Good matches for a pisces man

good matches for a pisces man

Pisces is a dreamy fantasy-oriented sign. Though a Pisces is not usually rooted in reality or bound by rationality, they are exceptionally intuitive and frequently catch the small uncanny signals in life. Qualities which attract and match well with Pisces are: Awareness and intuition. A poetic nature The following signs make the best overall love match for Pisces. Cancer. These two water signs will find that they have plenty in common and experience a strong bond right from the beginning. Cancer gravitates towards Pisces' artistic and sometimes mysterious nature, while Pisces truly appreciates Cancer's sympathetic personality. Cancer is the great domestic and nurturer of the zodiac.

good matches for a pisces man

Perfect astrological match for Pisces is a dicey thing. Pisces are overly sensitive and it is hard to bring them out of their dream world. Pisces tend to look at the world through rose tinted glasses and they find it almost impossible to get rid of the glasses.Fantasy, arts, and simple pleasure of life make them a happy soul.

Pisces won’t complain about materialistic things; they are more into emotions. Their perfect match must share the same qualities and along with that, they should also instill some stability in the life of a Pisces. Pisces and intuition go hand in hand. They can hardly be found in the real world. They enjoy their own space and are highly intuitive.

They have an uncanny knack of understanding signals of life that others tend to ignore. It is hard to believe that no matter how irrational it might sound, but at the end Pisces are right about their intuition. Pisces hardly fail when they go with their instincts. They are irrational, fantasy oriented, and often found in their dream world. The perfect match for the Pisces would be someone who can deal with all of these traits of Pisces.

Pisces are kind, gentle, poetic in nature, and open minded. They are mostly thinking about what the future will be like for them, rather than concentrating on the present.

Pisces has several interests that deals mainly with creativity and the arts. Nobody can be a better empathizer than a Pisces. They are not here to solve the world’s problem, but are there for the people who are suffering.

They understand the pain of others and possess the magic of healing like no other sign. You cannot associate words like hard-work or perfectionist with Pisces, but if someone is over-worked, then they can provide an emotional escape for them to make them feel better.

As Pisces are emotionally driven, therefore, most signs find it difficult to cope up with them. It is hard to understand their emotional swing. When life is tough, they will seek an escape route, rather than facing the challenges of life.

They will bury themselves in the sand thinking that the tough time will pass by without affecting them. Pisces are scatterbrained and very much forgetful. It will be hard for them to remember things if they don’t note it down.

Pisces can be matched with water signs or a stable earth sign. They will get along well with almost everybody because of their charming nature, but when it comes to find a perfect match for them the going gets tough. There are very few signs with whom you can really pair them up for marriage because of their introspective, vulnerable, quiet, and shy nature. Looking for the perfect match for marriage of a Pisces can be challenging. Their compatibility needs to be checked before taking the plunge.

There are some signs that are not compatible with Pisces at all, and then there are some that are best suited for them. If they are in love with someone, then it means that the Pisces man or woman shares a special connection with them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have fallen in love with them at the first place.

The water signs are emotional just like the Pisces whereas the earth signs symbolize the stability that a Piscean needs badly in their life. Marriage is a lifelong commitment, so compatibility is required both sexually and emotionally.

These two signs hit it off from the word go. It is like love at first sight. When a Scorpio and Pisces come together in a marriage, a Scorpio man would take the lead and wants the Pisces woman to follow him. Pisces always look for care and protection, so this match seems to be the ideal match for marriage or love. Here the Scorpio man is ready to protect his lady love and take care of her, making this a perfect astrological match.

Both are emotional and have feelings that are deeply rooted. Even their likes and dislikes also match as both have an interest to unravel the unknown. Talking about chalk and cheese, this is one match that is as different as that. If Capricorn is nigh, then Pisces is day, but their differences somewhat complement each other and completes them as a whole.

The practical and grounded nature of a Capricorn brings in just the right amount of stability that a Pisces is missing. Pisces are dreamy, but a Capricorn woman who can provide the direction to their dream and turn it into a reality. On the other hand, the starry eyed Pisces brings in the right kind of lightheartedness to the life a Capricorn. Sexually also Capricorn would take the lead and successfully satiate the Pisces in bed. When they come together, the relationship will be a delightful experience for both the signs.

Both these signs are emotional, compassionate, and sensitive. Their match is almost made in heaven kind. They come together on common ground, where the Pisces will provide the necessary warmth to the relationship and Cancer will be the protective one. Imagination is the common ground for both these signs. Pisces woman loves to come up with creative ideas and the Cancer man would put them into action efficiently.

