some natural bodily functions that just don’t need to be discussed on a first date, at the dinner table while cocktails are being consumed and appetizers are being served. “I slept with our server. I hope that’s not weird.” There’s honestly just no reason to be divulging you sexual past to someone on a first date.

They shouldn’t be asking, and you really don’t need to be willingly telling. A) that’s no one’s business and B) we can’t tell you that going down the list of past sexual encounters makes for great first date conversation. We definitely encourage an open line of communication between you and your date, and that is best established through honesty and a willingness to open up and share.

Just, you know, don’t open up and share too much. Happy Dating! -Your It’s Just Lunch Matchmakers, Today’s Feedback Friday is from an male client who just had his first date. He was a little hesitant going in about what to expect, but this is what he had to say afterwards: “She was very nice and cool, good personality, gorgeous girl, smart and easy conversation.

The time flew and we exchanged numbers at the end. I already asked her out again and we’re planning to get together next week. You guys did really well!” -IJL male client, 47 Trusting us with your dating life can be a big leap of faith, but you’ll never know unless you jump in with both feet – the journey is what makes the end result worth it!

Happy Dating! -Your It’s Just Lunch Seattle Matchmaker, There are tons of fun, tasty spring events going on in the Seattle area over the next month. All are guaranteed to be delicious, fun and full of entertainment. So plan ahead, pick a festival (or a couple) from below, and set that date! Taste Washington; Thursday March 31- Sunday April 3 rd ; CenturyLink Field Taste Washington, the country’s largest regional wine festival, has four days of events at CenturyLink Field.

The festival highlights on that Saturday and Sunday with the Grand Tasting, (from 1-5pm) which has wines from over 225 wineries and food from over 65 restaurants. There are also VIP tickets available for the event, which includes access to the “Barrel Room”, a swag bag, and exclusive lounge. Emerald City Comicon; Thursday April 7- Sunday April 10; Washington State Convention Center Get a ticket before they are all gone! Visit the Northwest’s biggest “geek” extravaganza (outside San Diego) at the Washington State Convention Center.

It is the premier pop culture and comic book convention featuring panels, exhibits, celebrity guests and more! The Northwest Tequila & Agave Spirits Fest; Friday April 22-Saturday April 23; Fremont Foundry The Fest was started in 2012, celebrating the love of tequila and mezcal. This fest has a new location and a newly expanded schedule, over 2 days is twice the fun!

Plan on over 130 bottles of the best agave-based booze around. These features are unique, whether mixed in a cocktail, on the rocks or straight up. The event is mainly indoor, but there is a courtyard and a large rooftop deck that features a VIP lounge.

The party features music, nibbles from Seattle area restaurants, and seminars. Washington Beer Collaboration Festival, Friday April 22-Saturday April 23; South Lake Union Discovery Center Lawn This festival is a unique style of brew fest featuring 50 local breweries, but only 25 collaboration beers. These beers highlight the creativity and collaborative spirit of the Washington Beer community. Enjot tastings and snack from several different food trucks, including Woodshop BBQ and Nosh.

Have fun and happy dating! -Your It’s Just Lunch Seattle Matchmaker, The only thing better than a first date, is a second one. However, turning a first date into a second date can, at times, be difficult. Connection aren’t always mutual, schedules don’t always synch and some people just aren’t as well intentioned as others. However, if you’ve just had an amazing first date and you’re adamant about seeing that potentially special someone again, here are three easy ways you can turn that first date, into date number two.

Follow Up Like A Boss Don’t be afraid to be the first to reach out. There’s no reason why you should adhere to an aging social standard that says the man should be the one to call, and you definitely don’t need to follow some fictitious rule like “wait three days”.

If you like them and want to see them again, let them know! It’s honestly that simple. Call, Don’t Text We understand that technology has dictated how we interact with one another, but a call is more meaningful than a text message. It just, well, is.

If you feel uncomfortable calling, we understand and maybe, for you, text messaging is the way to go. But if you think you can stomach an actual phone call, do it. The fact that you made the time to speak into a phone and hear their voice on the other end, won’t go unnoticed. Be Flexible If you want to see someone again, then you need to make it a priority.

Securing a second date is the start of compromise; the very compromise you would have to uphold when in a long-term relationship. So don’t be surprised if seeing your date again would mean moving your schedule around or pulling an all-nighter one day a week for work.

When you’re beginning to engage in a relationship, it’s important to remember that you’re not the only one involved. At the end of the day, how your first date is going to dictate whether or not it turns into a second, but there are things you can do after your date is over to help ensure that you see that person again.

It’s all about continuously engaging, being honest, and having the courage to put yourself out there. Happy Dating! -Your It’s Just Lunch Seattle Matchmakers, Today’s Feedback Friday is from an female client who recently emailed me about an interesting coincidence that happened to her: “Kayla, I thought you’d get a kick out of this.

Today I was riding the bicycle at the gym next to a woman I talk to occasionally. She mentioned to me that her sister was having a really good time with the man she met a year ago. When I asked her how they met she said It’s Just Lunch.

She suggested that I join IJL. Her son also used IJL. She ranted and raved about how good you guys are over there. I let her go on and on and then finally I confessed to her that I had recently joined. She’s very excited for me. Hey, I’m excited for me too!” -IJL Seattle female client, age 61 We always appreciate when clients spread the word about their great experiences with IJL.

Hearing such rave reviews like this one helps clients get even more excited about the process! Happy Dating! -Your It’s Just Lunch Seattle Matchmaker, Dating is hard for everyone, but it can be especially hard for a single parent. You’re decision, who you associate yourself with and who you decide to be romantically involved with affect more than just yourself, and the weight of your decisions is substantially heavier when children are involved.

