Best settings for tinder matches

best settings for tinder matches

Not getting any matches on Tinder? Here are our expert tips for getting noticed, landing that match, and living happily ever after This Facebook connection allows for a faster setup and an easy way to restore your Tinder settings should you switch devices in the future. With Facebook connected, you can import photos from that social network to Tinder to use on your profile and you will also be able to see if you have any mutual Facebook friends with other Tinder users.

best settings for tinder matches

Are you struggling to get enough matches on Tinder? Think about what that really means to you for a second. One lost match doesn’t just mean one less number on your Tinder screen, does it? The reality is that a lost match is actually you losing your chance with a great girl: It’s you losing a hookup… it’s you losing a friend-with-benefits.… or it’s you losing a girlfriend. Potentially, a lost match is you losing your dream wife to another guy.

Every lost match is potentially depriving you of an amazing woman that could transform your life tonight, and possibly for the rest of your life. And on the flip side, when you lose a match it means there’s a girl out there that’s missing out on YOU making HER life better as well. ….When you think about it that way, every match is pretty important, isn’t it?

That’s why I want to help you make sure your Tinder profile is optimized – so you can improve your life by claiming your dating opportunities, instead of letting them silently slip away from you. So in this article I’m going to tell you about Tinder’s amazing new feature and how it’s guaranteed to help you attract more girls – not just on Tinder, but on any online dating site that you use. And if you read the tips I give you, you’ll understand exactly how to use it to solve the online dating profile puzzle and claim the girls you’ve been missing out on.

Why Your Tinder Profile Is Not Doing As Well As You Want I help a lot of clients optimize their Tinder profiles and I see the same thing over and over. The conversation will start off with the guy saying something like this to me: “Marcus, I’m a decent-looking guy, but for some reason I’m not getting the matches I thought I’d be getting on Tinder” Sound familiar?

Perhaps that’s what you’ve been thinking ever since you started on Tinder, too. Want to know why your profile isn’t doing as well as you want?… It’s most likely because your main profile photo is letting you down. Your main picture – the first and possibly only pic women will see when they swipe your profile – is the most critical part of your entire Tinder profile. Sure, your supporting pictures matter, but not nearly as much as your first picture. In less than a second your first picture needs to grab a girl’s attention and attract her interest.

If it doesn’t, then she’s going to swipe left and never think of you again. That means you’re going to miss out on your chance with her… forever. It’s that simple. Your First Tinder Picture Is The Most Important: Make Sure It’s Your Best Imagine for a second that you were about to go to a friend’s house, and your friend told you there’s going to be 10 attractive single women there when you arrive… Would you make sure you showered and dressed nicely so you’d show up looking your best?

Or would you be content with throwing on some dirty old clothes, looking like a slob and smelling like shit? The answer is obvious: You’re single and there’s 10 attractive women there waiting to meet you….

of course you’d make an effort to look good! So let me ask you this: Why do you only throw up any old photo on Tinder? Don’t you realize that Tinder is a place that has more has MILLIONS of beautiful single women checking you out? Don’t you want to look your best in a place like that?! That’s the question you need to ask yourself, because the difference in how you attack Tinder and the difference in your dating success will be massive if you do.

It Just Takes One… It’s kind of a scary thought – a terrible main photo can seriously mess you up and blow your chances with thousands of girls. But then again, the opposite is also true. Because if you can get that first picture perfect – or if you can at least make sure your first photo is your BEST pic – then your matches can skyrocket.

I’ve seen it happen countless times with many of my clients. Guys will come to me with a poor-performing profile they’ve just slapped together. Then, with a little conscious design – which is often just reordering pictures and making a few other small tweaks – their matches increase.

And it’s not just a small increase. Sometimes improving a guy’s first photo can make him go from 5 matches a week to 40+ matches a week. That’s the power of your first Tinder picture. So now that you know how important your first Tinder picture is, how do you make sure you’re using the one that will give you the best results? How To Find Your Best First Picture Here’s an example of a guy’s profile: How do we know which profile picture would work best for this guy? How do we know which picture is going to attract the most women and make them swipe-right?

