Best monitors for dual monitor setup 2018

best monitors for dual monitor setup 2018

Looking for the best monitor for a dual or multiple monitor setup? Check out the most affordable and the best displays to boost your productivity!. Top 6 Best Monitors For Dual Setup In 2018.

best monitors for dual monitor setup 2018

Looking for a good and reliable display for a multi-monitor setup? In this guide, you will find the most cost-effective displays for the best dual monitor setup, including monitors with thin bezels, plenty of screen space, VESA mount, and other useful features for office, professional, and productivity work.

These are the best monitors for a multiple monitor setup. As you can see, they differentiate by screen size and as well as connectivity options, VESA mount compatibility, and even . In order to ensure that you’re getting the right monitor, make sure your graphics card can support the resolution you want and that its ports match that of the monitor. Also, note that all monitors in this list have an integrated low blue light filter and a flicker-free screen.

In case you are sensitive to screen flicker or you often work for a prolonged time or at night, these two features will prevent eye fatigue and headaches. For gaming, we don’t recommend dual monitors as you’d always have the annoying gap right in the center of the screen – unless you plan on gaming on one monitor and web surfing, chatting, etc on the other.

A triple monitor setup for gaming makes more sense as you simply extend the screen at the sides. But this method is more expensive, and if you’re after such an immersive gameplay experience, you should consider getting an .

If a monitor supports VESA mount, you can also detach its base and mount it on a third-party desk or wall mount which will give you more desk space and therefore further increase your productivity. In case the monitor has no VESA mount compatibility and limited ergonomics, you may want a monitor riser so that you can adjust the perfect height of the screen for your viewing position. Visit our for the best deals. About the Monitor The Acer SB220Q is not just the best monitor for a cheap dual monitor setup, it’s the best budget monitor for gaming and overall everyday use under $100.

You can read our full review of it . Image Quality The monitor is based on an IPS panel which will provide you with vibrant and consistent colors and wide viewing angles meaning that the picture won’t shift in color, contrast, or brightness if you’re looking at the screen for skewed angles.

So, if you were to take three of these screens and align them at an angle to form a cockpit-style screen, the image of the monitors at the sides wouldn’t degrade in quality. Although the Acer SB220Q is only 21.5″ in size, it has a Full HD screen resolution which will provide you with a rich pixel density, or in other words, plenty of screen real estate for your apps, browsers, and whatnot. Features As previously mentioned, the Acer SB220Q is also great for gaming.

You get the technology which allows you to synchronize the monitor’s refresh rate with GPU’s frame rate thus eliminating screen tearing and stuttering – given that you have an AMD FreeSync card.

Moreover, the monitor offers a 75Hz refresh rate which gives you a small but noticeable boost in motion clarity for fast-paced gaming. Other gaming related features include ‘Aim Point’ with customizable crosshairs, ‘Black Boost’ for better visibility in dark games, and pre-calibrated picture presets. Design & Connectivity Unfortunately, the Acer SB220Q monitor has a tilt-only design and lacks the VESA mount pattern.

So, if you want to be able to adjust its height, you will need a dual/triple monitor stand riser such as . As you can see, the display has very thin bezels and a slim design which makes it ideal for a multi-monitor setup. Connectivity consists of one HDMI, one VGA (D-Sub), and a headphones jack. Summary Overall, the Acer SB220Q 75Hz display is the best monitor you can get under $100 – period. It’s also a new panel, but it will be dethroning the more popular yet inferior in no time.

Due to its affordable price and gaming features, the Acer SB220Q is also the best monitor for triple monitor setup for gaming. About the Monitor The HP VH240a is slightly more expensive than the Acer SB220Q but it will provide you with a larger screen, a fully ergonomic stand, VESA mount, and built-in speakers.

Image Quality Just like the SB220Q, the HP VH240a features an IPS panel with rich colors, wide viewing angles, and Full HD resolution. However, it lacks gaming features such as AMD FreeSync, 75Hz, and crosshair overlays.

