Best online profiles for a woman examples

best online profiles for a woman examples

Woman dating profile examples How to write a good dating profile examples and authentic online dating profile descriptions. This page. Show best qualities. With these may seem like an awesome online women. Woman looking for women that it stands out from too many people on any given online dating profile writing that will a gender, you. Woman was new york found that it stands out from the online dating profile great about me sections. Do you can be difficult. Here are more ideas for women that blows away all your ability to you how to explain the unknowable have of good dating profiles. Your pr .

best online profiles for a woman examples

Is it really so difficult to get acquainted on the Internet? Is it true that women look for rich and famous men and don’t pay attention to ordinary guys? In fact, everything is much simpler: many men just don’t know how to correctly write a great profile on dating sites! Actually, this is not so difficult and you can make sure reading our advice. How important is your online dating profile for your success and why?

Everyone wants to feel love and happiness but not everyone knows what steps to make in order to gain online dating success. Creating a profile on a dating site is the first simple step to happiness that is accessible to everyone. It is important to make it beautiful. You want to let new people into your life, get to know someone. And now you are on a dating site and it turns out that you have to write something there. You absolutely didn’t expect to spend your time on it and the questions seem to be not correct or stupid.

You answer some questions without enthusiasm, upload the most banal photos, and wait. But nothing happens. Why? Open your profile and look at it with the eyes of the person you want to meet. What have you written about yourself here? Will you like it? Can this arouse interest in a woman so that she says: “Yes, this is the man I've been looking for a long time” But this is exactly what your profile should do for getting online dating success.

Therefore, it is worthy to pay special attention to it. How to make online dating successful? There should be great photos, a particular style, and a title corresponding to the whole picture. The words that are written in your profile are very important. They either work for you or against you. Therefore, it is very important to consider everything that you write about yourself, your interests, etc., to the smallest detail.

You make a first impression spontaneously when you get acquainted in real life. When you do it online, you can think over everything and create the desired effect turning it into successful online dating. But in the first and second cases, you will be able to make a first impression only once.

Therefore, the creation of a profile should be approached seriously. So, your profile is, first and foremost, your tool in successful online dating. And you have to learn to use this tool for its intended purpose. And what is the purpose of any profile on a dating site? • To attract attention • To create the right impression • To arouse interest • To stimulate the activity of visitors for communication.

There are only 4 points that must work for you. The working capacity of each of them is provided with the help of words and photographs. The main thing is to understand what you are doing. Writing an attractive online dating profile Men usually don’t realize the importance of correctly presenting profiles. But this is the main guarantee of success. And they often make mistakes in this serious issue. How do the look like? Read below! Fill in all the fields of your profile A quiet person is not interesting to anyone, even if you know how to charm people in real life.

Due to your individual answers, visitors of your profile will learn a lot about your personality. The description of oneself can be the decisive factor to get acquainted with such an interesting man. About 45% of the surveyed users will close a profile without detailed information.

Brevity, of course, is the soul of wit, but dating on the Internet is not about it. Find the time, write detailed information about yourself, write something interesting about your hobbies, personal qualities, and dreams. This is how successful online dating profiles should look like.

Don’t write information about your interests, desires, and hobbies in one word. Let the woman interested in your profile come into your life and imagine herself a part of it. Here are examples of profiles for answering the question about your pastime: • “I like sports and travel.” • “I am a very active person.

I like going to the countryside, play volleyball, swim, run in the morning and love many other activities. In addition, I like to read novels and spend the evening in a cozy atmosphere. Travel is my passion. I consider it very interesting to open new countries and cultures!” • “I have so many interests in life. I like to meet with friends in my spare time. We have a great time in restaurants and cafes. Quite often I go to the cinema. My favorite genre is comedies. Also, I go to museums, cinema, and beautiful parks on weekends.

I like to travel. I have already visited many countries, but there are still so many places where I would like to go. The first variant is not able to generate interest and imagination of a candidate who is reading your profile. Short, concise answers hardly arouse the desire to learn something more about their author and create a distance between the participants.