Which is going to bring in the most matches? Well, previously we had to guess which first photo would be his most successful. Sure, we could rotate three or four different first pictures, swipe x number of girls and track the result to “test” the photo that produced the best match rate. But due to a number of reasons, it’s nowhere near an exact science. In the end, that kind of method is still no more than a “best guess.” Just like you, he had to be left in the dark guessing about what picture would work best.

Until now… That’s because recently created an amazing new algorithm that will tell you EXACTLY which photo is your #1 performer. That new feature is called… Smart Photos Smart photos is an incredible new Tinder algorithm that will find out EXACTLY which first photo is your best – the one that girls truly like and respond to, and therefore which photo makes most girls want to match with you.

Once Tinder has found your best picture it will automatically make that picture your main profile image so it maximizes your matches. As Tinder says: Smart photos continuously tests all your profile photos and picks the best one to show first. To access Smart Photos, you need to first update your Tinder app to make sure you have the latest release. Then to activate Smart Photos, you need to edit your profile by tapping the “Edit info” section. There you’ll see a new little section called Smart Photos, where you can tap to move the slider to the right: Note: you need at least 3 photos to enable Smart Photos.

When you enable this function, Tinder will explore a number of possible options for your #1 picture by testing it on the girls you’re swiping. Very quickly it will zone in on your best one.

The more girls you swipe, and the more girls that swipe you, the closer the algorithm gets to discovering your best first photo. As that happens, Tinder will show your best performing main picture more and more. Once Tinder has found your best performing picture, you’ll see a nice little graphic that says “Top Photo,” like you can see in our example profile below: How long will it take for Tinder to find your Top Photo?

Well for me, I realized that Tinder had found my Top Photo after around four days of casual swiping. However, a week later my Top Photo changed again. Based on that, as well as what I’ve experienced with my clients, you could probably expect Tinder to find your Top Photo in two weeks or less.

But remember, the time it takes Tinder to find your Top Photo depends on the amount of swiping you do as well as the amount of people that swipe you, so it will be different for everybody.

How To Get The Most Out Of Smart Photos Remember, Smart Photos can only select your best photo from the pictures that are available in your Tinder profile. If you only have crappy pictures in your profile, you’ll still get a crappy result. That means you need to make sure you give Smart Photos a varied selection of quality pictures to test for you.

With that in mind, I’m going to give you some quick tips on the types of photos that are likely to create your best photos. But if you want the complete step by step rundown on what pictures you should use, you can download my free Tinder profile guide “How To Get Your First 1,000 Matches” and learn step by step how to create a winning first photo.

The full tips are in that guide, but we’ll quickly run through the key points here. The most important thing you need to remember is that girls will make decisions on whether they like you and your profile . In no time at all, she will check you out and either like you, dig deeper into your profile or swipe away. That means… You Need to Make It Easy For A Tinder Girl To Like You Clear, simple images tend to work best as first photos. The harder you make it for the girl to see who you are, the less likely it is she will match with you.

Just think about what it’s like when you see a girl’s main Tinder profile and she has five of her friends in there with her, or she’s wearing sunglasses, or she is far off in the distance – it’s a little annoying that you need to dig deeper in her profile to check her out properly, isn’t it? Well, it’s exactly the same for girls when they’re looking at your profile. It doesn’t seem like it would matter too much, but remember, if your pictures aren’t clear then this little bit of annoyance is being felt by thousands of girls when they glimpse at your profile.

Getting rid of it can make a big difference overall. Unlike guys who tend to default to a “Yes” if they’re uncertain on a match, girls on Tinder will err on the side of “No thanks”. So make it easy as possible for a girl to check you out. If you don’t, you’re throwing matches away for nothing. That means a main photo is likely to perform better if you… Avoid: • Group photos • Wearing glasses (of any kind) • Covering any part of your face • Blurry or low quality pics After making sure you avoid the mistakes that will kill your matches, you can then add in some : • Using the • Including a pet • Showing off your body in a tasteful way (if your body is worth showing off) • Using photo filters (i.e.

Instagram filters) • Showing emotions of pride Now, are these types of photos guaranteed to be your best performing photo? No. Everyone is different. But these techniques will give you a damn good shot at creating a high-performing photo because they’re based on findings by Tinder and OkCupid who have studies millions of successful profiles. Experience with my own clients also support the fact that these pictures work. Here’s What You Should Do Next… What I recommend you do is add in a mix of three “main” types of profile photos that take on these recommendations.