Sexually also they are highly compatible. Happy married life is on the cards when these two signs come together. They stay faithful and loyal to each other in love and their chemistry only grows stronger with every passing day.

good matches for a pisces man

good matches for a pisces man - The Best Matches for a Capricorn Man

good matches for a pisces man

If you are a Pisces woman and you are confused between a Leo man and Aries Man then this is one post which can help you decide.

Given below are some of the positives and negatives of both these associations long with things you can do to make the relationship work. So read on and find out that what is the best decision for you. Pisces Woman and Leo Man Leo man and Pisces woman make an amazing couple. They are wonderful companions as they are blessed with great connection because of their differences. Pisces cannot lead and with Leos around they can easily follow. Leo knows how to make a woman feel loved and important.

They enjoy each other’s company and blend beautifully with each other. The complications in the relationship begin when Pisces gets involved thinking about her man of dreams and start looking for flaws in the Leo man. She feels that he has changed from the times they met first.

Likewise, when Leo completely negates the opinion of Pisces woman and doesn’t think it is important to listen to her ideas. This hurts her because she had always known her man to be emotional and it is very difficult for her to see him cold. How to Make Relationship with Leo Work? In order to enjoy harmony and compatibility in your association, Pisces need to work on their mood swings.

Keep a check on your mood and this will keep you man happy. You desire to have a serious, committed relationship can also be a big turnoff for your man.

So touch this topic when you know it’s the right time. Leo would always treat you the best possible way, but don’t involve yourself in too many dreams. Pisces Woman and Aries Man When they both meet for the first time, they instantly get attraction. Aries are mesmerized by the physical appearance of the Pisces. He loves her sense of humor and enjoys her jokes.

Pisces also loves the strong personality of Aries man. The incompatibility between the couple cannot be neglected as they both have different frequencies. Aries man doesn’t like talking emotional things and they love to talk about their own selves.

Pisces finds it very difficult to match because she is sensitive and emotional. He finds her dull and laid back and he is too adventurous for her. Though when they meet, they connect instantly and they have various topics to talk on but because of their strong differences, they cannot be in a romantic relationship. They make much better friends. How to Make Relationship with Aries Work? To make relationship with Aries man successful, you must learn to be independent. You cannot have this relationship work by staying in your world of dreams.

Come out of it and be a woman with confidence and enthusiasm. You have to make sure that the spice in your relationship doesn’t die because Aries get bored easily. So don’t let your man get bored of you.

The best way to make the choice is to spend time with both the sun signs and you would automatically know that who is the best choice for you. One thing that has been highlighted in this post is that Leos make better partners to Pisces woman than Aries because Aries find it difficult to match with Pisces wavelength and deal with them in a patient manner. All the weak points in these two associations have been raised in this post, to help you take the best decision.

Always remember that astrology does play an important role but your heart and your willingness to make the relationship is above everything else. Every sign can be good and every sign can be bad, it totally depends on how you take that association and how much efforts you put in to make things work.

good matches for a pisces man

PISCES MAN TRAITS, CHARACTERISTICS Hunting for information on the Pisces man? Are you trying to figure out if your sign is compatible? Do you have questions about how Pisces men love and what they’re like in relationships? If the answer is “yes”, you’ve come to the right place.

In the traditions of horoscopic astrology, all men (and women) born between the dates of February 20 – March 20 fall under the . To be blunt, this is a very mysterious Zodiac.

Moreover, Pisces men are highly misunderstood. Due to long standing stereotypes, Pisces guys are often tagged as being “too emotional” and “overly sensitive”. While there are shards of truth to these claims, they aren’t pushovers. In my work as a counselor, I’ve worked with many Piscean men and am here to tell you they are very unique. Gifted with near psychic abilities and a powerful empathy chip, they have the ability to “see” much.

Pisces Men Explored PISCES MEN OVERVIEW Website visitors to Guy Counseling know that on occasion, I will pen articles about topics that touch upon psycho-spirituality; a term used to describe the blending of psychology and various spiritual teachings.

For reasons that I do not fully understand, I am drawn to writing about the Zodiac signs. I am not an astrologer nor am I a “reader” and probably wouldn’t be a very good one. I’m mentioning this because I want you to know there is no hidden agenda here. Instead, my goal is to simply share insights about Pisces men using tenants of Jungian psychology, coupled with wisdom from the ancients.

