Best pickup to buy second hand in india

best pickup to buy second hand in india

What second-hand baby items can I buy or borrow? How much should I pay for second-hand items? Where should I get second-hand items for my baby? What second-hand items should I be cautious about? What about prams, pushchairs, cots and car seats?. You'll probably get many freebies this way. It's perfectly fine to dress your baby in hand-me-down outfits as long as they are clean and in good condition. Export surplus shops tend to stock clothes and sometimes even shoes, blankets and sheets. Most of these are termed 'export-rejects' due to minor defects in colour, fabric or stitching. If it’s possible for you to keep a regular vigil at your favourite shops, you can easily pick up things like baby jackets or sleeping suits at bargain prices.

best pickup to buy second hand in india

India is a country where people are economic at heart and practical in approach. While we love our vehicles, we also love to see great value for the money we spend on them. As a result, you would see a lot of second hand trading when it comes to vehicles. We Indians are forever searching for outlets that would provide the best possible options in our budget, in a good condition and have good resale values. To serve this purpose, there is a host of used car dealers out there as well as cyber-markets.

But since many prefer to purchase from Company owned used cars division, here is a compilation of the best places in India for second hand vehicles. 10. Mahindra First Choice: A multi-brand certified used car venture from Mahindra, First Choice offers refurbished cars across a wide spectrum and also provides warranty on select pre-owned vehicles.

Having undergone a rigorous 118 point quality control check, the vehicles provide you the best results and at an affordable price. In addition to the warranty, there are various services offered like spot valuation, exchange and finance for second hand vehicles that you can take advantage of.

Certainly an option worth exploring, wouldn’t you say? 9. Tata Motors Assured: A pre-owned vehicles division, Tata Assured provides you all services under one roof: buying and selling, exchange and servicing and refurbishing.

As always, Tata undertakes an inflexible and compelling security protocol to ensure the product delivered is reliable in all aspects. You can also get your existing vehicle assessed at Assured to facilitate an exchange and sale at a reasonable price. The prices are derived scientifically through the use of a unique price matrix and, of course, the car’s condition. 8. Maruti True Value: With a major chunk of Indian vehicle owners driving one or the other of Maruti’s vehicles, it was a logical choice for the company to start a second hand vehicles arm.

It effectively expands the Maruti customer base by ensuring customers don’t have to concern themselves with the resale of their automobile. At , a transparent and fair evaluation process is adopted ensuring the seller gets the right price and the buyer gets the value for his bucks.

Again, a very efficient quality control system backed up with a 1 year warranty and 3 free services is put to use and the refurbishing is done by Maruti itself using genuine spares. And what’s more is, you can pay in cash/cheque, get a True Value car in exchange or get a brand new one.

Seriously, what more can you ask for? 7. Ford Assured: Having been launched in 2011, Ford Assured is doing considerable business in the pre-owned vehicles category.

Launched in collaboration with its dealers, Ford Assured accentuates the business by assisting potential new buyers in disposing off their old vehicle. Besides being cost-effective, Ford Assured’s biggest USP is it providing a 1 year/20000 km. warranty on Ford cars as well as on competitive brands like Maruti, Hyundai, Tata and Chevrolet. A stringent 169 point check-list provides you the essential assurance to help you trust the quality of the vehicle. 6. Auto Terrace: Also See To prevent you from all the hassle you might have to face for a second hand vehicle, Honda launched its used car division, Auto Terrace, aimed at the Indian market.

You can exchange your existing car; any make any model, for a brand new Honda or if you wish, a pre-owned Honda. The mission of Honda Auto Terrace is to give you a convenient and transparent buying environment making the transaction a delight for you.

And like all other brands, there is also a 1 year/20000 km. warranty on the pre-owned Honda you purchase. 5. Hyundai Advantage: With its increasing market share, . has also forayed into the used-cars market space in India under the brand name ‘Advantage’ to give good quality used cars to the Indian customer. The second hand vehicles sold at Advantage are certified after passing through a demanding quality and security control procedures comprising 147 checks and the end products is one to trust.

Assuring trust, quality and clarity in the bargain, Hyundai also offers, as a bonus, warranty of up to 1 year or 20000 km (whichever is earlier from the date of sale). 4. Toyota UTrust: Toyota is universally known to be trusted for its quality vehicles. With a unique concept in mind, Toyota launched UTrust in India, the concept being giving the buyer of a used car an experience at par with the New Car Buyer.

The used-car segment in India being largely unorganized gave Toyota a chance to use its trusted image whilst foraying into this segment. At UTrust, you get choice, convenience and a good value for money. Inbuilt in the package, while buying a car, is a 1 year/15000 km warranty and up to 3 labor-free services at Toyota dealerships.