This is going to give yourself the best chance to find a high-performing first picture using Smart Photos. And of course, make sure you turn the Smart Photos function on.

You can still include some other pictures into your profile that don’t fit the criteria we’ve covered, but while you’re trying to find your best photo I recommend using at least three of these clear, simple types of “main” pictures. Will your best picture be you with a big smile? You with your dog? You looking off into the distance mysteriously? You showing off your body?

Or will your best photo be something that you never even considered girls would like? Smart Photos will find all this out for you, because very quickly one of your pictures will shine through as your Top Photo. Continuous Improvement = Massive Tinder Success If you’re serious about maximizing your matches (which means maximizing your dates, hookups and girlfriends) then you shouldn’t stop at finding one Top Photo.

Instead, you’ll do much better if you keep adding “potential” main photos to your profile every now and again, with the aim to find another new Top Photo. For example, after finding your Top Photo for the first time, you can add in some new potential Top Photos to see if they perform any better: Then wait a week or two to see if you’ve discovered a new Top Photo… which means more matches: Then to really squeeze out every match you can get, try to beat your Top Photo one more time by adding even more new photos to test: Hopefully you’ll find you’re third Top Photo, which will mean you’re probably close to maximizing your potential and finding your perfect profile picture: If you can beat an old Top Photo with a new one two or three times, then your match potential is going to increase massively, which means your potential for will increase massively.

Remember, you can download my free Tinder profile guide “” which will take you through this profile improvement process step by step. How Smart Photos Will Help You Succeed On Other Online Dating Platforms Smart Photos really is an amazing feature because it won’t just help you on Tinder, but all online dating. That’s because no matter what online dating site or dating app platform you’re using – whether it’s, OkCupid, eHarmony or other dating apps like Tinder – your main photo is the most crucial factor in your success.

That means you can (should) use Smart Photos to find your best first picture, then replicate your for the benefit of other online dating platforms you might be using: In fact, even if my clients prefer other online dating platforms than Tinder, I still recommend they get Tinder just to use the Smart Photos feature and apply the result to their chose online dating profile.

By doing that they can quickly discover their best picture(s) and rapidly fast-track their online dating success on other websites as well. Smart Photos is truly impressive and I believe features like this one is the way of online dating in the future – I would expect to see other online dating sites follow Tinder’s lead. After all, it makes sense for them to help us maximize our results, instead of leaving us to flounder in the dark guessing and hoping. Before we finish, there’s just one more thing I want you to consider… Can Less Tinder Matches Actually Be Better For You?

As you know Smart Photos will find your “most swiped” image and get you the most matches. Sometimes though, that may not actually be the best first picture for you. If you’re trying to attract a specific kind of girl, you might actually be better off using a picture that laser-targets these kind of girls, even if it results in less matches overall.

For example, suppose you want to attract a girl who enjoys the outdoors, like you do. Perhaps you might be more successful catching the attention of these girls by using a hiking photo as your first picture, even if means a lot of girls who don’t like the outdoors don’t match with you.

It’s definitely worth finding your Top Photo and trying to improve upon it – the results can be truly impressive. This method will cast cast a wide net, bringing you in the most girls, which will most likely include the kind of girls you want.

However, also try to keep perspective and consider whether your most popular photo is actually attracting the kind girls you want… after all, that’s the ultimate outcome that will make you happiest. CONCLUSION People can make fun of Tinder, treat it like a silly game and not put any effort into it. That’s fine, but by not taking their matches seriously these guys are throwing away unbelievable life experiences they could otherwise be having. I don’t want this to be you.

Tinder matches aren’t just meaningless numbers on an app. Each one holds the potential for you to meet an amazing girl – to have fun dates, hot hookups, find an amazing girlfriend or possibly even your dream wife. Every single match holds the potential to literally change your life, and for you to make another girl’s life better as well.

It just makes sense to give yourself the best chance to take all of your opportunities, instead of letting them slip away from your silently. The first step to claiming your opportunities is to optimize your main Tinder picture – the first glimpse girls get of you when they look at your profile.

