Best way to set up mail on macbook air

best way to set up mail on macbook air

Hello I am trying to set up a mail account on a new macbook air (Lion 10.7.5 Build 11G63B). I have gone through all the steps but it will not connect to the smtp server.

best way to set up mail on macbook air

Hello I am trying to set up a mail account on a new macbook air (Lion 10.7.5 Build 11G63B). I have gone through all the steps but it will not connect to the smtp server.

I am using straight SMTP (not SSL) with a username and password that I have verified are correct. The connection doctor shows that the connection is being rejected due to the HELO that is sent to it: HELO mymac.mydomain\.co\.uk 501 HELO requires valid address I have reproduced the above error with a telnet to the SMTP server. With mymac.mydomain\.co\.uk I get the above error. With it authenticates correctly. How do I stop the macbook sending a garlbed HELO ?

Further detail on the SMTP setup. I have set the following: • Description • Server Name = the fqdn of the smtp server (definately correct) • Use custom Port 25 (only while trying to get it to work - I expect the 'use default ports' option would be ok) • Use SSL is unchecked (don't use SSL) • Username set to known correct username • Password set to known correct password There are no other settings available.

The smtp bit of this site: reflects what I was doing. It's on a different machine that isn't mine. I am not really a mac person -just helping someone else - I don't even know how to take a screen-shot! I have set it up to use smtp port 25, no ssl with a user name and password. I enabled "mail and notes" in icloud settings then added another smtp server (my ISP's) through the mail app's preferences->accounts screen so I can send mail using an address other than the one.

– Apr 1 '13 at 15:07 • Wow - we might need to see the full transmission chain for that account. You'll want to make a new account on the Mac and just enter that one account, since connection doctor doesn't sort different accounts easily. I don't get a single HELO message on any of my 5 mail accounts, so I'm not able to reproduce the issue. Also - I would try replacing the string for the mail server in Mail.

Those escaped periods look odd - hopefully it's an encoding issue and not something you need to hack the Mail program to accomplish. – Apr 1 '13 at 16:16 • (I apologize in advance for the wishy-washiness of this answer, but while I hope I'm on the right track, I do have some gaps in my knowledge.) The SMTP HELO message, while something of a relic, is supposed to allow the client to identify itself to a server.

It is still required for the protocol and is generally expected to at least be a syntactically valid hostname (which yours is not.) Your SMTP server appears to be complaining because it is indeed invalid.

Mail uses the name of your Mac, or the hostname assigned by the DHCP server on your network. DHCP servers don't always assign a hostname. OS X prefers a DHCP assigned hostname over using the computer's name as the hostname. Based on this, the first place I'd look is my network configuration. I wonder, if you opened a terminal and typed hostname -f, what would you get?

Possibly $ hostname -f mymac.mydomain\.co\.uk If you do get this, the next step is to identify where it's coming from. A likely source could be a misconfigured DHCP server.

You can try $ sudo hostname to temporarily change the hostname for testing, or $ sudo scutil --set HostName to .

best way to set up mail on macbook air

best way to set up mail on macbook air - MacBook Air Running Slow? 8 Ways to Speed Up MacBook Air!

best way to set up mail on macbook air

Hi, Thank you for contacting us here in Microsoft Community. I understand that you're having problems adding your account as IMAP in your mail client. Let me help you on this. For configuring your account to mail client, refer to this article for steps and other information: I hope this helps.

Should you have further questions, please let us know. Thank you.

best way to set up mail on macbook air

"My MacBook Air is running so slow! Any ideas on how to fix? I am running OS El Capitan." This is a question from one of my reader and I guess many MacBook Air users have the same problem So, what can be done to make frustratingly slow MacBook Air run faster?

Don’t miss the following simple & effective tips to speed up MacBook Air! With extremely-fast scanning speed and a bunch of new features, Cisdem Duplicate Finder provides the best solution on finding and removing duplicate files on one go.

No more duplicate contents in your hard drive and apps like iPhotos/iTunes. Part I. Why Does Your MacBook Air Get Slow?

It is a big annoyance that our MacBook Air gets slow over time as you download files, install software, and surf the Internet. All in all, there are several main reasons for the frustrating working speed of your machine. • You don't have enough memory. • A lot of items loading at the startup. • Too many programs are running at once.