But just because you’re a parent, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the same love, romance and prospects as anyone else. Which is why, when you’re a single parent, you’re still entitled to a romantic life. The balance may be difficult to find, but here are a few ways to make dating when you’re a parent, easier. Be Honest, Upfront And Always Having a child isn’t a piece of information you should ever feel like you should hide, and it most certainly help your dating life to avoid talking about your life in an organic and honest way.

Be upfront about your situation; let your date know that yes, you’re a parent and yes, you’re up for (insert: whatever it is you’re up for). Communication is key when it comes to dating, for anyone, but especially when you’re a parent.

Take The Time To Self-Examinate It might be uncomfortable or awkward or even painful, but looking inward is key when you’re dating. Learn to be honest with yourself. Figure out what it is you’re looking for, want and need. You can’t be truthful with someone, if you’re not truthful with yourself, first. Talk To Your Kids If your children are old enough to understand, be upfront and honest with them. There’s no reason to keep them in the dark as, well, let’s be honest: kids are smart.

You don’t want your child to feel like you’re abandoning them, hurting them or putting them last on your list of important people, so be truthful about your intentions. Let them know that romance is important to everyone, and everyone definitely includes you. Separate Your Dating Life From Your Parenting Life (For Now) Being a parent means, more often than not, protecting your children. There’s no reason to involve your kid in your romantic conquests, until you feel like someone is in it for the long haul.

We’re not saying that it’s healthy to lie to your kid, but we are saying that it’s healthy to protect your kid form a possible let down of what could turn into a revolving door or dating prospects. Don’t introduce your children to your date, until you are certain your date is going to stick around.

Find A Balance Because you’re a parent, you’re incapable of investing all of who you are in one particular thing. Dating is just one facet of your complex life, so find a balance between being a parent, a coworker, a friend, and a date. You can put off a date to spend time with your kid; that’s completely warranted and healthy. And you can find someone to spend time with your kid, while you go on a date; that’s also completely healthy and warranted.

Don’t let your guilt force you into putting too much time into one thing. Being a human is complicated and complex. Dating is hard for everyone, but that definitely doesn’t mean it isn’t also worth it.

For everyone. So whether you’re a single parent or just single, enjoy yourself, have fun and give yourself the opportunity to find the love of your life. Happy Dating! -Your It’s Just Lunch Seattle Matchmakers, Today’s Feedback Friday is from an female client who has been in a relationship through us for 4 months. She called this week to inform us that things are going wonderfully and they are still so happy together! She said, “I still can’t believe how much we have in common and how well we get along.

I’m meeting his entire family next month and we couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much for introducing us, we would have never met otherwise!” -IJL female client, age 49 We absolutely LOVE when clients in IJL relationships call to update us on how well things are going.

Looking forward to receiving a picture of this happy couple to add to our Love Wall! Happy Dating! -Your It’s Just Lunch Seattle Matchmaker, It is time to get creative on your dates and take advantage of the spring weather. There is so much to see and do in Seattle while getting to know your date in a fun setting. In case you missed it, last month’s spring date ideas were: bocce ball, mini golf, rooftop happy hours, watching the sun rise and take a hike, take a bike ride, or attend a sporting event.

Here are some other second date spring ideas: Go wine tasting This is the classy way to grab a drink; you will learn a thing or two about grapes, vintages, and after a glass or two, more importantly about your date. Try Taste Washington, the country’s largest regional wine festival, with four days of events (March 31-April 3), at CenturyLink Field. The festival highlights on Saturday and Sunday the Grand Tasting, which has wines from over 225 wineries and food from over 65 restaurants.

Rent roller-skates, blades or bikes There is a reason roller stating/ blading is still around- it is a great time! (And you may even get to hold hands). Take in the scenery at Greenlake, Alki, or Burke Gilman Trail. Explore the city a bit and then try a happy hour as your reward. Go to the beach, watch the sunset and have a bonfire Yes, you may have to bundle up, but head to the beach and watch the sunset. Try Golden Gardens, get the fire pit going, sit on the beach and chat while having a cocktail.

Don’t be afraid to be old school and make some s’mores! So simple and a fun date to remember. Pick up take-out and picnic at Gas Works Park Pick up your favorite take-out and bring your picnic and a bottle of wine to the hill at Gas Works Park.

The views at sunset are just phenomenal and you can relax on the picnic blanket and get to know each other better. Wander down to the Ballard Locks This is a great weekend date idea, with great views of sailboats, motorboats and yachts passing through the locks. You can walk through and check out the sights, then head to the Ballard side and enjoy a happy hour or dessert. Take a ferry ride Enjoy the sights on a ferry ride with your date. Once you get to Colman Dock the fee is $8 to walk on and ride to Bainbridge Island or Bremerton.

Pack your own snacks and then find a fun restaurant once you get there. Happy Dating! -Your It’s Just Lunch Seattle Matchmaker,

best modern matchmaker seattle

Simply Matchmaking is a customized matchmaking agency that focuses on bringing relationships and the dating experience back to basics. Unlike other companies, they eliminate the online aspect of today’s dating world and take an honest approach to traditional dating by deeply getting to know every man and woman within their network. Serving Seattle, Bellevue and all throughout the Pacific Northwest, they value the importance of time for their clients, making the process simple and comfortable by placing all of the work in the hands of their team.

Recognized by King 5’s Best of Western Washington and the Seattle A-List as the Number One Matchmaker in the Puget Sound Region, Simply Matchmaking has developed their success through their personalized approach that has resulted in countless successful matches.

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