Best online dating chat questions to ask over email

best online dating chat questions to ask over email

What questions to ask a girl in online dating? It`s simple. At the initial stage of relations that have appeared in real life people often forget about this We have more good online dating questions to ask. Any man should clear this out. In fact, you might think that this is a rhetorical question. But female logic is an artful thing. Even if your girlfriend lives in Ukraine and knows that you live in North America, she can be very surprised and confused when you ask her to move to you. This happens very often. There is another variant of the development of events: she is not only ready to move to another country, she dreams about it Chat invitations.

best online dating chat questions to ask over email

Top 10 Questions To Ask Any Girl When Dating Her Online So you’ve contacted that cutie you saw online and she’s responded back to you. Great so far, but what now? How can you tell if she’s a match or a dating nightmare?

Fear not. These 10 questions will tell you everything you need to know about dating a girl online. One word of warning: don’t just ask a list of questions. Try to work them into the conversation. If you’re writing an email, just put in one or two of the questions in a phrase such as. “Could you tell me a little more about yourself? Like what’s your most ?” If you’re talking on Skype, for example, you can use the questions to get through the awkward pause. For example, “So, what’s your most embarrassing moment?” is a good way to transition from awkward silence to fun conversation.

#1. What are you looking for in a relationship? This is really the top question, and you can ask it right out in your first email. Make sure her response matches what you’re looking for. Even if and have fun together, the relationship will quickly fracture if one person wants casual fun and the other wants a long-term contract.

Keep in mind that while most people are honest, if a woman’s going to lie in her , she’ll often lie about this topic. She might say she wants something more casual hoping to attract more men.

If you get a sense that she’s not really honest here, move on. #2. What’s your most embarrassing moment? This is a great question to ask after sharing your own embarrassing moment or to break an awkward pause. Her response will let you know how she handles difficult emotions and . Look for humor in her story. It’s OK if she’s lightly self-effacing, but not bitter or angry.

If she’s still unable to laugh at the situation, she may have a hard time moving on from difficult experiences. #3. What does your ideal day off look like? Regardless of the kind of relationship you’re looking for, you’ll spend most of your time together during evenings or days off. Look for someone who wants to do the same things you do. Sharing activities you both love will strengthen your relationship in the long run.

It’s OK if she doesn’t love exactly what you do, as long as you both are willing to . However, make sure you match on energy level. If her idea of a perfect day off is extreme mountain climbing and yours is extreme sofa surfing, you’re not likely to find a middle ground that makes you both happy. Sexual Astrology Name: Date of Birth: #4. What did you like about my profile? This is another good question to ask in one of your early emails. It’s a test to see if she paid any attention to your profile at all.

You want to make sure she’s not just responding to anyone who sends her a note. You also want to see what caught her eye about you. Does she love your active lifestyle, your taste in music, or ? Her answer will let you know what she’d like to hear more about from you and give you some good ideas for a first date if it goes that far.

#5. How often do you see your family? Family can be a difficult issue for a lot of couples. Early in your conversation, she may mention her family and you can follow up with this question. Ideally, you both have similar ideas on how involved family will be in your lives. If you really don’t want to spend your Friday evening at Uncle Fred’s Annual Family Olympics Picnic, then a family-focused girl is not for you.

#6. What are you most proud of? Look for values that match your own. Is she proud of a material possession, helping a friend, , or a promotion? Her answer will let you know what she strives for. If she’s most proud of her award for most overtime hours and you despise corporate climbers, she won’t be for you. #7.

What surprises most people about you? Here’s a chance to see a side of her that might not have come through in the profile. Maybe she has a short fuse or always wins at Pictionary. Her answer will give you a little more insight to her personality. #8. How did you get into ____? Find something from her profile that she seems to and ask how she got involved with it.

It’ll give you a chance to see what she’s like when she’s happy and she’ll love talking about it. #9. What’s your favorite ____? Fill in the blank with something you love. If you love movies, ask what her favorite is. Or you could ask about books, plays, sports figures – whatever is most important to you.

This question could help you uncover common ground. Or if you love sci-fi and she thinks it’s “just so stupid,” you might want to pass. #10. What’s your biggest ambition? Here’s a chance to see what she really wants out of life. Is she more focused on ? Does she want to travel or build her own house? You both should be well aligned on your biggest life goals or your relationship will eventually suffer. #11. Topics to avoid Even though you’re asking important questions at this early stage, you and she are still relative strangers.

So stay away from invasive topics, such as past boyfriends, the number of notches on her bedpost, or her favorite chapters of the Kama Sutra. Let her know, trust and like you before you even think about broaching these topics. With these 10 amazing questions, you should have no problem carrying on some great initial conversations and learning everything you need to know about your possible date.

So when you do meet face to face, the sparks will fly! See Also: • • •

best online dating chat questions to ask over email

best online dating chat questions to ask over email - Good questions to ask when online dating

best online dating chat questions to ask over email

The dating game is hard, and online dating is a whole different ball game. You don’t get to see potential match ups face to face, leaving all of your communication and flirting to be done via internet. So what kind of questions are best for a new, potential boyfriend or girlfriend?

We’ve come up with 8 awesome questions that will help you get to know this new certain someone and see what they’re all about, before you take it to the next level. 1. What part of my profile made you want to contact me? You should always know WHY someone ‘approached’ you and picked YOUR profile out of the rest. Was it your stunning profile picture, or the witty ‘about me’ section you spent 3 hours putting together? The answer to this question could tell a lot about your potential match.

I mean, it’s great they were attracted to you and clicked on your picture out of curiosity, but did they even take a second to read over your profile before sending over a message?