Since you can pivot the monitor’s screen into the portrait position, the HP VH240a is also great for photographers and programmers. Features The HP VH240a monitor doesn’t offer any particularly exciting features, but it has all the standard adjustments such as brightness, contrast, and color settings. Further, using the monitor’s hotkeys, you can quickly swap input sources, adjust audio volume, and swap between three viewing modes.

The viewing modes include Low Blue Light, Reading, and Night with optimal picture settings for the respective viewing conditions. Design & Connectivity The HP VH240a has thin bezels and a slim design with versatile ergonomics including up to 100mm height adjustment, -5°/30° tilt, 90° pivot, and +/- 180° swivel to the left and right as well as 100 x 100mm VESA mount pattern.

Connectivity includes an HDMI, a VGA, a headphones jack, and two built-in speakers which can save you some extra office space as you won’t need a dedicated audio system for the basic sound output. Summary Thanks to its VESA mount compatibility and affordable price, the HP VH240a is the best monitor for multi-monitor setups with three or more displays on mounting arms. About the Monitor On a 27″ 1440p monitor, you get the sweet spot between screen real estate and visible details; so you get as much screen space as possible natively without having to scale the picture.

The ViewSonic VA2719 is the cheapest 27″ 1440p monitor yet it will provide you with thin bezels, rich colors, extensive connectivity, VESA mount, and built-in speakers.

Image Quality Just like the previous monitors, the ViewSonic VA2719 features an IPS panel but with 10-bit color depth support (8-bit + ) which provides 1.07 billion colors as opposed to 16.7 million colors of 8-bit displays. Due to its higher pixel density, you will be able to have two browsers next to each other and comfortably view both contents on a single screen. Overall, you get vibrant and consistent colors as well as crisp details for a very appealing price which makes this monitor a great budget option for gaming, watching movies, and any other use.

Alternatively, you may be interested in the which is another popular budget 27″ 1440p monitor. It has a bit faster response time and a slightly brighter screen, but it’s also more expensive and has no VESA mount. Design & Connectivity The ViewSonic VA2719 monitor has a tilt-only design, but it supports VESA mount. It also offers rich connectivity options including two HDMI 1.4 and a DisplayPort – all of which support 2560×1440 at 60Hz.

There are also two 3W integrated speakers and a headphones jack. Lastly, the monitor has thin bezels, but it also has a black border around the screen which still looks better than if the monitor had thicker bezels. Summary The ViewSonic VA2719 is one of the cheapest 1440p monitors which in addition to its VESA mount compatibility, thin bezels, built-in speakers, and rich connectivity make for the best dual 27-inch monitors.

About the Monitor If neither the ViewSonic VA2719 nor the Lenovo L27Q meet your demands, the Dell S2718D might as it’s a rather unique display. Image Quality Also based on an IPS panel but with 8-bit color depth, the Dell S2718D ensures accurate and consistent colors covering over 99% of the . Furthermore, the monitor supports (High Dynamic Range) but with a peak brightness of 300-nits, a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, and only the standard sRGB color gamut, the HDR is software-enabled only.

This means that the monitor will accept the HDR10 signal, but won’t be able to produce a notably better picture as it lacks certain display capabilities. Nevertheless, the HDR support doesn’t add to the price and it’s not the monitor’s main selling point either; it’s just an extra feature to have.

In the OSD (On-Screen Display), you will find numerous pre-calibrated picture presets including Standard, ComfortView, Multimedia, Movie, Movie HDR, Game, Game HDR, HDR, etc. Design & Connectivity The main asset of the Dell S2718D is its unique design and the future-proof connectivity.

As you can see, the monitor has its OSD buttons and connectors on the stand which allows for the narrow edge-to-edge bezels at all four sides of the screen.