The second and third variants are formulated in the form of complete sentences and, unlike the first option, can influence the imagination of a reader. A profile visitor can imagine joint activities or trip. Such detailed information evokes the desire to learn a little more about a person and offers a suitable topic for the first conversation. A profile visitor can, for example, can ask what trips were particularly memorable or what sport you would like to try.

If you don’t know how to write an online dating profile, the answer is simple: you have to avoid a simple enumeration and try to find time for writing more detailed answers in order to create the impression of completeness and confidence. Write something interesting about yourself and your purpose How to interest women? How to write a successful online dating profile? First of all, don’t create a fictional image, remain yourself.

Write as much information about yourself as possible. You are more attractive when you are open to people. But all the information should match you and your image in the photos. Be sincere and try not to make grammatical mistakes. Remember that information about yourself should attract people with the same goals and interests. Here are online dating profile examples that can help you: 1.

“I am a sincere romantic man with a good character. I think my love is like fire, you just have to light it. I’m an optimist who is not disappointed in women. I know what I want in life and what kind of woman I need. My numerous friends consider me to be a sincere and very romantic man.” 2. “My life is diverse and interesting. Life taught me to remain an optimist. I believe in people and in the fact that the good triumphs over evil.” 3. “I am a romantic person.

So I need only one woman whom I will love. I will give all my tenderness to you. Let's get acquainted!" 4. “I congratulate you! You found me. I will be a good companion for life, the best father for children, a man who can do whatever you want. And now it's your turn to tell me about yourself. Waiting for your letter”.

5. A good option for creating one of the best online dating profiles is to start with some lyrics. For example: ““Nobody wants to be lonely, nobody wants to cry!” Loneliness is the most insidious and widespread ailment of our time!

Since we are on this site, then we are all sick of loneliness. Perhaps the only way out is to find a soul mate with a similar outlook on life. As you can understand, I'm looking for an accomplice to organize a joint escape from this dating site!:)” 6. “I am a journalist and just a good person. But unfortunately, I still don’t have the only one to whom I want to devote all my life! I love it when life is boiling around as I am very active and sociable.

I don’t like when people try to manipulate me, I don’t like when I'm scared or cold ... I want to find a beautiful woman with a nice character. The one who is able to turn the most ordinary day into a holiday. Having met my special woman, I would like to create a strong relationship. Maybe it is you who wants to do the same.” 7.

“I prefer to remain a mystery than to write banalities or embellished reality in order to get married as soon as possible :-) I will be brief: I want to find a woman for creating a family that will be a small kingdom where everyone is very happy and appreciates the time spent with each other.” This is the best examples of online dating profiles. Try to write something like that or use these variants. Upload good photos There are many tips on the Web about how your photos should look.

However, people continue to upload photos that don’t help in finding a life partner at all. For example, a photo of a small size in full growth, on which it is absolutely impossible to discern the features or something from a family album where you are in the surroundings of your relatives and so on.

It is not necessary to upload a photo taken by a professional photographer. Some ordinary ones will be enough. But women should clearly see your face, eyes, smile, and figure. So, here are the basic online dating profile tips of how your photo should look like: • Your photo should be new; Say “No!” to photos that were made 10 years ago; • There should be only you in a photo; • You should smile; • There should be several photos in your profile.

Your photos are your chances in online dating. • If there is no possibility (or desire) to use the services of a professional photographer, ask one of your friends to take a photo of you.

Be honest If you want to create one of the best online dating profiles, then you should be honest. If you are going to have a serious relationship, in no case take a different name, upload other people’s photos, lie about your appearance, bad habits, children...

A woman will know the truth sooner or later and she will definitely not like it. Yes, she can forgive it, she can understand it but it is unlikely that she will trust you in the future. You don’t need to start a relationship with deception, even if it seems so innocent and “I'll tell her everything when we meet". Sum up Your profile on the dating site is your face and your image in the eyes of women. The more interesting and original the way you write about yourself and the more good photos you post, the more chances to gain sincere interest and trust of women you have.

