Best new matchmaking showdown

best new matchmaking showdown

Hunt Showdown My Best Match Ever Gameplay Walkthrough and Review for PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and PC. My Hunt Showdown Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, Weapons, Characters, Contracts, Monsters, Bosses, Butcher, Spider, Bounties, Hunters, Banishing, Tools, Consumables, Extraction, Running the Gauntlet, Scary Moments and more! Subscribe: . Twitter: Facebook: Zerg: Hunt: Showdown is a video game being development and to be published by Crytek.

best new matchmaking showdown

it looks like there isnt, there is no counter to show you how many you have played or how many still needed to be played, some say you get a graffitti once you do the 50 games, some say the 3star badge dissapears, wtf is that badge for in the first place? why everyone has 3 stars? what???!!?! random and not explained as to why, but the biggest fail from the fortnite team is that not only have they decided to not let us know how many games we have played out of 50 but they are also not doing anything about it because there are literally hundreds of people requesting this one thing, if not thousands.

I had 29/50 wins, and the rest were at least top 5 finishes with many top 2 finishes. My score was a minimum 4000 (did not track it exactly except for wins) and I was not on the leaderboards, and also I did not receive a spray paint. Did Epic not track my games correctly? Can someone help me with this?

best new matchmaking showdown

best new matchmaking showdown - WWE Super Showdown Review and Match Ratings

best new matchmaking showdown

This match was about everything I thought it would be. It wasn’t over the top, but it wasn’t just filler either. It was a very good, competitive, back and forth affair between two of the best tag teams WWE has to offer. I was interested in the dynamic of Kofi and Xavier without Big E in there to combat the strength of Sheamus and Cesar. Again, I knew that New Day wasn’t losing here, but the teamwork of Cesaro and Sheamus made me start to tinker with my prediction a bit.

If there’s anyone who makes a great face in peril, it’s . Predictable match to start the night, but it was well worked, had a great energy to it, and made the SD Tag Titles feel important. Solid start. ***1/4 Charlotte def. Becky Lynch (C) by DQ – Smackdown Women’s Championship Let’s hope the rubber match is even better. Well, I suppose if there was any match that was going to end in DQ for the purpose of continuing a feud, it would be this one.

And you know what? I’m not mad at it. I suspect they are going to finish this at Evolution. Getting into the actual match, it was extremely well worked if you ask me. Becky and Charlotte have a great, natural chemistry with each other dating back to their NXT days. All of the submission reversals and the and the pacing of the match was what kept me in it.

I would have liked to have seen more continuity throughout the match, such as Becky targeting Charlotte’s arm or Charlotte targeting Becky’s legs just for consistency or for the finish of the match to make sense.

Instead, they made it seem like Charlotte was straight up the better woman and Becky had to cheat in order to save her title. The finish makes sense, and I did suspect that there wouldn’t be any finality here. All in all, another fabulous match between these two. ***1/2 John Cena and def. Elias and Kevin Owens It was what it was and it indeed was just that. I’ll be honest. I fell asleep during this match because I knew what it was going to be.

But I can’t imagine I missed anything special. It was just going to be a little house level show match for Cena’ return. The formula was pretty simple. Isolate Lashley for most of the match, have Cena do as little as possible, introduce his new Move of Doom and not BS around. I just hate the fact that Cena’s age is really starting to show because it makes me feel old.

I mean look at that freaking hair. He looks like Mark Wahlberg didn’t get enough sleep. And that bald spot. Goodness, gracious. Anyway, this what was it was and it indeed did what it was intended to do. ** The IIconics def. Asuka and Naomi A win for the hometown duo, nothing much after.

It’s quite clear that we are in the cool-down portion of the evening before the more important matches take place. I just want to say that I want to love the IIconics so badly.

But I just don’t have any reason to. I mean, what’s so unique about them? Are they not just the Australian version of the Bella Twins? Anyways, this is what you’d expect from these two tag teams.

It was kind of just there, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing since half the match featured two Australians. But again, it was just sort of present and nothing much afterward. The crowd also didn’t seem to be that into the match from what I heard and basically waited until the match was over.

Don’t really have much to say here except that I don’t know how many of you follow rap, but Asuka went full 69 here. *1/2 AJ Styles (C) def. Samoa Joe – (No DQ, No Countout) Samoa is becoming all talk, no Joe. It’s weird. I loved this match and hated it at the same time. Let’s break it down from the top. This was a well-worked match. It’s AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. You could tie them up together to a pole and blindfold them and they could make a story out of that.

So the concern isn’t whether or not this was a good match. The real question is whether or not this was the match they should have worked. I’ll simply say it like this. I loved when AJ and Joe cut the BS and just got straight into the kicking each other’s asses part. The problem is that for around 15 minutes they forgot they could do that.

If you’re AJ Styles, you are looking at a man who’s been coming at your wife and kids for the past couple of months. Why are you concerned about wrestling a normal match? Why not just bust out the kendo sticks and chairs early to cut the monotony? I’ve noticed that to be a problem in some of AJ’s matches, and it’s the fact that there is a lot of fat that doesn’t get trimmed in the match. It’s just there to occupy the time and doesn’t advance the plot or the match. It’s just a formality.

Of course, the wrestling wasn’t bad, but if they cut out half of the beginning portion, it would have been just as good.

I loved AJ going to a dark place and having no remorse on Joe’s knee. I did also love the consistency in that it played out in the finish. My problem is that it just took us so long to get that point, but once we did, it was awesome. I suspected AJ would retain the title, but I’m quickly becoming concerned that Joe is becoming a guy that’s all talk and no action.

He said he was going to win the from Lesnar and he lost in an 8-minute match. He said he was going to defeat Roman Reigns at Backlash and he didn’t. He said he was going to win the WWE Title from AJ and didn’t do it despite three opportunities. How can a guy who looks, talks and acts like Joe be a guy that consistently chokes on the big stage?

I’m not mad that Joe isn’t champion. I completely get why he isn’t, and I’m about as big an AJ stan as the nest guy. But it’s not like Joe lost by another fluke.

He tapped out to the better man, conceding that AJ was better. I don’t know, man. It’s kind of a bittersweet pill. Overall, the match was very good when it got going, but I thought it was a bit long for my taste.

***3/4 Ronda Rousey and The Bella Twins def. The Riot Squad

best new matchmaking showdown

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