Connectivity includes an HDMI 2.0, a headphones jack, a dual-USB 3.1 hub, and a with the DisplayPort 1.2 . The USB type C port can also simultaneously transfer data, audio/video signal, and power up to 45W to a compatible device such as a laptop; all with just one cable! In order to use the USB 3.1 downstream ports, you will have to connect the USB-C port to your PC. The hinge also allows the screen to be tilted by -5°/21° and swiveled by +/- 90° to the left and right. Summary The Dell S2718D is a gorgeous monitor with plenty of unique and exclusive features.

What’s more, it’s got an appealing price tag. Best 32” Monitors For Dual Setup If you are interested in a bigger screen, you will find the best 32″ monitors for dual setup here. Keep in mind that a 32″ 1440p monitor won’t give you more screen space than a 27″ 1440p monitor. With a 32″ 1440p display, you get the same screen real estate as with a 24″ 1080p display, but a bigger picture. About the Monitor The ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD is the cheapest 32″ 1440p monitor that will provide you with an exceptional image quality and performance.

Image Quality As previously noted, a 32″ 1440p monitor has the same pixel density as a 24″ 1080p monitor. So you get less screen real estate than you’d get on a 27″ 1440p monitor. However, you will still have a decent amount of screen space as well as big and clear details. The ViewSonic VX3211 is based on an IPS panel with 10-bit color depth (8-bit + 2-bit FRC) and a slightly higher 1,200:1 static contrast than the standard 1,000:1.

Features Moving on, using the monitor’s hotkeys, you will be able to quickly swap between View Mode presets (Game: FPS, RTS, MOBA, Movie, Web, Text, MAC, etc.), adjust contrast/brightness, and change the input source.

The OSD menu offers advanced color adjustments including 6-axis hue and saturation as well as six gamma presets, from 1.8 to 2.8.

You will also find the Response Time, Low Input Lag, and Black Stabilization features for gaming. Lastly, there’s an ‘energy bar’ in the OSD menu which depicts (in %) the current power usage of the monitor. Design & Connectivity The ViewSonic VX3211 monitor has reasonably thick bezels, a headphones hook, and VESA mount compatibility, but it’s tilt-only. Connectivity is diverse and includes one HDMI 1.4, one DisplayPort, and a VGA for 1080p as well as 2×2.5W built-in speakers and a headphones jack.

Summary If you want a 32″ monitor, the ViewSonic VX3211 is your best choice for productivity purposes due to its huge screen, appealing price, crisp image quality, and vibrant colors.

About the Monitor In case you are interested in something better than the ViewSonic VX3211, look no further than the BenQ EW3270ZL with the innovative Brightness Intelligence Plus technology. Image Quality Unlike all the previously mentioned displays, the BenQ EW3270ZL features a VA panel which sports a higher contrast ratio of 3,000:1 for deeper blacks. However, VA panels don’t have as wide viewing angles, so you should expect some minor shifts in contrast but only when you’re looking at the screen from skewed angles.

Furthermore, VA monitors have a , but that’s only an issue when it comes to fast-paced gaming. Turning back to the EW3270ZL, the monitor also boasts a wide color gamut with 100% sRGB and Rec709 color spaces covered and true 10-bit color depth which in addition to the high contrast allow the display deliver an outstanding picture quality. Features The main feature of the BenQ EW3270ZL is the B.I. + technology consisting of built-in sensors that can automatically adjust the monitor’s brightness and color temperature according to the ambient lighting.

Click on the image above for a demonstration. You can also make the display gradually reduce its brightness over time. Overall, if you want the best monitor for your eyes, the BenQ EW3270ZL is the one. In addition, it boasts the Low Blue Light Plus technology which filters out only the harmful blue lights and preserves the non-harmful blue colors for a better image quality.

Another feature you might find useful is Smart Focus which allows you to highlight a specific area of the screen and dim the rest for minimal distractions. Design & Connectivity The BenQ EW3270ZL monitor has thin bezels and an overall slim design but it’s tilt-only and lacks the VESA mount pattern. Connectivity includes two HDMI 1.4, a DisplayPort 1.2, and a mini-DisplayPort as well as a headphones jack and two 3W integrated speakers.