Tinder’s incredibly helpful new feature, Smart Photos, now allows you to do exactly that. Rather than guessing and hoping that you’ve selected your best first picture, you can relax knowing Tinder has your back.

It will do the hard work for you. But to get the best result, you need to help Tinder out. You need to give Tinder a variety of quality options it can test for you. If you use Smart Photos correctly, you’ll go a long way to claiming all of the amazing opportunities Tinder and online dating has waiting for you, instead of letting them go to waste.

Which of your profile photos are you looking forward to testing with Smart Photos? Which do you think is going to be YOUR stand out winner? Leave a comment in the comments section below and let me know…

best settings for tinder matches

best settings for tinder matches - Tips for creating a profile that gets you more matches on tinder : Tinder

best settings for tinder matches

The modern age of techno-dating has made an interesting landscape for social interactions when there is some modicum of romance (or lust). For those of us born before the internet evolved into the prolific monster it has become, we first met our love interests face to face. Today, however, apps like have changed the introductory stage, for better or worse. Tinder directly interfaces with Facebook. After pulling information from your account, Tinder will be essentially ready to go by the time you finish writing a clever bio and uploading your best pictures.

By setting parameters for your preferred matches (i.e., gender preference(s), maximum distance from your location, and age range), a right swipe could transpose into a date sometime in the future. The thing is, there's a bit of a strategy to getting matches based on how the app actually works, beyond how much wit you packed into a pickup line.

We're going to take a brief look at how the app functions and ways to adjust one of the more pressing issues—the various ways to "reset" Tinder. Understanding Potential Matches & How Tinder Really Works The Tinder algorithm has several built-in functions that determine how the application operates. From a user perspective, this affects the frequency in which your profile appears for other users, as well as how others appear in your list.

Don't Miss: In a basic sense, . This takes into account several components, such as how many have "liked" the individual's profile, their activity on the app, and the completeness of the profile.

Similar to how an online match for Call of Duty attempts to pair users of equal skill, based on availability, so does Tinder attempt to match users of similar desirability. Beyond your score, Tinder takes into account two other important factors when arranging your list of potential matches each time you open the application. Users in close proximity will populate, with some variability, first in your list. Furthermore, those who have already liked you appear earlier in your list.

For a number of reasons, there are times when you might want to reset your Tinder app to get a fresh start. So below, I'll cover two methods that will cause the Tinder app to give you a new list of potential matches. Method 1: Soft Reset Every time you open Tinder, users in your defined parameter settings will populate in your list of profiles to swipe.

Sometimes you will encounter a profile where you won't want to swipe left, making this person disappear forever, yet you don't want to engage the person, should you match at this point in time. Often, it's an odd situation when a silent match from months ago suddenly decides to speak up.

Occasionally, timing isn't always the best for both parties. So to perform a soft reset of Tinder, simply close out the application, then swipe it away from your recent apps menu to ensure it's not running in the background. Alternatively, you can go into Tinder's settings and modify the age range of people you're seeking by a year (either the minimum or maximum), and this will perform the same function.

Keep in mind, as previously stated, those who have liked you and are closest to your location will populate early in your list. This will give you a good idea of who's interested before you invest in a right swipe. (1) Swiping Tinder away from the recent apps list to do a soft reset.

(2) Modifying age range to refresh the list of potential matches. Another way to fix these issues is simply to sign up for a Tinder Plus subscription within the application. This opens up a ton of other options, such as hiding ads, the ability to change your location, a feature that shows you the most active users first, and an option to rewind your last swipe for those "oops" moments.

Method 2: Hard Reset If you find yourself in a situation where you've managed to swipe left on too many potentially interesting people, there's no real way to backpedal. If you want to start fresh, you'll need to completely delete your account and start from scratch. However, there's a bit more to it than simply uninstalling the application.

First, open the application on your smartphone and sign in, if requested. Find your profile by tapping on the silhouette in the upper-left corner, then choosing the "Settings" option. From there, scroll all the way to the bottom and select "Delete Account," then confirm your choice. Next, you'll need to delete the app from inside Facebook. Open Facebook in a browser on your computer and navigate to the Settings area found in the drop-down menu on the right of the menu bar.

