Best startup business ideas 2018

best startup business ideas 2018

Best startup business ideas means a lot to your startup business growth. People today follow their dreams and choose their passion over money. They are always in search of best startup business ideas which can feed their passion. They don’t want to be get retired at the age of 60. They seek for happiness index instead of earning a high salary while living in big cities. So, it is not always about making money but to live freely with a higher quality of life. That’s why new business ideas come in for top startup business. In fact, it is easy to start with new business ideas but it can cost you.

best startup business ideas 2018

With so many startup business ideas in 2018, it can be hard to figure out which is worth pursuing. You’ll want to create a that’s not only profitable but also great for the long-term. You may notice that a lot of the business ideas on this list have been growing in popularity recently. While jumping on a new trend can sometimes be risky – it can also be highly rewarding.

Also, I helped put together this new video that outlines 10 new online business ideas that’ll make you money in 2018 – feel free to check this out as well: Post Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • List of Online Business Ideas Let’s take a look at the list of online business ideas that’ll make you money in 2018: #1: Selfie Drones – Business Ideas The drone niche is one of the best niche examples for a growing trend.

Approximately are expected to be used in the air by 2018. From drones delivering packages to farmers checking out their crops to videographers getting the best aerial shot, there’s a growing demand and interest in this niche market.

So much so that by 2020, the industry is expected to grow to . Selfie drones have seen recent surges in popularity making them the drone you should consider selling for your business idea. Selfie drones allow people to easily take pictures of themselves from different angles without needing a selfie stick. If you decide to pursue this particular business idea, you’ll want to figure out which market to target.

You can dropship to millennials who love taking selfies and taking cool pictures when they travel. When marketing your brand, you’ll want to showcase a collection of cool images that were shot with selfie drones. You can also dropship catered to children or hobbyists. When marketing this type of sub-niche, you’ll want to showcase the experience of how fun it is to fly a drone around.

You can also dropship that can be used to monitor crops, record aerial shots for weddings or commercial projects. With this type of niche market, you’ll want to ensure you choose higher-end drones, which will likely cost more money, as your demographic cares about video and image quality.

#2: HIIT Equipment – Niche Examples HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts are one of the most popular niche examples in the fitness realm. The fitness and weight loss niches tend to be stable and profitable for many entrepreneurs.

This startup idea is best for those who are looking to do HIIT workouts as these individuals tend to need equipment like weights, jump ropes, medicine balls, fitness mats and more. You can dropship HIIT equipment from AliExpress. You likely won’t find any results on AliExpress under HIIT equipment, you’ll need to search for individual products such as , , and more.

Ranking for HIIT equipment should be fairly simple as it isn’t too competitive. You can run Google Ads since most of these items are search based. However, if you create video content around your brand, you can likely succeed with as well.

Discover how much it costs to #3: Smartwatches – Startup Ideas By 2018, there are expected to be unit sales of smartwatches around the world. By 2018, the smartwatch industry is expected to shoot up to an astonishing worldwide.

Yet, by 2019, it’s expected to earn in sales revenue. Whether it’s being used to track steps or plan your day, there will likely continue to be innovation in this niche. It’s safe to say that this business idea has huge potential. When it comes to smartwatch niche market, you can dropship a range of AliExpress merchandise. On AliExpress, you can dropship smartwatches with which would appeal to those interested in fitness or heart patients.

You can also dropship smartwatches with for those who like travelling, hiking or doing outdoor activities. Dropshippers can dropship AliExpress’ for those who like taking pictures or selfies.

With this startup idea, how you choose to market your brand and who you choose to target can open up a range of possibilities for you in the future. #4: Mirrorless Camera – Startup Business Ideas In 2015, mirrorless camera sales were up by in the United States resulting in lower DSLR sales. During that time, Canon’s sales were drastically reduced by due to the popularity of mirrorless cameras as they had a collection of DSLR cameras which weren’t performing as well.

Despite the high number of people using their phones as , mirrorless cameras have somehow grown and created their own niche market. With most people using their high-quality phone cameras to take pictures, there’s somehow a growing trend towards mirrorless cameras. Mirrorless cameras are more lightweight and compact than DSLRs which make them ideal for photographers who don’t want to lug around bulky inventory.

When growing your mirrorless camera store, you’ll want to emphasize the benefits of owning a mirrorless camera instead of a DSLR. You’ll also want to write content about why you should use a mirrorless camera instead of your smartphone for taking pictures.

#5: Dash Cam – Business Startup Ideas Dash cams are one of those startup business ideas that’ll continue to grow in popularity because they’re practical while also having a viral element to them. In 2014, dash cam sales increased by in the United Kingdom because of the viral taken in Russia. Many insurance companies now accept dash cam videos in claims to be used as evidence and some may even lower your insurance premium if you have one installed in your car.

By 2020, the industry is anticipated to be worth worldwide. If you decide to create a dash cam business, you can dropship from a wide range of . The best way to build up on your new business idea is to show how beneficial your product is. You can regularly post videos on your blog or social media of crazy events that happened but were caught on dash cams.

If you decide to do this, you need to make sure you blur out faces and license plates. You’ll also want to have permission from the person who recorded the video to share it. By building out your brand, when people search ‘dash cam videos funny’ or ‘dash cam videos 2018’ one of your videos is likely to pop-up if you post regularly.

Content creating – blog posts to videos – can help grow this business. #6: Wireless Earphones – Ecommerce Business Ideas The wireless earphone market is expected to grow by a rate of according to a 2016 report. Wireless headphones currently own of the market share which is expected to continue seeing growth.

The retail market for the headphone industry is expected to grow to billion by 2025 making it worthwhile for entrepreneurs to start businesses in this niche. Wireless earphones is a startup business idea growing in popularity due to the advancement in technology such as Bluetooth and wifi.

However, there’s also a convenience component to them. You can dropship from AliExpress, with many suppliers offering free ePacket shipping making it affordable for consumers. When building a brand, you’ll want to create articles about wireless earphones and different target audiences who’d use them.

You also want to showcase the convenience of having them. You could create videos of people using them while they run, commute to work or take it out of their backpacks without having to untangle them. #7: Matcha Tea – Business Ideas Tea is the second most popular drink after water. Approximately of American households have tea in their home. There are daily tea drinkers showcasing the growth potential for a niche tea store. Matcha tea has rapidly grown in popularity due to its various nutritional benefits.

For example, it’s packed with antioxidants, helps improve your metabolism, naturally detoxes the body, and more. People also make desserts and other recipes with their matcha tea showing the drinks’ versatility.

With the number of matcha tea drinkers growing and the trend on the rise, it’s a great business idea to make money. You can dropship matcha tea and tea accessories from AliExpress using Oberlo. You’ll find a variety of from the tea itself to powder whisks. You can also sell tea cups and other drinkware accessories. When it comes to marketing, you can create blog and video content around matcha tea recipes.

You can work on a long term search engine optimization startegy to rank organically for your products. However, you can also run Facebook ads to get immediate sales. A post shared by (@oberloapp) on Jun 26, 2018 at 6:40am PDT #8: Beard Oil – Niche Examples One of the most popular niche examples targeting men is beard oil as the grooming industry makes approximately in annual sales.

