Best why is dating important in a relationships 2017

best why is dating important in a relationships 2017

Why personal space is important in a happy relationship? Having your own space in a relationship is vital to keep it Having your own space in a relationship is vital to keep the relationship happy and healthy. OK, so you’re in love and that’s great, but that doesn’t mean that you need to spend every second of every day in each other’s company. If you don’t have some time apart, one or both of you may start to feel smothered and caged in. It’s not selfish to get some time on your own and here are eight reasons why personal space is one of the keys to a healthy relationship: 1. You need to retain your own identity, because this is what makes you – you! You were born an individual, you were brought up by your p .

best why is dating important in a relationships 2017

Girls are girls. Guys are guys. There are things we just understand about each other that the opposite sex simply can’t comprehend. For example, Why are guys idiots? I have no idea. That’s just false (we aren’t-OK maybe sometimes). That being said, there are certain things about yourself that only your girlfriends will ever understand which has led me to the assume the following hypothesis: Being in a relationship with your best friend will be better than any relationship with any guy.

Why you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple to figure out. She will always text you back. We all want a reliable texting buddy. Someone to remind us that we’re amusing and awesome. This is where your girlfriends will come in. She’ll always text you back either immediately or within a 15 minute time frame.

If not, she’s either asleep or dead. She gets that “I’m busy,” “I’m working,” “I’m in a meeting,” or “I’m throwing up blood,” simply are not acceptable excuses. Double text, triple text, drunk text, any-type-you-want text without getting slapped with the label “psycho,” “creepy,” or “clingy.” She’ll always text you back immediately because she understands the agony and anxiousness of anticipating a text that may never come.

Text her about your professor’s pit stains and the one leg you forgot to shave. Drunk texting? It’s encouraged rather than frowned upon. She’ll understand your misspelled words and broken sentences and is most likely just as fucked up as you are.

Be in a relationship with your girlfriends and you’ll never have to regret any text you send ever again. This is true love if I’ve ever seen it. She understands “pizza.” No, boys, pizza is not just a 5 letter noun.

Pizza is a way of life. Pizza is the motive. Sometimes pizza is there when no one else can be. Pizza doesn’t leave your side. It listens to you when you feel shut out from the world. Pizza is love, life, and happiness all put together in one cheesy slice of heaven. Sometimes, not having pizza just isn’t an option. Your friends get that. Your friends comprehend “pizza” and everything it stands for so when you want to drown your emotions in it they’ll be right there next to you.

Screw a dinner date on the waterfront. Nothing screams “romantic” than a large box of melted cheese. She’s honest and will never cheat. Trust. In order to have a functional and successful relationship, trust is key. Trust goes hand in hand with honesty. If you claim your man is honest, I beg to differ. “You look the most beautiful when you first wake up in the morning.” I’m calling bullsh*t and I’m rather insulted. Your girlfriends won’t do that to you. If she’s running late, and she tells you she’s taking a sh*t, that’s not code for anything else.

It actually means she’s taking a sh*t. Date your friends and they’ll tell you when you need a bit more mascara, or when you just shouldn’t be seen in public all together. Texting other girls will never be an issue because odds are you’re all in the same group message sending useless emojis to each other simply because you can. If she goes home with someone else, it’s not considered cheating. You’ll know it’s just to get laid because you both have a mutual understanding of where your heart truly lies.

She’ll think everything you say is important. I know with my past relationship with men, a majority of the fights of have centered around what we each view as important. I can totally tell when my exes would be “listening” to something I’m saying but in reality don’t care about it at all. It hurts and makes me feel unimportant. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life because you ARE important.

Date your BFF and she’ll take everything you say and make it the most important issue in the world. She’ll understand that the 7 panties you purchased for $26 is just the BEST THING EVER and she’ll appreciate every detail to every drama-filled story you’ll ever tell. Sometimes you just need to debate about what filter to use. Sometimes you just need to sit down with someone and pick one BUT IT’S SO HARD, your stressed and you need help.