3. GM Certified: General Motors has captured a sizeable chunk of the Indian auto market. Correspondingly, the demand for their second hand vehicles is also on the rise. To serve this category, GM has diversified into the used-car division.

GM’s used cars come with a stringent security check procedure and now include Owner Care: a benefits package that raises the coverage they provide considerably. With their exhaustive package including two manufacturer warranties, 24/7 roadside assistance and a 3 day/150 mile customer satisfaction guarantee, they truly take ‘no worries’ to a whole new level.

2. Audi Approved plus: Now this is one place for connoisseurs of luxury and taste. Not everyone can afford an Audi. But at the pre-owned cars branch of Audi, Audi Approved: plus, you can get your mother’s desire fulfilled at a cost that suits your pocket.

With a whopping 300+ inspection points ensuring the vehicles conform to the “Audi-Standards” (read defect-free), 12 months roadside assistance and trade-in and finance options, you really couldn’t ask for more.

And for the first time in India, Audi is offering a 2 year and unlimited kilometers warranty and a 30 days exchange policy. So, do you need any more convincing? 1. BMW Premium Selection: BMW is a premium brand, so even the second hand vehicles are premium.

This is what is signified by the name ‘BMW Premium Selection’. As a way to entice the Indian car owners and to have them taste the way of a BMW, BMW have also ventured into the used-car division.

With a whopping warranty of more than 2 years, round the clock road-assistance, 360˚ technical and optical check with over 70 check-points and financing options, BMW is really going all-out to encourage you to try a car from its premium selection range.

best pickup to buy second hand in india

best pickup to buy second hand in india - Best Sites To Buy and Sell Second Hand Used Items Online in India

best pickup to buy second hand in india

Their are lot of free classifieds sites India , But I think eazyseller is the trending free classified site globally. They have free classified site in India,USA,UK,UAE,Canada.

From automotive to real estate to anything that you can think of, Eazyseller will be a one stop point that will get you all. Registered users will get to post advertisements and anyone can view this and can respond to the advertisement.

Things are as simple as that

best pickup to buy second hand in india

10 Best Websites/Apps To And Sell Second-Hand Products In India: We all have the second hand, used, unused, working, mint condition products lying around in the house, in the office, or placed outside the house. However, it’s only when someone wants to sell those things or rent them, then one realises how difficult it is to actually sell those goods. Nowadays, people are busy as they don’t find time to publicise it enough.

The newspaper classified are too costly and generally, don’t help much. Some websites offer to list them as text-based posts that can’t be searched well or presented well. Those websites are focused on something else like news, politics, events, and other stuff. With a trend of Online shopping, selling and buying used things is also rising. Finding the potential buyer for a used item in the household has now become easier through Online classified ads site.

Also, if you are looking for the budget product in used condition , then the second-hand online market is a good place. Buy Used Products Online Used Products can offer the same quality as new ones that you have the persistence to look for the best alternatives to buy used products online.

Presently, it is the decent time to begin spring cash. Dependent upon the quality and age of the thing, purchasing used can spare 10%-80% off the business retail cost. Sell Used Products Online It is getting to be known certainty that online world is known as rumoured shopping destination for an assortment of products. These are one of those products that can be discovered by means of an online medium, best case scenario reasonable cost.

You are a manager and want to sell used products online, then you have to do some work about internet shopping methodology. There are such a large number of profits of offering Used Products online that nobody effortlessly trusts in that. List Of And Apps To Buy And Sell Second-Hand Products: 1.

: It is a classified Ads website helping to find potential customers in your city. Not just buying and selling, but it also supports donating and exchanging things. Stay true to its tagline – Where Things change Hands. • Website design and Navigation is really easy. • Posting of Ad is Free. • Buyer can contact without revealing your email ID.

• Help out Seller in Courier and provides Loan, Insurance assistance. For Buyers, it has a nice feature called “Product Verification” by which product is verified by their team for authenticity.

2. : Koove is an app to buy and sell used goods, or second-hand products in a fun-trusted social platform. They promote trust by ensuring safety, for example, Real User Profiles, Moderated Community, Chat, Social, Comments, etc. Koove is different from usual used goods classifieds platforms like OLX, Quikr, etc.

It is a place to reduce wastage and save money in a virtual flea market experience. It’s not just about buying and selling stuff, people can use Koove to browse through products, comment, engage and connect with others with similar interest around used goods exchange. It is a social experience similar to window shopping. 3. : It is quite site with a maximum number of sellers and buyers from India. Maybe the are the reason of its popularity but experience says, it’s quite good in their business.