There are many successful stories of flourishing making tens of thousands in sales each month. Other companies are selling worth of beard grooming products each year.

Approximately 39% of American men have beards which is an increase of 15% from 2012. The is worth approximately $3.4 billion surpassing the men’s shaving industry by over $1 billion. While the beard oil niche market is competitive, there’s still room for new players.

You can grow your brand by dropshipping and . You should consider buying a few products to take your own professional images. It’ll help position your brand as a reputable beard oil company. Having before and after beard pictures can help you sell your products to help your customers envision having your products.

This business idea could benefit greatly with a strong social media presence. Your social media platforms should have tons of pictures of perfectly groomed beards for people to use as inspiration. It’ll allow you to grow organically. #9: Phone Case – Startup Ideas The phone accessories industry may be worth as much as by 2025. While it may include products other than phone cases, this new business idea still offers a lot of flexibility for you as an entrepreneur should you decide to tap this niche market.

Notably, the phone case market accounts for of the phone accessories industry making it a profitable niche regardless. While there are a lot of phone case businesses, there’s still room for new stores to emerge. You can dropship from a wide-range of AliExpress products. You can , , , and more. When you target women, you can have feminine phonecases such as floral patterns, cute animals, lace or marble patterns.

Or you can target those who travel for work such as salespeople or entrepreneurs and market charging phonecases. #10: Power Bank – Startup Business Ideas By , the power bank industry is expected to climb to $25.16 billion USD.

A power bank is a mobile charger which is charged in advance for a later use. It’s a great product for those who plan to be in a remote location with limited access to electrical outlets. With an astounding of internet users owning a mobile device, accessories like power banks are expected to continue growing in popularity. So, this startup idea might just be the perfect opportunity for you to make money in the power bank industry.

You can dropship power banks using the Oberlo app. You can do a combination of search based marketing (Google ads) with Facebook ads to grow your store’s popularity. You can also expand into other popular mobile accessories niches such as phone cases. Having a store focused on mobile electronics that are growing in popularity can prove to be one of the most profitable ecommerce business ideas. #11: Mesh Dress – Business Startup Ideas Fashion trends are constantly changing.

However, over the past couple years, we’ve noticed that mesh dresses have kept their trending product status. If you’ve been daydreaming about fashion business ideas, you’ll want to include a few products within this category onto your store. It makes the most sense as a product collection on a broader women’s fashion store.

You also don’t need to limit yourself to dresses. You’ll be able to find mesh tops and mesh lingerie as well. It’s one of those trending business ideas, you’ll wish you jumped on early if you’re a fashion retailer. Women are the target audience for this business idea. Mesh apparel is most popular among 18-34 year old women. Facebook ads will likely be the best way to market your brand.

If the product images aren’t attractive enough, you can ask influencers to model your apparel and use those lifestyle shots for your ads to ensure the highest level of engagement. You can also do influencer marketing. However, influencer marketing in fashion can lead to zero conversions if you partner with influencers who don’t share the same audience as you. You can also reach out to fashion bloggers to take quality images and give you a shoutout on their website.

#12: Enamel Pins – Business Startup Ideas Enamel pins, one the most popular ecommerce business ideas, have been exploding in popularity over the past two years with no signs of slowing down. This new business idea is showing no signs of slowing down. From popular emojis to food, you can find an enamel pin that suits your customers’ diverse interests.

They allow your customers to express themselves with unique fashion art they can easily clip onto an outfit. By offering a quirky or relatable selection of enamel pins to your customer, you’ll be better able to monetize your store. You can also expand into other relevant niche categories such as accessories like sunglasses, shoes, jackets, and more. Keep your brand name generic like to allow you to grow into other categories as your brand explodes in popularity.

You can easily dropship enamel pins using Oberlo’s app. As enamel pins are visually appealing, Instagram tends to work best when marketing these types of products. You can do . Influencers can take pictures wearing your enamel pins and sharing pictures with their audience. You can also post your enamel pins on colorful backgrounds, lay them out in a patterned design and show them worn by your customers to build up your social media following.

Use several to find new customers and grow your followers. #13: Men’s Backpacks/Drawstring Bag/Women’s Handbags/Women’s Backpacks – Niche Examples The backpack niche has been steadily growing over the years making it one of the best startup business ideas. Backpacks are no longer just for students. Employees carrying laptops to and from work and travellers use backpacks regularly. You’ll notice a trend increase within men’s backpacks, drawstring bag, women’s handbags, women’s backpacks and more.

The backpack niche is a viable business startup idea since there’s a diverse selection of bags that have been growing in popularity. You can eventually expand into luggage which has also been growing in recent years. Instagram and Facebook would likely work well for your backpack brand.

You’ll want to start marketing in July or August to capitalize on back to school sales. Keep in mind that children’s backpacks have been decreasing in popularity so targeting students attending college would likely work best.

You can do some where you have college-aged influencers wearing and promoting your backpack. Offer influencers a commission for every referral through their link to keep your costs low while ensuring sales. Be sure to also target people by their university and age to find your audience on Facebook.

#14: Cateye Sunglasses – Business Startup Ideas If you’re looking to launch a startup business, the cateye sunglasses niche might be perfect for you. The niche tends to have steady and reliable growth but has seen an uptick in popularity recently making it a trend worth jumping onto. Over are sold each year globally.

While your online store doesn’t have to sell exclusively cateye sunglasses, you should put an emphasis on those products.

You can eventually expand into other product categories like watches, scarves, and seasonal accessories to capitalize on year round sales. When marketing cateye sunglasses, you’ll likely want to tap into .

You can offer influencers a commission for selling your sunglasses so that you only pay a fee for the products they sold rather than a post on their page. You’ll also want to try Facebook ads likely targeting fans of other sunglasses brands. Partnering with a relevant brand can also help you grow your sales such as a sunscreen or beach accessories brand. You can also reach out to publications such as women’s magazines and offer them a free sample to be included on their website or magazine.

#15: Workwear – Ecommerce Business Ideas is one of those good business ideas that you can take in a number of directions.

There’s the work safety niche which has specialized workwear such as safety shoes, scrubs, eye protection and more. Or you can go into the business man’s workwear and sell suits, ties, dress shoes and other men’s fashion.

There’s also women’s workwear where you can sell professional clothing for women such as conservative dresses, blazers, blouses and more. It doesn’t make sense to combine all of these niches since they all serve different audiences. However, within each of these business ideas there’s a lot of room to expand into other verticals.

Marketing your workwear brand depends on which audience you serve. For example, if you sell specialized workwear, you’ll likely be targeting people who work in the trades such as construction or nursing.

You’d be selling products like safety shoes and scrubs. However, even within that niche you’d find that you can’t do a one size fits all ad. The person who’d buy safety shoes is very different than a nurse looking for scrubs. Within the men’s workwear niche, it’s considered more of a men’s fashion store. You’d target men between 25-40 with your apparel.