You'll find all your apps in the appropriately-named "Apps" section in the left menu. From here, find Tinder and hover over the app icon until a gray box appears. Click the "X" in the corner to remove Tinder. Finally, it's a good idea to flush the Facebook cache from your phone. The easiest way to do this is to uninstall the application, then download and install it again after restarting your device (this works for both iOS and Android).

By following these instructions, you'll be able to reset the people appearing in your Tinder application, either by reordering those who appear in your feed or completely resetting your activity all together. Hopefully, you'll find that a fresh start was exactly what you needed for a more fruitful Tinder experience! Don't Miss: • Follow Gadget Hacks on , , , and • Follow Android Hacks on , , and • Follow WonderHowTo on , , , and Cover image by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks; Screenshots by Nick Epson/Gadget Hacks Related • NEW!

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best settings for tinder matches

With over 10 million daily active users, Tinder is one of the most popular and successful dating apps. It’s all about first impressions because people have no choice but to judge you by your photos and the limited information you provide on your bio. Undeniably, Tinder is driven by appearances - as superficial, it may sound. It is worth noting that Tinder is different for men and women. An interesting Tinder experiment conducted by the Youtube channel clearly illustrates this gender disparity.

They created two profiles using photos of attractive male and female models. Further, their information was identical regarding age, location and number of pictures. After 1,000 swipes, they discovered that a female profile matched 70% of the time, while a male profile only received 27% of matches. Additionally, the female profile received almost 400 messages in a short period while the male profile only received 28 messages in his inbox.

While the tinder game is different for men and women, the fundamentals of a good tinder profile are the same. Here they are: 1.

Use a simple bio A few words are fine - Words that display who you really are. Don’t try to go overboard with your quirkiness and don’t try to be funny. Most importantly, be yourself and do not leave this section blank. 2. Show your personality through pictures Choose three to six photos that clearly represent your personality and everyday lifestyle.

Make sure there is a mix of head shots, body shots and if you are adventurous, include an active photo - But in all, do not include selfies. Research shows that outdoorsy photos get 19% more swipes, and selfies get 8% fewer swipes.

Mainly, you want to highlight your best features. Remember, you main Tinder profile picture can make all the difference. 3. Have good-quality photos Avoid any blurry, poorly cropped, highly edited photos and heavily filtered photos.

You should show what you really look like. Making it highly edited and heavily filtered will make it look like you are hiding something and insecure. 4. Avoid too many group photos Your prospective matches are not going to waste time analysing ten different images, trying to decipher which one out of the group photo is you. In saying this, avoid photos involving you with your ex partners or people from the opposite sex.

In general. In fact, 96% of these photos receive a negative reaction. Although having group photos show you are social, you don’t want your potential match to play ‘Where’s Wally?’, now do you? 5. Smile According to OkCupid data, women who flirt directly into the camera receive the most messages. On the other hand, men that look away and not smiling receive more attention. Maybe it's because it gives a sense of mysteriousness about them.

But don’t go deleting all your non-smiling pictures. Choosing what photo you want as your main is an important choice.

Smiling is attractive for both genders and will make you look for genuine and inviting. 6. Highlight your best features Let’s be honest - This is Tinder. If you have a good body, don’t be afraid to accentuate it - don’t make it too obvious though!

In saying this, it is best for someone to take it for you. However, as aforementioned, have a mix of photos and not just photos of your body. Although these photos will get you messages, it may not potentially lead to an ‘actual conversation’, well not in comparison with other photos anyways. This is why you should display photos that represent you to receive more meaningful messages. 7. Get Feedback Get your friends to choose their favourite photos and rank them from best to worse.

Once you find some consistency, you would be able to have an idea on what kind of photos you want to display. 8. Use a professional Most of the time, an iPhone just isn’t going to cut it. So unless your bestie or roommate has a DSLR camera and some time to lend you, getting an affordable professional is a good idea. A professional will direct your shoot to ensure that all of the above eight points are covered, as well as ensuring that all of the technical details like lighting are met.

You can book a Snappr shoot from $59. .

Tinder No Matches? This Tinder Algorithm HACK + Profile Optimization Will TRIPLE Them Over Night
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