In this article, you will learn: • Positive traits of the Pisces man • Negative traits of the Pisces man • Male Pisces personality traits • Friendships with Pisces men • Careers for Pisces guys • Key psychological traits of Pisces men • Dating a Pisces man • Sexual intimacy with Pisces men • How to attract Pisces men • Famous Pisces men • Pisces myths • Pisces male poll We’ll start off with the positive and negative traits of male Pisces.

Their characteristics in the chart listed below also include intensity. Having this knowledge will provide a foundation for all that follows. PISCES MEN: PERSONALITY TRAITS Pisces Man Traits Positive Negative Trait Intensity Empathic x High Indecisive x High Caring x x High Devoted x x Medium Creative x High Loyal x High Creative x High Reclusive x Medium Trouble saying no x Medium-high Addiction prone x Medium Compassionate x High Sadly, much of what you will read on the web Pisces men tends to be incorrect.

That’s because so much of what’s out there simply repeats astro-babble and doesn’t get to the heart of the man. My hope is to change that. QUICK DISCLOSURE As a reader, you have a right to know about the author. It’s pretty simple – I’m a counselor, educator, and writer. I use this blog as an electronic portal for information sharing to anyone who pops by. As a demonstration of transparency, I will also share with you that ; one of only three water signs of the Zodiac.

Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio make up this trio, respectively. Let’s move on now to look at more of the positive and negative traits of Pisces men. Pisces symbols: Two fish PISCES MEN: POSITIVE, NEGATIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS PISCES: FEBRUARY 20 – MARCH 20 Birthstone: Aquamarine Positive Traits: • Highly empathic • Compassionate • Accepting • Dreamers • Self-reflective • Devoted • Somewhat outgoing • Caretakers • Devoted • Loving • Animal lover Negative Traits: • Clingy • Overly sensitive • Extremely indecisive • Pessimistic outlook • Submissive • Codependent • Lazy • Problems saying no • Unfocused • Attracts drama • Prone depression • Vulnerable to alcoholism PISCES MAN BACKGROUND All men born between the dates of February 20 – March 20 are considered Piscean.

This is important to know because Pisces itself is the 12 th house of the Zodiac. You may be wondering what does the term “house” mean?

To keep it simple, a House in horoscopic astrology, which some peg starting around the third millennium, is nothing more than a theoretical building that contains traits of a given zodiac sign. In the case of Pisces, it is the last structure on a 12-house block. Inside the Pisces Male House If you were to open the front door of this house, you would find the following spirits floating around, which for the sake of simplicity we will call traits.

These include: • Mysticism • Magic • Secretive • Elusive • Dreams It’s important to know this if you hope to better understand the Pisces man. Here’s why. All that emanates from this house is the essence of Pisces. Pisces is a water sign, which means the men born under this astrological zodiac are considered deep. In fact, very deep. Pisces, when translated from Latin, means prisoner. And if you’ve ever been attached to [or happen to be] a Pisces man, you know these men to be prisoners, literally of their own thoughts and fantasies.

PISCES: A WATER SIGN As mentioned earlier, Pisces is a water sign. In simple speak, this means people who are of this horoscopic background dive deep. Of the three water signs [Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces] the “fish” sign can dive the deepest; emotionally and spiritually.

Pisces ruling planets: Jupiter and Neptune RULING PLANETS IMPACT ON PISCES The Pisces sign is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is the largest known planet in our solar system. Neptune is furthest from our sun. Combined, these two celestial bodies infuse Pisces men with unique powers that manifests in what many believe to be strange, psychic abilities.

Both celestial bodies are gas giants, with Neptune symbolizing an end to reality and the start of a new dimension. Jupiter represents deep thought, reality and is all about the here and now. Working in tandem, the two planets create a kind of that transcends space and time. Translation: men born under this sign ride a “Piscean Wave” that causes them to surf between reality and fantasy.

This is why guys who are Pisces will often struggle with staying focused in the moment – they are constantly pulled into the dream world that tugs under their feet from Neptune’s gravitational pull. PISCES MAN: TRAITS THAT STAND OUT There are two traits that stand out for Pisces men. 1) They are highly empathic and able to pick up on the emotions of others. In many ways, this “sixth sense” is a kind of third eye that empowers their psychic abilities.

2) Piscean men are feelers, meaning whatever emotion they are experiencing, it’s always intense. When you think of Pisces, think of creative types. Here, I’m talking about musicians, artists, writers and story tellers.