You might choose to target men of different industries depending on what type of workwear you sell. For example, if you sell suits you might choose to target those who work in finance or law. In the women’s workwear niche, you’d likely market to women aged 23-34.

If you sell professional work apparel, you might choose to target women who work in business, public relations, law, administration, or within a government role. As you can see, this is a business idea that can be taken into many different directions, depending on which niche you aim to focus on. #16: Women’s Pumps – Business Ideas The women’s pumps niche has been steadily increasing making it one of the most stable ecommerce business ideas.

This startup idea is not a new one, and has been popular for several years making it one of the best long-term business ideas. In spring 2016, over people had bought women’s shoes within the past 12 months. Over of affluent households spent $250 or more on women’s shoes in 2016. It’s safe to assume that women are either buying expensive shoes or buying higher quantities of them.

Either way, this will help ensure your business stays profitable within your niche. The great thing about this startup business idea is that you don’t need to only sell women’s pumps but can expand into other footwear and accessories like socks, scarves and other seasonal products. To monetize your women’s pumps brand, you can market your store on Instagram.

You can use shoe brands like as inspiration for how to create graphics, or to get ideas about what types of pictures and videos to add to your page. You can also use influencers to promote your brand for you to their audiences offering a commission for each sale they bring in. Facebook ads can also work well for your shoe brand depending on how you brand your store.

Lifestyle shots like and shoes on colored backgrounds can capture attention better than an ad with a pair of shoes on a plain white background. #17: Lace Bras – Startup Ideas The lace bra niche has been steady for years but in recent months is starting to see some growth. This business idea is one that is likely to continue to climb.

The lingerie industry has increasing sales making in revenue in 2016. Your lace bra store can also include other types of bras, lingerie, panties, and women’s accessories to ensure strong profits.

Bras are the most popular lingerie that people buy making up over of sales within the industry. Marketing a lace bra on your online store will require you to use your creativity. Ads with nudity usually get shut down on Facebook ads. You’ll need to use images of your lace bras on vibrant colored backgrounds and styled in fun ways for your ad to be accepted and gain traction.

You might want to model your Facebook marketing after brands like and . #18: Compression Socks – Startup Business Ideas add pressure to your lower legs to help reduce discomfort, swelling and more. They’re often worn by people who suffer from disorders like edema, thrombosis and more. While they can be tight, they often help improve the blood flow in your legs. If selling compression socks on your store, you need to be mindful of the language you use.

This niche is one of the trickiest business ideas as you don’t want to make any claims about medical improvements. For example, you should use phrases like ‘helps reduce swelling’ rather than just ‘reduce swelling’ as the latter could be considered a claim. These socks work well on a medical related store that sells scrubs and medical gloves. You could also sell compression socks on a store that sells comfortable shoes like runners or orthopedic shoes.

Compression socks are a search-based product. Ultimately, you need to make sure that your product category and product pages are search engine optimized to effectively market these products. If you’re intent on using Facebook ads, then you should consider using a combination of organic traffic through search and retargeting ads. This will help better convert your traffic if they’ve or weren’t ready to buy the first time around.

You could also create ads for relevant segments such as athletes or those with certain illness that would require compression socks. #19: Plus Size Clothing – Business Startup Ideas is one of the top business ideas of 2018. Last year, we saw more callouts for inclusion and diversity. More retailers are expanding their store collections to include clothing that fits every body.

Since more manufacturers are offering greater size collections, there’s also more variety in clothing styles. Plus size clothing, as a standalone niche, allows you to fine tune your marketing directly to the plus sized audience.

It allows women to shop on a website without worrying about finding the right size. You could expand to this business idea and also add plus sized clothing to your fashion store. However, avoid creating categories called ‘Plus Sized Clothing.’ For example, retailer calls their collection ‘Curve Appeal’ while their URL is optimized with the keywords ‘plus sizes’. Plus sized clothing can be marketed in countless ways. You can go the organic traffic route and optimize your website for keywords like ‘plus size dresses’ or ‘plus sized clothing.’ As a fashion business idea, you can also successfully market on Facebook or Instagram.

While you can include product posts on Facebook, you can also add a viral element to your posts which can help skyrocket your page’s engagement and following. You can add body positive images, inspiration articles, and viral videos about loving yourself no matter what.

This viral approach has worked well for me while working within the fitness niche. Videos, especially, help skyrocket your pages engagement over time. You’ll want to have Facebook ads running at the same time which will naturally help boost overall engagement as well. #20: Bodysuit – Ecommerce Business Ideas Bodysuits used to be worn as lingerie but have made their way into mainstream fashion.

Nowadays, women wear body suits as tops. You’ll find a range of sexy bodysuits which are great for a night out or as lingerie. However, you can also find a selection of everyday wear bodysuits.

Despite their growing popularity, peak season tends to be around Halloween. You can dropship bodysuits on AliExpress for your online fashion store. If you want to find everyday bodysuits, you’ll need to search for bodysuit fashion where you’ll find a diverse collection.

As a fashion outfit, you’ll likely want to make bodysuits a collection in your store to capitalize on the trend. While you can create a store that exclusively sells bodysuits, you’ll want to keep the brand name generic so that you can eventually expand into other product categories within fashion as your brand grows in popularity.

You can use for inspiration for your bodysuit brand. #21: Bamboo Toothbrush – New Business Ideas If you’re looking for new business ideas, the niche is at an all-time high. It’s been maintaining high search volume for a few months now showing that this is one trend you need to jump on right now. Bamboo toothbrushes have risen in popularity due to growing interest in reducing plastic. Toothbrushes are replaced every couple of months resulting in higher plastic waste which doesn’t biodegrade.

Bamboo toothbrushes allow your customers to be more eco-friendly. There are many different directions in which you can take this business idea. Some have chosen to create a standalone bamboo toothbrush store. However, you can also create a general bamboo store. Or you can add these trending products to a teeth whitening products store. Bamboo toothbrushes can be marketed via Facebook ads and organic search. Facebook ads can be used to retarget your organic traffic but you can also use it to get immediate sales.

Organic search is a long-term play but can also lower your acquisition costs. You should also consider bundling your products to increase average order value. Simply selling multiple bamboo toothbrushes of the same style can prove to be profitable for your store. Plus, it ensures that the customer is constantly using your toothbrush brand. #22 Kawaii Plush – Small Business Ideas There has been a surge in Japanese-themed stores.

You can sell , products or even Japanese snacks. Kawaii is the Japanese word for cute. Essentially, a kawaii plush store is a small business idea that involves selling cute plush. There’s a specific look for these types of products and not all cute products are considered kawaii. For example, Hello Kitty is a popular example for this product style. But remember not to sell trademarked products without a license. If you search kawaii on AliExpress, you’ll find a range of products such as plush, notebooks, pens and other stationery products that could potentially sell well.

There’s definitely a market for these types of small business ideas. You can target people who have an interest in kawaii, Japan, anime, or other relevant keywords. On average, Asian women tend to be the target audience for kawaii products.

However, you don’t need to limit yourself to Asian countries. You can target people who speak Asian languages, or are interested in the Asian culture that live in Canada or the United States. #23 Hair Removal Tools – Top Business Ideas are frequently used by women to remove body hair. With this top business idea, you can sell laser hair removal tools, facial threading tools, shavers, wax warmers and other related products.

