Best paisley woman single speed coral pink sand beach

best paisley woman single speed coral pink sand beach

Pink Sands Beach, Харбор-Айленд: просмотрите отзывы (475 шт.), статьи и 362 фотографий Pink Sands Beach, с рейтингом 1 на сайте TripAdvisor среди 16 достопримечательностей в Харбор-Айленд “Отличный вид на пляж, обращен на восток (см. прогноз ветра для выбора лучшего дня для посещения”. Для однодневной поездки с главного острова (10$ rt на пароме) - Возьмите миниавтомобиль ($50-55 . читать дальше. Отзыв написан 27 марта 2016 г.

best paisley woman single speed coral pink sand beach

Only a few pink sand dot the globe, and the rarity of these beaches add to the allure that they hold. Both their scarceness and their beauty make the world’s pink sands beaches astoundingly attractive tourist destinations. Here are the best pink sand beach vacation ideas , including , , , , and the . , which gets its name from its horseshoe shape, is a popular beach paradise that features a beautiful curve of light pink sand running into the beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Bay offers a good opportunity for snorkeling, but it is only recommended for strong swimmers due to occasionally rough water.

The beach is a popular cruise ship port, so it is seasonally quite crowded. However, if you visit during the off-season it can be a quiet and relaxing place to enjoy a day at the beach. Several other beaches are located nearby, as are hiking trails.

Bonaire Pink Beach is a narrow strip of sand located on the Dutch Caribbean Island of Bonaire. It is situated on the west coast of the island where the water is clear and the wind is calm. The beach is pink due to the presence of millions and millions of tiny crushed shells. The water nearby is an ideal location for snorkeling or scuba diving as the calm seas make for good, clear water conditions.

The beach is a great place to relax and have a picnic, and it is a good location for sunning. A few palms line the upper section of the beach, providing a bit of shade. Elafonisi Beach is located on the southwestern side of Crete, . The islet features shallow, turquoise water with beautiful white and pink beaches.

The island is a protected zone, so there is only natural beauty in every direction. It is is easily reached by foot from the mainland because the water between the two is very shallow and sometimes even non-existent. Due to the shallow, warm water, it is a popular destination for families traveling with small children.

In addition to surreal, pink beaches, Elafonissi has several small caves, other sandy beaches, and intriguing rock formations that visitors can explore. Balos is famous for its beautiful beaches, clear turquoise water, and breathtaking scenery. The beach can get quite crowded with visitors in the summer. The beaches are primarily white sand but are pink in some places due to tons of crushed seashells that have washed ashore.

You can access the beach by either driving the 10 km dirt road or taking a ferry from the mainland. Adventurous visitors can also trek in from Kaliviani, which takes about 3 hours. The water is very shallow and calm, but if you go a little bit farther out there is a good opportunity for snorkeling. Sea turtles and monk seals can sometimes be spotted in the area. Great Santa Cruz Island is a small island in the southern Philippines. The color of the sand comes from small crushed up red organ pipe coral that has washed ashore and mixed with white sand.

Transport to the island involves taking a 15-20 minute motor boat trip from Paseo Del Mar. The island boasts many leisure activities for tourists to enjoy such as snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, boating, or touring local lagoons. The island is a protected area and therefore does not have any hotels or other accommodations. There are also no restaurants, but you are allowed to bring your own food onto the island to eat.

Komodo Island is one of the islands that make up Komodo National Park in Indonesia. The island’s Pink Beach features stunningly pink sand on a backdrop of perfect scenery. The Pink Beach is heaven for snorkelers and scuba divers, as its coral is in very good condition. The water is shallow so it is a good place for people who are just learning to dive or snorkel. The beach offers several activities to keep your days busy if swimming and sunning aren’t enough for you – many options for watersports are available and the sunset is dreamy.

The island is home to Komodo Dragons, which can be quite fierce, and therefore it is recommended to visit the beach with a guide. More: , , , , , , , , , , Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas is a 3-mile stretch of pale pink sand and gentle seas.

A coral reef provides a sort of break-wall for the beach, and the water is warm year-round, making it perfect for swimming. There are several elegant resorts as well as more rustic accommodation options nearby. The coral reef and calm water mean conditions are good for snorkeling. Fishing is a popular activity here as well. For those who want to venture into town, shopping at straw markets or going on a self-led walking tour can be a nice way to spend a few hours.