Much of their creative skill sets come from their ability to feel different emotions, such as sadness and joy. Many contemporary astrologers consider Pisces born people to be the “old souls” of the universe. That’s because they are extremely intuitive, caring and spiritual. This makes sense when you consider Pisces is considered a mutable sign. That’s a $10.00 term for the ability to adapt to change. FYI: mutable signs, including Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, are considered the “wise ones” of the Zodiac.

Pisces men are drawn to water Loves the Sea I’ve yet to meet one Pisces man who is not a lover of the sea. Be it the ocean, a lake or pond, Pisces men (and women) are drawn to bodies of water like moths to a flame. Moreover, for reasons known only to him, Piscean guys have always been drawn to water – since childhood. Part of the attraction to the sea directly relates to this sign’s sense of imagination. For example, other signs, like Leo, may look upon the Pacific Ocean and see beautiful shades of blues and greens.

More: Pisces, however, will look at that same stretch of ocean and wonder what creatures live in the water and begin to fantasize about life as a dolphin. If you like boating, camping by water or , you can count on Pisces men to be down with it. Special Relationship with Animals There is a unique relationship that Pisces men have with animals of all types. For reasons that seem almost supernatural, this sign forms bonds with dogs, cats and even wild creatures of nature in an uncanny way.

Simply put, animals are drawn to Pisces. Based on personal observation, it is my belief that some of this is due to the Piscean ability to empathically communicate with nature. I don’t understand it and am not even sure Pisces men or women do either. No, I’m not saying they can read a dog’s mind (for example). But I am saying that Pisces born people can – expertly – feel what they feel.

When an animal is in distress, lost or has been abandoned, there’s a better than good chance a Pisces born person will take them in. Caretakers To be blunt, Pisces men are born caretakers.

It is their nature to watch after, take care of and be with someone who needs attention. At first, this trait may seem like a good thing but it can also be a negative. That’s because in their quest to help others deal with emotional trauma and pain, Pisces men often attract drama.

Moreover, there is a tendency to care too much, which in turn leads to an unattractive, clingy codependency. If Pisces did not have the “chip” to care, it would be like removing their spine. That’s because as a water sign, it must feel to survive.

Empathic and Intuitive Pisces born people do possess psychic abilities. While women tend to have these powers more than the guys, Piscean males are plenty empathic. Like virtual vacuums, they will “pick up” on what others are feeling without them having to say a word.

It’s quite extraordinary. Additionally, Pisces is the sign that can sense a disturbance in the universe in real time. Let me give you an example. Several years ago, a major aviation incident happened that killed many people. Minutes before the news became public, a friend of mine, who happens to be Pisces (and psychologist), called me on the phone. Long story short, he asked me if something “bad” happened, such as a terrorist attack or accident.

To my knowledge, all was OK. Sure enough, 30-minutes later, my smart-phone started blowing up from news organizations with word that a plane had crashed with no survivors. My point is that my Piscean friend felt the mass loss of life as it happened. While he didn’t know exactly what occurred, he could feel, empathically, a deep well of grief.

If you are a Pisces born person or attached to someone who is, you know exactly what I am talking about. People can call this ability “supernatural” or whatever term they want. All I know is that this sign is particularly gifted in this area. Indecisive One of the challenges for Pisces born people, particularly men, is the struggle with horrible indecisiveness, which leads to extreme procrastination. The reason is simple. Pisces men get caught up in a morass of what if questions.

Some believe Neptune is to blame for this trait. Others point to Jupiter. Regardless, the Pisces man has problems with decision making. Pisces Personality Temperament 1. PISCES MAN TEMPERAMENT You’ll find most Pisces men to have warm, gentle and caring temperaments. This is in part due to their persona, which is go with the flow. It’s important to point out, however, that male Pisces can be pessimistic.

In turn, this can cause bouts of depression and irritability. The periodic sadness part is because Pisces dives deep into emotional pain. Knowing this is important because these men respond differently than other signs. Example: Let’s say a Taurus man applies for a job and later finds out he didn’t get it.

While the Taurus will be disappointed, he’ll quickly move on and forget about it. That’s not the case for Pisces men. His response will be to engage in a toxic game of self-blame and obsess over the rejection. See the difference? Pisces men are also people pleasers. They are most happy when they can bring others joy. This means engaging in caretaking behaviors. The downside is that Pisces men often struggle with self-care.