Hair removal tools can be created as its own store or you can add it as a subcategory on a beauty store. The beauty of marketing a business idea like this one is that you can get repeat sales since consumers will likely buy multiple shavers or threading tools. And for laser hair removal products you can have a high profit margin even if its still below market value.

Hair removal tools are best marketed with a approach. Niches that can be considered embarrassing such as hair removal typically don’t do well with Facebook ads and retargeting ads can make people feel uncomfortable. Typically, people searching for these products will look them up online and buy the product as they need it. However, if you’re selling other beauty products, you can feature hair removal tools within the email.

#24 Baby Rompers – Good Business Ideas are a good business idea as they’ve proven to show strong search volume. If you want to start an online store in the baby niche, you can add these trending products within a category. However, you aren’t limited to the baby niche, you can also sell maternity products, baby toys, or children’s clothing, to add more variety to your online store making it a one stop shop for new parents.

Something to take note of, a lot more parents are giving their children gender neutral names so having a category of gender neutral clothing could likely serve as a category of its own. Women tend to be the main consumers of baby rompers.

While the mother will often buy her baby’s clothes, baby rompers are also purchased by other relatives like aunts, grandmothers and other family and friends. If you decide to sell baby rompers on your store, you might choose to add a gift registry app which can help boost average order value.

The gift registry won’t market itself. However, you can create an ad for expectant mothers and have them create a registry on your store so that their close friends and family buy items from your website. This helps simplify the marketing as the focus is on getting the mother to promote your store for you for her baby shower.

#25 Video Doorbells – Trending Business Ideas have been growing in popularity making it one of the most popular trending business ideas. With the rise of people screening phone calls, it makes sense that people would also want to screen who shows up at their door. It could also be positioned as a security device.

This new business idea could be added as an individual product on an security, trending products, or electronics online store. When it comes to marketing video doorbells, I’d actually recommend a different layout than the traditional ecommerce store. These type of trending products tend to perform really well with long-form product copy.

Instead of a traditional ecommerce layout, you should consider emulating the digital product landing page, especially if marketing video doorbells as a security product. This product could do well on a standard layout but conversions can drastically increase with a more detailed landing page. For example, check out for inspiration.

#26 Fake Flowers – New Business Ideas From floral arrangements to wedding decor, can be used at home or for special events. In the wedding industry, they’re a new business idea as more brides are opting for artificial flowers to save costs.

They can be sold to customers looking to liven up their home or to businesses who want to sell custom floral arrangements to their customers. Since they’re artificial, you won’t need to worry about flowers that die too soon making the shipping process easier for customers.

If you’re looking to go after the wedding market, your best bet is to which have a more realistic appearance to ensure an elegant look. Fake flowers can be marketed in a number of ways. You can promote them on Pinterest since the wedding niche is massive on the platform making it a great audience to tap into. You’ll need to create infographic wedding pins or blog posts that can drive traffic back to your website. The secret of monetization here is to have a Facebook retargeting ad running at all times to turn blog visitors into customers.

Since not all blog readers will know you have products, it’s always a good idea to retarget them after they’ve left your site.

Organic traffic will also be huge if you focus on ranking for keywords related to fake flowers or artificial flowers. For this startup idea check out for inspiration. #27 Throw Pillows – Trending Products A couple months ago Bloomberg featured an article stating that and buying homes.

As a result, they’re starting to buy more furniture and home decor than ever before. While we’re giving a shout-out to , there’s also been an increase in other home related products such as kitchen supplies. That’s why it’s a great idea to capitalize on this new business idea to make money. Having a store related to home decor or home related products can prove to be profitable for you. You can add a wide range of home related products to your store to fill out your product collections. When marketing throw pillows you can target two types of audiences.

First, you can target female homeowners 30-55. If you sell home decor, you can run ads to different types of products to determine which performs best for that audience. Second, you can target couples in a relationship or newly engaged as they’ll likely have wedding registries or be close to buying a home making them the perfect audience to buying higher quantities of products from your store.

You can even add a gift registry app on your store to get people to register for gifts on your website. #28 Night Vision Cameras – New Business Ideas are a new business idea that tend to be popular in the security industry.

Since it allows you to clearly see video footage taken at night, it can help prevent crime or catch suspects. Night vision cameras work well on security or electronics stores. They can warrant higher product costs allowing you to benefit from higher margins should you price your products at market value. Night vision cameras are search based products. However, if you create video content on the importance of security, you could capitalize on the impulse buy market as well.

On average, a search engine strategy works best as people will take initiative to search for products to buy. Ranking for long-tail keywords within the security industry gives you the best chance of success. Due to the type of product this is, you’ll want to ensure you have detailed product copy that focuses on the security benefits of having this type of camera. #29 Air Sofa Beds – Startup Ideas At Oberlo, we’ve seen a rise in sales.

They can be used for lounging in a kid’s room or used outdoors for a camping trip. As a popular business idea, they work well alongside other products in an outdoor or home store. This startup idea has been trending upwards for a while now with slight peaks in the summer.

Thus, giving you the perfect amount of time to start working on optimizing your online store for keywords. Air sofa beds can perform well in search. You can optimize your content to rank for keywords related to air sofas or inflatable sofas or even inflatable beds. However, they can also perform well as an impulse buy product in the summer. You can create video content showing people lounging by a campfire or relaxing under the sun.

Using those videos for your ads can prove to be profitable by encouraging people to buy your products by highlighting the experience you create around your business idea. #30 Elephant Decor – Popular Business Ideas A popular business idea is . It’s been trending upwards ever since we saw the rise of yoga blankets.

Elephant decor can include tapestries, figurines, pillows, and more. In some cultures, when children move out for the first time, the parents buy an elephant figurine for their home to give them good luck and protection.

They’re also used in feng shui. When marketing your elephant decor, you’ll want to mention the good luck aspect in your copy, especially if the elephant’s trunk is up. When creating ads, you can market to people who are recently engaged or married as elephant decor in the bedroom is believed to increase fertility in some cultures. You don’t want to make any claims in your copy so be sure to use language like ‘believed to’ or ‘may help.’ Want to learn more?

• • • • Which of the niche examples do you want to try out? Share your suggestions for startup business ideas in the comments to help other entrepreneurs.

best startup business ideas 2018

best startup business ideas 2018 - Top 30 Small Business Ideas For Beginners In 2018

best startup business ideas 2018

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If you have any questions about our advertiser disclosure, don’t hesitate to contact via advertising(at) websitesetup(dot) org 27 Easy to Start Online Business Ideas Will 2018 be the year you will finally create a profitable online business? You’ve thought about it every year. You’ve gone over countless online business ideas in your head and imagined what your life would be like if you could quit your job and generate money on the internet. You could travel the world with ease, create a comfortable lifestyle for yourself and your family, and achieve financial freedom.

You could finally escape the constraints of the 9-5 lifestyle and own your time completely. But then, what happens? Usually, you spend some time considering the ideas but ultimately resort back to your comfort zone.