Summary Thanks to its stunning image quality and the plethora of useful features, the BenQ EW3270ZL is one of the best monitors for office work; and two or more of it are even better. Buyer’s Guide – Which Dual Monitor Setup Is Right For Me? When buying a monitor or two for a multiple monitor setup, there are certain things you should take into consideration, the first one being – do you actually need a dual monitor setup?

Let’s say your work involves having multiple office applications open at the same time while researching with several tabs open in the browser. In this case, getting an extra monitor will help you out more than any other PC component upgrade. Compatibility First, make sure that your graphics card supports dual monitor setups.

Most of the older GPUs do, but some don’t support triple display setups, so make sure to check your graphics card capabilities. Naturally, also ensure that your GPU offers the same ports as the monitors you want unless you plan on buying extra VGA-DVI, DVI-HDMI, DisplayPort-HDMI, etc converters/adapters.

You don’t need any extra multi-monitor tools or software as both Windows 7,8, 10 and Mac offer easy and user-friendly adjustments and configuration. Best Size For Dual Monitors Keep in mind that a bigger screen is not always better. First of all, a big monitor should have a proportionally high resolution if you wish to have a lot of screen space and clear, easily readable text. That’s why we didn’t include monitors with low pixel density.

For instance, 27″ 1080p monitors have a low pixel density resulting in smudgy text and limited screen space in which case a 24″ 1080p monitor is a much better choice. Besides the pixel density, you should also take into account the total screen size of all monitors in the setup. For instance, if you get three 27″ 1440p monitors and place them side by side, you might find that you have to move your head left-right too often and that a smaller 24″ monitor setup would’ve suited you better.

UltraWide Monitor vs Dual Monitor Setup Not sure whether you should get two 24″-27″ monitors or a single 29″-34″ ultrawide display? Well, a dual monitor setup will provide you with more screen real estate and overall better results for productivity. However, if your work involves audio or video editing, an ultrawide display is a better choice as you get more horizontal space for the video timeline and audio wave editing, arranging, etc.

Ideally, for audio and video editing, you should get an ultrawide display and a good secondary monitor for previewing your work. For gaming, we recommend an ultrawide monitor instead of a multi-monitor setup, but that’s up to your personal preference.

4K Monitors We didn’t include any as such high resolution is more demanding to run on a dual monitor setup. Moreover, even on a 32″ 4K monitor, you’d have to scale up your interface as the text is too tiny to comfortably read it at the native pixel density.

Scaling will therefore decrease your screen space in favor of details clarity. Not to mention that 4K monitors are more expensive and that some applications don’t scale well. If you need a 4K monitor for content creation and color editing, then we recommend to pair it with a lower resolution display for a dual monitor setup.

Conclusion Overall, the HP VH240a offers everything you need to boost your productivity and two or three 24″ 1080p monitors will suffice for most people. If you can afford a bit more, a 27″ 1440p monitor will provide you with considerably more screen space while the 32″ models will offer you a bigger picture.

Have you found your perfect monitor for a multi-monitor setup? Feel free to leave any questions you might have in the comments below.

best monitors for dual monitor setup 2018

best monitors for dual monitor setup 2018 - 5 of the best dual

best monitors for dual monitor setup 2018

Are you interested in expanding your monitor setup to a multi-monitor setup? This guide is where you will find all of the necessary information needed for this transformation.

It will provide you with everything you will need for the before and the after aspects of changing your setup. After exploring this guide, you will be ready to choose the perfect dual monitor setup for your needs. Why use a dual monitor setup? When considering a dual monitor setup, you can explore virtually unlimited applications for the configuration.

One of the best apps for a dual monitor setup is the ability to use multiple programs simultaneously. You can also share data between different applications smoother. For example, you are browsing images on one screen.

It is possible to drag your chosen image to another screen to open it in Photoshop or any other program. It is also possible to have one screen open to a reference point such as a PDF file with regulations.

