Best singles trips in the us

best singles trips in the us

This road trip in the Epirus region is the best way to get off the beaten track and discover new landscapes. For a perfect and affordable trip, we advise you to book your accommodation at the best price in Greece as well as your best activities and tours such as a holy monasteries tour in Meteora or a 8 day hiking in Zagoria. hotels in greece. Sergey Kelin Destinations for singles. Travelling alone is perfect if you want to meet people. Best city parks.

best singles trips in the us

Related Articles • • • • Europe is the perfect place to go for solo travelers. In fact, spending time alone in iconic capital cities like Berlin, Reykjavik and Paris can be even more enjoyable than traveling in a group. Think about it: You can go wherever you want on your own time doing only the things that interest you. You can spend all day exploring the Van Gogh Museum or the Uffizi Gallery; or, even better, you can skip out on the huge touristy museums and do your own thing.

Solo travel in Europe is fantastic and something everyone should do at least once in her life. Best European Cities to Visit If you think Paris is for couples only, think again. Have a romance with yourself in the City of Light, where it's far more magical to have the freedom to explore on your own than to be tied down. Stay in the Marais district and roam around the area's cobblestone streets.

Go for a jog in the Luxembourg Gardens. Soak up the bustling nightlife of Canal Saint-Martin. And explore the Centre Pompidou or Musee d'Orsay at your own pace. In addition, is a fabulous place to be single. The city's hip, modern vibes and exciting arts scene were pretty much made to be enjoyed by the solo traveler. Plan on bunking in a hostel dorm room to save money; then, rent a bike, snack on currywurst and soak up the single life while you explore Germany's coolest city.

Finally, Reykjavik is a lovely place to visit on your own. is one of the safest countries in the world, so safety isn't as much of a concern here as it may be in other cities. Sign up for a free city walking tour and revel in the sights and sounds of this charming, peaceful place. And if you have the time, make sure to get outside Iceland's capital as well; the countryside is every bit as breathtaking as you've heard.

Tips for Single Travelers If the prospect of traveling solo in Europe is slightly intimidating, don't worry; this is a normal fear to have, and it will likely dissipate as soon as you arrive abroad.

To help quell your nerves and meet people during your travels, stay in hostels or small B&B's where the owners typically take the time to chat with you. If you speak the language in the place you're visiting, strike up a conversation with people on the train or bus. And if you don't like the idea of dining alone, don't do it. From cafes to parks to delis, there are plenty of other options for eating out in Europe. About the Author Justine Harrington is a freelance travel journalist (and lifelong wanderer) based in Austin, Texas.

Her essays, profiles, and destination guides have appeared in Fodor's, Forbes Travel Guide, Backpacker, Scandinavian Traveler, Frommer's, The Austin-American Statesman, Austin Monthly, Misadventures Magazine, and many others. She has bachelor's degrees in French and anthropology, and has held nearly every travel-related job imaginable, from study abroad program director in France to ESL educator in Ecuador. To find out more, visit

best singles trips in the us

best singles trips in the us - 39 Best Vacation Spots for Single Guys: The Best Places To Travel Solo (2018)

best singles trips in the us

Travel insurance is a must if you are planning a holiday because it can offer a financial lifeline if something goes wrong. You might, for example, lose your luggage, have an accident, fall ill or even have to cancel the trip. It's absolutely vital to have insurance cover, so is single trip insurance right for you? You can buy a policy for a single trip, usually of no more than 30 days, or you can opt for , so you are covered for any number of holidays throughout the year.

It's always a good idea to compare prices for both types of cover. But as a general rule, annual cover is more cost effective if you plan to travel long haul and take more than two or three trips a year.

Don't forget that a is still a holiday. So you will need cover even if you are not venturing very far afield. What about family holidays? Travellers can choose a single trip policy for a single person, a couple or a family. It can often work out cheaper to buy a family policy than to arrange separate cover for several people, but make sure you read the terms and conditions of the insurance. For example, the excess might apply to each person named on the policy.

So, if you a have an excess of £150 and you make a claim, you could end up paying £300 or more towards the cost. Where in the world? is usually cheaper than worldwide cover. But you should check the insurer's definition of Europe to make sure your chosen country is included. Some firms, for example, do not class as Europe, so you might have to pay a higher premium.

