Best place to pick up one night stands

best place to pick up one night stands

It’s all very well and good to put the ‘sin’ in ‘single’, but sometimes it’s nice to be in a relationship with something other than your Rabbit Pearl or a Twilight poster. So for those of you who are keen to indulge in a spot of penis-hunting, I have outlined some of my top tips for picking up in the sausage fest that is nightlife. What to Wear. You need to find an outfit that says, “I’m not wearing a chastity belt, but I won’t go past third base on the first date either.”. Alternatively, if you’re looking for fresh meat, backpacker’s bars are by far the best places in the world to pick up. And by pick up, I mean Chlamydia. Backpackers are nearly always single, and when they’re not, they’re abiding by the postcode rule anyway. Plus, accents make even the ugliest boys rootable.

best place to pick up one night stands

So you want to hook up with a girl and get a one-night stand. Go out, lock eyes with her, walk up to her, smile at her, say hello. Then, not so long after, take her hand and lead her out of there... Straight back to your place or hers. Off come the clothes, and into bed you go. Sounds simple enough. Over a decade ago, when I set out to teach myself success with girls, one-night stands were my second focus. My first focus was how to get a phenomenal girlfriend (and you can read my guide on how to get a girlfriend here).

It took me a little while to get that first one-night stand, because I did not know what I was doing. But once I figured out how to get them, I got better and better at doing so.

After I'd put enough work (and a few years) in, I could just about get one-night stands on command. At that point I'd achieved a major personal milestone: the ability to hook up with girls whenever I wished. In this article, based on a decade of my own experience hooking up with girls and getting one-night stands, I show you how to do it.

In addition, I've tapped 15 scientific studies that will open your eyes to a few elements of one-night stands you likely did not know. And I've laid it all out in simple, clear instructions. So let's dive in! Let's show you how to get a one-night stand...

tonight. Pick a Venue How much hooking up actually goes on, anyway? According to a 2014 comparison of 1980s versus 2000s sex partner counts, little's changed (Monto & Carey). College-aged guys and girls still have the same number of sex partners today they did 20 years earlier. However, where more of the 1980s partners were boyfriends and girlfriends, more of the 2000s partners were hookups. People simply have more anonymous, casual sex. In fact, according to another investigation (Brimeyer & Smith, 2012), by their senior year of college, 55.2% of college-aged girls have hooked up six or more times.

Only 21% have hooked up two or fewer times. Of course, people don't meet casual sex partners just anywhere. The "where" and "how" of it matter. A lot. So, before we get to what to do (so you can get in on some of that hooking up too), first we need to talk where to go. A "hookup venue" is anywhere you stand a good chance to meet a girl you can quickly have sex with.

The venue you select makes all the difference. Pick a good venue and it can be simple to find a cute girl to take home. Pick a bad venue and you could be the best-looking guy in the world with the best game and the biggest bank account and you won't find a single girl to hook up with.

Surveys of college students (Kuperberg & Padgett, 2015) have found the following places rank as the most common venues people meet other people to hook up with (at least while in university): Bars, parties, and nightclubs: 30% of hookups Student dorms: 18.5% of hookups Personal recommendations: 10% of hookups Common interest groups: 6.5% of hookups Public places: 3% of hookups Online dating: 2.5% of hookups One of the more interesting things about hooking up is that the female sex drive appears to be responsive.

That is, girls aren't in neutral and then you somehow flip them on. Instead, a girl decides she wants to have sex, and then seeks out a man she thinks will be able to turn her on (Basson, 2000). Yet, at the same time, women are often surprised when they hook up and do not expect it (Herold & Mewhinney, 1993).

What that means for you is girls go looking for one-night stands, but they don't know they're looking. Because they are looking (even if they don't know it), you need to go to places they're more likely to go looking at...

Like one of those places from the list above. If you go somewhere girls don't look to hook up at (like, say, the gym, or a pottery class), you'll be a lot less likely to walk out of there girl-in-hand.

