Best pickup bars san jose

best pickup bars san jose

San Jose is the largest city within the Bay Area and in Northern California, known as a global city for its thriving economy and affluence. With so much to offer, we have narrowed in on the Downtown San Jose area to explore the best bars. Sign Up. Get More Trials Pub is an authentic British Pub offering some of Britain’s favorite dishes and brews, from fish and chips to bangers and mash, and Boddingtons cream ale to Dragon Slayer IPA. Some other brews straight from England include Bass, Newcastle, and Strongbow, with about 15 on tap and a wide collection of bottled beers as well. The space is small and intimate with a fireplace and walls lined with an eclectic collection of art. Cozy up to your favorite brew, or sit down to a hot meal of shepherd’s pie—a favorite among their regulars.

best pickup bars san jose

By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of “A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure” Previously, I published an article about when it comes to meeting Costa Rican women (AKA ticas). Now I’d like to show you exactly how to open hot Costa Rican girls in , the best place to pick up girls in . San Jose is the best place to do pickup because this city has a third of the country’s population, which means there are more women here! Without further ado, let’s get started.

• Go to a bar near universities.In my previous article, I already explained why bars near universities are the best – If you want to meet high quality ticas, make sure you don’t miss out on bars near universities, because that’s where university students hang out.

As a result, it’s the best venue to practice your pickup skills in this exotic country. • How to approach ticas in groups. Most San Jose women don’t go to bars alone, so usually, they are with their friends.

Therefore, you’d better start talking to them by saying “Hi” first – Step 1 is always about . Don’t overthink your opener, because your opener is actually less important than you think – simply say “Hi” & what happens next is much more important.

Just think about this: If you are having sex with a girl from the nightclub, she can’t even remember what you said as an opener, right? Nobody has ever said, ‘By the way, your opener was terrible’ in bed! • Effective indirect openers. Because most are quite outgoing, your indirect openers shouldn’t be too indirect. Hence, effective indirect openers should be something like: “I come to say hi just in case no guy comes to talk to you” – this statement indicates sexual vibe and can lead to topics about dating and relationships quickly.

• Effective direct openers. Ticas are generally very gregarious, so it’s totally okay to use direct openers (these usually ). Thus, you should feel confident to use some direct openers such as “I just have to come to tell you that you are the most beautiful girl in the club tonight” – this is exactly what she wants to hear, because women spend a few hours getting ready (having a shower, doing makeup, dressing up, etc.) before they go out at night. Besides, women are validated by attention, so every one of them wants to be the most beautiful woman in the club that night.

• Eliminate approach anxiety.Honestly, your Western status doesn’t make you look any better in San Jose, because there are too many in this city. Consequently, maybe you still have some approach anxiety here, especially when you know that women in San Jose generally have outstanding social skills and are worldly. Well, the best way to overcome your approach anxiety is to actually practice more – the more pickup you do, the less anxious you feel.

To make things easier for you, you can try indirect openers first and adjust your goal each time, i.e. tonight when you go out, simply open ten girls and leave the venue (don’t try to close tonight); tomorrow night when you go out, try to stay in the conversation with a few San Jose ladies for a longer period of time and see what happens.

Also, you should talk to everyone, not just hot ticas. In this way, you can warm up and get ready for the actual approach. Remember: it’s okay to mess up, and what keeps you awake at night is not rejections; instead, what should keep you awake at night is not taking action.

• Work on your inner game. Instead of trying to plan your night game in your head, just tell yourself, “I’m already an extrovert, so I’ll go out for fun tonight. If I happen to pick up a girl, that will be even better. I surrender to the universe and allow things to happen naturally tonight.” This mindset will help you release your stress, get out of your head and become more confident immediately. • What to do after opening the hot San Jose girl. First of all, you need to work on your small talk skills, because almost every woman in the nightclub is fed up with small talks with boring men.

Most men either say something too obvious or interview women after the initial opener. For example, men who haven’t read this article would say this to a Costa Rican woman, “Your smile is beautiful” (too obvious and boring) or “what do you do?” (One thousand men already asked this question). So you should be unique now in order to stand out from the crowd. For instance, you may say something like, “I guess you must be a university student studying European history.” – Assumptions like this are more interesting.