I have cover on my bank account or credit card. Is this cover enough? Some premium credit cards and bank accounts come with 'free' holiday insurance, so you might not need to buy a separate policy. Just make sure you are happy with the level of cover, as freebie insurance is often restricted in terms of the actual geographical cover and the excess.

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Finally, don't just go for the cheapest policy you find. Check the levels of cover and the excess levels to ensure you find a policy that has the range and amount of cover that you require at an affordable price. Cheapest is NOT always the best when it comes to single trip holiday insurance. A good holiday insurance policy will cover a wide range of risks including illness, theft and cancellation. However, medical cover is one of the most important aspects of any policy and you should look for a policy that covers medical treatment and expenses of up to £2m in Europe or £5m worldwide in case you are ill or injured abroad.

It sounds like a lot of money, but the costs can quickly add up, especially if you need to be flown home in an air ambulance or taken from a ski slope after an accident by helicopter or specialist rescue services. If you are travelling within Europe you should apply for a free European Health Insurance Certificate (EHIC), which entitles you to state funded healthcare while you are away.

But bear in mind that the EHIC is no substitute for insurance because a huge amount of medical treatment is not free, as it is with the NHS here at home, and the EHIC does not include repatriation costs back to the UK.

Pre-existing conditions. Always disclose any when you arrange insurance. The insurer may exclude cover for the illness or may add a premium to your policy cost. However, if you withhold information it is likely to invalidate your policy.

In other words, your insurer could refuse to pay out if you make a claim and you could be left with costs running into thousands of pounds. You should also consider declaring the medical conditions of relatives who are dependent on you at the time of booking your trip in case you need to cancel due to this. We've already mentioned that medical cover is the most important aspect of travel insurance. But here are the other key elements. Lost luggage. It's not uncommon for belongings to be lost or stolen on holiday, so you should make sure that you have adequate insurance cover.

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best singles trips in the us

You want to escape and discover the most beautiful landscapes, the most beautiful places in Europe? We have selected for you the best road trips in Europe. You can choose either to travel with your own car or rent one upon arrival at the airport. In both cases, an unforgettable holiday is awaiting you. Get ready to discover the most beautiful roads and the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. Get ready to cross the Amalfi Coast, Catalonia, the Croatian coastline from Dubrovnik to Pula or stroll along the Romantic Road in Germany.

Experience freedom on the best roads in Europe. Everything starts from ! What a wonderful starting point for an unforgettable road trip in Croatia, one of the most beautiful countries in Europe! Rent your car upon arrival at Dubrovnik airport ; the medieval city is awaiting you. It has inspired many film makers and many celebrities use to have their holidays there.

Book your accommodation at the for one night or two, fill up with petrol and enjoy a 5 star road trip through the country. The journey is not that long (about 8 hours), but we advise you to stop as often as possible to enjoy the beautiful , Bol and its beach ranked among the , but also the beautiful city of , Trogir and .

Do not miss at sunset, or ( one of the most romantic cities in Europe). Walk along the coast and drive up to , . Stop at and enjoy a truffle risotto and a drink in , (Saint Tropez in Croatia). You can also book a few days in , visit the Roman amphitheatre and treat yourself to a few relaxing days in a beautiful hotel before driving back to Pula airport. You can during your stay as well as your in Croatia.

is not one but many islands ; it is the main island but there is also the island of famous for its magnificent golden sand beach and the Desertas island (uninhabited except by a few seals). Madeira is a perfect destination for a road trip. You can book your hotel, apartment, villa or guesthouse at the best price in , the main town of the island and visit Câmara de Lobos, Cabo Girao, Calheta, Porto Moniz and its volcanic pools classified among the , Sao Vicente, Santana and its traditional houses.

You can also climb to the top of the island by following the roads leading to Pico do Arieiro and Pico Ruivo, the highlights of the island. A new tunnel connects the north and south of the island ; the traffic is very easy on the island of Madeira. Do not hesitate to stop and walk in the magnificent Madeira Forest. . We recommend the splendid where Churchill and his wife used to stay, or The Vine Hotel with its superb rooftop swimming pool.

