Best singles bars in omaha

best singles bars in omaha

Omaha Singles Bars. Not everyone is cut out for newfangled dating platforms and their highfalutin gadgets. Some folks just want to go about dating the old-fashioned way: in person at a bar. If you’re looking for a place to hang your hat and enjoy a drink with someone special, you can stop by any of the following top-rated Omaha bars. 1. Jerry's Bar Yelp ranks the best Omaha clubs by user reviews, giving singles trustworthy recommendations about popular places to dance the night away. Omaha Singles Clubs — Yelp. 7. Omaha Chat Rooms.

best singles bars in omaha

Where can you get the best drink in ? There are plenty of places to choose from that offer everything from custom cocktails to eclectic atmospheres when you are looking for fun in the state’s biggest city. Consider 16 bars that stand out and why. 1. Best Wine Bar TD Corkscrew offers wine connoisseurs patio seating complete with a firepit and some of the best wine by the bottle in Omaha.

3908 Farnam St. (402) 933-3150 5 stars, 19 reviews 2. Best Beer Bar When you think fine beer, think microbrewery; Omaha has several. The Lucky Bucket offers both classic big barrel-aged ales and trending craft beers including the Lucky Bucket Heartland Wheat.

11941 Centennial Rd. (402) 763-8868 4 stars, 26 reviews 3. Best Sports Bar The combination of great pub food, cold beer and over 25 flat screen TVs is all you need come game day.

You’ll have the best view in the house no matter where you sit. 1203 S. 180th St. (402) 933-2947 5 stars, 13 reviews 4. Best Whiskey Bar From single malt to small batch whiskeys, Grane takes dispensing technology to the next level. You’ll love the prohibition theme, too. 120 South 31st Ave. Suite 5105 – Midtown Crossing (402) 934-5727 4 stars, 58 reviews 5. Best After-Work Drink Spot After work is the best time to take advantage of the specials at your favorite happy spot.

In Omaha, that might just be the Krug Park. They open at four to serve the after-work crowd with award winning drafts beers and custom cocktails. From 4 to 7, take advantage of their drink specials. 6205 Maple St. (402) 932-0038 4.5 stars, 85 reviews 6. Best Dive Bar It has been said that Omaha is dive bar heaven, so you will have no trouble finding a hole in the wall to call home in this city. At the top of that ever expanding list is the Village Bar on S. 77th St. They serve their beer in novelty fashion, too.

Their tap fills the cups from a hole in the bottom, so never a dull moment in the Village. 5700 S. 77th St (402) 315-9211 4.5 stars, 8 reviews 7. Best Cocktails If you are looking for a place that makes a good martini, then look no further than Wilson & Washburn in downtown Omaha. It offers a robust list of fine drinks and cordials plus a posh atmosphere and good food. 1407 Harney St. (402) 991-6950 4 stars, 160 reviews 8. Best Live Music If seeing a band is your idea of a perfect night out, then Omaha can accommodate your needs.

The Slowdown on 14th St. is known to host some of the top talents in the Midwest plus they offer a happy hour and game night, too. 729 N. 14th St. (402) 345-7569 4.5 stars, 54 reviews 9.

Bar with the Best Outdoor Space There are many fine patios to enjoy in Omaha, but one of most unique is found at the Upstream Brewing Company in the Old Market. They take outdoor enjoyment up a notch with rooftop seating.

You can enjoy some night air and a great view of downtown. 514 S. 11th St. (402) 344-0200 3.5 stars, 398 reviews 10. Most Expensive and Worth It At The Berry & Rye, they take drinkology very seriously. All sodas, syrups and bitters are made in-house and even the ice cubes are fancy.

You might pay a little more, but you’ll leave feeling pampered. 1105 Howard St. (402) 613-1331 4.5 stars, 77 reviews 11. Best Local Joint Josephine’s Cozy Corner Lounge has been around for ages and is run by a former Cornhusker football player named Frank. Frank not only knows your name, but he knows your favorite drink and how to pour the perfect beer, too.

2201 Pierce St. (402) 345-7197 4.5 stars, 14 reviews 12. Best Day Drinking Spot If you are looking to get a cold one around noon, then the Benson Brewery Hop Box opens at 11 am every day of the week. They advertise as a pub for all times and offer not only home crafted beer but artisan food, as well 6059 Maple St.

(402) 934-8668 4 stars, 132 reviews 13. Best First Date Spot That first date is always tricky, but it starts with finding the perfect spot. The Den is a safe choice because they offer a diverse selection of drink options, TVs positioned strategically around the room and plenty of bar games in case things get boring.

711 N. 114th St. (402) 609-8535 4.5 stars, 8 reviews 14. Best Juice Bar Maybe you need a place with some healthy drink options?

The Red Mango offers more than juice. You can get smoothies and frozen desserts, too. 10349 Pacific St. (402) 884-3795 4.5 stars, 27 reviews 15. Best LGBT Bar Omaha has a thriving LGBT community and they have cast their vote for the Max. The Max offers two state-of-the-art dance floors, must-see events and a multiplex bar and club. You might need a map, though, because this club is over 12,000 square feet of fun.

1417 Jackson St. (402) 346-4110 4 stars, 45 reviews 16. Best New Bar The city is developing a reputation for local beer and one spot is looking to cash in on it. The Local Beer, Patio and Kitchen is run by the same guys that two of the top restaurants in the city. At this location, they want to focus more on the fine local beer.