You can then use the other monitor for work associated with the reference point. A dual monitor setup can also help to increase collaboration and communication in a business. For example, you can employ a video sharing application on one screen to collaborate with a co-worker about the work on the other monitor. These suggestions are just a few of the reasons you should use a dual monitor setup because it would be impossible to list the infinite number of possible uses.

Who would benefit from this type of setup? Almost anyone can benefit from using a dual monitor setup. Any business who wants to increase productivity by 20-50% can explore the variety of studies associated with multi-monitor setups. Computer programmers can use one screen for source coding while the other screen is being used for programming. This setup would also be excellent for those who wish to be better at multitasking. With adequate screen space to keep various applications on the screens, you can become more efficient at multitasking.

This skill would be appropriate for those in customer service or web designing. If an individual wants it easy to cut and paste any items, a dual monitor setup is a choice to make. People who create newsletters or PowerPoint will find it compelling to have two monitors to reduce alternating between tabs. Dual monitors also allow an individual to place the editing tools on one unit while an image is on the other. This process makes image and video editing a breeze. As stated above, almost anyone can benefit from a dual monitor setup including businesses, gamers, and home users.

Which type of games are boosted with a dual monitor setup? A variety of games would benefit from a dual monitor setup. One such game is WW2 Dogfighting Sims because a person could have the different screens showing the right and left peripheral, so the need to pan the camera is reduced. Another example for multi-monitors is Supreme Commander 2 which supports multiple monitors. X2: The Threat, GRID, Flight Six X, and Need for Speed are other games that support dual monitor setups.

These games are just a few examples of games that are boosted with this type of structure. The monitors can be combined into one resolution to benefit any game. Also, one monitor can be used for the actual game while the other monitor can be used to look up information about the game on the internet.

Another option for gamers is to stretch the game or clone it onto two monitors to increase the viewing experience. Some games like Burnout Paradise will ask you how many monitors you have when you start the game. However, the best choice for gaming is to use three monitors instead of just two. Tips and Tricks for Optimizing The Best Dual Monitor Setup When trying to optimize a dual monitor setup, you should try the following tips.

The first tip involves playing around with the display. The idea of utilizing multiple screens can be a little overwhelming, but the first step is to play around with the controls.

These controls can be for color management or extended mode. The customization options with some programs are endless, so the only way to get a handle on things is to explore. After the exploration, you can then pick features relevant to your purpose to investigate further. Another idea is to rotate the display to determine which is better for your purposes. Vertical orientation is sometimes beneficial to coders and graphic designers while horizontal direction may be better for gamers and word processes.

Exploring the variety of options associated with the application you are using is another tip. Wallpaper and other tools can add beauty and efficiency to your working environment.

If you are a gamer, you may want to invest in an excellent graphics card to allow the game to span across both screens. Learn the keyboard shortcuts to save time and energy when navigating the dual monitor setup. These shortcuts include Win+UpKey which will maximize the current window and Win+Down Key which will minimize the current window.

These tips are just a few you can find about multi-screen setups. Pros and Cons of Using a Dual Monitor Setup The following is a list of the pros and cons associated with a dual monitor setup.

Pros • Studies and research show that dual monitors increase productivity by 20 to 50%. • A dual monitor setup allows the designer and other users to use multiple programs simultaneously. • An employee can video chat, keep a directive, or other instructions present on one screen while using the other screen to complete work. • A multi-monitor setup allows for flexibility for those who want to work from home. • With a dual monitor setup, it will enable the user to share data between applications effortlessly.

• This type of structure allows an individual to compare different aspects of a project quicker and more effectively than flipping back and forth between tabs. • Expanding from one monitor to a multi-monitor setup is easy. Cons • Using a dual monitor setup provides more potential for distractions. • The video card or other technical aspects of a system may be lacking for a multi-monitor display.