The steady income of your secure job, the ease of having somebody else tell you what to do every day (instead of trying to figure it out from scratch), and the consistent schedule.

You tell yourself, “You know what? This year is a little too crazy. I’ll start that online business next year!” But “next year” never comes. I’m here to tell you that 2018 is the year you should start your online business. There’s more opportunity than ever, and you should take the advantage! To help you get started, I’m going to lay out 27 online business ideas.

Read through them, see which you connect with, and start doing your research. Then get started with one, it’s that simple! 27 “Easy to Start” Online Business Ideas (P.S. If you need a website for your online business, consider using ) 1. Start a Blog and Monetize it I talk a lot about on this website, and for good reason. In 2018, it’s easier to start a blog than ever before, and your blog can also be a big potential source of income (if you know ).

Keep in mind that you don’t just start a blog and expect the money to roll in. You need to create content consistently, and it also needs to be content that educates, informs, or entertains people. In other words, it needs to capture their interest in some way. What’s more, you need to sell something through the blog. This can be ad space, products, digital products, sponsored posts, coaching, ebooks, etc. But if you’re willing to put in the work and you’re in it for the long haul, blogging can be extremely profitable (some bloggers make $50k per month or more).

Here are some resources to help you get started with your first blog: • • • 2. Get Started With Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is basically the process of earning a commission by promoting somebody else’s product.

There are two main ways most people do affiliate marketing: • Information products. You promote products like ebooks, membership sites, video series, etc. This type of affiliate marketing can earn you up to 50% or more in commission, has relatively low barriers to entry, and it’s easy to find products to promote. • Amazon partners. Many affiliate marketers have success with Amazon. There are literally millions of products to choose from, and it can be quite profitable. For more information, you can check out the .

Quick side note: Before you start affiliate marketing, it helps to have at least a basic knowledge of SEO and copywriting (more on each of these later).

That being said, you can read a few copywriting books and look through to help you get started. 3. Set Up an E-commerce Site One of the best ways to earn online income is through setting up an e-commerce store. Here’s the plus side: if you try to go the route of affiliate marketing, the best affiliate marketers are focused on 3 main niches; dating, weight loss, and making money online. You would have to compete with the best of the best, and it’s not easy.

With the e-commerce route, in many markets, you’ll be competing against old-school business people who may or may not have any internet marketing experience. Many of them have glitchy, out-of-date websites, which leaves you a lot of room for improvement, and you can capitalize on their shortcomings. It’s still not easy by any means. It requires hard work, and you need to stand out amongst the hundreds of thousands of ecommerce websites and online stores.

But by filling a unique niche and executing the right marketing techniques, you can make your ecommerce store a profitable success. Here are some tips to help you get started with your ecommerce store: • Find a profitable market.

Brainstorm some ideas, do keyword research, and try to get as specific as possible. For example, there is probably a lot of competition for selling surfboards. But if you narrow it down to surfboard racks, you may have a better chance of standing out in the market. • Ask yourself, “Is the product expensive?” There are costs associated with manufacturing, distribution, reselling, etc.

If your product isn’t expensive (at least $50 or more), there may be no profit left by the time you sell the product. • Ask yourself, “Is the product in a growth market?” If your market has already passed its peak (i.e. the VCR market) and is on the down slope, you probably don’t want to get involved.

Instead, you want to get into an industry that’s on the upswing – that’s where you’ll have the most profit and growth potential. • Consider building a Shopify store. Shopify is a system built for ecommerce. With some basic web knowledge, you can set up a good-looking store very quickly, with a low-cost investment and with no coding needed.

Shopify has a 30-day free trial too, so you can get started without spending a dime. Here are some additional resources for creating a successful online store: • – • by Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen 4.

Self-Publish a Book on Amazon Have you ever thought of writing a book, but didn’t know where to get started? All the publishing nonsense, the editing and formatting, the marketing, etc.? With Amazon, you can self-publish a book fairly easily, and really make money from it. There are some simple and inexpensive guides like to help you write your book AND have it generate consistent income.

Here’s the secret sauce: If you can launch your book and get a few hundred sales in the first week, Amazon will take over and start promoting it for you. This way you can make some real money from it. It’s actually easier than it sounds, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Here are a few tips for writing a book: • Validate the book by giving a survey to friends, an email list, and/or survey sites like .

By validating your idea before you write the book, you’ll improve the odds of people willing to buy your book (and you’re not wasting your time by writing it.) • Create an outline and stick to it if possible. • Set aside at least 30 minutes to an hour each day to write.

• Format the book according to . Once the book is written and formatted, you can head over to Log in with your Amazon account, then under “Create a New Title”, select “Kindle eBook.” Here’s a good strategy for your book’s launch week (to get 100+ sales): • Set the price at 99 cents for the first week. • Run a 99 cent promotion with sites like and .

• Post a book excerpt on a relevant subreddit and link to your book page at the end. • Post 1-2 guest posts during the launch week that link back to your book page.

• Blast your email list multiple times. • By the end of the week, hopefully, your book has eclipsed the top 5,000 or 10,000 overall paid ranking. From there, raise the price to $2.99, and continue raising the price $1 at a time every few days until it stops selling (then, lower it back by a dollar). This will tell you the optimal price for your book. ( that used this strategy to launch successfully and consistently bring in $3-$4K a month in profit.) 5. Create a Digital Product or Course Creating a digital product or course is similar to writing an ebook.

You’re monetizing your expertise by teaching it to the others. That being said, you don’t have the benefit of Amazon promoting your course. You have to do the promoting yourself through your own website, your email lists, and possibly through affiliate partnerships. You also need to create a compelling sales page that will convince visitors to buy from you.

If you don’t already have an audience, it might be better to self-publish on Amazon first. That way, you can validate your course idea, grow your email list (just make sure to have an email opt-in at the front and back of the book!), and more or less create a rough draft of the course (since it will probably be similar to the book).

Here are some additional resources to help you with an online course creation: • – David Siteman Garland’s website that’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs launch profitable online courses. • – Helpful episodes by online course expert Grant Weherley to help you start your fist online course. 6. Become a YouTuber Videos are becoming more and more popular. From Instagram and Snapchat Stories to Facebook Live video, videos will only continue to grow. If you’ve always loved the thought of being behind the camera, now is the time you can take an advantage.

Whether it be and getting ad revenue/selling products to your audience, or building a YouTube channel to drive more traffic to your website – 2018 is a great time to get started. Not only will making YouTube videos help you tell better stories and provide more valuable content to your audience – it can also help you get profitable speaking opportunities. The best part is, you don’t even need to go out and buy an expensive new camera – as long as you have a smartphone with a quality camera lens, you can start filming your first video right now!

7. Start App Development Mobile apps are getting more and more popular by the year. If you have an idea for a cool, useful, and/or fun app for a phone or a tablet, this may be the way to go.

It helps to have some coding knowledge, but it’s not an absolute necessity. There are plenty of software developers looking to collaborate with people on app creation. Word of caution: the app market is saturated right now, so make sure you validate your app and do your research before investing lots of money in your idea. Here are some resources to help you in the app development process: • by Forbes • by Entrepreneur 8. Learn Facebook Advertising Facebook continues to expand and grow.