That’s because they get so caught up in helping others that they neglect their own physical and emotional health. While not true of all, most Pisces men are introverted. They need to be alone for long stretches of time to process the emotional material they pick up from others. During time in seclusion, they will often meditate or engage in some other behaviors to recharge their batteries. Prone to Alcoholism When researchers studied the sign that is most , Pisces seemed to rank the highest.

Considering how consumed this astrological sign is with others, this makes sense. Because of Piscean men absorb so much emotional pain from others, they sometimes drink themselves into oblivion as a method of escape. Not to be pejorative but there is a reason this sign is primarily symbolized as a fish.

Pisces constellation 2. PISCES MAN AS A FRIEND You’ll find no better friend than a Pisces guy. This goes back to what was mentioned earlier about being natural caretakers. One aspect that needs pointing out is confusion on the part of some Piscean guys between friendship and romance.

Because this sign often lives in a bifurcated world of fantasy and reality, he has difficulty discerning basic friendships with romantic and sexual relationships. This is not to knock Pisces men. Instead, it’s simply a statement that that speaks to a deeper truth about a very complicated sign. Unlike brother water signs Scorpio and Cancer, Pisces will absorb a lot of – perhaps too much – of a friend’s problems.

In fact, it’s fair to say that many Pisces guys stay in toxic relationships because they struggle saying no to people who are unhealthy for them. 3. PISCES MAN CAREER Men born under this sign are natural healers and caretakers.

That’s why so many of them are employed as doctors, nurses, counselors and massage therapists. They are also teachers, artists and musicians. That’s not to say Piscean men don’t assume leadership roles. Our first U.S. President, George Washington, was Pisces.

But if you look at the totality of Washington’s life, including his time as Commander in Chief, you’ll quickly see that care for others and problem solving was a huge part of his persona. Pisces men are best suited to work in the helping professions as a career.

They are particularly suited for this because of their empathic skills. Example Pisces male careers include: • Physician • Nurse • Police officer • Psychologist • Drug and alcohol counselor • Massage therapist • Spiritual leader/ministry • Coaching • Teaching • Traits of Pisces Men 4. PISCES MAN MONEY Pisces men aren’t the best with money.

That’s not to say they are horrible at financial management. Some are great at it. But generally speaking, the accumulation of wealth isn’t what motivates this sign. The exception are Pisces men who manage the money of others, (i.e.

family finances). Here, the fish excels. That’s because there’s a caretaking component involved; a Piscean strength. 5. PISCES MAN PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAITS Men who are Pisces tend to be open minded, non-judgmental and compassionate. They also happen to be highly intelligent, in part because they love to learn all they can about the world they live in. Humble and “earthy” best describes guys who fall under this sign. They can hold conversations for hours and are excellent listeners.

Topics that grab their attention include conversations about life after death, spirituality, religion, mysticism, personality traits and general gossip. Finally, Piscean men are very analytical.

Unlike Scorpio, which tends to get caught up in a morass of logic, Piscean men can see the “big picture”. PISCES MAN SUMMED UP When encountering a Pisces male, think deep. While other signs may have slight empathic abilities, like , Pisces is off the chart. These men are philosophers, thinkers, educators and healers. While internally emotional, they are excellent at hiding their feelings from others. Excellent caretakers both romantically and family-wise.

Tip: If you need TLC in your life, Pisces is going to be your best choice hands down. Pisces men and intimacy 6. WHAT IT’S LIKE DATING A PISCES MAN My research suggests that dating a Pisces male promises the chance at excitement and romance.

That’s because this sign is all about romantic interludes and making their mates feel special. Chalk it up to their caretaking chip but that’s how Piscean men operate. However, it’s not all flowers and candy.

Because he experiences emotions deeply, he’s going to be highly sensitive. Moreover, there is a clingy quality to some that can drive potential suitors away. Because he needs to give and receive love to feel whole, Pisces men often jump into relationships that may not be healthy.

That said, if you date a Pisces man, expect to be romanced and charmed – big time. If you are dating a Pisces man, keep the following in mind: • Jealousy is a typical characteristic • Codependency sets in early • Wants to bond emotionally through sex • Has trouble accepting compliments 7. WHAT’S SEX LIKE WITH A PISCES MAN? You probably know the answer to this question already, based on the material that’s been shared above. It’s simple. If you engage in intimate experiences with a Pisces man, expect him to want to please you.

This means he’ll be on a mission to discover what turns you on and when he finds it, he won’t stop doing it. When you think of Pisces in the bedroom, conjure up images of submissiveness.

