How to setup dual monitors with hdmi and vga

how to setup dual monitors with hdmi and vga

Tata sky HDMI to Philips LED monitor VGA input cable how is it the work , this function connected to see what quality @ HDMI? solution. SolvedBroken laptop screen , can't connect to a 2nd monitor using hdmi or vga solution. SolvedCan I turn my laptop into a screen for my Xbox One using an HDMI to VGA cable? solution. SolvedHow do I connect my laptop to my TV using a VGA cable and converter to HDMI? solution I am using one lcd monitor with vga and one led hdmi monitor but when i duplicate the two then i loose resolution on my hdmi s solution. I have an HDMI converter cable to use with HP monitor whilst connected on my Acer aspire laptop but ITs displaying for five m solution. SolvedI have a vga port to my CPU. And i have HDMI to my sony bravia led tv.

how to setup dual monitors with hdmi and vga

I have an Acer Aspire E 15.6-inch HD (1366x768) Laptop PC running Win10, AMD A9-9410 2.9GHz Processor, 8GB DDR4 SDRAM, 240GB SSD, AMD Radeon that has an HDMI, VGA, and USB 3.0 ports, and two ASUS VP239H-P 23" 16:9 IPS Monitors that have HDMI and VGA ports.

I have already tried using an USB-HDMI adapter twice, from two different manufacturers. Neither worked. I have a wireless logi-tech keyboard and mouse that lags and becomes unresponsive on and off when using the USB-HDMI adapter. I would rather use the cables I already have, ie the HDMI and VGA, however my issue is that while both monitors are plugged in, only one, either the HDMI or VGA is working at a time.

I do not think it is a hardware issue, but a software issue. I've tried to connect with Microsoft but they were not helpful. I want to be able to extend the display of the screen from the laptop screen to BOTH monitors.

how to setup dual monitors with hdmi and vga

how to setup dual monitors with hdmi and vga - How To Use Dual Monitors With Hdmi And Vga

how to setup dual monitors with hdmi and vga

If you search the Interwebs for “dual monitor docking station”, you will probably find what you are looking for. The best solution will depend on what ports your computer provides: USB2? USB3? USB-C? Thunderbolt2? Thunderbolt3? etc.

The most common today is USB3. However, if your notebook is older, it might be USB2, in which case you do NOT want to run 2 monitors off of a single USB port; in fact, you should probably run JUST a monitor off of the port, and nothing else. For example: If you have USB3, then your options will be many. You can use a dock that your monitors are plugged into, and then just take the notebook with you when you want to go. For example: If you have a Mac notebook, then you can just use two Apple Thunderbolt monitors daisy-chained off of a single plug that goes into your notebook, or you can buy a Thunderbolt dock.

For USB-C, there aren’t a ton of options, particularly if you want to power the notebook through the plug. The Mac blog on MacRumors has been reviewing a number of these; see: (Q: “How can one setup dual monitors on one laptop with one HDMI and no other display ports?”) I hope that by Dual Monitors you mean you want 2 screens including you laptop screen because thats what it actually means and that is as simple as connecting an extra monitor through the hdmi port and selecting extend mode by pressing “ctrl+P” to toggle to the “extend” display mode.

If you mean 2 monitors apart from laptop screen, you can checkout DisplayLink; might work for you.(link below) (check out display link. it allows a low powered monitor to be used with the usb port) OR use a HDMI splitter but it’ll display the same thing on both the monitors.

It’ll duplicate but won’t extend. … There’s a chance there’s a splitter out there that allows you to extend monitors. Unlikely, but there is a slight chance…Now the problem is finding it if it exists.And the thing is he only ones I’ve seen that work are ones that require you to crank up the resolution on the primary to max, so it extends on both monitors by default; which frankly i don’t understand… The problem with this, is that it is very doubtful that you laptop will allow you to scale resolution that high.

And in the scenario that it does, it still doesn’t have 2 detected monitors in a proper extend mode and so simple convenience features like dynamic docking won’t work.Every time you open a new window, it’ll extend the span of both monitors; which let’s be honest… doesn’t give you the functionality of a true multi-display setup because every time you open a new window you’ll have to manually scale it down to occupy the space you want it to.

I hope that helps… If you find a solution to this that doesn’t involve an external graphic card or a USB monitor let me know please.

how to setup dual monitors with hdmi and vga

Windows 7 natively allows a dual monitor setup, which extends or duplicates your display onto both monitors. It does not matter if one monitor uses an analog VGA interface, and the other uses a digital DVI interface. As long as both monitors are functional and connected to your computer, you can use them for your dual monitor setup. This setup can greatly improve your productivity, especially when your work requires multiple windows open simultaneously.

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