Therefore businesses are spending more on Facebook ads. But here’s the problem: a lot of old school businesses don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to Facebook ads. Even newer companies don’t have the time it takes to learn the ins and outs so that they get the most return on their Facebook ads investment. Consequently, they’re looking for Facebook ad specialists to step in and do it for them. Luckily, this is something you can learn fairly quickly.

Once you do, you can reach out to businesses and offer to help create profitable Facebook ads. Here are some Facebook Ad resources you can learn from: • by Jon Loomer • by AdEspresso 9.

Learn and Master SEO SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to getting a website to rank higher for certain “search terms” in search engines like Google. When a website ranks higher, it gets more relevant traffic and in turn, can make more revenue. This is another highly valued skill in the internet marketing world.

That being said, it can be a bit difficult because Google is always changing its algorithms. With it, some of the rules of search change. You always have to be on the leading edge, learning and testing new strategies. If you can master SEO, companies will always be willing to pay you for your help. 10. Become a Copywriter Copywriting is the art and science of strategically delivering words (whether written or spoken) that get people to take some form of action.

It can range from anything to sales pages, to email marketing, to even quality blog content. If you have a natural inclination and passion for writing, copywriting may be your ticket to earning online income. It’s a great way to achieve freedom in your life. Not only does copywriting allow you to work remotely, but it also allows you to control your schedule. Plus, learning the skill itself will help you in many areas of online business (i.e. building a blog, affiliate marketing, etc.

– when you can write in a compelling way, all of these become much easier!) 11. Skype Coaching Do you have an expertise that you’d like to help people with? Then Skype coaching may be a potential option for you. Basically, you hop on Skype and provide assistance to your coaching clients.

This can come in the form of daily, weekly, or monthly calls. There are Skype coaches for just about everything – life coaches, health coaches, dating coaches, etc. Note: It’s much easier to market your coaching services when you also have a blog on your coaching topic.

12. Buy and Flip Domains You’ve probably heard of people who buy and “flip” real estate, right? They buy a house for a relatively good price, fix it up a little bit, and then resell it for a nice profit. It’s the same idea for buying and flipping domains.

Whether it’s your , or whether you’re looking to buy somebody else’s site and flip it, this can be a good source of online income. You can use resources like to both buy and sell your domains. 13. Start a Podcast Here’s an in-depth guide on . This can be a great revenue generator.

As you grow your podcast, you can offer paid sponsorships and sell your own products and services. Through the podcast, you’ll be able to earn the trust of your listeners, which makes them that much more likely to buy what you have to offer. 14. Drop shipping Drop shipping is when you create an online store to sell other people’s products (i.e you don’t do any of the manufacturing or shipping). Then, you get a commission for each sale. The benefit here is that you don’t have to risk buying up stock in a product and losing money if it doesn’t sell.

The entry barrier is lower and you don’t have to invest nearly as much to get started. If you’d like to learn how to drop ship, is one of the best resources to help you get started. 15. Freelance Pay Per Click Consulting (These are PPC ads) You ever saw those sponsored ads at the top of your Google search results? That’s Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising in action.

It’s a form of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads are clicked. Put simply, it’s a way of buying visits on your site. If you can master this skill, you can offer the service to other businesses. 16.

Sell Products on eBay Sure it’s a bit old school, but people are still making lots of money on . To start selling, you can do something simple like head to a local clothing store and buy some clothing on sale. Then, you can list it on eBay for a higher price, and if it sells, you can reinvest the profit in more clothing and continue making more profit.

It requires some strategy and planning but is surely a profitable way of online business. 17. Become a Web Developer A web developer is someone who knows how to build a website from the bottom up.

In order to do this, you need to learn coding, which will take time and hard work. But if you’re willing to put in the effort, it can pay quite well. are some tips for learning to code and getting started with the web development.

18. Invest Your Time in Graphic Design Ever saw a beautiful sales page or a website design that really jumps out at you? That’s all due to a graphic designer.

Graphic designers are basically visual communicators. They design web pages, sales pages, logos, and really anything else that needs to look sharp. To be a great graphic designer, you don’t need to be great at drawing, you don’t need a college degree, and you don’t need to buy a fancy expensive computer. But you do need to be a visual thinker, you do need to specialize in something, and you definitely need a portfolio.

19. Build Niche Sites The idea behind a niche website is to target a specific niche (for example, a specific kind of photography), rank on Google for the keywords related to that niche, and then turn that traffic into earnings through affiliate offers or through selling your own products. A lot of research goes into this – you should be ready for a bit of workload. If you create a good niche site, it can bring you an extra $500 a month or more.

For further reading, check out this post from Sean Ogle: 20. Start a Consulting Business Do you have tons of knowledge in a specific field? Then you may have what it takes to be a highly paid online consultant.

As a consultant, you simply must apply the knowledge, skills, and experience you have in a specific field to help clients solve a problem or issue they have in that field. For further reading, check out this post from Next Avenue: 21.

Start a Paid Private Facebook Group A paid private Facebook group provides you with the chance to create a highly engaged community. It gives you a place to deliver your content, allows your community members to interact with each other, allows you to limit access to qualified members, and also allows you to moderate and control the group.

Note: If you already have a website and an email list, it’s easier to create a paid private Facebook group, but it’s not an absolute necessity. 22. Assist with Lead Generation Businesses are always on the lookout for ways to create new leads. Leads, after all, are the lifeblood of businesses. When you assist with lead generation, you basically play the matchmaker.

You connect business with the leads for whom they can solve the problems. 23. Instagram Sponsorships Do you love taking photos and dream of building up a great Instagram following? As you grow your following, more sponsorship opportunities will become available. For example, if your account is focused on fitness, you may be able to sponsor products like protein powder, supplements, etc. 24. Create SaaS (Software as a Service) Google Apps, Dropbox, Leadpages – these are all SAAS.

SAAS is any kind of online software that you pay to get access to. For this, you first must brainstorm/find an online service that people are willing to pay for on an ongoing basis. Once you create it, the challenge is to maintain it, which is not an easy task. That being said, it can be quite profitable if you can make it work.

25. Technical Writing Ever wondered who wrote the instruction manual for that new TV? That’s the job of technical writers. If you have a love for writing and like the technical side of things, then you may have what it takes to be a technical writer. Here’s a resource that can help you get started: Here are some sites where you can find work: • • 26.

Resume/Cover Letter Writing People will always be looking for jobs – they’ll need help with their resumes and cover letters. That’s where you can come in and help them create a stellar resume to get them hired. 27. Tech Support With online tech support, you basically offer your skills as a tech whiz. You can work with bigger companies or even one-on-one clients. Tech support jobs can also regularly be found on Upwork.

Conclusion It’s a new year and a new chance for you to start an online business and create an absolute financial and lifestyle freedom for yourself. 2018 is all about taking action. With this big list of online business ideas, you have plenty of options to get started with. Don’t wait any longer, and definitely, don’t put it off until next year! Take a few ideas and run with them – by this time of the next year, you very well may have your own successful and profitable online business!