On some sites, there is a rating of profiles, and the more letters you receive, the higher your profile is in the search. And if your profile is so good that it generates high interest among women, then it will be on the first page of a dating site. And this is exactly what you need, right?

Therefore, choose the best photos of yours, think carefully what to write about yourself and also indicate what kind of partner you want to have in your life.

best online profiles for a woman examples

best online profiles for a woman examples - Online Dating Profile Headlines & Profile Examples For Men & Women

best online profiles for a woman examples

With the online dating profile examples I’m about to share with you, meeting women online will be easier than you’d think. Why? Because other men suck at it! And that means that once you use my online dating profile examples, ALL OF THEM, whenever you’re meeting women online? You will get one date after the other, after the other. That’s how many mistakes are made on online dating profiles! I can guarantee you that 100% after seeing hundreds of online dating profile examples myself.

Why did I go through the trouble of looking at all those profiles? I’m a dating coach, so I’m supposed to check them out to look for opportunities that help you succeed with women online. Anyways, some of the mistakes I’ve almost always seen when I was looking for online dating profile examples were: – Boring profile descriptions that mention all kinds of awesome character traits without proof – Photos with red eyes, of an awful clothing style, of drunken parties, or worse – And the list goes on and on Don’t be one of those losers who shows up in my online dating profile examples as a guy who just doesn’t “get it.” Don’t be someone who isn’t successful with meeting women online and will probably never be.

I can almost hear you think: “How can I pull that off?!” Simple: check out and freaking use as many of my 17 online dating profile examples that DO work! Check those online dating profile examples out below because they reveal a lot… 17 Online Dating Profile Examples That Let You Date Women 1) Use at least one photo of you doing what you love to do: Women are suckers for personality and charisma. The great thing about charisma is that you, I, and any other man on earth are charismatic in at least one common situation: when we talk about or do what we love to do most.

That’s why it makes perfect sense to start sharing it on your online dating profile if you want to attract women. Talent attracts women. 2) If you were your type of woman, what would you look for? If you want miss right, then you’d better give her some online dating profile examples (like photos) that get her interested.

Simple example: if you have a thing for Asians, you talk about Asian movies, music, language, and so on. So, write about the things that your type of woman can relate to. Like artsy chicks? Then start talking art damn it! 3) Humor is the difference between boring and scoring: The first thing on any single girl’s list when you ask her what kind of man she’s looking for, is humor.

So, make fun of popular movies, celebrities, music, and so on. Make fun of yourself too. It shows her you’re confident. 4) Use at least one photo of you and your friends or family: women don’t want a smooth talking player. Women don’t want a man who only has imaginary friends.

Women want a real man. Someone who cares about his friends and family. Show them some online dating profile examples of it and you’ll use genetics to your advantage. Why? Because women instinctively look for a man who can not only protect them, but be a good father as well so their offspring survives. This is survival of the fittest in human form.

Don’t you just love Darwin? 5) Don’t talk about, but prove your personality: Do you really believe that women fall for it? That they believe you when you say “I’m funny, I’m smart, I’m a romantic, I’m this, and I’m that?” They don’t. They don’t want to hear that your Mr. Funny Man, they want you to prove it. Don’t tell you’re funny. Tell the joke.

Same goes for any other character trait. Prove it in your online dating profile examples, photos, and everything!

6) Use at least one photo of you and a good-looking chick: When a woman sees you with a hot babe she knows that she has competition and that you’re hard to get. Women crave men who are hard to get, because just like the rest of us humans they consider something they need to work for as more valuable than something they get for free.

No one wants to pay for oxygen, right? 😉 7) Show her that dating is not a matter of life and death for you: The ladies go on a date without too many expectations. They always think to themselves “Let’s see what happens!” Men on the other hand, they think in terms of “She may be the one” and “I wonder if she’ll be my future girlfriend.” Meanwhile, the one thing that turns women off like crazy is when you’re desperate… and thinking she may become your future girlfriends on the first date is pretty damn desperate!