They expect to have as many as 90 beers to choose from once eventually.

best singles bars in omaha

best singles bars in omaha - Meet Interesting Omaha Singles with Us!

best singles bars in omaha

Crescent Moon: Insane beer selection; Right next door to Beer World; They always have huge parties there: Oktoberfest, Beer Festivals, etc. And downstairs is Huber Haus, which has even more, slightly hard-core beers, and you can get a boot there.

On busy nights it kinda sucks because it's small, and it's jam-packed full of people, but on quieter nights, it's great.

Also check out The Homy (pronounced like 'Homie don't play that') Inn. This place in tiny and always full of bridal shower parties for some reason, but a must see in Omaha - it's hard to explain why this place is so great, it just has a lot of character. Plus, they have champagne on tap. As others have already said, it all depends on what you are looking for.

Me? I like good beer. The following is a list of my top beer bars in Omaha. • • • • • • • • • Out of these, Crescent Moon, Nebraska Brewing Company, and Beercade are my favorites for an experience unique to Omaha. Crescent Moon has great people who are really passionate about beer. Nebraska Brewing Company brews some excellent beers you probably won't find outside of the area. Lastly, Beercade has beer and old style arcade games. Best bars in Omaha Havana Garage - cigar lounge and literally best selection of liquors I have ever seen.

Brickway Brewery - Omaha's first distillery/brewery combo Aldermans Bar - best neighborhood bar around Down Under Lounge - they just moved to Side Door best live music Any bar in Blackstone District Jakes Cigars - a Benson staple Beercade - careful you will have too much fun here.

St Andrews Pub - Sports in benson Full discloser these are all on the Nightlife Transit route.

best singles bars in omaha

Best Bars in Omaha / Omaha’s nightlife provides variety. It doesn’t matter if you crave the heavy malt taste of a dark stout, the mild flavor of a frosty lager or the light zest of cold ale, Omaha’s original bars deliver. If you to prefer to sip and savor a superb glass of wine, the wine bars in Omaha offer a great distinctive selection to go with the expertise and professionalism to help you pick just the right flavor for your tastes. When talking about live music, Omaha definitely knows how to put a new spin on it.

The birthplace of nationally recognized artists such Cursive, Faint and Conor OBerst, indie music in Omaha continues to thrive with venues such as The Waiting Room and The Slowdown and is devoted to the life and growth of original, innovative music. Crescent Moon Ale House 3578 Farnam St Omaha, NE 68131 (402) 345-1708 The Crescent Moon Ale House had a tremendous beer selection. Tuesday night is pint night. If you’re smart and try the Reuben here, it won’t disappoint with its rich rye, crisp bread and fall-apart, tender corned beef, doused with creamy thousand island dressing and delicious sauerkraut.

Served with tangy, fresh coleslaw, Beer Corner USA is just amazing. It is consistently on the top beer bars lists in the US (1 of 2 in Omaha). They have a vast variety of beers from local breweries, along with brewers from around the country like O’Dell, Deschutes, North Coast, New Blegium, Green Flash, Tallgrass, Lagunitas and others. There will always, I mean always, be a beer you will love on tap at the Crescent Moon Ale House.

Homy Inn 1510 N Saddle Creek Rd Omaha, NE 68104 (402) 554-5815 The Homy Inn is a great dive bar with good character and friendly clientelle They offer champagne on tap, which is fabulous and the novelty of being served a pitcher of champagne cannot be denied. Beyond the champagne, they provide a great selection of beers. This is a divey place with very cool décor and an even cooler, local crowd.

It’s easy to understand why so many customers enjoy this location. Krug Park 6205 Maple St Omaha, NE 68104 (402) 932-0038 Krug Park offers 64 draught beers on tap from American, German, Belgian, Cask and Nitro, there’s a beer for everybody!

Their knowledgeable and professional staff will assist you in picking the best draught beer for your tastes. Krug provides 11 Bloody Mary Recipes! So stop by and sample one or more from the Bakon to the Fiery Caesar to the Vegetarian. Weekly Specials run all weeklong at Krug Park, including Bloody Sunday, happy hour, Mug Night and Beer Society Appreciation Night! Brothers Lounge 3812 Farnam St Omaha, NE 68131 (402) 558-4096 At the Brothers Lounge, the customers are laid back and of the hipster variety.

It is a favorite dive/punk bar in Omaha. The owners pour the drinks during your visit, and pour them very nicely. They offer friendly service with a clear bar and the regulars are welcoming and very nice to visitors. The vibe is awesome, the price is definitely right, and the doorman will call you a taxi at the end of the night if you need one. Donohue’s Sport Pub & Grill 3232 L St Omaha, NE 68107 (402) 738-9780 Donohue’s Sport Pub and Grill is family- operated and owned and with a full kitchen that is open for lunch and dinner.

They offer KENO, Happy Hour, karaoke and local Irish bands. Donohue’s Pub provides an annual golf benefit and pub crawl. They offer the best venue to enjoy your favorite sporting event! Top of the list of sports for Donohue’s is Nebraska football! They always show college and professional football, hockey, and basketball, baseball, NASCAR, tennis and golf. If you can think of a sport you want to watch, they will offer it and they will have plenty of beer and drinks to go with it!

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