Just be sure to report back here and let me know your results! If you have other online business ideas you think are worth mentioning, be sure to drop them in the comments below! Hi Robert! This site is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I am a fit and frisky 56 y.o. single dad working 2 jobs, with an unquenchable thirst for learning new things. I’ve been surreptitiously studying the New Thought writers (from Atkinson to Proctor right up to some of the really sharp, young people creating YouTube videos).

I think I’m getting a grip on the self-motivation and metaphysics of the whole thing, but am too scattered to decide exactly what kind of business to start! many of your 27 ideas I have some familiarity with (one of my old army buddies got me in to Bombardier Transport in early 2011 for 3 months to help meet a deadline on some tech pubs…it was a lot of fun! I was told I’m a natural, but could not find any more jobs in that sector….Oy Gevalt).

Anyway, thank you so much for this site! I can give you a progress report every few months or so (including showing you how any websites I may be creating are doing). Happy New Year! • Could you expand on the “Find a developer” part. You mention there are loads that are looking to partner up with people but from my experience most want paid a lot of money to consider developing your idea. It is near impossible to find one that is willing to go into an equal partnership, even when you have a fantastic business idea that is begging to be created.

It is a shame really because having found a huge gap in the market that nobody is filling, it is hard to find someone with the relevant coding knowledge to build it. • Hi Paul, The best way would be mention the idea to your friends and share on social media that you’re looking for a developer/partner, if you can find a friend of a friend or someone you can meet face to face with and give them your pitch then that already increases your odds of finding someone interested in an equal partnership.

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best startup business ideas 2018

In 2017, the business startup rate in the US was 9.4 percent, with as many as 95 percent of new startups expecting better business conditions as they grow.

If you’re looking to launch your own venture, these 25 startup business ideas could be your perfect starting point. Here are the top 25 startup ideas for businesses from the pros. Maggie Aland, Writer, It’s a simple fact that in today’s day and age, a website is a necessity for any business. As soon as anyone gets curious about a new business, they go straight to Google and hunt for more information. Not having a dedicated website can have a huge negative impact on your startup!

Thankfully, there are plenty of tools out there that make it easy to set up a professional website, even if you have no coding experience. offers a variety of powerful WordPress templates you can customize for your specific needs. It also combines your domain registration, hosting services, and personalized email into one convenient service, starting as low as $2.95/month.

Try typing in your desired domain below to see if it’s available: 2. Create a Guide to Your Local Area Rachel Honoway, Co-Owner, When entrepreneurs start businesses these days, they seem to think they have to jump into these high-tech ventures with investors, pitch decks, and prototypes.

But, you can start simple and be very successful —especially if it’s your first venture. Stick with what you know, and for most of us, we know what’s close to home. So, start a blog and social profiles that highlight the attractions, restaurants, events, doctors, services, and organizations in your local area.

Get active in local events in real life and in online groups and chats about your community. Ask businesses to purchase advertising spots on your site, and be ready for local businesses to start asking you for your rates. 3. Dropship from Manufacturer to Customers Ian Ryan, Founder, The reason is high profit margin and low cost to startup.

Whenever you get paid and receive an order from customers, use that money to buy the products from the manufacturer and send them to your customer.

You don’t need to own your products, invest lots of money, nor keep inventory. To begin with, find the products and their manufacturers that are willing to dropship for you. Integrate your website with a Shopify account ($29/month), import your product into the website, and customize it. Drive traffic to the website and focus on marketing your customers, e.g., using coupon code, free shipping or retargeting. Ecommerce works great for selling handcrafted products. Find out how you can sell online with these ultimate guides to selling on and to start your own business.

4. Start a Blog for the eSports Industry Greg Peters, Chief Entrepreneurial Officer, There is generally a pretty hefty price of entry to create a game, eSports series with prizes, or work on the sponsorship side, but it’s worth it if you have the capital. However, there is still room to grow on the blogging side, especially with a concentration on eSports major contests (bigger than the PGA at this point in prize money).

Blogging could consist of recaps of big tournaments, interviews, how to enter, etc., on the major games like Fortnite, League of Legends, Overwatch, HearthStone, etc. 5. Develop Your Own Food Shack Andrei Vasilescu, CEO & Digital Marketing Expert, Fast food is probably the most necessary item that we grab on our way every day. Buy a used cargo container, refurbish it, and open a food shack in that container.

Do some welding work on that container according to your plan and paint it to give it an attractive look. Arrange some chairs on the top of the container, set a small staircase to provide access to the top, and start selling hot tasty foods. With proper permission, place your food shack container roadside of any busy area and within few months, your investment will be back in your pocket. 6. Venture in Niche Affiliate Marketing Robin Young, CEO, Starting a niche affiliate marketing venture continues to be a great idea for a small business.

The affiliate marketing trend is still moving up, and it can be started and maintained with very little capital investment. With just a cheap domain name and hosting, WordPress, and a handful of plugins, anyone can get started in this arena. In addition, recent changes to Google’s algorithms mean that even the newest of websites are able to rank well with relevant, detailed content and start earning commissions. 7. Sell Portable Annex Rooms David Pressler, President, Off-grid indestructible homes is a business that should draw attention.

Portable backyard ATV/golf cart garages, fitness rooms, workshops, storage, and safe rooms, with proper marketing, have the potential to be in high demand. With the uptick in storms, the safe room business should blossom. Offering a portable backyard safe room that is used every day for multiple uses —yet when needed can save your life —should be a hot item. 8. Have Your Own Co-Working Space Steve Brielmaier, CEO, I would create a co-working space for technology professionals, in a huge space, in any major city in the world.

These are the people who are most excited about this space, and if we throw a bunch of tech professionals into a space to work together, each with different skills to contribute, you are creating the ideal environment to build something innovative and unique. Adequate PR and marketing tactics, alongside the investment in rent, equipment and development of the space, means that there is relatively low output and risk associated with this. 9. Create a Startup that Supports the Gardening Industry Ronna Moore, Founder, I would like to see a real industry disruptor for gardening, such as a startup that allows gardeners to trade plants and vegetables grown locally.

Something like this would be great for the gardening industry because many gardeners want to support local farmers, and this would be a simple way to keep money within a community. Start with a group of gardeners and partner with a local farmer for added reach and promotional value. Then, hire a developer to put together an easy-to-use app that will connect users. It’s all about building a sense of community. Marc Prosser, Co-Founder, Have you ever stumbled across a website that looks like all of the images were created in MS Paint?

Don’t let that be you—first impressions make a big impact on turning visitors into sales. With , you can hire a talented graphic designer to create your logo and other brand elements starting at just $5. . 11. Provide Temp Assistants for Wedding Coordinators Lindsey Nickel, Wedding Business Coach, A great startup would be an app or company that supplies a list of qualified assistants for the wedding industry.

These people would have profiles with their photos, experience, areas of expertise, etc. I’m a wedding planner and constantly looking for assistants and help. My colleagues —from florists to designers to caterers —all say the same thing: how difficult it is to find reliable, honest and hardworking people. To start the business, a website would be needed where assistants can create a profile, provide a photo, resume, the area they live in, and their availability, and reference areas of experience.