This is a great starter question that will open up the door for plenty of other fun communications. 2. What are you looking for in a woman? Finding out right off the bat if you’re even his type is an obvious must. I mean, if he likes a quiet, shy girl with a degree who loves to read and write and you’re more of an outgoing gal with a different event planned every day of the week, you might not hit it off. Find out what he’s looking for, and if it sounds like you may be the girl of his dreams, keep talking.

(And obviously find out if he has all the qualities and traits you’re looking for too!) 3. What are you looking for in a relationship? Whether you’re meeting someone online, at a bar, through a mutual friend, or at the grocery store, you should always inquire about what they are looking for. Men and women tend to be a bit more blunt and honest on online dating sites since they aren’t face to face with the person on the receiving end of the message, so you’ll probably run into a lot of people blatantly stating they want a one night stand.

And if that’s what you’re looking for too, by all means, go for it. Either way, find out whether he’s looking for a fling, to casually date, or wanting something long-term. 4. How long did your last relationship last? Is he new to the game and never had a girlfriend for more than 3 days, or has he just gotten out of a marriage? Knowing his or her relationship past can help you to determine how understanding he is of relationships and whether or not he is going to be a long-term thing or not.

5. Why did your last relationship fail? Trust me, you want to know the answer to this question. Did their relationship fail because he was a routine cheater? Or did the love of his life leave him for his best friend? Was it a mutual breakup because the chemistry died off? Just like any other conversation, you don’t want to keep prying about their past relationships, so try not to keep pestering if they don’t feel comfortable answering just yet.

If you find this individual interesting, keep talking and eventually they may go into further detail about why their last relationship failed. 6. What is your best quality? Everyone has that one special quality they love to flaunt, whether it’s their undying love of helping people or their ability to hold their breath underwater.

You may be really surprised by the answer this potential match gives you, and it’s an easy way to learn more about their personality and the type of person they are. Just be prepared to answer this question in return! 7. Why did you choose online dating? This is really just a fun question that everyone has to ask when it comes to the online dating world. I mean, after all, with so many places in the world to meet people, why would you turn to online dating?

Did they do it for the convenience of relaxing in bed in their pajamas while chatting with their potential soulmate, or are they so incredibly busy with work they simply don’t have time to step out and meet people? So many interesting answers await! 8. What are your future goals? When talking to someone you are interesting in, you NEED to find out their future goals right away. If he doesn’t have a single goal on his horizon other than managing to eat 3 hot dogs at the same time, you may want to move on.

The two of you should have similar goals that you will be able to work on together and act as a support system for one another. If you want a big house and 3 kids and he dreams of traveling the world in his Ferrari with 0 children, that’s a definite mismatch you’ll want to know right away. Have you ever tried not to give your picture immediately? You can for example instead say, “I assure you, I look completely normal woman of my age, but I prefer to give you my picture only after I know you better”.

If the guy is still interested then you’ll know he’s interested in what you have to say, not just how you look.

That actually sounds like fairly decent advice in a way. I would assume that someone who is just looking for a fling would want the photos immediately and would want the photos to get sexual fairly fast.

At the same time, there are a lot of problems with people using old, outdated photos on their dating profile–the guy may get worried if they do not get a recent picture. All the same, I like your advice. Thank you for commenting!

best online dating chat questions to ask over email

Whether you’re an old hand at online communication or a complete newcomer to the world of virtual connections, there are some questions worth bearing in mind when you’re trying to figure out if a match is worth getting to know The aim of is simply to get to know enough about your match to reassure you that they’re genuine and interested to see if they’re someone you’d like to know better. You don’t need to know someone’s entire back story before you meet them.

Spending time with them and seeing how they treat you and interact with the world around them will tell you far more than any amount of questions ever could. So here are some questions which reveal enough about a match to help you both to decide if you’d like to take things a little further and meet up. Their experience of the site This is the first and most obvious thing you have in common and it’s safe to talk about because it isn’t revealing personal information too soon.

You’ve both taken the step to join and will have had some experiences, both good and bad, that you can share with each other. What someone relays about their experience can be quite revealing about them as a person. They may be very open and forthcoming, sharing some funny anecdotes or they may give very short answers which tell you nothing. What makes for a good match is when the length and style of communication is reciprocal – if you’re very open and chatty then you’re probably better with someone who’s the same.

When you share your experience do they indicate they’ve read your correspondence and were interested or amused by it? Conversation is a two way thing and while email can be a bit clumsy it’s an indicator of whether a rapport could develop between you. Enquire more about things in their profile Asking someone to elaborate about things on their helps you check whether or not they’re authentic.

They might have put something in there because they think it sounds impressive but on further questioning it has no substance. As part of a general conversation about profiles you could ask them what it was about yours that made them want to contact you.

This will often lead to some flattery or a conversation about mutual interests and . One sign to look out for is whether or not the other person is comfortable giving and receiving compliments. Occasionally this could mean that they’re not ready for an intimate relationship – on the other hand, they could just be quite modest or shy. Current lifestyle While someone’s past has helped form the person they are today, it’s not as important as how they choose to live now. Asking questions about what they do at the weekend or how they spend their leisure time will help you decide if your lifestyles might be compatible.

You don’t necessarily need to have the same interests or habits but you do need to know whether there’s common ground you can build a relationship from. Would they like to meet? When you’ve satisfied yourself that someone is genuine the important question is if they’d like to meet with you. If they’re local suggest a quick coffee date during the day in a public place.

If your match declines, makes excuses, or is difficult to pin down, even for an hour, don’t pressure them. Just ask them to let you know when they’re free, leaving the ball in their court to organise something if they’re interested.

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