It’s just who these guys are. If you are connected to a Pisces male, you may need to talk with him if he puts up resistance to your pleasing him. In many ways, the idea of receiving pleasure from others is an anathema to Piscean way of life. But once you break through and get him to chill, he’ll get into whatever you are doing in a powerful way.

Finally, Piscean men are known to have explosive orgasmic responses. 8. PISCES MALE AROUSAL ZONES I have been told by several who are romantically connected to Pisces men that they have three specific zones of vulnerability. • Mouth and lips • Ears • Chest This isn’t to say these are the only areas. Instead, I’m simply pointing out highly erotic zones. Attracting Pisces Men 9. HOW TO ATTRACT PISCES MEN Pisces men are drawn to mysterious people.

That may sound odd but here’s why. Because they operate on an intuitive and empathic plain, they strive to understand those who they interact with. The more mysterious you are, the more likely the Piscean man will be attracted to you. That’s why Pisces is a natural “best” match for Scorpio. It’s the puzzle of the person that draws them in. Finally, Piscean guys are drawn to strong, dominant type personas. It’s no coincidence these same personality types also need a high degree of caretaking.

According to legend, Pisces men are particularly vulnerable when in the presence of their . 10. PISCES MALE COMPATIBILITY A Pisces man is compatible with most all zodiac signs.

There are three, however, that are considered “best matches.” • SCORPIO: A natural match that is often marked by love at first sight. While Scorpio wants to act as the dominant leader in the relationship, Pisces wants to protect and offer care.

More important, Pisces empathic abilities can see through Scorpion logic and get to the center of their feelings. In turn, this disarms Scorpio in an uncanny way. • CANCER: Both signs are emotionally intuitive and both are feelers. While , using claws as a weapon, Pisces introduces passion and romance into the relationship. • TAURUS: Taurus is an earth sign that is focused and balanced. The sign is also great with money, which is a good thing for Piscean people. Because Taurus can be somewhat dull in the bedroom, Pisces can liven things up and create magic.

• PISCES (Wildcard): To be blunt, Pisces can be a great match with another Pisces or it can be hell on earth. It depends upon the couples ability to negotiate their people pleasing tendencies. Most longer-term Piscean couples tend to have a high degree of codependency, which isn’t always a bad thing.

Some signs are thought to be terrible matches for Pisces. I’m not saying they are but instead, sharing what conventional wisdom suggests. Here are the “bad” matches for Pisces men: • LIBRA: Because Libra is an air sign and highly intellectual, it can be a problematic match for Pisces men.

• GEMINI: A clash exists between these two signs because Geminis tends to have a roving eye; something that sparks deep feelings of jealousy in Pisces. • AQUARIUS: Pisces is a gentle, loving and caretaking sign. Aquarius is an independent, free thinking sign that marches to its own drummer. As a pair, both can be socially incompatible because Aquarians often speak what they are feeling without a filter. Learn more about PISCES PERSONALITY IN MEN VIDEO PISCES MEN & HEALTH PROBLEMS Men who are Pisces need to pay attention to their health.

That’s because this sign is prone to neglecting self-care. Given there abundance of concern for others, it makes sense. Common health problems for Piscean men include: • Back problems • Gastrointestinal issues (IBS) • Chronic fatigue • Vulnerable to the flu and colds • Sinus problems FAMOUS PISCES MEN • George Washington • Jensen Ackles • Adam Levine • Kellan Lutz • Rob Lowe • Kurt Russell • Bryan Cranston • Jon Hamm • Ron Howard • Grover Cleveland • Andrew Jackson PISCES MYTHS There exist several myths linked to Pisces men.

While I can’t list them all, I’ve tried to include the biggies. • Pisces men can’t run a business • Men who are Pisces with are dangerous • Pisces and Scorpio have boring sexy time • Guys who are Pisces don’t like movies • If a Pisces guy has , he’s psychic • Men who are Piscean born don’t work out or exercise. PISCES MEN LUCKY STONES • Yellow Sapphire • Red Coral • Aventurine PISCES MEN BOOK If you want to know more about Pisces men, I recommend getting something that includes other signs so that you can get a holistic view.

A good one to consider is by Sidana. Lots of insight in this read with an excellent window into the Piscean male mind and other signs.

PISCES MAN SUMMARY As I mentioned above, I am not a psychic nor an astrologer. If you are looking for this type of service, there are plenty on the web. I am told that Psychic Source offers excellent guidance to others. Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope what you have reviewed here helps you to better understand the Pisces man. References: Quantum Field Theory: Cal Tech. Related posts:

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