You want to find the girls who are already looking for a one-night stand. Why would you want to? For me, a one-nightstand means that something went wrong. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying one night stands are wrong.

You can have a lot of fun, and that’s good in itself. However, if I meet a girl, we end up having sex, and I don't want to see her again the next day, it probably means there was something I didn't like about her. It happens sometimes, and I won't regret having the one-night-stand, but still, the goal for me is not to have a one-night stand.

The goal is to meet someone and have fun. And if you had fun, why not see each other again? (as a friend, an occasional sex friend, a regular sex friend, a lover, ... the whole spectrum is available!) Go out, talk to people, be fun, be nice and respectful, be interested in what they tell you and have fun.

Flirt. You're bound to become less awkward if you think you currently are, and to find people you like and who like you. Eventually you'll find someone who's also in phase with what you want.

Don’t treat people like objects. If your goal is a one-night-stand, you’re already focusing on the end-game experience of having sex with someone you won’t see again.

In my opinion, it’s a bad start to be able to relate to girls as human beings instead of replaceable sex dolls. If you already decided you’re not going to see her again, how can you genuinely be interested in what she’s going to tell you? And if you’re not really interested, it will show and that will make you less attractive too. You will simply have less fun. You "get" a one night stand by meeting and engaging with women who are open to casual sex.

It helps to have a social circle of sex-positive people. I have had several one night stands. I have never met someone at a bar or nightclub for sex, and alcohol has played no role in most of my sex life (I rarely drink). I am well and thoroughly average-looking. So no, you do not need to meet people at a bar or nightclub; no, alcohol does not need to be involved; and no, you do not need to be hot.

There are lots of ways to attract the opposite sex. And it depends on your personality and looks and methods It is possible to meet a woman virtually any woman and sleep with her on the same night you need to learn to work the odds and then make your move.

Because you strike out other people notice strike out too much your the creepy just trying to get sex guy. (he never gets laid and if he does its come with an std from the other 5 guys she already did) However with a little more info ill have you out with a different girl every night. But i will not give you this advice until i know a few details. How old are you?

How much younger do the women need to be? Will you be a gentleman and not hurt them in any way? (unless they ask you to) Could the one night stand turn into something more?

And finally is your name Jimmy Saville (just kidding on that one)

best place to pick up one night stands

best place to pick up one night stands - Best 10 free Hookup Apps in 2018

best place to pick up one night stands

I freaking LOVE Halloween, not just because I get to dress up like a Kardashian, (Kim is my go-to costume.) but because it's a great night to get laid. Single people, this is your night. Yes, you will see couples in their annoying, matchy-matchy costumes all over the place, but you will also see a ton of single folks stumbling around, looking for love...

or to get laid. You know, one or the other. Halloween is the perfect (and one of the easiest) night to get laid. Think about it: Everyone is dressed up. Men are so ~mysterious~ hiding in their costumes, which only adds to their sex appeal. Seriously, there's no better time to pick someone up, and then kick him to the curb because it's such a ratchet holiday.

(Unless you want to keep him around after having sex with him, which is totally cool, too. One of my very own flings once Here are all the places you can meet a guy to take home with you this Halloween: 1. Your BFF's pregame Your BFF invited a crap ton of hot guys.

It was mostly for you, though, because she's in a relationship and you're her whiny, single friend. The pressure's on. Dress accordingly. When you see a guy pouring himself some jungle juice, walk over and pour yourself some, too. Then, talk him up and show him what ya mama gave ya. Oh, and don't get too drunk at the pregame. You need to save some energy for when you get home. *winky face* 2. Your neighborhood's Halloween store The Halloween store is LIT on Halloween — both literally, with spooky lights and shit like that, and figuratively, with a ton of hotties deciding whether or not they want to be hot or ugly on this fine occasion.

Pop into your local costume store. Who knows? Maybe you and a guy will reach for the same costume. It'd be love at first grab.