• Some dual monitor setups do not leave much desk space for other items. • Various dual monitor setups can be extremely pricey. • If the monitors are significant, it can be time-consuming to resize and rearrange windows to match. Top 9 Monitors For The Best Dual Monitor Setup Reviewed This Acer R240HY is a 24-inch monitor in the midrange.

It incorporates an In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel. This panel helps to create color accuracy and excellent gray-scale performance without taking much power. This monitor comes equipped with three video inputs. It also has a design that is sleek and bezel-free.

This monitor does not come equipped with USB connectivity or ergonomic adjustments. The actual size of the monitor is 23.8,” and it is full HD widescreen. This design comes with a stand and is not VESA compatible. Pros • Excellent color accuracy • Fabulous gray-scale performance • Input lag low • Power efficient Cons • Stand only tilts • No USB ports This midrange monitor was designed to help make 4k HDR affordable and reliable. This monitor is 27 inches with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

The resolution is 3840 x 2160 with a 60 Hz refresh rate. The stand has a five-inch height capability. This stand also has the ability to tilt, swivel, and pivot. This monitor is VESA compatible with a measurement of 100 x 100. It has a robust and durable build that is bezel-free.

It does not have full-array dimming installed. This fact means this product probably lacks in HDR capabilities. Pros • VESA compatible • Stand swivels, tilts, and pivots with a 5-inch adjustable height • 5ms response time • USB, HDMI, DisplayPort available Cons • No full-array dimming • Color accuracy can be an issue • No built-in speaker The LG 27UK850 comes with a W-LED backlight and an AH-IPS panel to enhance picture quality.

It measures 27-inches with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The maximum resolution is 3840 x 2160 at 60 Hz. The response time for this particular LG is 5ms with a brightness of 350 nits. This unit also comes with built-in Maxx Audio speakers, DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB ports. It has a 3.5 mm headphone output area. It weighs 13.4 pounds. This monitor has HDCP 2.2 compatibility which makes viewing 4k content possible. It has a VESA wall mount pattern of 100 x 100 mm. A unique feature of this monitor is the advanced gaming features that help the user achieve fluid gaming action.

Pros • Picture clarity is excellent • Fabulous SDR contrast • Supports HDR 10 • FreeSync Cons • Lacking DCI-P3 color • Refresh is limited- 60 Hz • Cannot adjust the image in HDR mode This 27-inch WQHD monitor has a 2560 x 1440 resolution and 178-degree viewing angle. These features with the AH-IPS plan technology help reduce and minimize any color shifting in the image.

The ASUS utilizes an eye care technology which includes flicker-free backlighting. The slim frameless design has won a variety of awards. It also features a sundial-inspired base with a bezel-less look. This technology collects advanced hardware and software to deliver true-to-life surround sound.

This unit also allows the user to create audio profiles to give the user the best audio experience. Pros • Eye care technology • Sundial base • SonicMaster Technology • Frameless monitor design Cons • Not VESA compatible • Must use an adapter for wall mount This 27-inch WQHD monitor utilizes a widescreen feature and NVIDIA technology. This unit’s 144 Hz refresh rate is one of the best on this list.

This Acer employs this technology to immerse the user in the gaming universe. The screen was designed to give uninformed viewing without any blind spots. This monitor comes with an Acer Ergostand which allows the monitor to move in a variety of directions. This model is VESA compatible mounting ensuring the user can save space when needed. Pros • VESA compatible • 4 High-speed USB ports • NVIDIA G-SYNC technology • Stand tilts -5 degrees- 35 degrees Cons • Some complaints of awful backlight bleed • Some individuals experience issues with 4k technology The ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQ is a midrange 27” monitor that is 4k/ UHD with an IPS panel.

This panel gives the user a 178-degree viewing angle and a 100% sRBG color range. It also incorporates ASUS EyeCare technology that uses low blue light modes. Both of these items allow the user to play games longer because the technology removes some of the critical causes of eye stress. The ergonomic stand has the capability to pivot, swivel, tilt, and adjust the height. This monitor also uses G-SYNC technology. This technology helps reduce stutter in the display and input lag.