Chill out. Mention that you’d like to meet new people and then see what happens. That’s it. 8 ) Include a call to action: I have seen the awesomest (yes I made that word up) profiles of your male competition out there that made a fatal mistake. I mean, why go through all the effort of writing an online dating profile and even looking at online dating profile examples from other guys to prevent mistakes, only to screw it up by NOT asking for a message.

Simply say something along the lines of “Like what you see? Send me a message already!” I’ve been told this works very well. Asking for the sale is what marketing was invented for. 9) Short but funky: an online dating profile is not a bible, dude. The only thing you want your profile to do is grab her attention and leave her wanting more. Then you get her number and go on a date, so she can get herself some more.

So keep your profile pretty short but funky. Interest women enough with it to reply to your message, but don’t overdo it. Writing a book-sized profile is desperate, plus time consuming too! I can unfortunately give you too many bad online dating profile examples of really short and really long profiles. Keep it short but sweet!

10) Show a woman that you understand the online dating game: women are attracted to men that can explain how women and dating work better than they themselves can.

Think about it: if you can tell her how she works, she will feel a very strong bond with you. It will be like she has known you for years. So by all means: start talking about how other men screw up their profiles, why women (including her) usually meet the wrong (wussy) men online, and so on. This is the best one of all the online dating profile examples I can ever give you.

Trust me. If you want to learn more about the online dating game, then check out my . 11) Manage women’s expectations: Maybe you want to meet your future wife on Facebook or on, or maybe you’re just looking to get laid. Either way, you will hurt women’s feelings when you admit later on that you only wanted to have fun and not a relationship.

That is why you will want to manage expectations upfront, because you prevent women from getting hurt and meeting women will actually be easier. This is a KEY insight I gained from studying the hundreds of online dating profile examples I studied. Think about it: if you say you don’t want to get serious right now you will be hard to get for women who do.

If you say you want a relationship but don’t settle for less, you’re hard to get as well. Women love hard to get, so tell them what you expect already! Onward with… The Other Online Dating Profile Examples You Should See: 12) There is no flawless victory, tough guy: Nobody’s perfect. When you try to come across that way, women will think something fishy is going on.

Wouldn’t you think the exact same thing? So reveal a little weakness about yourself: you cry like a baby when you watch Titanic, or you snore a lot, or you have a coffee addiction. A weakness makes you real. Women want a real man.

13) Men fantasize about women who love beer, sports, and cars, but women? Women fantasize about men who love sleezy romance novels, watch Oprah or Sex and the City or Dr. Phil, who eat chocolate, and bla bla bla.

Play into that crazy fantasy a little bit by admitting it in some online dating profile examples. The example I always use? I watch Oprah and Dr. Phil and enjoy the crap out of it. True story! It will attract women just like a woman who loves beer and cars makes you kinda curious. 14) Lying is for dumb asses who want to get rejected: Just as some women lie about their age, weight, height, whether they wear glasses or not and other stuff… men do too. Look, I can imagine that you’re insecure about your looks sometimes and that you think a white lie here and there will help you meet hot chicks online.

But it won’t. What would you do if you got an email from a drop dead gorgeous babe who wants to meet you, then you meet her and you find out it’s a Nigerian scammer who wants to scam you out of your money with a story about their uncle’s will you and her can’t access unless you pay her 2000 bucks? I rest my case. Lies get you rejected, but not laid. 15) Use a photo of something crazy: I don’t know a single person on earth who does NOT hate the obligations and routines of everyday life.

Pay the bills, make dinner, that lame desk job at that stupid company, and so on. An exciting lifestyle or situation gives women an escape. All of us crave that escape, so include something exciting on your profile and women will be attracted to you because you can make them forget all about the everyday life boredom. Start using this in your online dating profile examples, so the stuff they will get to see. 16) Show (and prove) different sides of yourself: Have you ever seen a movie where the story sucked and where even the action scenes felt fake?

Congratulations! You’ve seen what this movie junkie has survived many dozens of times: a one dimensional piece of crap movie. Most online dating profiles today are just as bad, or worse.

Show multiple sides of yourself (serious/funny, sweet/naughty, etc.) and you will transform your profile into the next blockbuster movie, if you know what I mean… 17) Please don’t try to be smooth: Women want men who have a genuine interest in them and the men that don’t get dumped in no time.