Your friends get that. Guys don’t. They’ll shoo you off like you’re some annoying gnat in their ear. She’ll never leave you. Love is a two way street. In order for a relationship to work, both parties must feel the same way about each other, or then it just turns into a cat-chasing-mouse game or just a messy break up all together. You can always trust that your girlfriends will never leave your side, and well if they do, you have plenty to fall back on.

Date your BFF and you can be sure she’ll be loyal to you and never walk out on you, because um, she doesn’t really have a choice, lol. You may not have a legal contract binding you together, but there’s a unspoken code in order that once you actually reach the level of BFF, that last “F” actually means forever.

But, it’s OK, because the dating world is scary. Guys cheat, lie, and break your heart. The world is scary outside of your everlasting bonds with your girlfriends. Without them, you feel lost and scared, like a lonely puppy trapped in one of those God-forsaken pet shops. Being in a caring and loving relationship with your BFF is much, much safer and secure, I can promise you that. She gets you. She knows you don’t mean to be a bitch when it’s that time of month, you just can’t help it.

She understands those days when you just need to be left alone with your BED and Netflix and she certainly understands when sometimes you just want to shut out the world completely and throw a pity party for yourself.

Not only will she let you throw a pity party, she’ll make sure she has a bottle of wine waiting for you. She’ll understand that when you cry, you aren’t being needy and dramatic, even if it’s because your NYE dress is backordered.

She understands you like nobody else does. She’s simply your one true love. So, there you have it. Several strong points that back up my claim that Being in a relationship with your BFF will be better than any relationship with any guy. We’re young, stupid, and vulnerable.

Life is short. There is simply no time for petty arguments about that girl he is Snapchatting and certainly no time for sitting around always wondering if he loves you or not. You should just know. And you certainly do just know that your girlfriends have an undying love for you that will never simmer out; no matter how many double texts or shameful decisions you make. A relationship with a guy is like a ticking time bomb, anxiously awaiting to spontaneously combust. Then, after that, it’s like a snowball effect.

He breaks up with you, you drown yourself in ice cream and chocolate, you gain weight, you stress out about gaining weight, and then your life is over. Just like that. Hearts are fragile. And so is life. Make the right choice. Date your BFF and live a happy, carefree, guy-free life. No offense but this is nonsense. It stems from your personal experience with guys.

There is a level of connection that can only really occur between two who are sexually attracted to each other, boundaries can be broken down much further if you let them and find someone you trust. You best friend is likely to be very stable, not having love(of the sexual kind) and desire mixed in and not having the chance to just pick you because they want to bed you.

However, to say that the relationship with a man is always worse it’s simply not true. It may appear so from your perspective, but this perspective is based on your limited experience. Who knows what the real cause of it is, maybe you are simply too focused on being sexy and your looks and attract all the wrong types.

Who knows what the cause is, maybe you are just unlucky, but it is dangerous to suggest that all men essentially are idiots whom you can’t have a good relationship with. You really want to teach that to others?

best why is dating important in a relationships 2017

best why is dating important in a relationships 2017 - Love & Dating Why regular reassurance is important in relationships

best why is dating important in a relationships 2017

Having a relationship is a very important thing to have in life. A relationship can be with your guy friends, a girlfriend, or family related. When people think of relationships, they usually think of having a girlfriend or boyfriend. Having a good relationship with your family is very important. It is always good to have a nice relationship with your family because you can gain trust and you know that they are always there for you. When you are in a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend, they can always judge you by how they want you and not always be true to you.

Your family will always tell you the truth and will not say things they do not mean just for acceptance. Having true friends is still one of the best relationships you can have.

Friends are different than your parents because there are just some things you do not do with your parents. You can talk to your friend's different, act different, and do activities that you do not do with your family. If relationships never happened you would not be able to tell the real person you are. Relationships give you the chance to interact with the people you are closest to.

If relationships did not occur life would be boring. You would not be able to share your thoughts or gain a persons respect. I f my relationships with my friends and family ended, I would have nothing to look forward to when a day was bad, or if you just needed to have a good time.