• Your OS is too outdated. • Your hard drive is 90% full. • An overzealous anti-malware program for regular background scanning. Part II.

How to Speed Up Your MacBook Air? 1. How to Speed Up MacBook Air: Upgrade Your System Some may usually get annoyed at those constant Mac OS update popups, especially when you’re working on some important tasks. However, as we all know, Apple has been constantly improving its os x performance. Therefore, generally speaking, when Apple suggests you to upgrade to a newer system, there must be some performance enhancements and security improvements to keep your Mac running smoothly and safely.

Besides, it can be avoided that our programs and documents are not compatible with what they’re using at the office anymore. 2. How to Speed Up MacBook Air: Add More Memory Adding more memory, or RAM, is supposed to be the best thing we can do for our computer.

More memory can provide an instant boost to the system. Just like replacing a new hard drive, it is simple to add memory for your MacBook Air. Just find the right type of memory for your specific MacBook model firstly.

Then power your Macbook off and remove the 10 small screws on its bottom panel. Install your new memory and screw the bottom panel back into place.You can learn more tips in "".

3. How to Speed Up MacBook Air: Remove Unnecessary Programs & Widgets Having multiple programs and widgets open can slow down the works.

Look for the applications marked with a dot on your dock, right-click their icons, and select “Quit”. You can also try to speed up your machine by using software built specifically for this purpose. Keep in mind that you’d better minimize the number of browser extensions you use and have fewer tabs open at once to save memory and CPU resources. Besides, it seems the software update packages come with improvements in performance and security.

Therefore, if you have apps purchased outside of the App Store, they will also need to be updated separately. 4. How to Speed Up MacBook Air: Delete Duplicate Files Have you ever meet such a case: you download a video in your Mac, but you forgot where you store it and you have to download a duplicate one. After several times, you found your machine full of various of duplicate files. They can occupy a surprising amount of space, making Mac working speed slower and slower.

At such times, a can make sense. Designed with accurate duplicate scanning algorithm, Cisdem DuplicateFinder can be a nice choice. It can use several file comparison methods, including MD5 checksum, comparison by name, date, size, and even byte-by-byte comparison, to efficiently on almost all popular Apple applications such as iPhoto, iTunes and Mail.

5. How to Speed Up MacBook Air: Cut down Startup Items In the case that your MacBook Air is slow to boot up, you should then consider cutting down some items. Many applications by default open automatically at startup. Luckily, it is simple to set up. Just go to System Preferences > Users & Groups and then click on the login Items tab to see a list of the apps that open when you boot your Mac. By the way, it is important to empty your trash bin, defragment the hard drive and , internet browsing history & temporary Internet files on a regular basis.

6. How to Speed Up MacBook Air: Clean Up Your Desktop & Fragments As we all know, contrary to Windows computer, Mac has only one hard disk, and we put all the things in the same disk. In the case that we keep our files disordered on desktop, and keep all apps on dock, the items will definitely slow down the Mac.

We can try to clean some apps: Select the App > Right click this App > Select Options > Remove from Dock. 7. How to Speed Up MacBook Air: Open the Activity Monitor There are sometimes when you don’t know what’s taxing your memory and slowing down the system. You can then make use of the Activity Monitor feature in OS X.

It will show you all the processes on your Mac and if you find a runaway process that's gobbling up resources, you can force quit it from here. 8. How to Speed Up MacBook Air: Choose the Right Anti-virus Program When a scanning anti-virus or anti-spyware program is running background regularly, which will take a few hours and suck up a lot of processing power, will definitely make your machine respond very slowly.

It is not recommended to close these programs. However, you can set them to scan in a certain time, say, once a week. More Related Articles You May Like • This article will introduce you the best CD/DVD burning softwares to burn CD and DVD on Mac, One software is for free and the other one is for paid.

• In spite of the great user experience, Macbook Pro users may still inevitably encounter with some unexpected problems.

Data loss, for example, can make many of MacBook Pro users crazy. Now, let’s see the step-by-step guide on getting data back on Macbook Pro. • Do you really know what is iPhoto Library Manager? What you can do with the help of iPhoto Library Manger? Is it safe for you to use? If you don’t know, don’t be panic. Here is the complete guide on using iPhoto Library Manager for Mac users.

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