3. While trick-or-treating Ring your hot neighbor's doorbell. C'mon, you've literally been waiting for an excuse to talk to him. Ask him for candy — no, like, candy, you feel me?

If he really wants you, he'll know what you're talking about. Just don't get too drunk and accidentally ring the doorbell of the wrong neighbor living on the left of you, who, incidentally, is 60 and bald. 4. Your local watering hole... ...where everyone is bound to be wasted. Bars are great because there's always a nice selection of hopefuls to choose from.

If you're not into one guy, you can go over to another corner of the bar and find another guy. It's really that simple. Also, I don't really need to give you instructions here on how to pick up a guy, do I?

I'm assuming if you've made it this far — past the pregame and costly cab rides — then you know what you're doing. March right up to the hottest guy you see (according to your beer goggles) and do your thang, girl. 5. A haunted house My candy corn brings all the boys to the haunted house, and they're like, "It's better than yours." All jokes aside, you should absolutely show up at a haunted house alone.

That way, when you go for a ride around the haunted house and need a buddy, your chances of getting paired up with a guy are 50 percent.

And your chances of getting paired up with a hot guy are 25 percent. Those are still pretty decent odds. 6. In line at the candy store Everyone is going to be in line at CVS, Duane Reade or Walgreens to restock on candy.

It's your job to seize the moment while you seize some candy. Pick up a seasonal candy, and strike up a casual conversation with the guy behind or in front of you with something like, "Woah! I didn't know there was such a thing as pumpkin-flavored Hershey's." He'll hear you, you'll bond over your mutual love for all things pumpkin, and the rest will be history.

7. In line at the liquor store There's an 86 percent chance every guy you meet at the liquor store is a solid 8 on a scale of 1 to "hammered" (I'm making all of these percentages up, by the way).

Basically, every guy in the liquor is DTF, including the cashiers. Wander over to the white wine section, where that hottie is heading. I don't care if you prefer red wine. Would you rather drink red wine and go home alone, or drink white wine and go home with that guy? Yeah, that's what I thought. 8. In a Taxi You're on your way to that random costume party later in the night. You know, your ex's cousin's best friend's twice-removed sister's party that you and this random guy at the bar just heard about.

You decide to split a cab over. You have no idea how you ended up in this situation, but who cares? You don't know this fellow passenger, but sitting in this private backseat is the perfect opportunity to get to know him a WHOLE lot better. 9. In the bathroom of that random costume party I can practically guarantee a guy will be in the bathroom at any given point of the night either a) peeing, b) doing (or trying to do) drugs, or c) simply admiring his costumed greatness in the mirror.

Knock on the door and see who you find. The best part about picking someone up in a bathroom is, well, you don't have to move to have your one-night stand. You can get down and dirty right on the countertop.

Just clean up after yourselves, please and thank you. 10. The stoop of your apartment If all else fails, when you get home, you might just find some single, lonely guy sitting on your stoop. True story: Two years ago, I went to a costume party on Halloween.

It was fun, but I didn't meet any guys there. When I arrived home, I saw a group of guys sitting on my stoop chatting. One of them was dressed like Johnny Depp. I was immediately sold; he was my guy for the night. So don't give up if you haven't met anyone out. You need a hot ghoul to accompany your witch life, and he might just be right at your doorstep.

best place to pick up one night stands

If you’re still standing at the bar, hoping to get lucky, you’re doing it all wrong. Gone are the days when you spent upward of $100 on drinks just to head to the motel and be disappointed by some wack sex or wake up with some unsightly bumps on your junk.

Instead, find someone via the internet: Craigslist, Tinder, Grindr, FERZU, etc., where you can get their pics/stats/test results before even meeting to save yourself all the bullshit. Meet them at your local bar to feel them out, bring a friend if you’re nervous, watch your drinks and, if all goes well, handle your scandal, home slice. It might sound sketchy at first, but what’s sketchier—knowing all the details about a hook-up prior to smashing, or knowing only their Zodiac sign prior to finding out mid-sex they like to be called “Piggy”?

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