Best place for singles in san diego

best place for singles in san diego

San Diego attractions are spread out, and no place you pick will be close to all of them. In general, the further you get away from downtown, the cheaper, but this rule breaks down when you get to La Jolla - which is lovely but pricey. Big conventions can suck up every available room downtown. Try Mission Bay or Hotel Circle when this happens. Learn about hidden hotel costs and how to avoid them. Read the tips for finding a San Diego hotel deal La Jolla is perhaps the most beautiful area in San Diego, with hotels in town and nearby Torrey Pines is among the best golf anywhere. Luxury comes at a price. Most La Jolla hotels are on the expensive side.

best place for singles in san diego

That depends on the type of single your looking for. I dont think its too hard to deduce that the general rule that applies to most cities ‘it depends on where you go’. Personally, i’d say, museums, higher end places of work, (then at least you’ll have the best chance of finding a woman who has her life together, the zoo, maybe the gym all depends on the type you attract though and weather or not your attracted to higher caliber women and you can sort those out from the ‘easy’ or ‘no good’ ones.

best place for singles in san diego

best place for singles in san diego - 13 Best Things to Do in San Diego

best place for singles in san diego

My husband, 24-year-old son and I are going to be vacationing in in mid-August. On our last vacation to the Caymans, we stayed at a great hotel, but it had very few singles our son's age -- mostly families with younger kids and engaged couples. We want our hotel in San Diego that has a lot of singles, a pool, and a hot tub ~ don't care about the noise.

Can you suggest a good hotel that has these features? #2 of 14 · I don't think is that kind of a city...... But the hotels most likely to have the youngest people by the pool are going to be in Downtown, mostly the Gaslamp I think. Places like the , Hotel Solamar, Andaz and The .

Along the same lines as elizzie, in it is very much a youth culture, but more in the restaurants, on the beach and in the numerous bars in the area, but maybe not in the hotels themselves so much. #5 of 14 · I personally would prefer a Beach casual feel, than a Downtown Urban Feel. But the OP knows their son better than we do. But the and Mission Beach areas area great places to meet others. Get a Hotel next to the ocean, and your son can just cruise the boardwalk and run into plenty of others similar of age.

#7 of 14 · scott is right about the Gaslamp having more of a 'pool' scene. There are several hotels that have rooftop pool bars and especially on the weekend are quite the place to be.

The Gaslamp also has a club scene. doesn't have any roof top pool bars. But the 'scene' is on the beach and in the restaurants and bars. There's a boardwalk with rollerbladers, people biking, running, etc. right beside the beach. There is no beach in Downtown SD where the Gaslamp is. So that's where you're decision will come into play. #8 of 14 · As scott mentioned it is not the hotels themselves that will have singles but the beach area of is a big area for local 20somethings to go out and party!

is a large city with a large local population that uses its beaches and restaurants. It is not an isolated island like the Caymans where tourists are the only ones in the restaurants /bars. Downtown San Diego has the Gaslamp entertainment district where again there are lots of bars, restaurants, and dance clubs.

There are also pool parties at the hotels there. These are probably a bit more upmarket than the beach bars/restaurants. Again you may not necessarily find lots of singles staying at the hotels but they will be there partying! #10 of 14 · >> Correct and in the bars there too.

Its where a lot of college kids live. As already mentioned Downtown has a ton of bars too so many singles are in that area as well. A hotel in either location will put your 24 year old son in an area with many single people. On a weekend a hotel like the and the beach hotels will have many singles staying there but during the week not as many.

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