This is the best pink sand beach in the Bahamas. More: , , , , , Barbuda is an island in the Caribbean Sea which has not yet been over-run by tourists. The beaches of Barbuda are very long and have sections of pink sand. The Atlantic side of the island has rougher beaches but the Caribbean side offers calm, turquoise sea and beautiful clear beaches. The waters offer the perfect locale to enjoy some snorkeling or swimming. There is an array of marine wildlife which can be seen under-water including sea turtles, sharks, rays and more.

The island doesn’t have much in the way of tourist infrastructure but it is the perfect destination if you are searching for a laid back, relaxed beach vacation. More: , , , , , , , , , , Spiaggia Rosa is in North-East Sardinia, on the tiny, uninhabited island of Budelli.

The beach has a pink tinge due to shells and fragments of red coral. It is located inside of the La Maddalena National Park. Unfortunately, too many tourists were taking sand away from the beach, so it has been closed to tourists, however you can still view the beach from aboard a boat or from Spiaggia del Cavaliere nearby, which you can visit on a guided tour.

Dolphins frequent the waters near the beach, and visitors who take boat tours to see the pink sands often see them. More: , , , , , Lombok is a beautiful island in Indonesia that is home to Tangsi Beach, a scenic pink-sand beach.

This part of the island is not yet incredibly well-known to tourists, and it therefore offers a tranquil escape albeit a bit difficult to get to. The famous, pink beach is located near a fishing village on the eastern side of the island. The water is safe and calm, so it is a popular location to swim and snorkel. Tangsi is surrounded by cliffs and hills, which make it quite a scenic location. Visitors can climb a nearby cliff and enjoy the view of the beach and sea.

If you feel like exploring, there are several small islands nearby that you can visit by boat from Tangsi. Pfeiffer Beach is located inside Pfeiffer State Park in Big Sur . The beach has unique, purple sand that is washed off of the impressive rock formations that line the beach. The purple tint of the sand is not always visible, though it is most obvious right after a rain. The surf is very rough, and it is often windy so it is not safe for swimming.

However, visitors can scramble up the rock formations nearby, so bring good, sturdy shoes. There are also sea caves nearby through which you can watch the waves. The park and beach are both dog friendly. Red Sand Beach is a hidden beach that on , while a bit difficult to get to, offers an almost other-worldly view.

The red sand on the beach is caused by the nearby red lava cinder cliffs eroding onto the shore. The water is a deep blue color, providing an impressive contrast. To get to the beach, visitors must hike a somewhat dangerous and slippery trail along a cliffs edge. The visit is recommended only for experienced hikers.

The beach is a great place for birdwatching and is also a popular beach with nudists and local eccentrics. 12 Best Pink Sand Beaches in the World • , Photo: Courtesy of eqroy - • , Photo: Courtesy of fotogreg - • , Photo: Courtesy of AntonChigarev - • , Photo: Courtesy of MarcoBagnoli Elflaco - • , Photo: Courtesy of PixieMe - • , Photo: Courtesy of Kjersti - • , Photo: Courtesy of tobago77 - • , Photo: Courtesy of BlueOrange Studio - • , Photo: Courtesy of scabrn - • , Photo: Courtesy of Andrea Izzotti - • , Photo: Courtesy of SandyS - • , Photo: Courtesy of peteleclerc - • Cover Photo: Courtesy of Kjersti -

best paisley woman single speed coral pink sand beach

best paisley woman single speed coral pink sand beach - Explore Beautiful Harbour Island, Bahamas

best paisley woman single speed coral pink sand beach

We’ve all been to those beautiful ivory shorelines. If you are fortunate enough, to some black ones too. But, there is a lot more to nature’s palette than just black and white.

Pink being one of it. As mystic as it may seem, there are many rosy pink beaches that you can take a stroll on to satiate the traveler inside you. Thanks to the countless broken coral pieces left behind by microscopic marine animals called Foraminifera, with red and pink shells, that live in the coral reefs in the vicinity of the beach, giving the sand this shade of blush.

Here are the top ten ‘candy-floss’ pink beaches for you to feast your eyes on: 10) Beach of Komodo, Indonesia This beach gets its name from the largest species of lizard, Komodo Dragon. It is a part of the Komodo National Park and is the natural habitat of this creature. The Pantai Merah or pink beach is located immediately west of Flores island in East Nusatenggara and is easily approachable via Bali.