Submit ads for free and without creating an account. If you want to buy something, here you will find interesting items, cheaper than in the store. For Buyer, A variety of product range is available from Pets to Vehicles and the number of products listed is also high.

One thing lacks here is Owing to the high number of product listing, crawling through the search results and finding the product we want becomes difficult. Lack of moderation makes everything look spam. For Seller, Posting ad is free and also support anonymous posting. If you want your product to be listed in the first place and on featured section on Homepage, an extra amount is charged. 4. : ListUp connects people staying nearby to buy and sell used goods efficiently and safely; for FREE.

You can discover the listing of products posted by your neighbours and friends; to shop. Post Ads for all the unused items that you have at home; for selling. You will find Apparels, Books, Bikes, Cars, Electronics, Home appliances, Mobile Phones, Musical-instruments, Toys and much more on ListUp; except contrabands. There is an option to chat and bargain enhances the communication between both buyers and sellers.

You can get whatever you are looking for at a lower price than on any pre-loved online platform. 5. : Tradly is a social marketplace app to buy, sell, donate and swap with your local.

Tradly is also the place where people can CONNECT with nearby locals, discover pre-loved items, and trade with them. The unique thing about Tradly is its safe and fun environment with contents driven by the local community who are safe to connect and trade.

The Tradly have commonly searched under the names Tradly, Tradely, Tradly social market, Tradly buy, Trade India and relevant terms such as shop, snap sell and social. Trade books, textbooks, music instruments, Gaming consoles, Gadgets, Sports items, fitness, etc. 6. : It is other classified ads site highly promoted on televisions.

Owing to the popularity, it has a vast product range and alternatives of same products for Buyer. The seller can post an ad for free while upgrade plans for premium ads vary according to the product sold.

One thing must be noted that Shipping has to be done by the seller and no site takes responsibility of that. Buyer should try to buy things from a seller from their city itself as far as possible to avoid scam. And Payment should be made in hand on receiving the product. One problem common with all of these sites except eBay is Spam.

They should allow anonymous posting and make Mobile and Email verification mandatory. Also, posting a picture with a minimum amount of words in the description should be a requirement for publishing product listing. 7. : Zefo, an early stage eCommerce startup committed to giving buyers and sellers an absolute hassle free used goods shopping experience. They have personally experienced the pain of buying and selling a whole bunch of furniture in the last couple of years and decided to do something about it.

Quite counter-intuitively, they decided to take all of that pain and load it all on themselves, to ensure that each of you gets the most convenient and Zero Effort experience while trying to buy and sell. 8. : Maxdeal is one of the India’s largest e-commerce marketplaces. Maxdeal provides a platform for vendors across the country to connect with millions of customers. The platform has the widest assortment of products from thousands of national, international and regional brands across diverse categories like Mobiles, Laptops, Cameras, Appliances, Women’s Apparel, Men’s Apparel, Watches, Home & Kitchen, Automotive, Health, Books.

Grab your favourite products at best prices and save the one thing that matters most to you i.e. Your Money. Maxdeal has a network of more than 50000 Merchants/Brands, and has over 20 million members and caters to the shopping needs of customers across many towns and cities. 9. : Ebay doesn’t need any introduction as an online marketplace. Treasure is a part of eBay dedicated to selling used items and second-hand things online. Here, Treasure is referred to anything unused at your home which could bring some cash on selling.

For Sellers, you can create a shop inside eBay to list all your items or sell an item as a non-shop subscriber. Minimal insertion fee is charged while listing any item depending upon the category of product. 10. : With Spoyl you can connect with the top fashion community of India and swap your closets; time to say goodbye to your once precious outfits and say hello to a new wardrobe.

Get your worth off those old outfits by selling items that you no longer use from your closet! Being in fashion has never been more profitable or responsible! No more old styles sitting in the back of your closet anymore. Call your BFFs over, uncork a bottle of wine, and start shopping from a curated list of Spoyl-approved styles featuring top brands at up to 80% OFF retail.

The experience just gets better with unmissable discounts, access to more fashion blogger’s closets and more exclusive content at Spoylr’s Journal. Buyer should try to buy things from a seller from their city itself as far as possible to avoid scam. And Payment should be made in hand on receiving the product.

These are the best websites and apps to buy and sell the second-hand products online in India. If you have any experiences in any of these websites, let us know in the below comments. Also, if you know any other best website buy and sell, comment them below. We will update the list with all the mentions. Which websites do you use to buy as well as to sell used/unused products online?

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