Like it or not. That is why it’s important that you don’t come across like a Casanova why is telling a billion romantic stories that could easily be bundled together and sold as one of those sleezy novels women devour. That’s overdoing it in your online dating profile examples.

Don’t try to be a Don Juan or Casanova. Try to be yourself for a change. Who knows, women might like it 🙂 And that’s that. Using these seventeen examples of dating profiles might mean the difference between getting one date a year… and getting one a week.

Big difference, right? I talked about how much of a difference a better dating profile can make before in a post using 7 . Read it if you want some more evidence… Want More Online Dating Profile Examples? If you want more online dating profile examples, then I highly recommend you check out my exclusive Online Dating Tips Newsletter.

Not only does it give you the techniques you can use to write an attractive dating profile, but it also reveals: – How you can create attraction online by using a woman’s profile “against” her – Dozens of other online dating profile examples you can use to meet more women online – How to ask a woman for her phone number online, and how to actually get it – And more… So thanks to my Online Dating Newsletter.

And hey, make sure you start using the online dating profile examples I gave you earlier on or you won’t have as much online dating success as you could have… This movie junkie is going to watch himself some Unstoppable with Denzel Washington.

Heard it was an awesome movie… about a train. Interesting, because awesome and train kinda exclude each other don’t you agree? See ya! And don’t you ever forget these online dating profile examples, capice!? And check out the rest of the series.

To More Dating Success, Carlos Xuma Win With Women P.S. Want more free tips about what I\'ve talked about today? About how to meet one woman after the other, after the other...

after the other - while barely lifting a finger? Then now to check out my Dating and Seduction Tips Newsletter.

best online profiles for a woman examples

Writing your profile is the first step of online dating, but it’s also the most important, and sometimes the most stressful, part. This is what singles will use to determine if they’re interested in you, and if your profile doesn’t attract them within those initial 10 seconds or so, they’ll move on to someone else.

Don’t freak out, though. Getting your profile right is actually pretty easy and straightforward. You just need to follow a few of our tips, which we’ve broken up for women and men, and take inspiration from the helpful examples we’ve provided. | While most profile tips can apply to both men and women, there are some that are specific to each and can make a huge difference in the success you’ll see. So, ladies, here’s how to write a dating profile to attract men, according to our years of experience and numerous studies we’ve looked into.

1. Be Confident, Yet, Humble About What You Have to Offer a Date A couple of studies published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin and reported on by The Huffington Post shows . However, there’s a fine line. The studies also found that if you take it too far, then you’ll come off as arrogant instead.

Own what you’re good at but in a modest way. When you’re crafting your profile, there’s no harm in sharing your accomplishments and the qualities you possess that you most admire about yourself and that you can bring to a relationship. But remember to throw in some modesty as well — no one likes a braggadocious date. 2.

Write About Dating, Relationships & Love Creating a great online dating profile is more than just saying who you are and what your romantic desires are — there’s also some science to it. Studies show using words like “relationship” will help bring your goals to life. Research done by Plenty of Fish says women who found a relationship through online dating in their profiles than women who didn’t. 3. State What You Want Without Being Demanding We all have some sort of list in our head about what we’re looking for in a date or partner, and that’s definitely something you should mention in your profile.

But you need to find that happy balance between saying what you want and appearing too picky. Think about how you would feel if you read a guy’s profile that said something like “I want a blonde, blue-eyed woman who isn’t over 5’5″, is a doctor, doesn’t smoke, has never been married, loves dogs but hates cats, enjoys Italian food but hates Indian food, knows every word to every Beatles song, and has visited all Seven Wonders of the World.” OK, that’s an extreme example, but you know what I mean.

Avoid lists like “I want a blonde, blue-eyed man who is over 6 feet tall, is a doctor, doesn’t smoke, has never been married, loves dogs but hates cats, enjoys Italian food but hates Indian food, knows every word to every Beatles song, and has visited all Seven Wonders of the World.” It’s unlikely that you’ll find someone who can check off all the things on your list, and you probably can’t check off everything on his list either.