Apart from the breath-taking views, this beach is a popular spot for snorkeling, kayaking, etc. Adding to the thrill, are the freely roaming Komodo Dragons. 9) Spiaggia Rosa of Budelli, Italy Being one of the jewels of the Mediterranean, the Spiaggia Rosa, is a treat for the eyes. Due to its scenic beauty and mesmerizing views, this beach was once a booming tourist destination. The drawback of this was that people started stealing and exporting the sand or keeping it as a souvenir.

As a result, the beach began to lose its pink color and consequently the Italian Government had to prohibit any further human intervention since 1994 in order to preserve it. Now, the beach is no longer accessible to tourists. 8) Balos Lagoon Beach, Greece Another gem of the Mediterranean is the Balos Lagoon Beach of Greece. Owing to the salmon-colored sand, this beach is one of the most photographed beaches of Crete Island.

This beach sure makes it to the itinerary of every tourist visiting Greece. As it is crowded in the summers, it is best to avoid going here during July to August. There are multiple modes of transport to the beach such as boats, cars or motorbikes. However, the best way to reach there would be to trek there, while soaking in every ounce of beauty Balos Lagoon has to offer. 7) Elafonisi Beach, Crete, Greece Greece is sure a paradise for beach babies.

Another feather in its cap is the Elafonisi Beach. Parts of the beach have white sand while some parts have pink. Yet, this beach managed to make it to the list due to the plethora of things it has to offer. Being an oblong, it often “breaks” in two parts, thus creating an impression of being a separate island. One can wade through the shallow waters onto the other side to this island. The beach also offers you a magnificent sight of sand dunes, junipers and sand lilies.

6) Great Santa Cruz Island, Philippines Located in southern Philippines, this is a small inhabited island of Great Santa Cruz. It is part of the Zamboanga City. One can reach there in about 20 minutes by boat from the Paseo Del Mar. The government of Philippines has managed to preserve this pristine site by not allowing any sort of accommodation or eateries to be installed. Although, the tourists are permitted to carry their own eatables. This beach is a paradise for the those who love water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, boat trips, etc.

however, the illegal mining of the coral reefs has posed a grave threat to the marine ecosystem of Great Santa Cruz Island as well as damaged the reef as well. 5) Tangsi Beach of Lombok, Indonesia Another entrant in this list from Indonesia is the Tangsi beach of Lambok. This beach was initially a humble fishing village with not many tourists visiting it. The roads to Tangsi were not well developed either.

But off late, it has gained much popularity owing to its distinct peach-pink color. Apart from the usual aqua sports in its calm waters, one can have a bird’s eye view of the beach from the nearby cliff. The climb is of elementary level and takes about 30 minutes to reach to the top. 4) The Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island, the Bahamas Bahamas is on the list of every tourist. This 3 mile stretch of soft pink sand is one of the many wonders that nature has to offer.

The waters are calm and tranquil, providing ideal conditions for those who love snorkeling. There is a variety of resorts for tourists. In the evenings, one can visit the local markets.

3) Bonaire Pink Beach, Dutch Caribbean Island When one speaks of beaches, the list is incomplete without mentioning those from the Caribbean. Bonaire is the second-largest island in the Dutch Caribbean. Most of the beaches here are small narrow patches of sand. The serenity and calmness is what attracts many tourists to Bonaire. The wind is not harsh and the waters are restful, making it ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.

If you are looking some time to relax and work on your tan, Bonaire is the place for you. Bonaire is for the recluse in you. 2) Pink Beaches of Barbuda, Caribbean Sea A sister island of the famous island of Antigua is Barbuda.

It is located in the middle of the Leeward Islands. However, this island is almost untouched by tourism. There are vast stretches of pink sand for as long as the human eye can see. For animal lovers, one can find a variety of marine fauna like sharks, barracuda, sea turtles, rays, etc. with a good probability to spot them.

The USP of Barbuda is the undisputed and undisturbed way of life. Apart from beautiful and non-commercialized beaches, the island also has a rather intriguing history. If you are a person who loves to imbibe the local culture of a place, Barbuda is the place for you.

1) Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda One has to top this list with an excerpt from the land of Bermuda. Being one of the most famous beaches of Bermuda, the Horseshoe beach is a popular tourist attraction. As the name suggests, the shape of the beach resembles a horseshoe. The peripheries are lined with limestone rocks, making it a great spot for a variety of marine fauna like parrot fish, snappers, etc. Being very popular among tourists, this beach is often found to be too crowded.

To escape the crowd, one can go to the nearby coves which are at a walking distance from the main beach.

best paisley woman single speed coral pink sand beach

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