Best profiel datingsite tekst

best profiel datingsite tekst

Dating sites facilitate meeting new love interests, but it’s up to you to make a good first impression in your profile. To help, we’ve come up with eight online dating profile tips (with examples) for mature daters in need of guidance. 1. Keep Your Bio Short & Leave a Little Mystery. I know it’s tempting to give your whole life story on your dating profile. You want everyone to understand who you are and where you come from — but you need to rein it in. No one wants a date who goes on and on about themselves before they’ve even gone out together. It’s too much too soon. Dating profiles sho .

best profiel datingsite tekst

Writing the best profile text Modified on: Sun, 24 Aug, 2014 at 6:43 PM We know... it sometimes isn't easy talking about yourself. But it's really important to make your profile text interesting. Here are some tips to help you get started: • Who knows you better than a friend? Ask a friend to write something for your profile. They'll be honest, constructive, and won't be embarrassed to say nice things about you like you might be.

• Got a special feature or fun hobby? Mention it! Don't just say you're fun. Tell us about your backpacking or your party antics. • Set yourself apart.

Don't just say you like music. List a couple of bands you love, or gigs you went to recently. Don't just say you like the beach. Name a place you've been that you'd love to go back to. • Get the length right. Don't tell us your whole life story, and unless you're certain that you're the best wit in the land, the chances are your long, long profile will send people to sleep.

Have a look at some other profiles. Work out what's interesting and not too full-on. • Ask some questions: Give someone a question that helps them break the ice when writing to you. For example: "If you were a Game Of Thrones character, which would it be?" Don't use that question though - it's probably been done to death by now. We see the following phrases time and time again.

They are considered cliches or major red flags on a profile, so try to avoid them if you can: • Ask me for more information (why not just put it in your profile?) • I'm new to this (it makes you seem uncomfortable) • I work hard and play hard (you know, a lot of people do) • I love nights in with a DVD and a bottle of wine, walks in the park / on the beach, Sunday roasts, pizza nights, etc (you and 99% of the population!

Do try to find something different you like doing) • I love a good sense of humour (who doesn't? It's only interesting to mention humour if you have a particularly unusual sense of humour) • Looking for a partner in crime (zzz) • I'm equally as comfortable in jeans and wellies as a cocktail dress and heels (firstly, what's the betting that you're not!

Secondly, we all have more than one outfit... say something a bit more specific - please!) • I'm easy-going (so show it, don't tell it) • Seeking a genuine guy/girl (this sends warning signals that you are angry about how you've been treated in the past. Is that really the right message to show a potential partner?) • I'm a nice guy (what, are you trying to reassure people you're house-trained, polite and considerate?

Don't just tell people you are... show that you are! Demonstrate some nice things about yourself!)

best profiel datingsite tekst

best profiel datingsite tekst - Top 10 Online Dating Profile Examples & Why They’re Successful

best profiel datingsite tekst

best profiel datingsite tekst

11 Online Dating Profiel Tips (veel voorbeelden)
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