Best youtube gaming setup

best youtube gaming setup

Check out some crazy gaming setups this week on RTP! ❤️you fam. ▽ Check Description for links & products shown! ▽ This episode is sponsored by the. Room Tour Project 143 - BEST Gaming Setups!. 1 нед назад. Check Description for links & products shown! ▽ — NicTheArgonian — Samsung 24” Monitor: Razer Blackwidow X TE Keyboard. Fortnite, PUBG, Far Cry 5? Which game would you play on this gaming PC setup? Visit and use discount code “Unbox15”(letters in discount. Room Tour Project 141 - BEST Gaming Setups!. 3 нед назад. Check Description for links & products shown! ▽ This episode is sponsored by Corsair: — Boyboy — Philips 22” Monitor

best youtube gaming setup

Obviously, Start Small, like what jacksepticeye did or pewdiepie or vanoss. 1. dont play very demanding games yet, play only those who are interesting and would like to show to your viewers (liked and disliked games don't matter, what matters is the content) 2.

Start with a low budget PC like this: -Inter i3 4th gen processors -GPUs like Nvidia GTX 650, 750 ti or AMD R7 260X, R9 270 -1 TB HDD - 8 GB RAM Improve your PC if you earned enough money. 3. Don't rush a camcorder for face screen(if you got money, then go for it) 4.

Friends help you make content, like Vanoss's. or be like dunkey with funny reactions to the game. (dunkey's reactions arent while he games, but records his reactions after recoprding) 5. Pick the Screen Recorder, most popular and most reliable is Fraps.

6. Editing, Sony Vegas and Photoshop is the best out of all of them. 7. Finally, the content! Pick a game that you like to show off, make the best reaction to it, git gud at editing through research and experience, post it on the interwebs.

Garner view through time. (at start you would probably get below 10- 100 views, but through time, you will get 1000, then 10,000, then 100,000. Baby steps, man.) Some answers talk about software. Others talk about hardware. I will explain both. Hardware There is no 'best' pc here.

It all depends on what you are going to use it for. If you want to record Minecraft, Roblox, or these kind of games that do not require great power, you'll do good with a decent GPU, for example, a GTX 750 Ti. Now, if you want to play or record games like GTA V, The Witcher 3, PUBG, Etc., you will need something better. My current GPU is a GTX 960 4GB, it works fine with modern games, but if you can afford something better, go for it.

Remember you also want to render videos, so you will want a good GPU and CPU not only for games but also for your video editing software. Of course GPU is only one component among many others.

You need to have at least 8GB Ram, a good motherboard that supports your components, a CPU that won’t bottleneck with your GPU, etc. These can be found on Google, as there a lot. Software Well. First of all, you will want a screen/game capture video. If you have an NVIDIA GPU, I strongly recommend using ShadowPlay. It comes with your graphic drivers, and requires 0 extra power, your FPS won't be affected at all. Of course you can use other software such as Fraps, OBS, Action, etc. But they use way more CPU and GPU.

I personally record my microphone audio on a different track, using Audacity. It allows me to improve audio quality, remove background noise, etc. Then, you will want a video editing software. The best ones are Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere. If it's hard for you to use, then you can go with an easier one, there are a lot on the internet, but your video quality will not be great.

You will also need Photoshop in order to create thumbnails for your videos. If you don't know how to use Photoshop, there are a lot of templates you can download, edit the text, and upload to your videos. This is basically what you need to upload gaming videos. It all depends on your needs and knowledge. Good luck!

best youtube gaming setup

best youtube gaming setup - best gaming setup видео YouTube

best youtube gaming setup

best youtube gaming setup

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