For nature lovers . We also offer a wide choice of hotels in Madeira (affordable family hotels or more luxurious ones). More than 300 kilometres romantic landscapes are awaiting you. If you get to Germany by plane, stop at airport and rent a car. If you drive your own car drive to Füssen, the starting point for this romantic road. Head to Wurtzburg via magnificent romantic villages such as , Augsburg, Landsberg and Nördlingen.

for a perfect road trip in Germany. Tuscany is certainly one of the most beautiful regions in Italy; it attracts travellers from all over the world every year. Start your trip in and spend 2 to 3 days in the beautiful city by booking .

Head for and its famous tower, Lucca and San Gimignano. Spend one day or two in and book your accommodation. Then head off to explore Bagnoregio, one of the . Relax on the for a few days and enjoy the sun of Tuscany. You can during your stay in Tuscany. Is already the North of Norway to you?

You will have to drive higher up to see the breathtaking landscapes along the Atlantic Road. It is only 8 kilometres long, but it crosses several small islands connected to bridges. Moreover, this road is free of charge. If you travel by plane, land at Kristiansund Airport; the Atlantic road is very near. and make the trip a little longer by exploring or . Land in and enjoy a few days in the city and region; is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe.

Book your accommodation at the best price and rent a car at Porto airport ; you must not miss in the Douro Valley ; it is only half an hour’s drive.

Book a one or two hours’ and discover the vineyards. The Douro valley is listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Come back to Porto to discover the coast of Portugal; do not miss , ( in Portugal), then head towards and admire one of the oldest universities in Europe. Drive along the coast , stop in and visit the fortress of on the coast. Stop in before getting to and discover its magnificent castles and two very nice seaside resorts : and .

You will soon arrive in Lisbon. We advise you to spend 2-3 nights in and book your hotel, guesthouse, apartment or B & B at the best price guaranteed. Keep on driving along the coast to down to the . It is one of the most beautiful regions in Portugal. Discover Lagos, Portimao, Albufeira and treat yourself to a few days’ rest in Algarve by booking your accommodation at the best price as well as your such as a sunset cruise along the Tagus River or a Douro Valley tour with wine tasting & lunch.

The green region of Epirus is probably one of the most beautiful regions in Greece ; it is perfect for a road trip. Spring and summer are ideal and outside the rainy season. Discover , the beautiful seaside resorts of , , , and the beautiful mountains of Zagori. You can also visit the monasteries of .

This road trip in the Epirus region is the best way to get off the beaten track and discover new landscapes. For a perfect and affordable trip, we advise you to book your accommodation at the best price in Greece as well as your best activities and tours such as a or a 8 day hiking in Zagoria.

Catalonia is one of the regions most visited in Europe by travellers from all over the world. Do you know why? Because Catalonia is a dream destination with , Rosas, , , Palamos, , Besalu. The sun, sea, beautiful beaches, restaurants at affordable prices are awaiting you !

Welcome to Catalonia! You can leave from and drive along the coast through Tossa de Mar, Palamos, Rosas, Cadaques and back to Barcelona through and Girona. You will make an unforgettable holiday road trip in Spain. Book your hotel, aparthotel, guesthouse, B&B in Catalonia at the best price and your such as a VIP access to the tower of the , a ticket to Part Aventura Theme Park or a wine tour of and Montserrat.

Get off the beaten path and treat yourself to an unusual road trip. Your neighbours, colleagues, in-laws have never been there before! You will enjoy landscapes in Montenegro; they are as beautiful as the fjords in Norway ; Piva is on the border between Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina.

Rent a car for a week from the airport,walk along the coast , enjoy the stunning scenery, stop at and the sublime city of . Drive up to the hinterland and stop at the Durmitor National Park then go up the road to Piva. When you hear about you think of international DJs, parties and champagne… Forget all about it: Ibiza is also a paradise destination with unspoilt nature and stunning scenery.

Rent a car at Ibiza airport, leave your luggage in a hotel or . Come discover creeks with turquoise waters and pine forests the nature reserve of Ibiza, its orchards and unbuilt areas… You will love your road trip. Book your hotel, villa, aparthotel or guesthouse in Ibiza at the best price, as well as your best activities such as a to discover the seabed of one of the most beautiful islands in Europe. Book your car at airport, preferably a nice convertible, and treat yourself to an unforgettable road trip along the .

Be prepared to drive very slowly, the landscapes are stunning, so are the villages. and stop in the most spectacular villages of , , and . Make the most of your trip to Amalfi Coast by booking your on the Amalfi Coast such as a visit to Pompei.

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