It is also VESA compatible. Pros • 100% sRBG color range • ASUS EyeCare Technology • Ergonomic stand Cons • Some reviewers complain about the durability • Color banding issues This ASUS has a frameless edge-to-edge design to give the user the best viewing experience.

With 1920 x 1080 resolution, this monitor can also help enhance productivity. It has a 25” full HD AP-IPS display. This monitor also incorporates ASUS SonicMaster technology to give the individual clear, true-to-life sound by utilizing advances in hardware and software. The MX259H also employs EyeCare technology. The unit weighs 9.48 pounds.

It has an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 with an LCD display type. Pros • EyeCare Technology • Works great with MacBook Pro • SonicMaster Technology Cons • Must have a VESA adapter for wall mount • Below average customer support With 4k Ultra HD resolution, this monitor has excellent clarity and details.

It has over 99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum. With the LG’s on-screen control window, the volume, brightness, and other monitor settings are easy to access and adjust. This LG has a game mode that offers two first-person shooter modes and an RTS pre-set mode. This variety allows the user to pick the best mode for a particular game. It also has a wide array of advanced gaming features like a black stabilizer and dynamic action sync. It is VESA compatible. Pros • 3 game modes • On-screen control window • 4k UHD IPS • FreeSync Cons • Plastic base is not durable • Cannot adjust the height This set is sold as a dual pack of monitors.

These monitors do not come with stands to make it easier to complete a dual-screen installation. The ViewSonic was designed with photography and graphic design in mind. It employs a full HD SuperClear IPS panel to help create lifelike colors. The screen on this monitor is an immersive curved one to give a more panoramic viewing experience. It can also quickly decode HDR10 video signals to help create a flawless video playback.

A variety of connectivity ports are available on these monitors including DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI inputs, and USB ports. Pros • Dual pack of monitors • SuperClear IPS • Immersive curved screen • Excellent connectivity possibilities Cons • No stands provided Conclusion The above display monitors are the best available for multi-monitor setups. Each monitor has been thoroughly investigated and tested to help ensure satisfaction with performance.

Whether you are working or playing, you can benefit from a dual monitor setup today.

best monitors for dual monitor setup 2018

You are reading through a comprehensive list of the best dual monitors according to 54 users. Have a look at 8 electronics, and choose the best one for your needs. Take into account what users like you have said about each of them and • Upvote and comment if you agree • Press the blue buttons to get the solutions • Add a solution if you have a new one to suggest "I never had a dual monitor setup and was advised by a friend to pick up these.

That was a decision I dont regret making. Excellent refresh rates and good quality screens. Though , be sure to have the proper cables you need. They only came with displayport cables and I had to go out and buy the ones I needed." "I personally really like Acer. I have two Acer laptops and find their quality to be impeccable! The Acer R240HY bidx is extremely thin and sleek in so much that you can place two of them side by side with very little space between the end of one screen and the beginning of the other.

They also have side to side tilt if you would rather have them tilted to or away from each other to accommodate your desires. They are well supported by their base. I love the HDMI connectivity and the 1920 X 1080 resolution with brilliant color. They even throw in a VGA cable with the deal! I'd say all in all, this is a great deal, especially if you are interested in dual monitors. Others think so too as they have a very high rating!" "This monitor is perfect for my computer.

It is very portable, and with the HDMI support, I can use my gaming consoles, and laptops with the monitor as the output display. The quality is perfect, and the LED screen is very smooth. Overall, I would definitely recommend this monitor, preferably two of them two use side by side for an enhanced experience." Summary Best dual monitors Rank Solutions Type Votes Price 1 Electronics 11 Paid 2 Electronics 9 Paid 3 Electronics 8 Paid 4 Electronics 6 Paid 5 Electronics 5 Paid 6 Electronics 3 Paid 7 Electronics 3 Paid 8 Electronics 1 Paid The name and logo of Softonic are registered trademarks of SOFTONIC INTERNATIONAL S.A.

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