Relationships make people know who a person really is. Peace! Relationships are important because, even though we come and go from earth alone, it is impossible to isolate ourselves from others. This is life. We must value each and every relation, be it parents and child, friends, spouse and our superior or subordinates in job.

If we know to respect each and every relationship, most of our problems are solved automatically. we all are interdependent on each other till we are alive. Books on soul says our interconnections continue even after death and it continues lives after lives. I dont know.

I am not good with relationships. I have two friends, one I have no idea where they are and the other is always busy. My family is broken. I have no mother but my relationship with my father is good. I have 4 younger siblings who are all years younger than me (I am the oldest the second oldest is 8 years younger than me) so I cannot relate to them.

I never made friends at school in fact people though I was weird and they liked to throw stuff at me (such as balls of paper and pinecones) one time some kids tied me to a tree with a jump rope and started chucking pinecones at me.

Sorry I got a little off topic but my point is almost all the relationships I have had did not work out well. I ended up being homeschooled because I am antisocial. To me the only relationship that really matters and the one I dont want to lose is the one with my family. I really do not need much more than that. But dont let my poor relationship advice make you think relationships are not important because they are. For some people life is unbearable without friendship and for others it is unbearable to be around alot of people.

Just because people may be antisocial and prefer to be alone does not mean they don’t need anyone. Everyone needs someone in their life. I know my answer was not the best but I hope it at least helped.

best why is dating important in a relationships 2017

Download this ebook: – and learn how to communicate effectively to save your relationship or marriage. Lack of Effective Communication Causes Unwanted Problems When you have a problem in your relationship that you’ve chosen not to share with your partner, you contribute more towards the problem than you realise. Marriage and Money A perfect example of this is the concept of marriage and when it should be discussed whilst in a relationship.

If you’re stuck in a relationship waiting for your boyfriend to propose to you; you’re going to be waiting for a very long time for something he may not even want. However this problem mainly stems from the social attitude that only men should propose to women and that we as individuals or as a collective, are not Which as you have probably noticed, is a limiting belief.

Effective communication enables you to sort out your problems with ease together, and have fun at the same time.

This is because you have someone close to you whilst you’re in need, therefore your problem will be compartmentalised, as you’re sharing the load. When it comes to you can both offer advice, provide suggestions and bring forward constructive criticism with the intention of Which in this instance, refers to telling your partner some home-truths about his/her spending habits and how it is effecting the relationship.

Strengthens The Levels of Trust, Honesty and Respect Learning how to effectively communicate with your partner will strengthen the you have for eachother and the relationship.

• Can you trust your partner if they fail to remain in regular contact with you whenever they say they will? How many times will it take before you raise the issue as a legitimate concern with them?

• Being honest with your partner about your weaknesses is a sign of effectively communicating with them as you’re saying “this is who I really am.”, which in turn builds trust.

Communication in a relationship is extremely important because it acts as the judge, jury and executioner who has the final say on whether your relationship lives or dies. Being able to communicate effectively can also which occur regularly in your relationships. Dictates Morale In A Relationship Being able to effectively communicate in a relationship is the perfect way to show your partner how happy you are within it.

Being tight-lipped about a problem will only hurt your relationship and your partner in the long-run. I’ve had direct experience in this area and I’ve learnt so much about myself and how I actually cause some of these problems myself.

I might not have been the direct source of the problem, but I do know and accept that I’m certainly a part of it. “Are you worried about me meeting him?” “No, absolutely not – you can go ahead and do whatever you want.” “Are you sure? I won’t meet him if you don’t want me to.” “No it’s fine honestly! – Go ahead, I’m not going to restrict you, besides he’s just a “friend”. I’m sure you can probably figure out what happened in the following weeks and months.

Always listen to your intuition. Even if it makes you out to be a It’s only trying to protect you anyways. Sometimes we just need to tell people exactly what’s on our mind, exactly how we feel and make it clear as day.

Otherwise you’ll just end up in both a metaphorical and literal sense.

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