In fact, in the end, you’ll get the same information by making assumptions anyway.

best pickup bars san jose

best pickup bars san jose - 10 Best Singles Bars and Pickup Spots in San Francisco

best pickup bars san jose

There's a lot happening in the South Bay, and it’s not all tech. In San Jose, the fifth biggest city in the country, the skyline is changing and more people are moving Downtown. There are new things to do, new places to eat, and (most importantly) new places to drink. We’ve highlighted 10 of the best beer bars, cocktail spots, and breweries to visit next time you’re in SanJo.

Go ahead and leave your car behind -- most of these places are within a 15-20 minute walk of Caltrain. 87 N San Pedro St While SPSM was inspired by urban food markets like Seattle’s Pike Place Market and San Francisco’s Ferry Building, don’t go there for groceries -- the farmers market and specialty grocer plans never panned out.

Do go for a drink, though -- it’s awesome for groups, since the vendors are spread throughout two buildings surrounding a central outdoor patio, and it’s a great place to watch a game (they've got TVs literally everywhere, inside and out). The market has a few important places where you're gonna want to booze: the main bar and the Garage Bar have full bars, the Market Beer Store is a craft beer bottle shop with daily rotating drafts and bomber-size bottles, and then there's Vino Vino, an actually great wine bar with 13 keg wines that're all on tap.

Coolest part: you can buy a drink at any of the bars and take it to sit anywhere on-site, inside or out. 66 S 1st St This should be a beer nerd’s first stop in San Jose. When it opened in 2012, it was the first place in Downtown devoted solely to craft beer and it’s still a favorite. They currently have 35 taps (which change throughout the night as kegs are kicked), with plenty more available by the bottle. To alleviate the pressure up front, they just opened a second bar in the middle of the space, and they have beer garden tables out back.

Oh, and the food is pretty good too: they've got a long list of specialty sausages (rabbit anyone?), duck fat fries, and grilled cheese sandwiches. If you are feeling charitable, stop by on one of their Pints for Nonprofits nights, when local organizations are paired with different craft brewers and receive a percentage of their total beer sales. 75 E Santa Clara St ISO Beers (“In Search Of Beers”) is a sleek and industrial-looking beer bar and bottle shop. It has 40 taps, including a handful on nitro, and hundreds of craft beers to-go in their large retail section.

Like cider or mead? ISO Beers has more than 25 varieties. You won’t find food here, but you're welcome to bring your own and eat it in the bar or on the large outdoor beer garden. 37 S 1st St OK, yes, this place started out as a quirky little vegan café, but don’t be turned off. If you go inside the store, and pass the seitan-stocked deli counter, you’ll find a tiny bar with one of the most eclectic craft beer selections in San Jose. Owner Ryan Summers is a huge beer fan and frequently serves rare specialty, aged, and small-batch beers from his personal collection that you won’t find anywhere else.

43 W San Salvador St Haberdasher is the new-and-improved incarnation of the subterranean speakeasy, Singlebarrel.

While the place generally looks the same, Haberdasher introduced a draft cocktail list, added a bar station, and started to accept reservations for tables -- all moves to help the drinks flow faster and an improvement from its predecessor’s annoying weekend lineup.

While the bar is no longer the only place in town offering well-made craft cocktails, the moody underground space is still a local favorite. 72 N Almaden Ave SP2 wins the prize for "great spot with a bad location".

They were probably open for a year before anyone even noticed they were there, as the entrance is hidden on a one-way street that doesn’t get much foot traffic. It's right next to the San Pedro Square market, which is a plus, and on weekends it attracts people hopping from bar to bar, and oftentimes is a spot you'll linger at thanks to a modern outdoor patio, homemade ingredients including their bitters, and very stiff drinks.

Get the Moscow Mule. 1627 S 7th St Hermitage was one of the first local craft brewers based here in San Jose. Owned by the folks behind Santa Clara County brewing pioneer Tied House in Mountain View, Hermitage brews its own line of beers and contracts with smaller, local beer brewers and soda makers from across California to brew in their facility.