Businesses would be able to post jobs/gigs they need help with, where they are located, etc. This model could start in one city and easily be replicated across the country.

12. Start a Blog Dedicated to Startups Gene Mal, CTO, There is great demand for the press by startup founders and aspiring entrepreneurs, so you might want to start a blog dedicated entirely to startups and interview startup founders who will be more than happy to give you material for your blog, which will drive traffic to your website.

In the beginning, you can monetize your blog through AdSense or similar networks and then grow it into something bigger. Think of TechCrunch. Now, I know that nobody wants to promote someone else’s business for free. What these folks don’t realize is that these startup founders and aspiring entrepreneurs will give them material for their website, which will drive traffic —and traffic means money. The beauty of my business idea is that you don’t even need to register a company in the beginning.

All you need is a good domain name and web hosting to install free WordPress. 13. Get Paid for Your Skills or Talent Fabienne Raphaël, Online Business Consultant, From my point of view, the best startup business idea is to start getting paid for your expertise, skills or talent. We all have something that we do better than others, or some special skills, or a unique talent. And most of the time, people are actively looking for that expertise, skill or talent and are ready to pay for it.

The most important thing, though, is that your expertise, skill or talent solves a problem. For example, you could coach aspiring entrepreneurs on how to build their own website if you are a website designer. Or you can teach people how to look better on camera, if you have experience on TV.

The best thing about starting this type of business is that the cost is really low, and when you find your first client, you already have a proof of concept and you can then use that money to reinvest in your business. 14. Create an eSports Gaming Platform Jeet Banerjee, Serial Entrepreneur and Marketing Consultant, I think one of the hottest business ideas to create right now would be to create some sort of competitive esports gaming platform.

Competition within video games is growing and the viewership for these types of events is expected to exceed that of regular sports. Creating a platform that can competitively host these types of events is one of the most lucrative markets in a really fun industry. 15. Become a Consultant for the Smart Cities Initiative Elaine Queathem, Founder, There is a trend for cities to be more mindful and energy efficient through the Smart Cities initiative. Many municipalities, with the help of federal government funding, are now making the effort to use technology and share resources to improve community government and improve the quality of life of their citizens.

Smart City technology has been used in other cities to increase government transparency, predict crime before it happens, and reduce costs while improving the quality of services like trash pickup. A good business would be to create a model that helps cities and municipalities: • Secure funding for this process • Help implement a Smart Cities program This can be done by doing some research and seeing what works in some cities and what does not work in others. Then you can apply your knowledge gained and sell your business services as a consulting firm to help hundreds of municipalities across the nation become a Smarter City.

16. Start a Professional Service Marketing Entrepreneurs Deb Shaw, Founder & Head of Research, Equity crowdfunding, a process that allows almost anyone to participate in funding a startup, is now one year old.

So far, various online fundraising platforms have raised about . While this may seem fairly unexciting relative to the explosive growth in venture capital financing (a venture capital investment is often larger than $40 million these days), the upside for equity crowdfunding is enormous.

There is an obvious opportunity to create a professional service that helps entrepreneurs raising money to better market themselves. Looking at WeFunder (the top fundraising platform today), most fundraising pitches are missing a lot of important details and are not particularly persuasive.

Many companies looking to raise money through equity crowdfunding are brick-and-mortar businesses that are routinely ignored by technology-focused venture capital funds. Anyone looking to create the investment bank of the future needs to jump into this opportunity. 17. Begin Your Startup as a Home-Based Business Donna J. Merrill, Business Strategist, By starting a home-based business, people can reasonably save $300 to $700 a month in taxes.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you choose, but select something you can be passionate about. Making your hobby into a business is a great idea! You will love what you do and be diligent about working it. And fortunately, there is absolutely no law that says working for a living cannot be fun. However, you must be careful to operate your business as a business and no longer treat it as your hobby.

18. Become a Package Forwarder That Supports eCommerce Jan Bednar, CEO, Global ecommerce has grown significantly throughout this decade, and it is only going to continue to grow to comprise a larger share of commerce in general.

Even so, many smaller ecommerce companies are still reluctant to ship internationally. For this reason, package forwarding services still make sense. Starting one is simple: find a domain, register your LLC, and advertise yourself online as a package forwarder. People will start shipping products to your location, and you will be responsible for shipping them internationally to their final destination!

One massive caveat: be very careful about fraud and develop a process to screen questionable orders. In case you haven’t noticed yet, more and more business pages on Facebook are using chatbots to manage their customer care. While working with AI messaging can seem intimidating at first, the best thing about this demand is that you can learn to make chatbots for free. Chatbot expert Murray Newlands talks about the basics of how to learn and start your own chatbot creation business in this article.

If you think you need to become an expert on a particular topic or skill to create informational products, think again. As a creator, your job is to find a niche that’s not yet saturated with “expert resources” and begin your own research.

You can then compile your data into a digital format that you can sell online. This article shows you how to create an information product with zero expertise to help you get started.

The United States is a melting pot of a variety of cultures and languages. To start your own translation business, you only need to find individuals with the right skill sets to work with. Make sure to do ample research and prepare a business plan that will help guide you with all the necessary requirements, including the funding you need to get started.

Check out this guide, which explains what you need to know about starting a translation business, including insider tips to the industry. Home-based travel agencies are popular nowadays, harnessing the power of social media to promote and get more clients. There are ways to start your own that will already include the necessary support, tools and licensing you will need at a fraction of the cost.

If you love to travel and have a knack for finding great deals online, this business should be perfect for you. Read this step-by-step guide on launching a travel agency from home and find out how you can start your own today. You’ll find there’s more than one way to start your very own grocery delivery business, and it all depends on how big you want it to be.

What’s great about this business idea is that it’s easy to scale and you can start with just your own car, mobile phone and a basic website. Once you’re ready to expand, you can start upgrading your tools and equipment. You can even get your own app. Read this article for more tips to get your grocery delivery business going.

Play to your skill set and offer to teach them in your local community. Whether it’s music, academics, painting, cooking or other skills, this business idea will surely draw interest and can become lucrative if done right. You can distribute flyers, get referrals from people you know in your community, and even participate in local events with your students to earn credibility. This article offers tips and guidelines you should consider, including links to resources for anyone who is interested in starting a tutorial business.

Nowadays, the right skills can turn even a simple phone camera photo into a work of art. In an age where visual communication is getting more response from consumers, your passion for photography can easily turn into a lucrative business.

Get hired as a photographer, teach or sell your high-quality photos in an online platform. You can start small and create your portfolio to show potential clients your skills.

Here’s a photography startup guide you can read to know more. Over to You Giving up a full-time job to venture into your own business can be intimidating, but with the help of these 25 business idea tips from the pros, you should be able to get all the information you need for your new business to hit the ground running. Want to add to our list of startup ideas? Let us know in the comments! Anna Dizon Anna Lynn Dizon specializes in writing tip lists and other content for Fit Small Business.

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