Plus, that’d be kind of boring, right? So, pick the most important qualities you’re looking for and be more specific about those instead of creating an exhaustive list.

For example, “Volunteering for my local Humane Society is my true passion, and I’d love to find someone who cares about animals, too.” 4. Include Words Like Surfing or Yoga WIRED recently conducted a study that analyzed data from OkCupid and Match to identify the words the most successful dating profiles had in common. Besides talking generally about relationships, the researchers suggest you should also .” You don’t necessarily have to be good at surfing or yoga, but research says mentioning these words can help attract men to your profile.

You don’t have to actually be into surfing or yoga to use these words, though. Even something as simple as “I love working out and tried yoga for the first time a few months ago, but I’m more of a spin class kinda girl” will do the trick. 5. Take Advantage of the On-Site Help Most dating sites, like, offer tons of advice to make the profile writing process smoother.

Make use of their blogs, help pages, live chat features, and pop-ups, which will let you know things like your About Me section is too short or your main photo is too dark. This online dater said, “Better fat and tall that short and skinny” instead of “than,” so remember to always check your grammar and spelling. If you’re going to follow one piece of advice from this article, make it this one. Using proper spelling and grammar in your dating profile is vital, especially for men.

A study by Grammarly, a writing-enhancement app and browser add-on, shows . Sorry, fellas, but the study also shows that this doesn’t apply to women. Before you put your profile out there for the world, and a potential date or partner, to see, use a tool like Grammarly, ask someone else to look it over, or, at the very least, keep an eye out for the red squiggle when you’re typing. 7. Play Up Your Humorous Side It’s easy for someone to say be funny, but humor comes in all forms.

Whether you’re sarcastic, dry, straightforward, witty, or self-deprecating, show that off in your profile. You don’t have to be in-your-face funny — do what works best for your personality. You can tell a joke that you know works, use a quote from a comedy show or a movie, or just make some observations about life’s quirks. This will definitely pay off, as proven by eHarmony, who found single in an online dating profile. 8. Mirror What Some of Your Favorite Profiles Do We’ve all heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and in the case of online dating, science says it’s true.

The University of North Texas, Barts, and the London School of Medicine teamed up to figure out what makes for the best dating profile, particularly in terms of a headline, and . This is when you do things like use similar language or express similar interests as the person you’re interested in.

For example, if you’re looking for a nerdy girl, use nerdy language that she might use. So, when you’re browsing a dating site and find a profile that catches your eye, ask yourself why and then mimic those things in yours. Now, don’t go and copy the entire profile, but stick with the overall themes that worked for you.

9. Don’t Talk About Sex Unless You’re on a Hookup Site We’re not trying to burst anyone’s bubble, but it’s probably only a good idea to talk about sex in your dating profile if you’re on a site just for that, like BeNaughty, not a mainstream one like Match, Zoosk, or eHarmony.

Please refrain from talking about sex in your profile unless you’re on a site for hookups. There’s no judgment here, but there’s a time and a place for everything, and women are less likely to take you seriously if it seems like that’s what you’re all about. 10. End With a Call to Action If your profile just stops without something to encourage women to reach out to you, that’s a missed opportunity.

End it with some sort of CTA such as “Want to know more? Shoot me a message, and I’ll tell you” or “If you love Star Wars just as much as I do, swipe right and tell me which one’s your favorite!” Try a CTA such as this but personalized to you: “If you love Star Wars just as much as I do, swipe right and tell me which one’s your favorite!” Usually, men are the ones who tend to initiate the first message, so why not try and switch things up? What can it hurt? Disclaimer: Great efforts are made to maintain reliable data on all offers presented.

However, this data is provided without warranty. Users should always check the offer provider’s official website for current terms and details. Our site receives compensation from many of the offers listed on the site. Along with key review factors, this compensation may impact how and where products appear across the site (including, for example, the order in which they appear).

Our site does not include the entire universe of available offers. Editorial opinions expressed on the site are strictly our own and are not provided, endorsed, or approved by advertisers.

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