They’ve brewed for San Francisco’s Almanac Beer Company and Magnolia Gastropub, plus served as incubator to startup local breweries like San Jose’s Strike Brewing Company. Hermitage’s tasting room, on an industrial street just South of Downtown San Jose, is right around the corner from San Jose State’s Spartan Stadium. IPA lovers should try their Hoptopia Double IPA or their Citra single hop IPA. Growler lovers should fill theirs here. 301 W Saint John St While most of the other spots on the list celebrate the shiny and new, Henry’s Hi-Life has been a South Bay institution for more than 50 years.

It’s located in a historic hotel (circa 1900) that once housed Italian working-class immigrants who came to the Santa Clara Valley to work in agriculture. As a restaurant, Henry’s is famous for their jumbo steaks, but being two blocks from the SAP Center, their dark and dingy bar is the most popular local place for Sharks pre-gaming. Bonus: they're also open on Sunday mornings for breakfast with a side of NFL.

72 S. 1st St This bar, owned by two of the folks behind Original Gravity next door, offers some of the city’s best craft cocktails. You’ll find barrel-aged cocktails and cocktails on tap, as well as an extensive (and photogenic) floor-to-ceiling spirit shelf. The bartenders’ skills are on point and will offer up just the right drink, even you give them vague and otherwise inadequate information about your likes and dislikes. The bar menu offers comfort foods like pork belly chicharrones, braised brisket toast, and artichoke mac & cheese.

169 W Santa Clara This dark, wood-paneled craft cocktail bar is the newest on this list, but it evokes a historic NYC saloon. Named for the notorious, gang-infested Five Points neighborhood in 19th-century Manhattan, this bar offers well-made cocktails named for real gangsters, figures, and places of the era. Paradise Square, a blended mix of Zubrowka vodka, pineapple, citrus, orange blossom, and egg white, is named the community’s central park and neighborhood gathering spot; the Boss Tweed, made with Canadian Club rye, Tariquet VS Armagnac, sugar, anise, and bitters, is named for the notorious head of New York City’s Tammany Hall political machine.

This spot just down the street from the SAP Center is definitely classy, but laid back enough for pre-gaming the Sharks.

best pickup bars san jose

This is cheating a bit because this is not a bar, but rather an end-of-week tradition. On Thursday and Friday nights, locals fill the market square, or in Santurce, which transforms into an open-air block party. In addition to the many local bars, the plaza has several fondas, or small eateries specializing in La Placita, as it’s called, has a relaxed, pleasant vibe, and it’s definitely off the beaten path; although you wouldn’t know it from the almost-impossible parking around the place.

You can’t beat the location: a colonial building atop a hill on the corner of Cristo and San Sebastián Streets. You can’t beat the ambiance, with pool tables on the second floor and a long bar area with seating that spills out onto the street and Plaza San José. In addition to daily drink specials, you can get succulent burgers here from the neighboring restaurant El Patio de Sam. And you can’t beat the hours: Nono’s will stay open until four. The home of grunge in Old San Juan, El Batey occupies a unique niche on one of the most historic streets in the city.

Its collegiate-atmosphere décor, highlighted by graffiti, jukebox, lampshades made of business cards, and wooden bar weathered by numerous (if not famous) autographs. Its unpretentious dinginess is one of its most appealing qualities. With two branches, in Old San Juan and , Lupi's is an injection of in an otherwise chic neighborhood.

The food is Tex-Mex heavy, the drinks massive (with an impressive array of margaritas), and the bar colorful and hopping on the weekends (especially the Isla Verde branch, which also has live music nightly).

Colmado Bar Moreno is not a likely candidate to make a list of top bars; during the day, it's a relatively quiet and unassuming liquor and general store.

At night, however, the store takes advantage of its location fronting a mini plaza off Tetuán Street to set up an outdoor bar area. Throw in the homegrown reggaetón music, dirt-cheap drinks served in plastic cups, and it's no wonder that customers line up to the counter.

Across the Caribbean (and Mexico), Señor Frog’s has been sending college kids crawling home happy. You can count on this joint for a youthful, raucous scene, blaring music, live bands, karaoke, girls dancing on stage, and freely flowing alcohol. The Puerto Rico branch of this chain is located behind the Sheraton. Señor Frog’s is a full-service restaurant as well, but you can eat at one of Old San Juan’s fine restaurants and then come here to party.

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